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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 2, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> you are watching line from paris on "france 24." fierce fighting rages on in syria. there were bombing raids in aleppo where tens of thousands of civilians main trapped by u.s. back forces are battling to rest control from islamic state group of one city. a huge rise in the number of people trying to reach europe, 4000 people died making the attempt, most of them drowned in the mediterranean sea. in thousands of people attend the funeral of a french priest
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who was slain in his church last week. cathedral was attended by christians, jews, and muslims. ♪ first, donald trump is not fit to be president. obama's blunt assessment of the republican nominee this tuesday. the u.s. president has urged senior republicans to disown their candidate. donald trump has been accused of insulting women, and ortiz, journalists, and now the parents of the u.s. muslim soldier who was killed in iraq. washington, philip is there. donald trump has been embroiled in controversy before, but this one doesn't seem to be going away.
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there have been so many controversies surrounding donald trump pretty much from the very first day he decided he was running for office and wanted to be the republican party's nominee for the white house. those controversies have just surrounded donald trump, but this one is different, because when you are seen as insulting or disrespecting the family of a in one of the nine states wars abroad, that is going to little bit too far. according to pretty much everybody, according to democrats and most republicans as well. and now comes the fiercest inticism of them all, made the most formal of settings, when president obama said that donald trump is unfit to be president. he does so in the east room of the white house during a joint press conference with the singapore prime minister. the highest office of the land weighing into the
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presidential election. president obama has said he wants to support hillary clinton as much as possible, but he now almost feels compelled to do so by criticizing donald trump for what he has done in the last few days. a step further and called on senior republicans to disown trunk. we've heard from a lot of senior republicans trying to distance himself from his most recent comments, but today, some are actually saying they will go ahead and vote for hillary clinton. philip: those are very hard to find. i counted one until today, that whoa senator from nebraska has been very vociferous about this and said he will indeed vote for hillary clinton and not the nominee of his party. more and more come republican party officials are being forced to releaset statements in which they distance themselves from donald trump.
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in which they say they respect the families of the fallen army captain in the war in iraq. senateu will see rum majority leader mitch mcconnell all the way to house speaker paul ryan is they do distance themselves from donald trump, but they don't take away what might've been an endorsement on their behalf in the past. democrats want to see as many republicans as possible getting on their side, saying they simply cannot stand with donald trump any longer and they will vote for the candidate on the democratic ticket. those are the soundbites that will be played again and again by the clinton campaign. they believe now is a golden opportunity to get as many republicans as possible on board and away from donald trump. this is a very important moment in the u.s. presidential campaign. >> obama meanwhile has been defending u.s. airstrikes in libya. the u.s. began bombing islamic state positions yesterday in
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response to a request by the u.n. backed government there. five years ago the u.s. took part in an international bombing campaign that resulted in the death of bull market offi. key in the fight against global jihad. >> it is in america's national our fightnterest in against isil to make sure they are able to finish the job, so we are working in partnership with them to assure that isil does not get a stronghold in libya, even as libya begins what is going to be a long process. is our guest now from the european council on foreign relations. thank you for joining us. there was a lot of criticism about the lack of a plan for post-gadhafi libya. this time the u.s. is saying it
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is in libya for the long haul. will that make a difference? >> the difference from 2011 is strategy,here is a the u.n. backed agreement which was signed in december. it's a government that stems from that agreement that asked for u.s. intervention. it's the other way around from other interventions by the u.s. in the region which at the , the u.s. look for local partners. in this case it's the local partner who is looking for the u.s., and the u.s. has to respond somehow. this area being targeted specifically? >> it was considered the capital of isis in north africa. it has now strung to just 20 kilometers and the u.s. are there basically for the final push. is being done to safeguard
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innocent libyan civilians who might be caught up in these bombing raids? >> the vast majority of the population has fled in recent months but there are still civilians trapped in the city, thee can just hope that americans and the libyan allies are doing whatever is possible to spare the lives of these innocent civilians. why is the united states responding specifically to a call for help in libya? surely it's more europe's problem than america's. went tobut the request the u.s. because of course the u.s. has the best military apparatus to do with it, and of course it would be a good the obamar administration in his last months to get to say they have wiped out or at least
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contributed to wiping out isis from an entire country. removed, is the u.n. backed government in libya strong enough to impose its control across the country? it has not been able to do so up until now, has it? >> it's just one bit of a larger strategy. will have to pass the real test with the local population which is the delivery of public services. electricitye get back in the hospitals and cashback in the banks, their dgmeju of this government will not be a good one. >> thank you very much. in syria, fierce fighting city of aleppo. overnight monday, russian and government airstrikes pounded the city where rebels have been trying to break the siege.
