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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  August 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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coming live to you from tokyo, this is nhk "newsline." emperor akihito will deliver a message monday afternoon. it will come in a prerecorded video. the emperor has been talking about hiss wish to abdicate. officials say the emperor will speak for about ten minutes about his duties as symbol for
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the state. the text of the emperor's message will be posted on the agency's site in japanese and english. the emperor is 82 years old and performs a number of duties. he has been informing close aides he hopes to hand over his position in the coming years. there are no political rules for abdication under the law. so legal measures will be necessary to realize his wish. stipulates the emperor shall not have powers related to government. if the emperor expressed publicly he wants to abdicate, it could be taken as political. so he's expected to refrain from using the word "abdication" or others that express his wish. but sources say the announcement will convey his feelings. this will be the emperor's second video message to the public. the first one was delivered five days after the massive
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earthquake and tsunami hit in 2011. the imperial household agency says it believes a video message is the most accurate way to convey the emperor's words. prime minister shinzo abe is preparing a response on the day of the address. they also plan to consider the content of the message. it also plans to form a specialist from fields before deciding on what measures to take. japan's envoy to the u.n. says his country is seeking a coordinated response to the missile launches. they will work in south korea to urge other parties including china to condemn the actions. the security council is talking about how to approach the deal. several members of the council are cautious about condemning pyongyang. >> some security council members
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say this is a matter for countries in northeast asia to decide. they're concerned a resolution could send the negotiation process into a downward spiral. >> besso said they will work together on a new resolution since a united stance would carry more weight. but diplomats say negotiations have made little headway. one of two missiles north korea launched on wednesday said to have splashed down in the sea of japan. experts believe the missile was a medium range no dong and it traveled a thousand kilometers. should issue a strong message to north korea. fumio kishida says japan will continue to urge unsc members to adopt a new tougher resolution. >> translator: now is the time for the international community to ensure that the security
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council sanctions resolution adopted in march is thoroughly implemented. then we should come up with effective ways to bring about a more constructive stance from pyongyang. >> the current resolution recommends limiting trade of natural resources with north korea and other measures. "the washington post" says u.s. president barack obama is pushing another push towards his vision of a nuclear-free world. the newspaper says he'll seek a nuclear resolution to end nuclear testing. the paper published a story on thursday saying obama will seek the resolution next month. it said administration officials have briefed lawmakers on the president's decision. a white house official told nhk that members of the security council have been deliberating ways to reduce the nuclear danger. but the officials said the u.s. is not seeking a resolution banning nuclear testing. this year marks the 20th
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anniversary of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty. but the treaty still hasn't come into effect because the u.s., china, and other countries haven't ratified it. obama has been pushing for the u.s. to commit to the treaty since he took office. but he's been blocked by republican lawmakers. a senior republican has criticized obama's plan. bob corker said it's an affront to congress. japanese earnings season is in full swing. gene otani joins us from the business desk with more on that and other headlines. >> many major japanese companies have released their financial results for the april to june quarter. they've posted sharp profit declines due to a strong yen. compiled the data from 854 firms that had released their quarterly earnings as of thursday. they comprised nearly 60% of
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companies listed on the first section of the tokyo stock exchange. they reported a combined pretax profit of about $81 billion. that's down more than 20% from the same period last year. steel industry profits nose dived more than 90% because exports dropped after production in china. machinery maker profits fell 56%. electronics manufacturers were down 43%. the brokerages analysts say the yen's sharp rise has led more than 50 firms mainly manufacturers to revise their forecasts downward. checking the markets, tokyo shares traded in a tight range ahead of key u.s. jobs data. our business reporting giang nguyen has more from t the toky stock exchange. >> the bank of england's rate cut to 0.25% -- as investors
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look to another market mover. non-farm payroll numbers due out friday.. the nikkei ended flat at 16,254. the broader topix fell 0.25%. ni nikkei was the worst decline in a month.h. leftft investors unimimpressed. the yen remained in a a tight range during asian trading. but we saw corporate earnings that the strength has had a h he impact on companies' bottom lines. notably toyota motor which reported a drop in net profit for the april to june quarter. still itits profits b beat expectations and its shares rose 3%. asian markets won't have the chance to react to the u.s. labor market report until mondayay. ththe june report renewed hope. so july's could get a clearer
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picture of the u.s. economy. giang nguyen. many others in the asia pacific region ended positive following the boe announcement. hong kong soared 1.4%. the main index in malaysia gaining by 0.5%. in indonesia, the jakarta composite climbed by 0.9% finishing at 5,420. the highest close in 15 months. stronger than expected gdp in the second quarter boosted confidence. and the shanghai composite ended down slightly lower. 2,976 was the ending number. trade figures due out next week. a political feud continues in the u.s. over the
