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tv   Democracy Now Special  LINKTV  July 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio, this is democracacy now! >> i i found thehe leader who wl help us deliver a safe society and a prosperous society for all amererican. indianana govnor mike pence was my first choice. i've admire the work h he has de
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, especially in the state of indiana. amy: as donald trump picks mike pence, we will look at his record of targeting reproductive rights and planned parenthood. first as a congressman, now as the governor of indiana. >> planned parenthood clinics across the country are facilitating the abuse of minor girls in this country. it should be a scandal fororvery american. the time is now to deny all federal funding to planned parenthood of america. amy: we willll also speak to babassem youssssef, the maman descscribed as the jon stetewarf egypt. >> a 24 4 hour news c cycle that fofollows him m around likike a. he will turn the war room into the boardroom. cleveland tore in do " "democracy notebook."
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we will find what that is. plus, we go the streets of cleveland to hear the voices of dissent. all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now,, the war and peace report. this is "breaking with convention." i'm amy goodman. the first a of the republican national convention was marked by discord and moments of chaos inside and outside thehe arena. hours before donald trump arrived, delegates opposed to trump attempted to stage a rebellion by calling a rollcall vote to oppose his nomination. >> rollcall vote, rollcall vote! >> i'm the cofounder of delegates unbound. dane waters,
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cofounder of delegates unbound, which was seeking to change nominating rules. the anti-trumpn, forces rattled the trump campaign manager republican leadership by producing signatures from a majority of delegates from 11 states. the trump campaign manager republican party leadership quashed the rebellious faction by opting for a voice vote, which quickly descended into a shouting match. whole commotion that happened on the convention floor, you can go to hour one of democracy now! in our expanded edition, we continue our headlineses. the opening night of the rnc kicked off with ace reach by the
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controversial "duck dynasty" star willie robertson, who noted wereboth he and trump reality tv stars. the night was dubbed benghazi night. republicans ever be delete announced former secretary of state hillary clinton for her handling of the 2012 benghazi attacks, although a series of investigations have cleared her of wrongdoing. another r speaker was the fafatr jr. jamaml shaw, in milwaukee county sheriff david clark celebrated the acquittal of baltimore police officer brian rice, one of the officers prosecuted in the freddie gray case. >> there is some good news out of baltimore, maryland, as lieutenant brian rice was acquitted on all charges. [cheering]
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>> what we witnessed in fergrgun and baltimore and baton rouge was a collapse of the social order. so many of the occupy movement andd the black lives matter transcend peaceful protest and violate the code of conduct we rely on. i call it anarchy. amy: other speakers included former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, retired lieutenant general michael flynn, and donaldld t trump's wife, melanis bunch -- , whorunk -- melania trump speech appeaears to be plagiarid michelle obama's. >> you work hard for what you want in life. > youou work hahard for whatu want in life. >> that your word is your bond,
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that you do what you say you are going to do. bonddt t your word is youour and you do whahat you say and kp your p promise. >> b because we want our chihiln and all childrenen in this natin to know w that the onlnly limimt the height of yoyour achievemens is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limits to your achievevemes is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. trump in is melania her speech monday night at the republican national convention and michelle obama in her speech at the dnc in 2008. in response to the allegations, trump campaign manager paul said she -- manafort
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had not plagiarized michelle obama. >> who takes the fall? >> there is no cribbing of michelle obama's speech. these are common words and values. she was speaking in front of 35 million people last night. she knew that. to thinknkhat she wowould be cribbibing michelle obama's wors is crazy. example once again, an of one a woman threatens hillary clinton -- amy: meanwhile, the list of republicans who are not coming to the convention in cleveland is growing. ohio governor john kasich has refused to endorse donald trump and he has not shown up to the convention, even though it is in his own state. he is not expected to come at any point this week. arizona senator jeff flake is
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staying home and former congressman dennis ross. meanwhile, outside the convention, pro-and anti-trump protest rallies continued. hear a concerto by profits of rage. other activists worked to construca massive wall to use in a protestatater ts weweek > this is lj and 'm here with mi jente and we are organining an a actn c cled "wall off trump." we a are buildg thousands of fefeet ofabrbric wall that is messages and has from our cmumunity we a encirclg the coention nter ande are gog to sho trumto keep his te outf oucommunitits. of othepeople
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llied inupport odonald trump ouide theonvention d inde, as wl. we wl have me voicesrom e stres later. "new yk magazin has sai that rupt murdocis reported preparingo fireox news cirman anceo roger aile ailehas beennder fire nce st mon, when f news' etchen clson alled ailes red her ter shrefused have s with hi e also ss thathen she jectedis advces, he retaliat. a half-den morwomen ha also sken outbout bng seally harsed bailes."new 6ne ofhe womenays sh was wh he pull down s pants. he chaseher arou the offe en she rused to perform ol x. he fourtf six
