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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 18, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. turkey wants -- he calls the coup culprit terrorists. he is increasingly leaning towards reinstating capital punishment. in the u.s. and europe they are airing their concerns.
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♪ acacross francnce official mourg follllowing last week's attackcn nice. in paris, president francois hollande paid tribute and the prime minister was booed by the crowd as approval of the government crumbles. and evidence that russia operated a doping program for the athlete and manipulated test result to cover it up. the world anti-doping agency for this is a bad report.
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it is good to have you with us. after the coup comes the crackdown. tonight turkish government has arrested more than 7000 gold in connection with last weekend's military takeover. thousands of judges have been fired and police have been spend it. the government is also pushing for a prominent us-based cleric to be extradited to turkey. that cleric says he is to do with the coup attempt. we begin tonight with turkey's perch. -- purge. >> an early-morning raid in istanbul. turkey's biggest city is full of police special forces, nearly 2000 to support the so-called pcleansing operations. generals across turkey have been
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interrogated and accused of being part of the coup attempt. officials nearly sacking 9000 police. they are accused of belonging to this movement. turkey's prime minister again demanded that the united states extradite this preacher. his network of government critics has been blamed for the attempt. there can be no better evidence that this. she does not lead to, turkey would be deeply disappointed and would reconsider its friendship to the usa. some government supporters want reinstatement of the death penalty. what that might do to relations with the european union seems right now unimportant. anchor: let's pull in our correspondent story and just.
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these are huge numbers of people who have been suspended or fired. what more have learned? >> it continues to escalate. there are arrest warrantnts for over 3000 judgeges and w we have seen picicres of senior generals appearing in court. many appppear to o ve faciall injuries and upper body injuries. most of those detained do nonot hahave access toto lawyers onlyn they appear in court. beyond that t t firing anand suspenensions are continuing. 909000 policemen suspended today and it could get a lot w worse. almost 3000 cicivil servants hae been told that they are banned
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from traveling internationally. anchor: is anyone in turkey talking about this incredible features of the government to keep up with a list of thousands people in such a short amount of time. >> what you have to understand is we in a d different situatitn here. all of t the intermediaries is echoing the government. ththere is an explosive atmomose here. haviving the rallies every nigh. it can lead to the accusation that you are supporting the coup. this discussion is very difficult. anchor: president aragon -- er
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dogan said he is not ruling out the death penalty. helicalllly is he goining to fow througugh on that. there wiwill be domestic considerations taken. it would require a change to the constitution. they do have a candidate there, the national anthem p pty. there are also othther factors. the last person to be exit -- executed was a juvenilee in 199. they are looking at all the sectioions. turkey is suchch a young country and many do not remember t those days. they want a return of the death penalty. anchor: our correspondent there
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in turkey. the turkish president's response is causing consternation across europe. concerns are growing up his goal to wipe out the plotters. european leaders say it will kill his chances of joining the european union. >> a minute of silence for the victims of the nice attack. even more worrisome is the crackdown in turkey. the european union is in a bind.
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when it comes to tackling migration, the eu has to rely on turkey but have little leverage. >> we need turkey to be a country that respects democratic values. and there was a warning for turkey that reinstating the death penalty would spell the end of their eu membership. >> the abolition of the death penalty was an important step for turkey to start talks about a possible eu membership. that is something i will punch -- point out in the talks ahead with turkey. >> so far anchor shows little sign it is listening to brussels but europe is watching turkey carefully. it is obviously going to be significant in the days ahead.
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the u.s. will be keen. anchor: here in europe france has completed three days of national mourning. first peter say that the attacker had to radicalize only a couple of weeks beforehand. they said the man expressed sympathy for phonics state. trust in the government had plummeted. >> this was the reception that france's prime minister copper mourners in nice. but down as he has performed a really -- weary ritual. the nice attack was france's third major terrorist incident in 19 months.
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their sense of life has been shattered. today since july 14 i only see sad people which is the total opposite of what i used to seeing. it is the first time i was able to come here since i cannot have the strength or. >> there is always life here on the promenade and all that have suddenly ended. in paris, france w will hold on let a minute of silence. lls indicacate that t only a thd of the population belieieves cephalon can meet the challenge of terrorism. interior cabinet minister announced 3000 more police officers. after a defense counsel meeting he cautioned people. >> of course the means we are
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mobilizing against terrorists who want to hit europe and france do not guarantee zero risk. to say that is to tell the truth to the french people. tough words but little solace for a city and country that is shocked that terrorism has become the new normal. >> russian athletes used doping to get an edge on the competition and they have help from the russian state. that is the founding from it worldwide giving report published today. the report detailed involvement and kohl's are mounting for a ban of all russian at the from video games -- rio games beginning and a couple of weeks. >> pressure's dominance that
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involved a vast majority of sports. >> the moscow before he -- laboratory used a failsafe system. it operated a unique sample swapping methodology to enable doped russian athletes to compete at the center of olympic games. third, the russian ministry of sports saw them and athletes. >> the man who view the results revealed the sheer complexity of the doping system.
