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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: it is 9:00 in paris and you are watching "france 24." theme is unity but bitter divisions rear their head as the democratic convention kicks off in philadelphia. they mustders says elect his former rival to defeat donald trump. the islamic state group claims responsibility for a suicide bombing in germany. it is the fourth violent attack in the country this week. post-coup's crackdown continues as
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journalists find themselves on the wrong side. ♪ laura: it has been a turbulent start to the democratic national convention as hillary clinton prepares to formally accept her party's nomination for president. the fbi is investigating after leaked e-mails shows democratic leaders saw to to undermine the campaign of bernie sanders. he put that aside to endorse clinton ahead of his main convention speech tonight. he told supporters they must elect clinton to defeat tunnel trump. the theme of this convention is togetherness and unity. hillary clinton herself is
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proving to be a divisive candidate. when it comes to the popularity stakes, hillary clinton's approval ratings have gone from bad to worse paid according to the latest poll, republican rival donald trump has the edge. for clinton, it is a far cry from the campaign barack obama inspired after winning the democratic nomination in 2008. hard acte could be a to follow because he has a lot of charisma. hard act told be a follow because he has a lot of charisma. >> a political back story -- reporter: and political back -- a political back story written across three decades. 68% view clinton is not honest according to cnn. ,> that is what is hurting her her untrustworthiness. reporter: since the mid-90's
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hillary clinton has weathered political turmoil. of couple was the focus congressional hearings and an investigation into the whitewater affair. the political fallout from the failed real estate ventures still lingers. revelations the couple pocketed more than 150 $3 million in paid 150 $3s from 2001 -- million in paid speeches from 153 million in paid speeches. wikileaks exposed and e-mail trail to undercut her adversary in the primaries, bernie sanders. a hardened political player,
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time and time again clinton has proved her resilience. a you can be knocked down times, 10 times, 100 times. what matters is you get back up. it is now more vital than ever that clinton emerges as a nominee the party can unite behind. anchor: good to have you on again nicolas. bernie sanders was the first to speak at the democratic party convention a little while ago. he told his supporters they have to vote for hillary otherwise donald trump could end up eating president. they responded by booing. why is clinton unpopular? the reason is because people don't trust her.
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she has been around for a very long time. many women are against the fact that she stayed with bill after she hasphilandering and basically capitalized on his presidency essentially to launch her own career. reality she should be ahead of anybody else. she was not only first lady in the white house for eight years, she was a senator for eight years, she was a secretary of state for four years. hugely qualified to be president of the united states, but the terms of reference have changed. and the terms of reference are that the establishment, and we saw this with brent is it -- the establishment is not trusted, the experts are not trusted. when bernie sanders says that, he is seen by his supporters as selling out to the establishment. and the way those supporters can
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express their establishment sentiments is to actually vote for donald trump. another interesting aspect of this is we have to remember we are in a u.s. presidential election. it is not a referendum, not everybody's vote counts the same. tim kaine she wants to assure herself the swing state of virginia. there are four states mitt romney lost in 2012, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. that is the rust belt. that is where the angry men are that are voting for donald trump. though states together have 64 thoseral college votes -- states together have 64 electoral college votes. gets thoserump votes, plus the ones that would go to republicans in states that would never vote for hillary clinton in the first place, he
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will be president of the united states. bernie sanders supporters may help put him there. laura: surely hillary should naturally have a very large base. how can she combat trump's message, one that has been called divisive fear mongering? she's tried to come up with this idea of unity and togetherness. can that work? nicholas: it is not about demographics in the way we normally think about demographics. referendum orexit the next presidential election, where everybody's vote counts the same -- if we were to go state-by-state, county by county -- and in some of those places, angry old white men can actually make a difference. they can bring their friends to vote with them in a truck. the point is the tone of this
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election is such that a lot of people who typically have not had the highest level of voting participation, latinos, members of the black community, and so forth, may be so disparaged and discouraged that they may say it is not worth it this time. a low turnout may be good news for trump because it will be the militants who will vote again. we can't trust the overall demographics. to look intohave this curious american system and what the demographics are state-by-state, county by county, in the few states he actually has to win. laura: we will even there, thank you very much. -- we will leave it there, thank you very much. two teenage boys have been named shooting inf the
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the nightclub in florida. reason for the shooting remains unknown, but police have ruled out terrorism. theeople were wounded in shooting, most of them were teenagers and young people. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in germany. wounded 15 people were when a failed asylum seeker from syria blew himself up outside a music festival in ansback. -- in ansbach. a german iranian gun man was said to have no links to islamist violence. reporter: police raid a refugee bomber lived. the on the attacker's phone police found evidence suggesting he intended to kill in the name of the islamic state group.
