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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 2, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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berlin. lang to rest the french priest murdered in the middle of mass. people flocked to this cathedral in normandy to pay their respects to the father killed a week ago by islamist militants. and reports of mass killings and starvation, children being forced to fivive.
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the grim picture of south sudan. and kickoff on wall street as the soccer team rings the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. we will tell you why. >> good to have you with us. it was a shocking crime. two armed men stormed a church in northern france wanting to take hostages. they were inspired by islamic state. they had killed and 86-year-old priest. he was laid to rest. hundreds of mourners from different faiths were there to remember him. >> a somber mood as mourners
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gather to pay their last respects. ♪ the french interior minister was in the audience. it was a multifaith service. priests arranged his robes on his coffin, the red scarf of martyrdom. then his knees paid homage to her uncle. >> after the terror attack on charlie hebdo i posted this sentence. please let us maintain our tolerance and ability to judge accurately. i never thought i would have to apply that with such strength and conviction.
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that is what i will do and i will manage for you. like you, i choose respect. i choose love, and life you i choose the other. >> outside hundreds more following the events inside the church. >> it's important for me to be here, together with the faithful in my compatriots. i listen to these words during mass, words that touched my heart, that speak to the unity we aspire to. as his coffin emerged at the end of the service, applause as
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france commemorates a man who died for his ideals. anchor: more on that coming up later in the day. tens of thousands have fled after a fresh outbreak of violence in the country. a further 1.5 million are internally displaced to avoid a fresh wave of violence. >> 10 days ago she came to the hospital with her daughter. the 2-year-old had malaria and had stopped eating. sunday fled her homome once the violence broke out.
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>> i've lost hope. there isis nothing. nobody can help me. if my child has problems, they are the ones who can help her. >> most people fling sedan have ended in uganda. -- most people fling the south sudan have ended up in uganda. violence started when rival army factions clashed last month. getting out of the country hasn't been easy. >> the refugees have brought disturbing reports, armed groups operating on roads preventing people from fleeing. refugees have reported groups operating across different parts
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of south sudan are murdering civilians and looting villages, forcibly recruiting young menen and boys into their ranks. >> from both -- foremost fling is not an option. most do not have the means to leave. she came to this hospital to save her daughter b but despite medical care she passed away. anchor: we want to cross to our correspondent covering south sudan. you were just in south sudan two days ago. talk to me about what the situation is like there in the refugee camps. >> the situation is quite serious when i was there. i spoke to many this placed who sought shelter in the u.n. spaces.
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it is a catch-22 for them. thousands have fled the violence to seek asylum because they don't feel safe outside but they are not sure the u.n. can protect them. there is a shortage of f food in these camps after the food supplilies were l looted. there is not enough food inside and they don't feel safe to go outside amidst violencnce a ands rapes of women who venture outside to the markets. anchor: many are fling to get ray for them -- to get away from violence but that is a danangers journeney in itself. >> a lot of fighting has subsided since earlier this month. there have been reports of increased insecurity, south of the capital and on the way to uganda.
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many of these people are trying to flee. we've heard reports of forced recruitments. the united nations has mentioned it there is a -- but it is a worrying development. >> what would you say the international community needs to do to help these displaced people? >> on n e politicacal front they have been largely silent on the recent developments. that is of course raising political uncertainty among the people who do not know if thee piece -- peace process is still on.
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it has been challenging for those security constraints. people feel the international community is not doing enough to help them deal with the aftermath of violence. anchor: talking about the situation in south sudan. thank you very much. in syria nuke claims of chemical weapons in the country's civil war. a rescue group claims there has been a toxic gas attack. of these unconfirmed images you are saying, , the aftermath of e attack near the site where russian military helicopter was shot down monday. the rescue groups say 33 people were affecected by the chlorine gas attack.
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the syrian national coalition accused the government bordering the attack. the russian military has launched a series of airstrikes. fighting continues. >> it is clear fighting is underwaynn aleppppo. thesese pictutures show forces shelling the city. that comes in response to a rebel offensive and attempt to break the stranglehold. military and corridors have been set up by forces with russian backing. 300,000 people are believed to be trapped here but mistress of the government means few are tataking advantage of the chance to leave.
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russian tb says many were prevented from leaving by rebel fighters. we were suffering. gunmen were preventing us from leaving. they were humiliating us, eating us. -- beating us. they have no mercy in their hearts. >> rush is the main international supporter of the syrian government. just outside of the city a russian transport helicopter was shot down killing all five people on board. this shows the wreckage after the crash. the crew was returning from a trip but opposition act this question this claim. in aleppo the conflict rages on. those living in the city burned tires to create curtains of smoke.
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desperate measures in a desperate situation. the latest violence comes in the same week the united nations land for the political transition to begin in the country. the u.n. hopes talks can start at the end of the month. anchor: in the first public trial following the arrest of hub group -- hundreds of human rights activists a court has delivered a guilty verdict for illegal activists. most were released but a few were kept in jail with little information about their fate. >> shrouded in secrecy a court has handed human rights activists a three-year suspended prison sentence. he was convicted of subversion of state power and was one of 300 activists seized in a government crackdown paralyzing china's activist circles.