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lice oicers too on trial for e death ofreddie gy has beencquitted lieunant ban rice wathe ghest rked officer charged. rice was charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in office. the trial of a fifth officer involved in the case is expected to begin later this month. the syrian observatory for human rights says airstrikes by the us-led coalition have killed mo t than 100 0 civilianin onene town in less than o momonths. they were killed by the airstrikes on monday -- 21 alone. they have been trying to take the town from isis since ththe d of may. indian s soldiers fired on demonstrators breaking curfew in kashmir on tuesday. killing three people. ongoing protests in the disputed territory. the protests began nearly two
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weeks ago after indian security forces shot dead kashmiri independence activist burhan muzaffar wani. india has imposed a curfew, banned some newspapers from printing, and block mobilephone services in kashmir. at least 42 people have been killed since the protest began. in pakistan, authorities have taken a rare stand against an honor killing. of a famous female blogger. the 26-year-old social media blogger qandeel baloch last week was strangled to death by her brother. 750,000 followers, who loved her increasingly social media post. she called herself a modern-day feminist. pakistatan, a familyy can forgrgive the perpetetrator of n hor kikillinso he e caavoid prosecution. the e pakistani gogovernment h forbidden the family of the murdered social l media celebriy
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from legegally "forgiving" their son for strangling her. opening up the possibility he will be charged in her death. a dedication ceremony takes place in san francisco today, the mexican museum. the 60,000 square foot museum will include works by mexican your list diego rivera. it is the dream of peter rodriguez. he died on july 1 at the age of 90. those are some of the headlines. now!is democracy our special expanded two-hour daily broadcast for this week in cleveland at the republican national convention and next week in philadelphia at the democratic convention. yes, we are covering both conventions inside and out from
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the streets to the corporate suites to the convention floor. thousands rallied outside to protest donald trump's candidacy. thousands took part in the end poverty now march. it began after a concert by prophets of rage. participants were spoken to afterward. ♪ >> we have come here to confront the racist, misogynist, imperialist policies of the rnc and provide a counter voice. we are saying something very different on the streets. we are not here to give donald trump a message. we are here to put wind in the sales of the people standing
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against his message. >> no justice, no peace! ,> i'm from tampa, florida representing black people advancement and defense organization. because we have been dealing with the issue of poverty and all we see is people on the top getting rich and fat, while the people on the bottom are poor and oppressed. >> what is your message to donald trump? >> it is not going to be the america that he thinks. it reeks of white supremacy. africansnks that the are going to live peaceful on the plantation, he has another thing coming. disruptive from the first day for whoever is elected to office.
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we will never be as strong as the walls of our heart. the walls that they build to terrace of part will never be as the walls of our heart. ♪ >> i'm president of the farm labor organizing committee. we are here telling the republican national committee we want a fair day of pay for a fair day of work. it is going to be interesting to see if donald trump is going to live up to his big words. he is one of the greatest outsourcers there is. he is talking all this nationalistic trade stuff. it is going to be a very interesting challenge for him. >> if you had a chance to meet with them, what would you tell him? would say, give me a
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specific plan on how you are going to make good in ending all these global corporations and their international supply chains that marginalize people in the u.s. and the countries where they operate. pastor. local church countrygoing on in our is really all about division. people have to come together. they have to learn how to understand each other they read each of us has to give a little bit to have a better understanding. -- ife you had a chance you had a chance to speak to donald trump, what would you tell them? >> i'm a christian. what was jesus about? love, respect, treating your neighbor how you want to be treated. that's not what i'm hearing. he can say whatever he wants about almost any group that is
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assuming are not going to vote for him. black people, muslims, women, gay people. is that how you build community? is that the kind of society we want? we want a society where everybody has a place, an opportunity to raise their family with decency and dignity. together -- >> why are you in the streets of cleveland? >> we are in the streets of cleveland fighting against the fascist, otherwise known as donald trump. he is a racist and it is a problem for the country that he is even the candidate. a lot of people thought it was a joke, that it was part of a reality show gone wrong, but the problem is that the reality show gone wrong is the current state of the u.s. we are demanding freedom for our people, just as for those murdered by police, and at the same time saying dump trump
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and his fascist ways. we are immigrants, so we stand up for immigrant communities. >> i was wondering if you could share a couple verses with their audience right now. [indiscernible] we are back at it, ready for war. un.dy to burn, ready to ryb we are out on these streets, rocking to know beats. capello -- a capella. we are going to fight against trump. trunk going -- trump going to get dumped like a bad date. i've got ill metaphors.
