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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 3, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> live from paris, "france 24". our top stories this hour. republican party widen with presidential nominee donald trump refusing to back of his own party. they'rerepublicans say voting for hillary clinton. thousandsears tens of of civilians trapped in aleppo as fierce fighting rages on. syrian forces and russian allies are seeking to push back rebels as they shell government-controlled areas. setsouth african politics for the biggest shakeup since the end of apartheid. and economicon
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mismanagement, many are turning ofir backs on the part nelson mandela as the country holds elections. we begin with the latest on donald trump's extraordinary the white house. the republican nominee has publicly refused to endorse two his own party in their re-election bids. heels of at on the public spat with the parents of a dead american soldier. asked aso recently mother to remove a crying baby rallies.of his today, the hewlett packard c.e.o. and veteran fundraiser meg whitman called trump a demagogue and said she would vote for hillary clinton instead. >> since the weekend, trump has
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been under fire for his comments on the family of a muslim army killed in iraq. on tuesday, president president in on the debate. president obama: the fact that basicsn't appear to have issuesge around critical east,ope, in the middle in asia, means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job. reporter: the republican nominee what's become his usual fashion, immediately and superlatives. mr. trump: he's a terrible president. probably go down as the worst president in the history of our country. he's been a total disaster. at what's happened to the middle east. syria.k at what's with reporter: as the media is openly trump's mental
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health, some republicans are backing their rival. self proclaimed billionaire, ha -- former pillar of said shelican party will be voting for the secretary state. laura: joining me now, an author stateofessor at the university of new york. thanks for being with us. belatedly, you might say, turning against donald trump. that doesn't mean his supporters same, though, does it? >> no, it doesn't. betweena big difference republican elected officials and republican voters. if that wasn't the case, donald be the nominee in the first place. the "new yorky,
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times" reported that the percentage of self identified who arean voters supporting trump went up from 79% to 81%, according to one poll. in that respect, the average republican out there is sticking with trump. so there really is a question, office republican holders were to abandon trump, would their own voters punish them for it? richard hanna who is leaving the congress anyway, he faced a serious challenge from a republican in the primary two years ago and retired so what i be really interested to see, obviously, is a -- the republican elected officials who are up for re-election this year and who come outlly would against trump and support hillary clinton or even just without against trump necessarily supporting hillary clinton. that would be a big deal. laura: we've heard stiff criticism from john mccain. do you think it's feasible that
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he might rescind his endorsement for donald trump? it's anybody's guess. if anybody was going to do it, a major republican, i would think mccain would be somebody who would be likely to do that. remember, donald trump is somebody who insulted mccain's status as a war hero. but at the end of the day, if mccain hasn't withdrawn his support from trump this week after he attacked gold star families, after he basically said that he would allow putin to change the borders of europe through military conquest and after, within the last 24 hours, saying that he expected the election to be rigged, stolen by hillary clinton, if trump still hasn't been denounced yet by mccain, i there's muchthink less trump could do to get on him.o turn laura: he is the anti-establishment candidate, always billeds
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himself and people seem to like the combative style of his. take to turn the tide? is it the crying baby? is it the parents of the dead soldier? at what point do you think off donald be turned trump? >> if we're talking about elected officials, their number job is to get re-elected so they are constantly thinking and about what they need to do to keep their jobs and that's a sad thing to but i think that's the case for many politicians, certainly, and i think you can say that's the case for republican this time around, if they haven't abandoned ship on they would need to see some hard evidence that their voters would be turning against them if they don't they don'tump, if renounce support for him. i think if you see hillary clinton opening up large leads, the individualin states where we're talking about, republican officials like
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portman in ohio and john mccain, if hillary clinton winner, i be the think these officials will jump winner. back the laura: thank you very much indeed. moving now to syria and another of fierce fighting in aleppo. government forces backed by their russian allies have intensified air strikes as they seek to roll back gains made by rebel forces. the rebellion made of moderate jihadists have been shelling government held areas. 40 civilians have been killed since sunday. -- winning back control is crucial to its survival. foru.n. says it's concerned tens of thousands of children caught up up in the fighting in but for those who make it to refugee camps, the hardships do not end.