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they were called to a secret room. the international olympic committee have found out of some of the reports on friday but did not express more than cautious condemnation on the organization's homepage. >> he does not rule out the toughest sanctions which could mean an naked band on all russian athletes. they believed the reports has all the evidence they need to support a collective end. in the u.s., hundreds of delegates have arrived.
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many are concerned. >> plenty of people have come out to protest the republican convention. many are upset that donald trump is going to become very candidate. >> this republican ticket became more anti-rights. they have proposed horrible things to gay people and women. organizers say they are fully prepared for the protest. >> there are a lot of people coming here and we're going to be supportive of that.
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i feel secure about the security. the situation is likely to be tense throughout the convention. we're going to take a break. stick around.
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>> for the second time in two weeks, police were in the target of attacks. this happened in baton rouge, louisiana. three officers were killed and three wounded. the culprit was killed by police.
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friends and family say he had only wanted to protect their. baton rouge remains on high alert. investigators believe the attacker acted alone. in washington, it barack obama made another call for unity and calm. >> we are about to enter a couple of weeks of conventions. it tends to be more overheated than usual. regardless of race or political party or profession, regardless of organizations. everyone right now is focused on words and actions that can unite
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this country. we don't need inflammatory rhetoric. we don't need careless accusations. we need to temper our words. one of them was 37-year-old alton sterling. the depth -- there appears to be no organized connection. the latest shooting has highlighted the racial divide in
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the united states. anchor: a big takeover talk about. >> it is quite unexpected. normally i would tell you with all the insurgent sees -- uncertainties, while we may not know the name, you may have heard of their products. it makes important components for most mobile phones. >> it is the largest acquisition in britain ever made by an asian corporation. they reside on more than $22 million cash. britain posh new finance minister took it as a great sex -- success story. >> t they are committing to grow
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that business in the u.k. and it is a resounding endorsement on the british economy. >> they have promised to double the british workforce. the timing is ideal. that makes it more attractive for takeovers. >> i did not make this concern. arms processors are in 90% of all smart forms. the company is highly profitable since it focuses on intellectual property designing chips and
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licensing them. >> while some would say there is nothing to worry about, others would not agree. it says property prices in london could fall. it would be a big blow for real that could burst london' property bubble. london has one of the most expensive housing market in europe. time for a check now on the market, let's cross over. it is good to see you. we had two major events last week. how are the markets reacting this month? >> well another day and another record on wall street.
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it is caused turmoil at first. it has caused a safe spot for investments at this point and more money is flowing into wall street. we set another record here at the beginning of the week. anchor: we are about to see a very interesting week at the results of many u.s. corporations. what can we expect? >> not too much. that is what -- the numbers will be getting.
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overall expectations. profits are declining for a sixth consecutive quarter but that is not going to be the story. the story is the outlook. it could even gain more traction in the fourth quarter. we need to look at the outlook. by the way here on mondays we got the numbers from bank of america and like many before, profit declined the as much as expected. at least in the banking industry, some results are better than expected. this didn't help the markets. anchor: we will see how the week goes on.
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that is the latest from wall street. the turkish tourism has had a rough year. as you can imagine, a military coup attempt is not making things better. while the situation is that to be under control, the attempted coup was yet another hit tourism image. >> after the dramatic scenes of last friday, the airport is now quiet and operating normally. things are also, get in the city center. >> it is all a bit confusing on friday. we do not really know what was going on but apart from a few remnants, we do not feel that we were in any real danger. then we were in the hotel and something was happening on tv.
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even before the weekend's failed coup, again terrorist attacks have already hit the industry. hotel owner and tourist association chairman oversees 800 visitors in the district last year. nowadays there is hardly -->> retailers are here from morning to evening. without tourists there is not much we can do. we need to rest and we have to serve them. it is the only way we can make money, it is our only livelihood. that is just the way things are.
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the streets around here were once packed. now they wait in vain. there is absolutely nothing going on right now. the hotels are also empty. >> that keeps on my best, we will all have to close. we have to pay our rent's and taxes. the deadly crashes will do little to improve conditions.
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that is it. anchor: turkey is on high alert tonight. thousands of police have been suspended. leaders are being interrogated. there are calls for some to be executed. after a short break we will be back to take you through the day. stay with us.
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you are watching "france 24." now our headlines. nice.boils over in france's prime minister is booed, heckled, and told to resign. turkey is reaching out to those behind the failed coup. thousands are arrested as erdogan is modeling the use of the death penalty. and the u.s., the republican national convention is underway. will be-day gathering all about donald trump and some are urging


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