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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  August 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday. glad you could join us here on nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan in tokyo. tokyo's new governor is wasting no time getting down to business. yuriko koike has pledged on a number of issues. she's zeroing in on the aging society and the 2020 olympics and paralympics.
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koike was given a warm welcome tuesday morning as she visited the metropolitan government for the first time as governor. she's the first woman to administer japan's capital. in her first address to her staff, she referred to the political funds scandals her predecessorsrs were involved in. she instructed them to work hard to regain the public trust in the government. and in a news conference she pledged to fulfill her promise to drastically reform tokyo. >> translator: we will scrutinize efficiency of work, organization, own budget of the government. and affiliated bodies as well. and we will report the results to citizens. we will reorganize the system to citizens first. >> she also touched on the budget for the 2020 games which is expected to balloon from the initial plan. she said she plans to set up a
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panel of experts to study whether it's reasonable or not and release the interim report next month. it's been one week since japan's worst mass killing in decades. an attack on a care home for people with disabilities left 19 people dead and 26 wounded. as the country comes to terms with what happened, care homes are looking at beefing up security. nhk world's takafumi terui has the details. >> reporter: every day visitors stop by this care home for people with disabilities to mourn the victims. >> translator: it's heart wrenching. when i think of the victims who died. >> reporter: police believe former care home employ satoshi
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uematsu went on a killing spree. he immediately confessed. they also say at the start of this year, he began talking about violent behavior. in february he told colleagues it's pointless for people with disabilities to live. he also wrote about an attack in care homes in a letter. the police were contactcted immediately. in response the care home stepped up security. it installed 16 more surveillance cameras in april. but it wasn't enough. one of the country's top officials spoke about the increased security at the home. >> translator: the care center had taken measures such as the surveillance cameras. but they couldn't prevent the incident. it's extremely important that we analyze what happened and improve safety measures.
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>> reporter: the attack is causing care homes across the country to take a look at how to ensure the safety of their residents. this facility in western japan had started holding drills to prepare for possible intruders. some for daytime when there's a lot of staff. others for nighttime when workers are reduced. some say they're worried nights and weekends because of low staff levels. >> translator: i called for help but didn't know what to do to block the person acting as an intruder. >> reporter: but some family members of people with disabilities have a different worry. they feel too much emphasis on security may keep their loved ones locked away. >> translator: people with disabilities and their families will hesitate to step into
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society. that's what i fear. >> reporter: japan is considered to be a very safe place to live. it's not used to dealing with violent attacks. following last week's mass murder, the question for care homes for people with disabilities is how far do you go? on one hand you want to ensure safety, the other, social interaction and quality of life. takafumi terui, nhk world, tokyo. more than one month after a deadly terror attack, bangladesh is trying to fight back against extremism. while police hit radicals head on, new ad campaigns are trying to prevent young people from becoming terrorists. nhk world's daisuke iijima reports. >> reporter: the spirit of dhaka
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remains. as a nation comes to grips with the massive terror attack, they're doing all they can. the country was shocked when young men committed deadly attacks. the men killed more than 20 people after taking over a restaurant. security forces stumbled into the building after a standoff. officials had initially said militants were not involved in the assault. now they say otherwise. at this apartment last week, police killed nine gunmen during a raid. weapons were found there. one of the gunmen planned the restaurant massacre. >> translator: all the guys came out on the balcony, god is great. they sa >> reporter: were highly educated. a group behind the two incidents
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is a new terrorist organization. they think it broke away from a local group after being interested from other terror groups. the suspect is a bangladesh canadian who is on the run. >> translator: we have detained about 200 members of a new terrorist organization. we believe the group is not directly related to islamic state militants or al qaeda. but it is active as a terrorist group using the names and ideologies of islamic state. >> reporter: this is a group of missing young people w who may have joined groups. this is the same man making appearance on tv. the sign of a promint bangladesh. he was college educated and had a good job. but something changed.
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>> reporter: this video is believed to have been shot in part of syria controlled by the islamic state group. the young man entered turkey three years ago after lying to his family. to stop people from radicalizing, there is also a peer battle being raced. this is a video made after last month's attack. police warn that extremiststs t to brainwash children by taking advantage of an emotional wound or sense of guilt for having taken alcohol or drug. >> traranslator: recruiters of terrorist organizations target students well. they take a advantage of any sorrow, suffering, or mental weakness. >> reporter: at least four members of groups who were killed in the incidents were students or graduates from this prestigious university.