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250,000 civilians are trapped in aleppo and are reportedly too scared to use the government's so-called humanitarian corridor's. russia has rejected u.s. criticism of its actions in syria. secretary of state john kerry urged russia to regain -- action there. elsewhere in syria, u.s. back thees are battling to oust islamic state group in an area that has been fiercely defended. thousands of secret documents revealing vital information about the group strategy were now beinge and are analyzed by u.s. intelligence. the operation to retake the city near aleppo started months ago. progress in starring the city was foiled by i.s. militants posting snipers around town and using civilians as human shields. hub and is a strategic
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a vital road for the transit of foreign jihadists and provisions from the turkish border. >> now we are on the front line. -- theamic state group cultural center is approximately 200 meters away. forces, mainly the syrian democratic forces, seized a treasure trove of data belonging to i.s. fighters. the data includes laptops, usb drives. this intelligence is expected to give significant insight into the inner workings of the islamic state group. >> it is a lot of material and will take a lot to go through. then start connecting the dots in figure where we can start dismantling isis. >> the data is primarily written in arabic. while it is still being analyzed and translated, it is already
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revealed some of the recruitment methods used by isis. people are sorted by nationality and assigned a job before being sent to syria or iraq. the cia has announced it will share relative information with alert them of any terror plots. grim new figures on the number of migrants who drive -- who died trying to make it to europe. 120 bodies washed up on the shores of libya today. havethan 4000 migrants died worldwide so far this year. most of them drowned in the mediterranean sea. that is at 35% rise on the number of migrants who lost their lives last year. >> this rubber dinghy has been spotted by italian coast guard.
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these migrants left the shores of libya, headed for italy. it's the deadliest migrant route in the world, according to the international organization for migration. longer and more dangerous than the crossing between turkey and greece, close to three out of every four migrant deaths took place in this stretch of the mediterranean. >> worldwide migrant deaths 4000. four thousand 27 is the number we have through the end of july, which is about a 35% increase over this time last year. >> in all, more than 257,000 migrants and refugees made to europe by sea since january. in the last few days alone, more than 8000 people have by the enticing coast guard. the ongoing chaotic situation in libya draws people willing to risk their lives to get to europe the italy and despite various efforts, it's impossible to record every passage.
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the bodies of about 120 men, women, and children have washed up on libya shores of the past 10 days, bodies that did not come from known shipwrecks. >> thousands have been attending a funeral service for the elderly french priest who was slain in his church last week by islamic state sympathizers. entryk place at the 12th cathedral in normandy. 85-year-old father, the latest victim in france, is being laid to rest in normandy. ceremony took place separately from a private funeral for family members. an archbishop spoke at the service. believersou to all from other religious faiths, particularly the jewish and muslim communities.
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present here, and who have already decided to come together to say never again. >> he had his throat slit at the altar as he held morning mass. the two attackers, both aged 19, have pledged allegiance to the islamic state group. both were shot dead by police after a tense hostage situation in which one worshiper was seriously wounded. the attacks have shopped -- have shocked france. thanountry is home to more 5 million muslims. however, the communities have rallied together to keep such tensions at bay. across the country open their doors to muslims who attended catholic mass in a show of solidarity. the murder comes just two weeks after the best deal they attack in nice, which left 82 dead. the government has closed 20
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mosques they considered to be preaching radical islam, but recent attacks in france have raised many questions about the government bought security failures. -- the government security failures. tomany come here in paris pay tribute to the victims, but some local visited -- residents are complaining that the square and hasme unsightly been ruined by ugly graffiti and protest slogans. this report on a massive cleanup. >> this iconic square in the east of paris became known as the central place of mourning for the french capital after the attacks of january and november 2015. later on in the spring of this year, it's all the up all night protest movement, people occupying the square. the city has decided time to clean up. they have already taken away the
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candles come the tributes, the posters left time warner's and and hereft by mourners thening of some of graffiti. opinions are mixed on whether this is a good idea. >> i think it is a good thing. in the beginning, the homages word nice, but after a while it just started becoming dirty. >> of think it's a big mistake. it is rubbing out everything that happened when paris was attacked. when they take down the barriers, people will start putting things up again. >> three days ago i was muchised to see so messaging. quick some of the tributes to the paris terror attack victims have been collected and others are being digitally photographed and will be shown in a museum dedicated to the history of paris.
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the reactions captured for posterity. the international olympic committee has been defending its decision not to impose a blanket ban on russian athlete at the rio de janeiro games. president said it would have devastating consequences. -- so for more than 250 of the original 387 have been cleared for the games. a huge security operation for the olympic games is underway. it kicks off in just three days. there are fears jihadists can strike the competition. rio de janeiro has employed thousands more security officers then previously planned. >> the olympic games are looming and in rio de janeiro, final touches are being made across
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the city from the olympic village to the beach. an estimated 500,000 foreign tourists are expected. domestiche backdrop of political upheaval and foreign terror threat, the nations authorities have been relying on their foreign partners for help. >> we have a special services group made up of brazilian police drawn from different agencies. the lee terry, civilian, and federal. -- military, civilian, and federal. all the foreign forces capable of handling a foreign terrorist threat. >> with over 15,000 kilometers of borders to secure, it is a huge challenge. , thefort is eating spared government wants to show it is already on the ball.