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the u.n. say a million or more children are not getting any that couldsomething have far-reaching consequences. and aer: they fled war humanitarian emergency, yet many partese children could be of a lost generation. a new report says up to one million young syrian refugees are not receiving any schooling despite international pledges. father arrived here three years ago and since then his children have had just a month of lessons. go to school very long. they only had arts and crafts and play. were told the program's over. reporter: lebanon is home to some 500,000 school-aged syrian halfees and less than receive any education. with many working to help support their families. the overseas development institute has underlined the long-term effects of this lack it makesing saying
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children more amenable to extremism and encourages girls to enter into early marriages. >> the clear message to the european union is you should be onesting less in razor wire borders and more on books and classrooms in the neighboring reporter: international donors pledged $1.4 billion in february to help fund education in refugee camps but at present, that sum million of has been raised. new primeisia has a minister. is related by marriage to the country's 90-year-old president and he must form a to steer tunisia through tough economic times. unemployment is rife and attacks have hit the tourism industry hard. oforter: for a minister local affairs to tunisia's prime designate, youssef
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chahed wasted no time in hitting the ground running. a message to all young tunisians after the revolution, god willing, we will rise to the level of this important responsibility during the difficult times facing our country. old primetunisia's minister lost his job over the weekend in a vote of handlingence over his of economic reforms and chahed needs areas to focus on, among others. priorities, five fighting corruption, fighting terror, growth, the environment the economy. reporter: tunisia's opposition toplained he's related president beji caid essebsi by but is controversial. fledglingn a democracy that was the arab spring's only successful transition away from
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authoritarian leaper, chahed's youthes of greater government and more positions for women seem to have gained traction. has a month to put his team together. europeansenior official has backed turkey's post-coup crackdown, saying europe underestimated the impact botched attempt to overthrow president erdogan. the head of the watch dog group spokesafter talks with the in ankara. >> i would like to say there has understandinge from europe on what challenges has caused to the democratic institutions and the of turkey.tutions we see a need for cleaning up also veryut it is important that it is being done conformity with the rule of
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theand the standard in european convention. laura: jagland is the first official to visit turkey following the attempted coup. people have been detained or sacked for allegedly having links to fathullah gulen, the for the and millions of people have been elections inal south africa and the a.n.c. is expected to be hit hard by corruptionup with and economic mismanagement. reporter: as millions of south africans cast ballots across the is more thanng just about municipal issues. they want to punish president jacob zuma who's been corruption. politicians drive big
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cars and live in luxurious houses. do they do for us? nothing. reporter: recent polls suggest national congress, south africa's ruling party, could lose control of several cities, including johannesburg, port elizabeth and the capital, pretoria. this would be a historic defeat for the party formerly led by nelson mandela. the a.n.c. has been in power since the end of apartheid in 1994. its main rival is the democratic alliance, south africa's main opposition party for two decades. >> we are here to say, the is only an obstacle. we have to remove them out of the way so we can fight the number one battle of south africa, job creation. reporter: many voters see the d.a. as a wide party, prompting some to turn to the economic fighters party.
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-- are going to take reporter: the vote is seen as a major test for president zuma. the a.n.c. performs badly, it to step downhim before his term initially -- ends in sudan facing a huge humanitarian crisis, the warning that the number of people fleeing the country to uganda in the past 10 days has more than andled, most of them women children. reporter: mary john keeps close watch over her infant son. the pair, just two out of tens thousands of civilians displaced by recent fighting in sudan.
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>> we went back to our home and there was nothing left. everything had been stolen. we didn't have any alternatives. we had to come here because we nothing. reporter: some 85% of refugees thising in centers like one are women and children. many of them suffering from malnutrition. >> it's very difficult to find any food. sometimes two days can go by we haven't had a meal. others, we only have one meal a day. child is soy malnourished. reporter: the flow of refugees flooding over the border into uganda has doubled over the past 10 days, bringing the total than 50,000 in the past three weeks alone. kenya and sudan have also increase in people seeking refuge. ine than 2.6 million people south sudan have been displaced was plungeduntry
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into civil war three years ago. >> there has been a real step up make sure people fleeing from the violence and the fighting and uncertainty and fear around here and alsounding area, there is a need to make sure that the services, as more people come in both from the town and also areas, that we can support them. reporter: despite the governments and rebels signing in august, violence flared again last month. says the peace deal is still on track. laura: 300 passengers and crew on wednesday after an emirates passenger jet arriving india crash landed and caught fire on the runway in dubai. and theghter was killed incident brought the world's busiest international airport to than twoill more hours. the flames were seen bursting 777.the boeing