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after the attack, students gathered for a demonstration against extremism. >> the first option would be this. not only this university but many other universities. >> reporter: while they have been trying to get bangladesh youth, the fight is just beginning. daisuke iijima, nhk world, dhaka. in tokyo, memorial service was held for the seven japanese victims of last month's deadly attack in bangladesh. about 900 people attended including shinzo abe and fumio kishida. family and friends gathered to mourn. >> translator: i'm in total shock. >> translator: it's more than just saying it's regrettable. i have no words. i don't know what to say or what to do. you're watching nhk "newsline." members of japan's cabinet have approved a plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars
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in an effort to kick start the economy. gene otani joins us with the details and other business headlines. >> japanese government officials have revealed details of a stimulus package worth 28.1 trillion yen or $270 billion. they predict the spending will boost gdp by 1.3% in real terms. the officials say personal spending and corporate investment are weak. and thelobal economy is at risk of slowing down. but they're confidedent the stimulus will prop up domestic demand. the program includes about $34 billion for measures that would get more people into the workforce. it will also fund one-time cash payments of $145 to people on low incomes. officials say more than $100 billion will go to infrastructure projects such as the much-touted train line. government will spend roughly the same amount to help small businesses deal with the impact
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of britain's vote to leave the eu. japanese finance leaders say they'lll work togetherr to drag the economy out of deflation. they say they'll cooperate. aso s says she may take advanta of the low interest rate to issue more 40-year government bonds. analysts say the government's stimulus package didn't contain any surprises for currency traders who responded by buying the yen. that sent the dollar below the 102 yen level to a three-week low. government bonds were sold that yield on the 10-year. bonds climb to its highest level since mid-march. also stocks in tokyo closed lower after a fall in crude oil prices. phoebe amoroso reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> u.s. crude oil hit 3 1/2 month lows and poor earnings
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reports dragged down share prices. let's take a look on the closing levels on this tuesday, august 2nd. nikkei closing at 16,391. the topix lost 1.6%. look at oil in new york on monday. wti crude futures fell below $40 a barrel for the first time since april 19th. let's look at individual stocks. those lower oil prices hit energy companies. inpex is down 5.5%. and showa shell fell 3.5%. all three major financial groups finished lower. mitsubishi ufj was down almost 6%. sumitomo down 4%. and nissen holdings surged. discussing makes it a
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subsidiary. i'm phoebe amoroso reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. moving on to other in asia pacific region. australian shares sliding by 0.8% closing at 5,540 snapping a six-day winning streak. the country's central bank decided to cut its key interest rate to a record low of 1.5%. major banks fell on concern that the lower rate may reduce profits. 2,971 the finishing number there. share property shares rebounded. singapore meanwhile down by 1.2% on lower oil prices and the jakarta compass sit gaining by 0.2%. people investigating the mileage cheating scandal at mitsubishi motors say poor governance was a factor. they say as far back as five years ago, executives ignored
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claims of irregularities in the firm's development section. aa panel of lawyers and other experts spent three months investigatating the scandal. they released a report that said more than one employee raised problems. the report says executives didn't properly investigate. instead they decided there was nothing wrong. also they had mileage targets that were too demanding. so farar they have uncovered irregularities in 29 mitsubishi models sold in the past decade. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. for the first time apple has revealed some of the details about its business dealings with japanese firms that supply products for its iphones. it says last year 865 companies were involved in the supply chain with deals totaling $30 billion.
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kyosera is one firm that contributed. foreign tourists in japan will soon be able to buy passes that offer unlimited bus rides across the country for set periods. japan bus lines will make the passes available online from september. the tickets would cover about 100 express bus routes. a seven-day pass would cost about $195 and a 14-day pass about $270. japanese government officials say for the year to march 40% of food was produced domesticicly. farmers produced more wheat but not enough to keep up with the growing pace for bread 37. japanese diners are famously particular about the quality of their fish. asas this next report shows, distributors are seeing a business opportunity.
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>> reporter: tokyo hanada market lies on the ground of the capital's airport. workers sort and sell fish that's come to the area from all over japan. seafood has always been handled near the market of catch. then again across the rest of the country. that way it can take up to two days for fish to reach dinner tables. that's not the case here. a worker reads out the name of the fish. then puts it on a machine which prints a label showing the weight and region. >> translator:r: there's noo ber place than an airpoport for sorting and processing fresh fish for distribution. it's never been done this way before. i think this is a big change. >> reporter: 3:00 a.m. off miyazaki prefecture, fishermen
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pull a net from the ocean depths. the biggest cash is this prized type of brim. workers bypass a local auction and head straight to the nearest airport. the catch is on its way to tokyo hanada market which has agreed to take it all. seven hours later, the brim are at hanada. staff sort them as fast as possible. then dispatch them to a supermarket. by 3:00 in the afternoon, just 12 hours after fishermen pulled them from the ocean, the fish are sliced, packaged, and on store shelves. eight slices go for about $12. the fish quickly sells out. > translatotor: the idea i i
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get really fresh products into the big cities as soon as possible. japanese consumers are fussy about freshness, so this approach will help to boost our profits and add value to our business. >> reporter: the internet is also starting to make a big difference to the way distribution works. this tokyo firm does what manan fishermen can't. it helps them sell rare and unusual fish. or very small catches online. these grouper are from waters off nagasasaki prefecture in southwestern japan. fishermen don't usually bother trying to sell suchh a smallll catch. they take the fish home to eat themselves. but the firm in tokyo ensures nothing need go to waste. >> translator: with a bit of effort, we can get a good price of these and we can help the fishermen make a little extra.