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>> on his mobile phone there is a corresponding video of a perpetrator issuing an attack right in arabic. we have received a translation from an interpreter. according to this he pledges his allegiance to well-known islamic leader i will bunker out --dadi -- is monica leader well-known islamic leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. the 27-year-old reportedly blew himself with a nail bomb concealed in his backpack. after being refused and tree into a music festival on sunday night. originally from syria, the perpetrator arrived in germany two years ago. his refugee claim was rejected on the basis that he had been deviously granted asylum in bulgaria. mentalented history of health problems, including previous attempts on his life,
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put a deportation order on hold. investigators are trying to get a clearer picture of his time in syria. we understood that he had war injuries, shrapnel in his feet and legs. must now investigate what military connection he had and where he came from. these question cannot be answered at the moment. -- questions cannot be answered at the moment. leading to- germany's policy toward refugees. in turkey 42 journalists, including well-known commentators are among the latest to be detained in a post-coup crackdown led by --sident percent tie up on president recep tayyip erdogan . the group amnesty international says it has evidenced some
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detainees have been tortured and beaten, something the government denies. it has been just over a week since the turkish army wrestled the government for power and already evidence of detainees been subjected -- already there's evidence of detainees been subjected to a series of beatings. >> we have been told of ill-treatment ranging from verbal abuse, threats, to leaving people without food for days, or even water for days. handcuffing people behind their time.for long periods of physical abuse such as beatings, and even in the severest of cases instances of rape and detention. reporter: some 60,000 public sector employees have been suspended from their post. more than 10,000 individuals have been detained. while dozens of media houses have been stripped of their licenses.
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monday alone turkish authorities issued warrants for the arrests of 42 journalists. in a bid to tighten his grip on the country, last wednesday erdogan declared a state of emergency for at least three months. a close eye will be kept on the government. our deputy prime minister has declared a state of emergency and it is clear from its very name this is a -- emergency. but it doesn't mean that all fundamental rights and freedoms will be suspended. the state ofer emergency security personnel will have the right to search people's vehicles or properties without a warrant. curfews could be enforced. -- will also suspend its membership in the european convention on human rights. anchor: the united nations is calling for a cease-fire to allow food and medicine to reach people in the syrian city of -- around one quarter of a million
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people are trapped. in such 22 people died bomb attacks on monday, according to observers. the violence comes as the u.n., united states, and russia prepare to launch another attempt at peace talks. europe's recorded first case of a baby being born with microcephaly, a result of the zika virus. the mother was diagnosed during the pregnancy but decided to keep the child. she caught the virus during a visit to south america. virussquito-born can cause microcephaly. this was first detected in brazil. hasphilippine president announced a unilateral cease-fire with communist fighters during his first state of the nation address. he said it was his dream to end the fighting that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.
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duterte urged fighters to lay down their weapons. >> s and the -- let us end the -- we are going nowhere and it is getting bloodier by the day. this to happen. it would create a favorable climate for the formal resumption of peace negotiations. more than 10,000 homes have been evacuated as wildfires rage across los angeles county. this years blazes are being fueled by high winds and parched conditions. >> roaring flames have spread over 100 square kilometers just north of los angeles. roads impossible
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to access and destroyed one dozen houses. some 1500 locals have fled the area. firefighters in los angeles county have been mobilized with more than 100,000 battling the fire. gusting winds have left authority struggling to contain it. >> it is unprecedented. we have to go a long way back to compare to a fire like this. much of the terrain is mountainous and difficult for fire crews to access. the international olympic committee has decided not to ban all of russia's athletes from this year's rio games, despite a widespread doping scandal. to ioc says it is up international sports federations if they want russia to take part or not. russian sports and across all disciplines are waiting for the official go-ahead to compete in rio.