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out, rock stars. ♪ >> i'm with iraq veterans against the war. i'm out here because trump does not know military service, community service. the only person he has ever served is himself. i think he's trying to make himself great again, not america. i'm here using my first amendment right, a right that i fought for. i'm going to express that and say that he is not an option for the united states. he is a racist. is making our country less safe. he is destroying our national security. that is not what i fought for. >> what would you tell him? >> i would tell him that he should end his race. that he is not a candidate, we don't want him as americans. he will erode our country, not make it great.
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vets versus hate started around a hashtag, realizing that donald to not racist speech represent our values. we served alongside muslim americans, muslims in iraq and served alongside with african-americans, all sorts of people. the military is a diverse place and we work with coalitions all across the world to get the job done. he is destroying that every time he opens his mouth with a racist statement and hate speech. we gathered as a group of veterans to oppose what he is saying. >> can you tell us your name, the group you are with? >> my name is annie, the northern ohio organizer for pro-choice ohio. we are with the national abortion rights action league. we are ensuring that abortion
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stays safe and legal in ohio. we are here specifically because we want to push onto to the platform of the end poverty now march, that without full spectrum access to abortion care and reproductive health services , you cannot eliminate poverty. ♪ ♪ i went to the rock to hide my face the rock cried out no hiding place. ♪ >> we are here in the streets of cleveland. becauseves matter history is all the way up to damn near baton rouge. especially with acquittals. i was talking a second ago to this gentleman.
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the flags should have been at half mast for to me a rice -- tamir rice. >> what is your assessment of donald trump? >> he is the most inappropriate person ever to think that he can actually run a country. dude try to run a town or a city first? it is the arrogance of businessmen. i've got to be the top kahuna or nothing else. that arrogance. i can run america like a corporation. it is like, dude, it is disrespectful to think that somebody could come from left field and do the job of a person who holds public office just because they feel like it. >> my name is luke nephew of the peace poets.
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i'm here with witness against torture and my crew the peace poets. we are here to support the good people of cleveland. >> what are your thoughts about donald trump? especially his call to bring back waterboarding. >> i think it is really important to recognize that donald trump said the words "torture works." it is profoundly ignorant of the toth, as well as in contrast the united states military that told her infantry for decades and decades never to torture a prisoner because the intelligence you get from torture will never, ever be correct, reliable, or anything that they can use. that is the united states military. i was in a senate hearing when i heard them say that the torture in guantánamo made u.s. soldiers and citizens less safe.
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he is saying "torture works" and advocating for intentional detention and he is denying the fact that professional psychologists and professionals of the u.s. military said that torture does not work. .> my name is ryan harvey i'm from baltimore. i'm a musician, i'm an activist, i've long been an organizer in the antiwar movement. i play music and echo on own a record label called firebrand records putting out radical political music. we just heard you perform at the concert and one song really stood out about donald trump's father. >> that song is called "old man trump." i recorded that with ani .ifranco and tom marino
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that song was written by witty yearse -- woodie guthrie ago in the 1950's. a bigot, a was racist, and a slumlord. wrote these lyrics about him and fred trump was just a bad landlord and a big get and now what a relevant name to bring up. it is kind of amazing to be able to sort of resurrected woodie guthrie's voice and added into this current debate of the rising far right. it is like, what is more american than donald trump and woodie guthrie? >> could using a little bit of the song? trumpuppose that old man knows how much racial hate he
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drops into that pie ♪ living in the apartment and the second verse the apartment. it feel to sing what he guthrie songs surrounded by police? >> i think of done it before, but it always feels relevant. >> don't bring xenophobia here. >> ♪ my liberation is your liberation is your liberation is my liberation. free.get free, let's get liberationon is your is your liberaration is my liberation. ♪ amy: special thanks to mike burke.