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congressional approval of a free trade deal that would take in much of the asia pacific region. u.s. house speaker paul ryan has called for a renegotiation of the transpacific partnership. he says there's no point in bringing out the deal for a vote in congress. ryan, a republican, made the comment in an interview with u.s. media. he said president barack obama needs to renegotiate some components of the tpp so it c c passss the republican-controlle congress. ryan indicated some areas need fixing including intellectual property rights. president obama has said he'll seek congressional approval after the presidential election in november. his term expires in january. but ryan expressed doubts that the deal would not pass before he left office. hillary clinton and donald trump have both criticized the tpp agreement in their campaigns. they say it won't create jobs. automakers from around the
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globe are displaying their heritage cars near tokyo. toyota motor has some of its carollas there including the first one. the model's in the spotlight on its 50th anniversary. the event celebrating japan's car culture and heritage is in chiba. the corolla was a domestic best seller for 33 years straight. people like its affordability and handling. guinness world record recognized the model as the world's most produced car. more than 43 million units have been sold. the event runs through sunday. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. commuterers in tokyo could be i for some relief when they take short rides. the transport ministry is trialing a starting taxi fare for about a kilometer that's
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half the usual distance. it costs 410 yen or around $4. the current starting rate is roughly $7 for two kilometers. the ministry officials may revise rates after seeg how the trial goes with the 40 taxis taking part. a japanese government survey shows average salaries including summer bonuses were up in june. the labor ministry surveyed 33,000 businesses. workers averaged around $4,200. that's a 1.3% rise from last year. greater payment including summer bonuses helped boost the salaries. people in japan usually eat sweets in the afternoon, but a growing number are indulging their sweet tooth in the morning as a way to wake up. and more companies are stepping up to make breakfast a little more delicious. >> reporter: the day has just started, but customers are already entering this cafe in tokyo.
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these people belong to a group that meets twice a month to eat sweet treats for breakfast. they're all mostly company employees. on the menu is a selection of parfaits and pancakes with fruit. mio is the leader of the group. she formed it partly as a way of indulging her love of sweet breakfasts. >> translator: i launched this group because eating sweets in the morning is uplifting. >> reporter: this has become something of a trend. people meet every morning at about 200 similar cafes across japan. some businesses are taking notice. sales reps visit a smoothie store. leading cereal maker has begun selling products to restaurants and cafes. it's trying to expand cereal consumption beyond the home.
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>> translator: there are too few restaurants and cafes that serve cereal. we want to increase opportunities to enjoy it. >> reporter: the company is selling cereal-based recipes it developed for use in cafes. it has prepared a smoothie for sampling at the store. the cereal is ground up with vegetables and fruit. this way the smoothies use more cereal than if it was just sprinkled over the top. >> translator: it is much smoother than i thought. no trouble drinking it using a straw. it has a brilliant texture. >> reporter: other food makers are entering the market. koika is a case in point. the company has been developing
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crispy potato chips. apple, milk, and toast flavor are offered this year. trial and error is how developers decide what works. >> translator: we're making a banana parfait breakfast using milk flavored potato chips. >> translator: it's great. it makes for a good breakfast. >> reporter: the company has uploaded 25 recipes on twitter and other social media in a bid to promote the product. an expert says businesses can exploit this new demand by tapping into the growing preference for a quick, active start to the day. >> translator: cafe operators can take advantage of the breaeakfast to earn new custome. the key to success is developing fashionable, balanced menus. >> reporter: while overall demand for food is flat in japan due to the shrinking population,
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the rise of sweet breakfast shows how consumption can be stimulated with little innovation and imagination. and you can catch our report again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news, i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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russia's doping scandal continues to undermine the fate of its athletes. members of the international olympic committee say 271 russian athletes will be eligible to compete in rio. russian olympic officials had wanted to send 389 athletes. however, an international sporting tribune has ruled in favor of three athlete who is had been banned from the games. the court of arbitration for sports revealed the ban on then three was unenforceable. ioc officials said they would respspect the ruling. meanwhile the president of the russssian olympic commitittee h protested thehe decisision to b athletes who have not been accused of doping. he said that among them are olympic pole vaulting champion and men's hurdle hopeful
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shubenkov. >> translator: i believe it's very unfair that athletes like elena and sergey cannot participate in the olympics. they have no history of doping and are absolutely clean. >> he said his country will have the cleanest team at the games. he added thahat the russisian t probably experienced the toughest screening of the olympics. since they had to undergo multiple tests. he also said it was unfair that u.s. athletes who had been accused of doping in the past can still participate. the rio olympics don't officially start until friday night, but some competitors are off to an early start. the men's soccer teams launched their campaigns on thursday. one of the first matches saw japan take on nigeria. due to an airport mixup, the african team arrived just hours -- six hours ahead of kickoff. but delay wasn't enough to give the japanese an edge.
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nigeria came out top in a nine-goal thriller. both teams scored twice in a frenzied first 12 minutes. but nigeria soon took charge and were 5-2 after 65 minutes. four of the goals came from midfielder etebo. asano pulled one back in the 70th minute. and suzuki added another in injury time. but it wasn't enough and the game finished nigeria 5, japan 4. supporters across japan were cheering them on and enjoying the game. here's how the standings are looking after the first round.
