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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> at the end of this month to complement the operational availability of security forces across the country, we will up lament these human resources -- we will supplement these human resources by calling on army reservist, who will be able to provide support. i have called upon young people to provide support in the form of civic service or joining the police services because we must constitute a
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fully fledged national guard so supportnsure the full of the nation because it is within ourselves that lies the response. what are the terrorists seeking? to scare us, to separate us, to , toe disunity and division sow hatred and discourse. our unity and cohesion are critical if we want to meet the challenge. similarly, terrorists want to give up freedom and the rule of law. it is there that they are testing us. to sow the seeds of discourse, promote confrontation and lead of aromote stigmatization
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religion. islam has its place in the republic. ism and fundamentalism is our enemy. closing places of worship where hatred or intolerant is fermented, we have done that and we will do it again. monitor individuals, we did that during the state of emergency. we will do it again, after hand -- apprehend individuals to conduct relevant investigations, to ensure surveillance. that is what we will do. not to respect the constitution and the fundamental rules of law would be tantamount to losing
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ourselves in the battle against terrorism. this war is waged outside. in syria and iraq. announced before , theice attack strengthening of our military support to the iraqi army. decided as part of the anti-isis coalition made available to the iraqi forces, artillery means they will be on the ground next month. be aircraft carrier will deployed. the 14th ofthis on july. it will be deployed at the end of september. andill allow us to step up
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intensify strikes against terrorist groups in syria and iraq with our jets. i have asked the defense parliament asform of next week. it is not a question of changing the nature of our intervention. our allies in iraq and syria. we are not deploying troops on the ground. we have advice to provide .raining it is not our soldiers who are waging war on the ground in's area -- in syria and iraq. defending is what it holds most dearly. what constitutes it, freedom and security.
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without which, freedom cannot be expressed. we know the risks exist. we must reduce these risks. peopleprotect all french and deploy all resources, legal and human means to ensure the task. confidence in the republic, a national cohesion which will allow us to win the day. that is the purpose of the i am making. thank you. >> having appeared here and
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court, in relation to last week's attack. let's cross now to our correspondent who was listening on had france waterhole to say. he mentioned that increase of military personnel in the summer months, especially over the holidays, and calling on the young people to join up with the police and the national guard. >> it was a cry to the french nation. speeches in the media, being used to underline the fact that -- it was a defensive
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speech in parts. there have been criticisms over the last few days about how this attack could have happened, and particularly, the last two days have surfaced about a lack of police protection for the protection zone. he said in his speech just now that an inquiry had been launched and would be a report that would be published next week about the nature of policing on the night of the attack. the french government has come under heavy criticism on its handling. he said he had the confidence of --.
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>> of the interior minister has not been at the latest defense counsel. he has come under a lot of pressure from the right-wing opposition. clearly there is no question of any resignation at this point, certainly from the tone we have heard. the tone they are taking. you have to stick the course. a sense of don't throw the captain and his crew out on a ship in turbulent waters. that is the just of the communication we have been hearing from the last few days. i would likesaying to mention. piece of news about
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france's fight against the heamic state group, he said decided to make artillery avavailable to iraqi forces.s. there is an offensive being planned to take back muscle from the -- to take back mosul from the islamic state group. would allow france to step up attacks on that terrorist target. there was quite a law that frenchto beef up the military presence in light of the nice attacks. personnel, 10,000 military personnel will be developed over -- will be deployed over the summer. frenchto reassure the
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public as they go on their holiday. also, foreigners, who might be going to france and its famous of beaches. message she is trying to put out is that france is open for tourism with extra security measures. >> thank you. we were just saying, the government has come under fire over security arrangements and had in place in nice on bastille day. a right-wing paper claims thece's minister he of intelligence claims --. another paper published academic -- accusations that security was bernard hasthat lied about the whereabouts of police officers on the night of the attack.
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our reporter has the latest. >> the government is under pressure to shed light on the security failures in nice on bastille day. of the interior footage onetion of six security cameras where the attack took place. refused andls accused the government of seeking to destroy evidence. government the wanted the images to be prevented from being used in jihadi propaganda video. these revelations come a day after another paper accused the french interior minister of lying about the presence of police officers on the night of attack. local authority said national authorities were stationed to the area, but only two
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municipal police officers were there at the time of the attack. the french president was swift to r respond to criticism. >> there is no place e for controversy, only place for truth and transparency. following the announcement, several newspapers said the government should go further and launch a parliamentary inquiry. donald trump has accepted to become the republican party's presidential candidate. and a record one hour 15 minutes speech, he painted a dark portrait of police officer's being killed in the streets, crossing the border.