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this is democracy now! we are "baking -- "breaking with convention." ♪ [music break]
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trump."d man this is democracy now! breaking with convention, war, peace, and the presidency. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting live from cleveland, o ohio. we are broadcasting from the corporate suites to the streets to the convention floor. we turn to looook at d donald trumump's running g mate. >> i've found the leader who will help us deliver a safe society and a prosperous, really
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prosperous society. pence wasvernor mike my first choice. i've admired the work he h has done, especially in the state of indiana. amy: that was donald trump introducing his running mate mike pence, the governor of indiana, who was first elected to congress in 2000 and was elected gogovernor in 2012. he spoke after being introduced. people who know:: me pretty well know i am a pretty basic guy. i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican in that order. [applause] whihile ience: currenently have the privilege f servrving the state that i love, i'm really jusust a small town y . i grew up in southern indiana. withth a big f family and a cornfield in the backyard.
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amy: in 2015, indiana governor mike pence signed into law the highly controversial anti-lgbt religious freedom restoration act, which gave businesses licensed to discriminate. the law caused a nationwide backlash. dozens of companies, professional sports teams and leagues, including the ncaa threatened to boycott indiana. cook slammed the law. ultimately, governor pence was forced to enact a revision, saying that the law did not advocate lgbt discrimination. he also oversaw a cut in planned parenthood funding in the state and signed legislation that has since been blocked that would have restricted abortion access statewide. he has long been a vocal critic of planned parenthood. in 2011, he threatened to shut down the entire government if
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they did not stop funding planned parenthood. dawn laguens, executive vice president and chief experience officer of planned parenthood federation of america and the planned parenthood action fund. she led the successful campaign to defeat the pence amendment, a -- amendment. welcome to democracy now! talk about governor pence. if he were to when the vice presidency of the united states does your response when you heard donald trump had named him. that donaldshocked trump thought this was a way to make gains with women, who he is doing so poorly with in the election, as you know. this just sent a message nationwide that the man who has been the leader of a crusade against women's health care, against safe legal abortion, and against lgbt q communities is now on the republican ticket. about his record and
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specifically a about his attackn planned parenthood. i came to planned parenthood to fight the pence amendment in 2011 one mike pence had said he wanted to take away all funding for planned parenthood preventive health services, std testing and treatment, birth control. nothing even to do with abortion at the time. surehat he did is mamake that women would not be able to have access to those services at planned parenthood. we were terribly shocked. amy: let me turn to a clip of then congressman mike pence speaking in 2011, the same year that a dozen planned parenthood clinics became the target of an undercover video sting by activist james o'keefe and the anti-choice group live action.
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he used the videos as ammunition to build support for a bill to deny federal family planning funds to a any organization that performs abortions, including planned paparenthood. mr. pence: the largest abobortin provider in america is also the largest recipient of federal funding under title x. it is heartbreaking news this morning that planned parenthood of america has now been the subject of one more undercover video showing someone posing as being facilitated and how too secure secret abortions, std testing, and contraception for child prostitutes. as a father of two teenage daughters, i saw the video they came out this morning and the one that came out last week and it is an outrage to me. that employees of planned parenthood clinics are facilitating the abuse of minor girls in this country. it should be a scandal to every american.