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hosts brazil got off to a frustrating start with a 0-0 draw against south africa. there were no goals in group a's other match either with denmark and iraq both coming up blank. japan is propping up group b after the loss to nigeria. sweden and colombia took a draw. eight goals past the south pacific islanders. and mexico played out a 2-2 draw with germany. portugal was back in the olympics after a 12-year absence and got off to a roaring start with a win against argentina. honduras beat algeria and sits second in group d. the olympics get off to a full start friday night and we'll be bringing you the highlights of the day's action throughout the games. yes, excitement is running high here in japan for the olympics. soccer fans watched their men's team kick off a preliminary
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round ahead of friday's opening ceremony. and they're looking ahead to hosting their own games. >> reporter: the eyes of some 40 soccer team members are glued to the match between japan and nigeria. it's close to home for them. the team captain graduated from the school. nigeria beat japan 5-4, but it's not curbing supporters' enthusiasm. >> translator: i'm sure japan can make it to the next stage, so i'll cheer on the team. >> reporter: people in tokyo who want to catchh somee of the olympic fever can come here to this viewing area. it's empty now, but it's expected to be packed for rio's opening ceremony and throughout the games. ththe space was set up by the metropolitan government and the organizers of the tokyo games. as many as 300 people can watch live broadcasts of competitions
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and cheer on in front of the 406 inch screen. they would also get a veal of what it's like to be an olympic athlete. they can experience some sports such as trampoline and wheelchair basketball. the area also has a space to promote the 2020 tokyo olympics anand paralympics. >> translator: i want people to share the real sensation and excitememe. i want to relay it to tokyo 2020. >> reporter: the new tokyo governor will host the games. she plans to set up a panel to examine the budget that's expected to swell over t the initial estimate. >> translator: i want to issue the interim report of olympics and paralympics team by september. >> reporter: she met with prime minister shinzo abe for talks of
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his official residence on thursday. > translator: the central an tokyo governments must now work together to make the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics a success. >> reporter: koike asked for abe's support and pledged cooperation. she wants to ensure that excitement in rio will be p pasd onon. in the run-up to the 2020 summer games. nhk world, tokyo. staying hydrated is the advice from our weather desk from us here in japan. for the details, here's sayaka mori. >> well, it looks like we're expecting exceptionally warm conditions throughout this month. so it's going to be extremely hot in many portions of japan for the nexext several weeks. so please watch out for heatstroke. now, today'ss high was recorded
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in kyoto. the mercury hit 30.755 degrees. much of the tohoku heregion had the warmest temperature of the season so far. the mercury hit 33.4 degrees today. staying quite hot into the weekend. if fukuoka up to. 36 on thursday. don't forget to drink plenty of water and stay away from the direct sunshine if you can. now, across the south i want to talk about what's happening over at the pacific. there is a tropical storm that's affecting with heavy rains and strong winds. it's packing 65 kilometer sustained winds. but the system will likely intensify to a severe tropical storm and get close to the islands by the weekend. then it could get close to the tokyo area by next week.
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we don't think it's going to make landfall in the tokyo area, but we could see some windy conditions. and then the system will likely pass to the east of j japan as go into the mid-d-portions of nt week. we're looking a at sumummer r rl acacross the locatns of mainland japan, b but not too much. but we'll kekeep you posted on e progress. and we want to talk abouout another system that is a affectg central america. this is a hurricane -- used to be a hururricane named earl. earl made landfall in belelize thursdsday. it was actually the fourtrth --r actually the first tropical system to hit the country in four years. i want to show you s some video coming out of belize city. earl whipped belize with strong winds and heavy rainfall on thursday. over 1,000 people were evacuated in belize city. 90 kilometer per hour wind gusts were repororted. houses neaear t the coast were damaged. numerous trees were toppled and prior to t the landfall, the stm caused six deaths in the
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dominican republic. earl has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's now moving over the land in mexico bringing some heavy rainfall and strong winds. we still have tropical storm warningsn n plac acacross the coastal locations. more concern is heavy rainfall. we're expecting up t to 450 millimeters of rainfall in some locations omom this storm system. so that could cause some life threatening flooding as well as landslides.. now, staying dry across the western portions of the united states where dozens of wildfires are occurring. that's not good news. there's a low pressure system affecting eastern canada and the central portions of the united states causing the risk for severe thunderstorms. thenen across the east, temperatures are quite hot as you can see the highs could be 38 degrees in little rock. we have excessive heat warnings in place for the lower mississippi river basin. 37 degrees in oklahoma city on your friday. and down in the south, our long awaited olympic games will start.
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and on friday night local time, there's an opening ceremony. it's going to be perfect weatherwise. 28 for the high with hot conditions. here's the extended forecast.
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for updates and special reports, make sure you watch "newsroom tokyo" at the top8úxúq
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"> welcome to the "france 24 newsroom. i am molly hall. countdown to the rio olympics over 10,000 athletes preparing to compete in the game. among them, a reduced russian team. the u.s. president warns that the islamic state group remains a threat despite major advances made on the battlefield of iraq and syria. concedesica's anc defeat in


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