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the president has tighten control over civil society since 2012 citing the need to shore up and stability. he read a statement excepting the charges against him. >> i have been leading many activities. i wish i could c change this and now it is too late. i have committed a serious crime of submit -- subverting state power. i offer my sincere remorse. following criticism of the lack of transparency surrounding the cases chinese authorities have moved to invite foreign media outlets to observe proceedings. there were scenes of
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confrontation from earlier in the week with relatives demanding information on the fate of detainees. the arrests and trials comeme aa major blow to china growing human rights community. anchor: a multistory building has collapsed in nairobi. a resident captured the disaster on his phone as it happened. take a look. amazing. no one was reported injured in that collapse. the inhabitants vacated the building a day earlier. after they notice crack's and one of the walls, more than 40 people were killed after another building caved in. lucky to see that.
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no end in site for the carmaker volkswagen. both area has filed a lawsuit. daniel will be here with that and more business news. stay with us. ♪
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host: welcome back. live from berlin, our top stories. a french priest who was murdered while performing mass has been laid to rest. he was killed a week ago by islamic militants who attacked him with a knife. in the u.s. the follow continues
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over donald trump's remarks about a fallen soldier's family known in the u.s. as a goldd str family. u.s. leaders are condemning him for comments he made after the father of a dead muslim american soldier criticized him at the democratic national convention. the republican candidate has complained of the vicious attack . the soldier was killed serving for the u.s. military. trump pointed out democrat challenger hillary clinton supported the iraq war while he opposed it. the u.s. president has joined critics lashing out at tromp and recommends republicans abandon their candidate. >> this is not a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. this is daily. they are distancing themselves from statements he is making. there has to be a point in which
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you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. even if he purports to bebe a member of my party. the question they have to ask themselves is, if you are repeatedly having to s say in vy strong terms what he has said is unacceptable, why are you endorsing him? anchor: a car bomb targeting benghazi has killed 22 people. the suicide bomber clashed with islamists and other opponents. a coalition of militias have claimed responsibility for the attack.
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all right. where does the trading floor and the pitch meet? a german soccer team is in new york. >> we are talking about why they are there. they are to drum up business. we start at the new york stock exchange which kicked off trading. they rang the opening bell to begin trading. they are not thinking about listing in the. they are on a u.s. tour playing exhibition tours. i believe he joins us now. there he is. the soccer business is doing
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well at the moment. what can they hope to gain? >> overall, soccer cannot compete with football, baseball, basketball or hockey but it is getting more popular, no doubt about it. the opening bell can be seen year-round. good promotion for them. very nice player. >> moving on to cars, bad car sales have been driving investors crazy on wall street.
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>> certainly. that company even said we usually saw a hot suv market cool down a bit. general motors had cells that came in lower than expected. the chrysler had a small sales increase. it was still lower than expected. talk about a crisis in the u.s. car market. we saw steep losses. >> we heard merger monday. today we could call it takeover tuesday. what are you hearing there? >> so far it is only rumors. there have been talks between
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biogenic and allergen and merck. >> we have to wait and see if those deals really materialize. the stock was on fire. it gained 10% here. we had deals in the mouth of almost $190 billion. this could be one of the biggest in history. >> we will have to see if it is against the quarter. the wave of lawsuits against volkswagen shows no signs of breaking. the first legal case from a german federal status is set to be filed.
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the suit is based on losses of pension funds after the scandal came to light. >> the state of bavaria wants damages from walks wagon. their grievance was that volkswagen was too late warning of the risks of the omission scandal and the potential impact on the markets. >> this is about the bavarian pension fund. our claims would lapse otherwise. >> the bavarian pension fund owns volkswagen shares. the carmaker's share price went south losing 40% of its value. bavaria wants compensation. it is crucial. lower shareholders see no reason
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to sue for now. >> there is no guarantee if a certain share price curves. >> not everyryone sees it t that way. lawsuits are starting to mount. their lawsuit will be added to the pile. >> the recent horrific terror attacks in europe are having a tangible impact on business. the second quarter profits are down despite lower oil prices and third quarter bookings fell sharply. >> it's unlikely to land the 1.8 billion euros profit that it forecast and the carrier is in offering an amended outlook.
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terrrrorist attacks s are scarag many away from travel. >> terrorism related fears are playing a role. they are intensifying competition in making a difficult situation worse for a while. they are too many flags for too few passengngers. >> they are cutting costs on the bottom line. competition is weighing heavily. i hope they can win the pricing war with their budget airline. the restructuring has proven unpopular with employees. management is bracing itself for a ticket -- difficult second half. there is still a wage dispute
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with pilots. anchor: a certain left-footed winger has left to join the english side of manchester city. here are the details. >> that cost 34 million euros. goals like this convinced the club to spend big on a 20-year-old with less than 50 appearances. one of the reasons was the coach. he convinced me it's a good club i can continue to progress. i know there is a good cochair and i will learn a lot. >> papers identified his potential. he may face an uphill battle city boasting a huge array of
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attacking talent. he was in germany squad for 2016. if he continues scoring goals like this in england he is likely to be a key man for club and country for years to come. anchor: we are following the top story, a french priest murdered during mass late to rest. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. ♪
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>> you are watching line from paris on "france 24." fierce fighting rages on in syria. there were bombing raids in aleppo where tens of thousands of civilians main trapped by u.s. back forces are battling to rest control from islamic state group of one city. a huge rise in the number of people trying to reach europe, 4000 people died making the attempt, most of them drowned in the mediterranean sea. in thousands of people attend the funeral of a


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