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the time h has come e to deny al federal funding to planned parenthood of america. i've authored the title x abortion provider prohibition act, which would deny title x fundingg to planned parenthood r any other r abortion provider ad congress must act and act now to move this important legislatioi. pro-life a americans and a all americans should not be forced to subsidize the largest abortion provider. amy: so, that was congressman pence. explain what happened next. dawn: after mike pence took on planned parenthood and our health services, millions of people around the country rallied and said, we depend on this care every single day. two point 5 million people come to planned parenthood year in
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and year out. members of congress said no way, they shut down mike pence. president saidid, i'm going to stand beside planned parenthood. pence tried this sisix times. he i introduced six bills to defund planned parenthood. a host of others would have limited women's access to report a rights and health. amy: talk about how this fits in with the religious freedom restoration act and what do you think of governor pence being named as the vice presidential nominee. dawn: mike pence explained to us when he said i'm a christiann before them anything else, that that was what his agenda was going to be. his version of christianity was
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going to be his platform in offifi. in his district or state wanted. he was going to put his personal, religious beliefs before eveveryone else's concers and drive those nonstop for a dozen years. we have a really good idea in this country who mike pence is an most people don't like her that is. not everyone. i was spending time in the indiana delegation last night. i was speaking to an indiana delegate, close friend of governor pence. last night, one of f the peoplei talked to was a republicanan delegate frorom new york. she is challenging u.s. senator chuck schumer for his seat in november. >> it is not attempting to be discriminatory about anyone, but our constitution has very
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clearly written, protection for the free exercise of religion. other rights or subsidiary to that right, which is enshrined directly in the constitution. amy: so if a person does not think it is right to serve a gay, lesbian, or trans person, they just have that right to not cater to them in their business? >> i think it depends on exactly what it is, but if it is a matter of baking cupcakes are doing flower arrangements, something easily done somewhere else, why not just go and give that service somewhere else from someone whose conscience and religion and deepest held beliefs aren't going to be bothered by that. let me add, it is not the person . in the general context in which this comes out, it is religious ceremonies. or lesbianrson person comes into the bakeshop or wants to buy flowers, nobody is talking about not selling them, it is more the ceremony
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and the religious aspect and being a part of that that is at issue. people try to talk about that is being against an individual. amy: if they don't feel comfortable serving a black person, do they have that right? >> absolutely not and i don't think that is being suggested. i don't think it is being said or suggested about the person. it is not the individual, it is a religious ceremony and being a part of that. nobody is suggesting they would not serve such a person who wanted to buy cupcakes. that is not the issue. amy: that is wendy long, the u.s. senate challenger to chuck schumer, the longtime senator from new york. your response. if you don't t want to buy a cupcake in this bakery, go to another bakery. dawn: nobody thinks this is about cupcakes. this is about the basic equality of all citizens inin this count. would she say the same thing if a business owner said, i don't want to provide a cake for a
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wedding between a muslim and a christian? i don't want to provide service for a black person and a white person. where does it end when you start to make these distinctions when it comes to the public square, not the personal, religious square? your approach.n you have just flown into cleveland. explain n what you are doing at the republican convention. dawn: i'm doing two things, one .s talking t to people like you to let people know planned parenthood's experience with mike pence and what we know firsrsthand about his record. also, i'm here to meet many republicans who actually don't agree with the platform. planned parenthood has a rich history. many people on our board today, many people who come to us are republicans. we are also sending a message
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that p planned parenthood is a nonpartisan n organization.. we are here to say that everyone should support the great work planned parenthood is doing around the country. amy: we were talking about governor pence, but i want to go nomineeresumptive donald trump, who sparked widespread outrage by saying women should be punished for having abortions if the prococedure wewere to becocome illegal. this is donald trump speaking to msnbc's chris matthews during a town hall aired. >> should abortion be punished? >> people in certain parts of the republican party would say, yes. veryld say that it is a serious problem, a problem we have to decide on. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion is a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? yes, there has to be some form.
9:41 am
it is a very complicated position. trumpo, that was donald speaking months ago. he walked that back. he was also pro-choice at one point, but now calling for women toto be prorosecuted, but then d he didn't white meanan that, jut the doctors. what is donald trump's position? dawn: i take donald trump at his word. he will appoint supreme court justices who will undo roe versus wade. did byat what he choosing mike pence, thehe numbr one crusader against planned parenthood and women's rights in this country. donald trump is a danger to women and families and their health care and their rights. amy: i want to thank you for being here. the executive vice president of planned parenthood federation of america. this is democracy now! , the manome back
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described as the jon stewart of egypt. what is he doing in cleveland? ♪ [music break] july 2012 to july 2013
9:43 am
amy: "love is everywhere" by pharoah sanders lede. yes, this iss "breaking with convention." i'm amy goodman. we are broroadcaststing from the republicican natational conventn from cleveland, ohio. next week, we will be in philadelphia. there joined right now by
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man called the jon stewart of egypt. his name i is bassem youssef.. his show was known as "the daily show" of the arab world for its satire of politics in egypt and the middle east. the program was launched after former e egyptian president hosi mobarak was ousted from m powern the 2011 uprising. it bececame the mostst popular v series in egypt's history, with as many as 30 million views per episode. during muhammed morsi's presidencycy, the prorogram came under increaeasing pressure e a, in 2 2013, an arrest warrant w s issued for yououssef for allegey insulting islam and momorsi. youssef was interrogated a and subsequentlyly released on bail, but the e pressure continued unr the next regime and, in 2014, youssef announced he was taking the program off the aiair, just days after general abdel fattah el-sisi was elected president. bassem youssef has nowow startea new comedy p program, but it focuses on the united states. in the opening to the show called "demomocracy handndbook," youssef explains why he left egypt.
