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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 16, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. you are launching -- watching live from paris on france 24. releases 15 prisoners from guantanamo bay. the men are moved to the united arab emirates, the biggest transfer of inmates from the prison since president obama came to power. pressure uses an airbase in iran to launch bombing raids on syria. the first time moscow has used the country since it entered the conflict last year. the u.s. calls the news disappointing. and the row over islamic swimwear simmers on. a fourth town has moved to ban the burkini.
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activists called the move is on the phobic. -- is llalamaphobic. first, the united states has released 15 inmates from the guantanamo bay prison. the man, 12 yemeni and three afghans, have been sent to the united arab emirates. they were held 14 years as part of a response to the september 11 terror attacks. neverthose released have been charged with a crime. 61 prisoners remain at guantanamo despite a promise to close the prison. for more, we can go to philip crowther. a few months left before obama leaves office. is he a hoping to make good on the pledge? would hope so, but it is pretty much impossible for him to close the prison camp
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altogether between now and the moment a new president comes into the white house at the beginning of next year. despite this being a campaign promise in 2008 and his second 2009, the white house in it will not happen. many reasons. the white house will say it is congress. the senate and house of representatives are at fault, says the white house, because they will not accept transfers a prisoners onto u.s. soil. that is why every batch of prisoners, as has been the case with these 15 transferred, every time a country has to be found, that is willing to accept these prisoners on their soil. that is why we have seen so many countries accepting these prisoners the last few months, serbia, italy, for example. the countries that have accepted the largest amount have been oman and the united arab
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emirates. >> what will happen to the remaining prisoners? philip: a large amount of them will stay. there is a belief on the part of the white house it can get a relatively large amount of prisoners out this summer. ort might be around a dozen 20 prisoners altogether. they might find a place in a part in the country the white house might be working with. there are plenty who has -- you are seen as nontransferable. the united states will not have them on its soil. the guantanamo bay prison camp is pretty much 100% certain will remain open through the end of the obama presidency and will land on the desk, so to say, of the next president. here is more or less of what they have said about the prison so far. hillary clinton has not made it a big part of her campaign. she has heated that warning from
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the obama campaign. say, if she is indeed to get the position, if donald trump, the republican nominee, gets into the white house, he wants to increase the number of prisoners at guantanamo bay and is not against taking your citizens there, suspect of terrorism. he is going even further than in 2002.. bush did >> thank you very much indeed. moving now to a new development in the war in syria, russian warplanes have used a base in iran to carry out airstrikes. bombers took off on tuesday during a rates in aleppo. activists line at least 27 civilians were killed. reduces therom iran flying time for pilots as russian and syrian regime forces
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step up their bombing campaigns. eric randolph is there and told us about the growing relationship between the countries. >> a number of shared interest in syria. they have shown increasing cooperation since the nuclear deal. there has been a deal to increase training in terrorism cooperation. iran. has supplied and the fact they support a they are- assad, strong reasons to cooperate at this stage. they are both very serious about that support for assad. >> are we likely to see further cooperation moving forward? >> i think so. they both see this as a crucial moment in the war. they busily -- they believe
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assad has some momentum. they know the u.s. has failed to achieve many of its strategic goals and they see this as a moment to press their advantage. now that they have broken the overtn this more cooperation, iran has been circumspect in its involvement in the war. it has not wanted to be overt about its involvement, even though a lot of the militias are present there. now that they have taken this step, there is little reason for them to stop at this stage. >> to iraq where kurdish forces are edging closer to the city. it has been under islamic state control for two years. the troops are laying the groundwork for a major offensive by the iraqi army to take the city by the end of the air.
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civilians flee toward the inety of kurdish militia iraq as fighting continues near the city of mosul. >> when it started, they were coming toward us. a rocket hit close to my family and relatives. >> islamic state militants took largest city in 2014. now baghdad is determined to get it back by the end of the year. they are fighting to clear areas around mosul ahead of a further offensive, one that someone believes has been some time in the making. a the peshmerga are using step-by-step strategy. they are consolidating their positions. moving on to the next stage, i don't think the battle really happen before 2017. forces ins left iraqi
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towns nearby, rounding up the men in trying to identify extremist sympathizers. >> there is good cooperation with the civilians when we search for islamic state members and those who are collaborating. >> mosul is a key fight, with the leader calling for the creation of a caliphate spanning iraq and syria from the grand mosque in 2014. as fighting intensifies in the north of iraq, there are concerns over one million people could be driven from their homes during the battle for mosul. another of its hospitals has been bombed in yemen. 11 people died and 19 injured after the latest air raid. on suche fourth attack a facility in the past year. >> yet more civilian casualties in yemen.