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the president of the sporting committee say a handful will be barred from taking part. the moment each sporting federation is putting together a list where we studied the doping histories of each sportsman. so far it looks like eight athletes are confirmed. that means russia has been given the green light for nearly 400 to compete. final decisione over whether the elliptical hopefuls can take part. the international swimming federation has said seven russian swimmers will be barred because of doping offenses. for track and field athletes, nothing has changed. they are still banned, and that has made some of them very angry. >> i have to try to get over this. i have to repeat that this is hard, especially because it is unjust at the mistakes of others means i won't be allowed to compete. sportsr: the russian
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minister has called for clean russian track and field athletes to be allowed to compete. that is despite the top sports court upholding the decision to ban them next week -- banned them last week -- ban them last week. meanwhile in new zealand athlete living in rio de janeiro accused armed police of briefly did nothing him and forcing him to with from a cash machine. the 27-year-old says the incident took place on saturday and it is the latest concern over security in rio. feel of the game starts in two weeks time -- the olympic games starts in two weeks time. bernie sanders has been telling his former rival to defeat donald trump, who he has called
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a bully and a demagogue. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in germany. it is the fourth attack to hit germany in a week. and turkey's post-coup crackdown continues. 42 journalists are the latest to find themselves on the wrong side of president erdogan. claims of proof that detainees are being tortured and abused. off with what is described as one of the original pillars of the internet, yahoo!, which today was sold. guest: a big deal. probably not as big as when it was at its peak, worth $5 billion. mayer says itissa is not a failure, she will stay on as chief.
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-- in a day when mobile advertising is king. reporter: it was the front door to the web for an early generation of internet users. now it has reached the end of the line as an independent company. yahoo!'s core operations were a $.2o verizon for billion on monday. -- sold to -- in verizon for $5.2 billion on monday. steadily falling behind rivals such as google and facebook. white is a mobile telecom provider want to buy the core editorial of a failed internet portal? they hope to diversify from the industry, hoping to shift to mobile advertising. now with yahoo!'s content, verizon can reach the kind of scale that is necessary to make money from digital advertising
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on mobile devices. the ultimate goal is to take on the heavyweights of today, google and facebook. taken 50% ofnies all u.s. digital advertising revenue. buying yahoo!, verizon owns the content that users are consuming, while at the same time targeting ads to those very users. deal allows verizon to stand up from its biggest competitors, at&t, sprint mobile, and t-mobile. oil prices dragging down sectors of-- on all the s&p 500. the dow slipped more than 100 points due to oil prices, a similar story in europe where the ftse finished lower because of hurricane prices and the commodity stocks on the index.
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the frankfurt dax ending up slightly in the green. starting was a kevin crew will start for one week. impaction is expected to 1000 flights and 50,000 passengers. concrete want contracts paid management is only offering contracts for 17 months. -- contracts. management is only offering contracts for 17 months. collectivethe bargaining agreement lasts for five years. here they have only offered us an agreement that last 17 months and it fails to ensure the work conditions. a look at's take today's top business headlines. reportingnews agency that the flag carrier, turkish airlines, has fired 200
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employees. this includes management and cabin crew. hundreds of personnel have been fired after last week's failed to attempt -- failed coup atte mpt. the airlines plan to pivot of vestment -- pivot investment away from -- ryanair has warned its forecast could drop. burger king has broken into the belton market. 100 locations have been bought between belgium and luxembourg. we had to brazil now, where the olympic games are due to kickoff in just under two weeks time. and a flood of international visitors and athletes is expected to give a boost to the
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struggling brazilian economy. in part because it creates job openings for unskilled workers. this report from our correspondents in rio de janeiro. reporter: another day and another olympic recruitment drive in rio. today they have come in their hundreds, one of the last chances to nab a job before the games. >> cashiers, receptionists, security guards. reporter: with unemployment in brazil at 11%, work can be hard to come by. among today's job seakers is -- i'm here today to find somewhere to work and to earn money for my family. to the olympics rio's job market has escaped some of the worst effects since the recession. this temporary employment agency has recruited 16,000 people.
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in all 18,000 short-term workers are being hired for the event. a welcome surge in optimism, but this economic professor warns that there is going to be -- that it is going to be short-lived. >> these jobs won't last. they are short-term. what worries me is what will happen after the olympics. where will we be in november? we may be on a downward slope. reporter: not having job security has been a problem for many. braziliansons of like him survive exclusively on casual work. as ills precarious shadow economy is worth 100 billions of euros per year. guest: nine years after the
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publication of the seventh and last book of the harry potter series, the boy wizard is back on top. he is no longer a boy. new script tothe a london play is the most pre-ordered book. it is billed as the eighth story in the series and will be published on midnight of july 31. it is a script, rather than a narrative novel. it still has the same effect on fans as people are waiting out to get early tickets. i never got into the craze as much. i liked it but i wasn't a fan boy. anchor: i see a lot of adults reading them. thank you very much indeed. we will take a short break. more headlines after this. ♪
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07/25/16 07/25/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the democratatic national convention in philadelelphiathis i is democrcy now! >> validated everything we thought. everything we believed to be true. this was rigged from the beginning. they werelly abobout doing everything to set it up so she would win. amy: as the democratic national convention opens here in philly, as congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz resigns as party leader following the release of leaked e-mail


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