9:45 am
bassem: my naname i is bassem youssef. i created a comedy show to help thnationeaeal. people likiked it, but the governrnment, not soso much. before things got worse, i left for the land of the free. now, i can learn from the best. is the uniteds states of america, the greatest democracy on earth. right? by: well, we are joined bassem youssef. "democracyw fusion." airs on a cardiac surgeon turned comedian. bassem: yes.
9:46 am
i was accepted into a pediatric heart surgery fellowship six years a ago. the revolution happened, i did my show, and i never came. amy: talk about the show and what happened to it? bassem: it started on the internet and then went into a small tv show and then a full-blown live show. . had trouble with both regimes amy: what do you think of president sisi. bassem: he is the most, craddick -- the most democratic president in the history of egypt. this is why we had so many people who had their shows canceled, they are living in a silent or in prison. maybe he has a different version of liberty and freedom. i'm sure he is enjoying it. amy: why did you feel you had to
9:47 am
leave egypt? bassem: there was increasing pressure on everyone. we were hit by an arbitration verdict, which was totally unfair. i found myself owing them 100 million pounds. of course, they will never come -- they will find something else. like getting al capone for taxes. i knew that the clock was ticking. i knew that i would be put on a no-fly list or maybe even more. when i left, looking back, this is what happened to so mamany people. i did not just want to be under the mercy of somebody telling me you can't leave. amy: what are you doing here at the rnc? i'm having a
9:48 am
relationship now with fusion. channel, part of univision and abc. they want me to cover the rnc is the arab correspondent. amy: let's go to a neck served ofof "democracy handbook." in this episode, bassem youssef talks to trump supporters in georgia. >> i believe that he loves america. >> he is definitely energetic, he is electric. >> trump 100%. >> he is a loudmouth and i think we need that. do you understand exactly how he is going to make america great again? >> i might not understand fully,
9:49 am
but i like what i hear for the most part. bassem: like what? >> is literally saying he's going to make america great again. i love that. >> i think he can help us get back on the financial road. bassem: financial? tell me some of his successful businesses? >> i cannot, i just know that every businessman goes bankrupt several times. bassem: he does not answer to anybody. nobody can hold him accountable. >> that's right. >> i like donald trump because he is a very intelligent person. bassem: w what has he done or sd to make you feel that he is smart? >> i watched him on "the apprentice." amy: that is bassem youssef talking to trump supporters in georgia. talk to me about that experience. bassem: people were mesmerized by donald trump. it is the same echo chamber that i find in the middle east. people are just repeating the
9:50 am
same soundbites without even thinking. when somebody tells me we want to make the military great again and they say we need to reduce federal spending in the next sentence, i don't know how that is possible. people say, we need to make the military great again. i tell them, how many more countries do you want to invade? i think one of the most memorable moments for me, when the governor or the mayor, the guy who appear before donald trump and he said, he was talking to the crorowd like, "if donald trump did not do anything other than building the wall, would use to vote for him?" and everybody was like, yeah! this is a whole campaign based on fear and xenophobia. cycle see the news scrolling and saying, donald trump said thihis, donald trumpp
9:51 am
said that, his wife plagiarized this, plagiarized that come at using it makes any difference to his supporters? no. if he said, i have absolutely no plan. i have absolutely no i idea what i'm gogoing to do with the economy, with foreign policy. it does not make any difference. we have the president who said i have no plan for anything and it is like, yeah, go. it is the same thing. it is the same exact thing. people are just vovoting out of emotions. people are just voting out of fear. amy: let's go to another clip. inin this episode, bassesem youf visits a gun show in f florida. bassem youssefef visits a "muslm free" " gun store.e. >> if you w want to make your he safe from isis, you all you need is the muslim-free zone signs.