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olympic torch has arrived in de it's been making its way across today ands and cities one young brazilian has been taking part in that. youave a report on that for .ow bringer: the dream is to back an olympic medal for his home country but as one of two swimmers on haiti's olympic team, he faces challenges swimmers from most other to.tries don't have this is his training pool. >> one of the difficulties i that we don't have an olympic size pool to train for the competitions. the 50 meter,or 100 meter events. i train in an 18-meter pool. huge difficulty. reporter: swimming for sport is nonexistent in haiti which has few pools and even
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some fishermen never learned to swim. the swif-year-old swimmer has been swimming competitively the last six years. abroad.ever lived during practice, he does six laps, swimming 100 meters. he is optimistic. >> that's the dream of all win.ians, to go and i'm ready to win and fly the flag for our country. itorter: if he does medal, will be haiti's first since the thea: our report about haitian swimmer at the rio olympics. with us in the studio, starting with india tonight. india has brought in a new tax. >> good evening. ofmakers in the upper house parliament voted to change the country's tax structure. the goods and services tax bill the most ambitious reform
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taken so far under the prime , as he tries to boost the economy. reporter: one nation, one tax, goal of the biggest tax reform passed in india since its independence. india's upper house approved a single goods and the country and its 1.3 billion consumers. will replace a slew of levies in 29 and states it. >> will be one single point tax, willgle rate that we probably move towards over a period of time so it's the taxation architecture which makes it simple but importantly it also makes india market, a unified one market. easierr: that means access across state borders for indian businesses which have lobbied for a single tax rate. the bill was introduced over a languished in
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parliament. one of the reasons, it will be harder to cheat. with the process so simple and transparent, there will be or no room for any corruption and also that's one the biggest outcomes that we to. look forward reporter: economists predict the tax will addvices an% to g.d.p., providing additional boost to what is already the fastest growing economy in the world. in central london have fallen at the fastest race in seven years following the britain'sy with decision to quit the european union. real estate firm said the primary reason for the decline in property tax which raised the amount paid on the most expensive homes. biggest seenas the since october 2009. britain.n
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the economy is shrinking at its financialce since the crisis. markets purchasing managers index for july shows the month on month decline, data shows lower activity in private sector services, manufacturing and construction firms. the bank of england is widely expected to slash interest rates it meets on thursday. here's what one analyst has to say. >> there are various things they do. quantitative easing, putting more money into the economy, finding a mechanism to provide other assets being purchased. show he's prepared to take action and give us ideas so theng out a path to support economy. >> here in europe, we saw a picture at the close. the dax and frankfurt ended up in the green .3 swrs. green across the board in the united states, nasdaq trading up
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.2% and the dow jones and s&p 500 are closer to the flat line. let's take a look at other stories we're following for you. at hsbcuarter profits plunged 45%. the u.k.'s largest bank is of highof a period uncertainty following the brexit vote. in at 3.61its came billion dollars, missing forecasts. last year hsbc announced a plan to slash jobs and shift focus to asia. taiwan,ted out of misrepresented themselves as an i.t. platform. market in 2013e angering domestic taxi drivers. time warner has picked up a to boost thehulu
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platform's visibility as to as anons itself alternative to cable television. networks, including cnn and cartoon network, will be part of hulu's online tv service. two days to go until the olympics kick off in brazil and game's merchandise has been flying off shelves. organizersearner for and retailers who have permission to make t-shirts and the olympic logo. authorities in brazil, however, have been cracking down on the products.unterfeit s see an: brazilian olympic sized business. this hanger of official of 1800ise spread out meters houses everything t-shirtsrelated from to sandals, over 3,000 products with a stream of eager customers them. 20,000 people are expected to pass through here every day. >> you have to really go for it
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when you're inside. >> it's really cool to wear the olympic logo? yeah. >> especially for when we're back in france, we can show we there. reporter: the official mascot drew a lot of attention but at 30 euros each, they're pricey for many. >> i love them, they're so cute. i would love to get some for my toodchildren but they're expensive. reporter: rio de janeiro expects next00 businesses over the three weeks and -- 500,000 visitors over the next three weeks and businesses expect to make big profits. this wholesaler is one of three and selld to print official olympic merchandises. which meanse tender we have to pay a cut to the itemic committee on every sold. everyer: a percent of
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sale is given to the owners of the rio 2016 brand. 40% of its is making annual sales in three weeks. euross retails for nine and costs three euros to make. is hoping the tourism.l boost >> another billionaire in the united states is throwing weight behind hillary clinton. executive of hewlett-packard has traditionally been republican. whitman called donald trump and willst demagogue support hillary clinton. onra: the list keeps growing. and he's a businessman after all. thank you very much. if you'd like on donald trump or seen, the stories you've go to our website,
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we'll be back with more headlines after this. nnnnnnnnnnx
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