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>> translator: here is the carpaccio. this is grouper fromm nagasaki. >> reporter: staff at this restaurant have included the fish on their recommended menu. >> translator: it has a crunchy texture. >> translator: i've never had fish this firm before. >> reporter: more than 4,000 restaurants have registered with the site. >> translator: we're sharing information about catches people previously didn't know were out there. we're making it much e easier t sell rare fish. i think there's a lot of potential. >> reporter: fisher men and retailers are breaking with convention to get fish faster to market. next they'll be looking abroad as they try to get seafood from japan more quickly to tables around the world. >> you can catch our report again online together with the
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full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news.. i'll leave you with the markets. japan's nuclear regulators says it will approve a plan for terror response facilities in the central part of the country. they'll be the first such facilities to meet the regulators' requirements. the takahama plant o on the seacoast became the first of seven plants to submit an application. new government regulations were introduced after the 2011
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fukushima daiichi accident. they require nuclear plant operators to build standby control rooms at least a hundred meters away from each of their reactors. the special facilities allow employees to retain control of a plant's reactors even if the main control rooms are damaged or destroyed. the decision came at a closed door session in order to keep the design and location of the rooms a secret. the japanese government has listed a number of security concerns in a newly released defense white paper. >> t translator: the paper outlines the sevevere security environmnment surroundiding jap. that includes north korea's latest advanances in n nuclear ballistic nuclear technology developmpment, china's aggressi maritime activities, and the spread of activities by international terrorist groups. >> in the section on china, the report cites a chinese naval
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vessel coming close to the islands in june. the islands in the east china sea are controlled by japan. japan maintains they are an inherent part of its territory. the report says beijing is unilaterally escalating activities around japanese waters. it calls such actions high handed and dangerous. the paper also says increased activities by chinese aircraft near the senkakus have caused japanese jet scrambles to surge. on north korea the paper points to pyongyang nuclearizing warheads. it stresses the missile programs are an imminent threat to japan and the rest of the world. the report also touches on japan's national security legislation implemented in march. it sayss it has historic imimportance and strengthens japan's alliance with the u.s. and its deterrents. cloudy partly fair is the forecast for us here in tokyo
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where the current temperature reading is 28 degrees celsius or 82 degrees fahrenheit. jonathan oh joins us from the weather desk with the latest update starting with southern china. >> hello. yes. nida which has weakened into a tropical storm has come on shore. it brought moisture with it as it covers a large area of soututhern china a a it came on shore. let me show you thehe video in earlier in the day.y. now,w, this systemem made landf near hong kokong during the ernight t period. you can sesee the waves crashin against the seawalllls. more tn 121200 boatsts had to return b back to port because o the dangerous conditioions. along with that, more e than 2 huhurngz flights and 160 trains were canceled for the day. last month nepartak caused thousands of people to evacuate and caused economic losses o of more thann $1.1 billion. so this is an area that has seen
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tropical weather in general and now we have more of this. and here's the stats on tropical storm nida. it is weakening as it goes along. expected to become a tropical depression within the next 24 hours. but wind speeds of 83 gusustingo 108. it will bringorore in terms of the rachl nap is the key withth thisysystem. many times the tropical moisture and the flooding is what really causes t the biggest problems rather than thwiwinds. some areas may see up to 250 millimeters of rainfall over the next 72 hours. particularly during the next 24. so look out for some flooding conditions as we go forward in time. meanwhile, we've been dealing with scattered showers and thunderstorms around japan. along with that we have moisture coming in from the south. what was a low pressure system has started to fizzle out but the moisture associated with that low will cee into the west. and that interaction will lead to another c chance for some ra as we go throughout the evening
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hours into the early part of wednesday. we may still see showers from time to time going forward throughout the morning hours of wednesday. then things just start to really back off. mainly seeing a mix of sun and clouds. up to 120 millimeters by noon on wednesday. and the areas in hokuriku could see 100 millimeters. look out for that possibility along with strong gusts. may see some flash flooding with the possibility of hail. those cannot be ruled out. we are looking at warm temperatures though. highs in the 30s for sapporo. tokyo also looking at some more sunshine with highs in the low 30s. mid-30s into kyoto and kumamoto getting a break from the rainfall. that's needed. but it's's going to be hot into the rest of the week. the forecast for north america,
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we do have fire danger weather toward montana due to a dry area with high pressure dominating the area. we have a high pressure moving through the upper midwest. another one still lingering over the mid-atlantic states. rain and thunderstorms from new york down to miami as we go throughout the day on tuesday. chicago and denver also looooki at thunderstorms. vancouver and seattle also looking at a cooldown with some rain. now, down toward brazil we go. we want to take a quick look at what's happening as we get ready for the olympic games. highs will be going from the 20s to 30s. but looking at dry conditions as we go forward in time. quick look at europe. i want to talk about the northern portions of the continent looking at wet weather. maybe a few thunderstorms scattered from paris into moscow. hope you have a great day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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." you are watching "france 24 thank you for joining us. these are the headlines. a slap in the face for the president of venezuela. gets twice as many signatures needed to move forward on a recall vote. there are still several steps to go in the lengthy process towards a referendum. slamrepublican leaders donald trump's comments about the family of a slain u.s. muslim soldier appeared the latest in the


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