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he promised to be the law and order candidate. presidents -- former presidents stayed away and protest of his nomination. your nomination. >> donald j. trump is the presidential candidate. the 70-year-old accepted the nomination at the republican national convention, delivering ace each to his importers that was dark and belligerent and attacked his rival. wars in theyears of middle east, after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is
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worse than it has ever been before. this is the legacy of hillary clinton. death, destruction, terrorism and weakness. >> the real estate tycoon portrayed himself as the company's truth teller. >> we cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore. >> he failed to deliver any concrete reform, or alternative action. >> in the president's hometown of chicago, more than 2000 people have been the victim of shootings this year alone. 4000 have been killed in
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the chicago area since he took office. >> he fanned fervor with his and said he would put america first. hillary clinton reacted with this tweet, saying we are better than this. she will have her chance to take to the podium next week when the democratic party holds its convention in philadelphia. the turkish president has vowed to restructure the military and give it fresh blood. natotook called across the member nations. turkey'sean union says against the education system, judiciary system and -- against the radio have been unacceptable.
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let's listen to what the eu foreign-policy chief had to say earlier. >> we are making it clear to our friends. democraticnd the institution. way in which the undermine , it is we are seeeeing unacceptable. by kate moody. signs ofwing concrete a slowdown. >> we are seeing the first hard data, now. business activity has dropped at its fastest pace since the
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financial crisis. the survey cited a decline in output and order, describing the slump as a deterioration since the decision to leave the eu the report could increase pressure on the bank of england to deliver fresh monetary stimulus. -- may reset britain's economic policy when he revealed a new budget. markets are mixed about midway through friday's session. positiveresisting in territory. 1.5town has dropped about cents.
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-- the pound has dropped about 1.5 cents. donald trump has accepted the nomination to run for president and his bowing to hit the reset america's trade relations. we take a closer look. i am going to make our country rich again. >> donald trump believes thousands of factories have been moved abroad. >> i have a different vision for our workers. it begins with a new fair trade policy that protects our jobs .nd stands up to countries >> it has focused on two countries, china and mexico.
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he says as a result of the deal, the u.s. has lost one third of its manufacturing jobs to mexico. accuses leaders of devaluing currency and imposing taxes on american products. he said he would renegotiate trade agreements. his trade policies have been criticized by economist who say they could lead to a global recession and trigger a global trade war.
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free trade means more jobs while mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are both proponents of lower tariffs. >> -- reported stronger-than-expected resorts the first half of 2016. -- rose nearly 8%. a fall and global commodity prices -- the coal and iron exports. it saw gdp -- getting into the student loan business with wells fargo. will shave offbank half a percentage point from its interest rate to student loans who are customers of amazon prime.
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a last story on the gop convention, where melania trump faced accusations of plagiarism. made an unknowing reference to never going to give you up. it >> we well never, ever give up. importantly, we will never let you down. >> never going to make you ,ry, never going to say goodbye never going to tell a lie and hurt you ♪ social media has called a rick roll.
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song issays the trending 19% more than normal this week. astley trump making rick great again. >> it is time for the press review. time to look at what is making international headlines. a lot of focus on the states and donald trump's anticipated speech. some papers are not thrilled about what he had to say during that long speech. slate is very critical of donald trump, saying his speech was just another scam. the world he described in the speech does not exist because donald trump made the case that the case that the united states
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is soaked in blood and rife with chaos. if you look at the statistics, americans are safer than they were a generation ago. noteems donald trump does care about the statistics. his point was to paint a picture of disorder and violence to scare americans into voting for americans. he portrayed himself over and ,ver as a messianic figure rescuing the country from illegal immigration and global terrorism. >> many papers are saying the revealed major divisions. >> i like the way political puts it.
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what we learned in donald trump's cleveland is the gop for the republican party remains .ivided there were boiling tensions between conservatism and populism. that is what came out in the cleveland convention. this is good for democrats, according to the washington post. delivered a softball for democrats to hit out of the park. the washington post has all sorts of metaphors for the republican convention. democrats kickoff their convention last week. >> a lot of attention still in .he aftermath >> authorities have announced three months of a state of emergency.
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essentially, the president is continuing the purge of the state ininstitution. is a striking cartoon today. it depicts the opposition as a dead body shroud in the turkish flag. >> here, papers are reacting to what happened in nice last friday. numerous security failures. >> this recording is getting a lot of attention and prompted a sharp response from the minister of the interior. he essentially answers the minister's response and says the
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government exaggerated or lied about the level of security at the checkpoint that was giving onto the --. how did the truck make it on to the promenade? were accused of fanning the flames, saying it is a conspiracy theory, but he did not deny the information. they actually confirmed their scoop. today, you can read their response. >> you might accuse us of bad journalism, being unethical, but we are doing our job, shining the light on blatant contradiction. pokemon phenomenon, the augmented reality game is taking the world by storm. not everyone is happy about it. >> an article in the new york times.
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nations of the world confront the pokemon menace. the game is notable for causing people to range out into the world, walk into places they °bq
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[ ♪ ] >> it is like the e worst thing that h has ever, ever happened o me. i would not wish this upon my worst enemy. it is the hardest, most challenging thing i've ever,r, ever had to deal with. and it is literally like the * * ing g devil. [ ♪ ]


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