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hospitals targeted in the north of the country. the u u secretary-general expressed concern about the attack, underlying this is thehe latest in a series of attacks on humanitarian facilities in populated areas. over 70 centers have been targeted in recent months. >> the shrinking space and is as to services situation exacerbated by the festivitiesll scale and is of great concern. >> the airstrike was carried out by the saudi led coalition, which has been bombing the area in a bid to oust rebels and restore power to the exiled president. representatives of the administration gave a press conference on tuesday, imploring organizations like msf to demand an end to the strikes. they lashed out at the u.n. for
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its stance on the situation. >> the recent u.n. report listing saudi arabia from its list of human rights violators was -- the numbers of dead and wounded stated in the report is clear, more than 30,000. the u.n. misrepresented the figures, increasing the number of men and decreasing the number of children involved. >> at the time of the attack, the hospital was treating 70 patients. witnesses say was impossible to evacuate the building in time. airstrikes have been stepped up in yemen in recent days since peace talks collapsed w with houthi representatives who are controlling the capital. a 17-year-old palestinian has been killed following clashes between palestinians and israeli security forces. he has been identified as a resident of a refugee camp.
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he began throwing rocks and other projectiles at israeli soldiers who were carrying out a weapon search in the area. france, a fourth as he said -- seaside town is planning to ban the burkini, deemed contrary to france's secular values. the mayor on the atlantic coast plans to do the same, the french government supports the ban but supporters say it is islamapho bic. >> not just fashionable swimwear, some say the burkini goes against french secularist values, although it does not break laws against religious where because the face is left uncovered. the third inome france to ban the beachwear. the socialist mayor says people
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feel provoked by that sort of thing. he emphasized he is not targeting muslims, but wants to on rid of fundamementalists the island who he says have no business here. he calls the been necessary to protect the community as tension rises. this after a brawl on the beach of the weekend. witnesses said it was sparked by a tour is to photograph the woma wit -- a woman in a burkini. symbol oft a extremist islam. then to joined be the mayor of a nearby town. >> i would like to stop distinguishing herself by one another. to stop this clothing apartheid. this is france. >> calling an appeal, saying religious displays on the beach could increase tension and put public order at risk. has a purpose, to
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hide women's bodies, to hide women. it's archaic. several people have been fined for breaking the ban. firefighters in california are battling a wildfire that has destroyed dozens of homes and businesses in a town north of san francisco. the governor of california has declared a state of emergency as the blaze is banned by strong winds. 1600 actors burned to the ground. these are the devastating scenes in lake county california where wildfire has ravaged of the landscape. theirnds forced to flee homes, many have lost everything. yet have not quite lost it over the whole thing. life wasch my whole
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inside that building. >> it is beyond tragic. there is no way to save the homes. they burned in a row. places i've known for many years. 1700 firemen have been diploid since the fire broke out on saturday when helicopters dumping water of the region in a battle to contain the blaze. case, we had everything, we had grass burning, vegetation, homes, businesses. it moved into downtown. >> the fire spread quickly because of a five-year case, wed drought. there is no doubt about how it was sparked. a local man has been arrested on suspicion of arson. the normres may become after a new study showed last month was the hottest ever recorded. temperatures in july soared to 54 degrees celsius in kuwait and afghanistan. the united states and china
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recorded heavy rains and flooding in places like peru, glaciers are threatening to collapse. the pastoral glacier in the a source ofes, once water, it is now a source of concern. glaciers like this one are disappearing under rising temperatures. according to nasa, average temperatures in july were above average. the highest ever recorded. this has accelerated the natural process of glacial retreat. countries, there is a lot of heavy manufacturing that generates greenhouse gases increasing the global average temperature that is causing tropical glaciers to lose more area. citycal residents of the depend on the lake for their water supply. if the lake was to collapse
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under the weight of the ice and snow, it would cause a devastating flood. and a conference on the subject, experts concluded peru and the world are going to have to plan for melting glaciers as global temperatures continue to rise. the long-term solution is for the world to shift to different energy sources, sources that are renewable, that do not emit the gases that cause climate change. >> local officials have called for resources to mitigate the risk of flood. in the past, dams and other structures have helped prevent glacier melting from causing damage. let's bring you up to date with some of the actions from the olympic games now. three more medals for france this tuesday, including in women's discus, the silver medal. boxing. medal in
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and another bronze this time in swimming, third-place in the men's marathon. twofor who led fee decades has died at the age of 100. he was succeeded by sepp blatter back in 1998. he was embroiled in the organization's corruption scandal. sport was always in his blood. the brazilian twice represented his nation at the olympics and come to shine in sports administration. he led the football confederation and its olympic committee, later moving on to the ioc. come to shine in sports administration. hehe went to a tiny organization with 12 employees in the swiss city of zurich.