9:52 am
bassem: what is the best thing about being muslim free? >> we e have sold d a bunch ofof stuff.f. necessarily want to spell out muslim free zone, because that would be car bomb territory. we produced isis hunting permitits. we w worked with a company to create the mohammed target. realistic looking jihadis. we taped the san bernardino shooters faces on them and they started selling ll. bassem: let's face it, hate cells. amy: we are going to continue on the theme of guns. in this episode, he visits a gun show in florida. you have never done more than one year in jail, you are not deemed crazy or drunk at the time of purchase. gun shows happen every weekend
9:53 am
everywhere in america with stuff for the whole family. mom's, babies, hyperactive preteens, even something for your anti-somatic uncle.. how many guns you have? >> eight. >> i spent all my ufc money on guns. bassem: americans bought over 1.7 million n guns in september 2015 alone. >what do you use themem for? >> target shooting. >> personal defense. >> it is about having the right to defend yourselelf. against another human being, animal. amy: and we can't stop. we want to continue. ins one is bassem youssef flint, michigan. he is speaking with buelah walker of f the detroit water brigade anand asks if the water crisis is a waway to stop immigrants from m coming to the city. bassem:et's s talk aboutut the
9:54 am
prproblems flint has. unemployment, crime, water crisis. does it have illegegal immigrarn prproblems? people don't want t to immigrate to f flint? [laughter] >> no. i wowouldn't. bassem: you think this s is kind of a sililver lining?? keepining people out? where it come from, we just go obama whole city down. the whole cityb down. it is faster. amy: that is a neck served from "democracy handbook." you are traveling around the country. bassem: yes. i try to find out some of the topics thahat could resonate in both worlds. religion,alk about this is supposed to be a secular country with total separation between church and state. back in the middle east, we are being criticized that we have
9:55 am
religion interfering with everything. here, it seems like we are interfering with everything, but it is ok because it seems to be the right religion. the next vice president identifying himself as christian first before everything, that goes against the constitution and all of the separation between state and church. amy: you certainly know when both go together. in 2013, accused of insulting than president mohammed morsi and assaulting islam. a warrant for your arrest. you turn yourself in, were questioned for six hours, before being released. a blast from the past. jon stewart sent a letter to more seat following your detention. >> bassem youssef pokes fun at your lack of promised democratic reforms. what are you worried about? you are the president of egypt. you have an army. you have tanks and planes.
9:56 am
we still have ththe receipts. [laughter] silencing a comedian does not qualify you to be president of egypt. just president of nbc. [laughter] [applause] >> i've got to tell you something. talk about a once proud empire. [laughter] you have it. jon stewart when he was doing "the daily show," talking about the jon stewart of egypt, bassem youssef, who has come to this country to talk about democracy there and democracy here. what is your conclusion? bassem: my conclusion is that you still have it great democratic process here. but my view conservatives a warning to tell you that there are certain practices that are happening here that are not far off what i have seen in my part of the world. the xenophobia, the racist them, the hate is basically increasing
9:57 am
everywhere, not just in the united states. like the extreme right-wing mentality, winning crowns every day out of fear. it is scary. guys, don'tpeople, do that. amy: what do you think about the grassroots movements that are pushing back? every day, from black lives matter to occupy. bassem: these are great movements. the problem is that they are up ,gainst huge corporations institutions, and entities that are basically turning democracy into an oligarchy. they are underfunded, under supported. traction, but i hope they can n be up against
9:58 am
those humongous, powerful institutions. it is an uphill fight. it is not easy. at the end of the day, you guys stood against the rich empire. amy: and egypt where it is now? bassem: i would say it is like george orwell "1984" novel. amy: bassem youssef, i thank you for being with us. known as the jon stewart of egypt. once he could no longer make fun of egyptian politics, he moved to the u.s. to satirize american politics. his new show "democracy handbook," airs onon fusion n ad yoyou can see it on youtube. special thanks to denver open media and our team. thank you so much to all those that are making this broadcast possible.
9:59 am
i'm amy goodman. go to our website for the
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