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initial incident last week in são paulo. she had a british arrest warrant out. as soon as her fingerprint was taken, the information was confirmed and she was immediately sent back. >> brazilian security service .as watchful eyes elsewhere 11 people suspected of preparing an attack during the games was arrested two weeks ago. there will be 85,000 police and soldiers on hand across country. our topck recap of stories, fierce fighting continues in syria. there were bombing raids overnight in aleppo were thousands of citizens remain trapped. that eu initiatives are stemming the flow of migrants. there's a huge rise in the
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number of people trying to reach europe. 4000 people died in the attempt, most of them drowned in the mediterranean sea. venezuela's opposition is one step closer to removing the president from power. the green line has been given for the process to continue after receiving a petition with 200,000 signatures. the get some business news for you now. out with volkswagen, it suffered another set act because of its emissions cheating scandal. >> authorities in south korea of 80evoked certificates volkswagen models. said it is considering challenging the government's decision in court. afresh below to volkswagen as it struggles to contain the widening diesel scandal.
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>> we decided to revoke certification as of today. >> sales of new cars are now suspended with over 200,000 volkswagen beetles or 68% of soldsold in south korea since 2000 seven have now been decertified. owners can continue to drive them, but will have trouble reselling them. a new fine of over $16 million was imposed on the company. soul has taken a hard line since the scandal was uncovereded last year. filing charged with falsified emission documents and noise reports. they say the number -- they h he volkswag h has faced a a numberf
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legal challenges. the carmaker recorded its first annual loss in more than 20 years for 2015. >> more than two weeks after the failed in turkey, authorities have begun to crunch the numbers. the commerce minister was quoted in a local daily saying the cost to the economy could be $150 billion. president erdogan meanwhilee sas economic indicators are improving and he is confident growth in 2016 will remain at 4%. let's get a check of the markets now, here in europe there were cuts across the board, worries -- losses of well over 1% at the close. u.s. investors taking cues from japan and europe this tuesday. the dow joins down .6 and the
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nasdaq lower by .8 percent. let's look at some of the other stories we're tracking for you now. gamble topped analyst estimates. the world's biggest consumer products maker said an unfavorable exchange rate pushed sales lower in the fourth quarter. total revenue came in at $16.1 billion. they expect organic sales to climb about 2% in 20 17. lufthansa says european terror attacks are impacting its second-quarter profits. lufthansa said travelers feel and saleses have fallen significantly. the company reported lower profits, despite drop in oil prices that resulted in fuel cost savings of nearly 600 million euros. a french telecom company .roposing a redundancy package the plan is expected to cost the
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company hundreds of millions of euros. they said they would let go of one third of his workforce between 2017-2019. uber agreed to sell its operations in china to its regional rival. attention has shifted to why the silicon valley-based company could not penetrate the chinese markrket. one ananalyst says is because te rules of t the game in china are different. >> it gave the growing phase for local players. andthe regulations changed global playeyers can come becaue it's not related to regulations. it is hard to the local players.
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the most well-known investors in the united states is questioning if donald trump has what it takes to lead the american economy. speaking alongside hillary clinton, warren buffett called on donald trump to release his tax returns before slamming his business credentials. >> donald trump claims the u.s. economy is broken and he is the man to fix it. policies included top tax rate of 25% and the abolishment of inheritance tax. and the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. the real estate developer says his record proves he is fit to be commander-in-chief, but a billionaires have put his business acumen in doubt. former new york mayor michael bloomberg and dallas mavericks -- markrk you him
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cuban. warren buffett challenge donald trump to release his tax returns . >> if a monkey had thrown a dart at the stock page, the monkey on average would have made 150%. but the people that believed in him, that listened to his siren song, came away losing well over $.90 on the dollar. they got back less than a dime. and you know the history of his enterprises as far as borrowing money. one time after another, he went into bankruptcy. i really never known another businessman who filed so many bankruptcies. they met -- many fear the country will slip back into recession. >> thought trump responded to warren buffett's criticism, saying i don't care much about warren buffett.
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>> will have more on donald trump for you right after this. stay with us.
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08/02/16 08/02/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> today at the request of libya's government of national court, the u.s. inductive precisision airstrikes against isilil targets to support june a affiliate it supports the dish foforces. amy: u.s. war planes hit libya monday in a significant escalation of the u.s. war against isis. we will get the latest. we will also show you a side of


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