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>> i found an old house. and contractsy worth $4 billion. not bad, i would say. >> he was the first non-european and longest-serving head of fifa. he expanded the world cup from itso 32 teams, vaulting presence to 200 nations and territories. the corruption scandal currently embroiling the organization would tarnish his reputation. he step down in 2011, extensively for health reasons. the move came two days before he investigatione an of allegations of a million-dollar kickback. two years later, he would step down as fifa's on investigation of allegations her achieve after confirmation he had accepted bribes. tenure asame his engendering a climate for corruption to spread. it seems that will remain as much a part of his legacy as his transformation of global
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football and charge to bring the olympics to his hometown of rio. >> some business news. kate moody is an studio. some people complain the olympic games is a waste of money. it actually could be economically beneficial for the host and other countries. brazilian businesses, local ones, hope to get a boost from hosting the games. we are looking at 40 french present in rio. twice as many as involved in the london games. they say it's a perfect opportunity to show what they can do on the international stage. this hot air balloon has been decorating the rio skies since the beginning of the games. every day, 3000 people come to this tourist attraction, designed and built in france. they are brought up in the air and get to enjoy a different view of the city. the company that built it gets
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to enjoy its newfound international visibility. yes, i am proud. i am french and it is a french company. toare happy to brought this a country 16 times larger than france. the balloon is such a hit the city is even considering keeping it indefinitely. other french the balloon is sucn benefiting from the games at home. this company has been assessing climate risk. for instance, the engineers can say when the wind will be too strong to hold sailing events. this factory builds 15,000 square meters of floors for the handball and volleyball events. at the company executives believe the quality of their products made the difference. >> above all, it is about the security of the place. they need to be comfortable on the court. it can't be too slippery.
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they have to be able to land safely. they need to be able to glide a little bit. >> these companies help a contract of the olympic games will lead to more business for the rest of the year. brexitmonths on from the , the u.k. is releasing concrete data about how the decision to leave has impacted the economy. the inflation rate hit its highest level since november 2014. consumer prices rose in july because of a rise in fuel and hotel costs. areomists warn prices likely to rise because of the drop in the pound sterling and the caution wages are unlikely to keep pace. unemployment figures come out later this week. it will paint a clear picture of how the british economy is faring. in the u.s., consumer inflation the back to .8%, lower than 1% recorded in june.
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the federal reserve is aiming for 2% inflation. the data could push back the next interest rate hike. top officials have been giving mixed signals about when the increase may come. the central bank will release details and its july meeting. markets will be paying close attention to see if taking guests when the rate might be raised. wall street has retreated from the record highs we saw on monday. the s&p and dow jones trading downwards, just about a third of 1% each. markets closing down in the red. dax down about two thirds. china has taken a step toward welcoming foreign investors. officials approved a trading link between the stock markets a neighboringnd city. mainland markets are sealed off from the global capital flows. hong kong is used as an offshore
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output for beijing. a similar measure would make allowing investors to buy a limited range of stocks from the other side. the new partnership is expected to increase visibility for tech oriented listings. opening the capital market and internationalization. the program will further strengthen hong kong's position as an international center. theresa may has told china she wants to strengthen a trade reviewing theie, nuclear project. beijing question whether the delay would impact bilateral ties. the 18 billion pound plant would be financed by china as well as france's energy giant, edf. a study found the u.k. could get
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the same amount of energy from investing in offshore wind turbines as the nuclear plant and it would add to the debate about whether this will go ahead. let's take a look at some of the other headlines now. the world's largest mining firm reported record losses. a slump in hit by commodity prices and costs related to a disaster in brazil. beennes and in asia have cleared to begin flying to the u.s. after being banned for nearly a decade. regulators upgraded the safety that after a number of accidents, indonesia conforms to standards. launched a new video chat app to compete with facetime and skype. the chat service works on smartphones and uses a different operating system connecting android and apple iphones.
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the summer holidays are in full swing across much of europe and spain is seeing a tourism boom. vacationers are picking it over other destinations which are seen as less safe. picture postcard beaches, cultural heritage, and a growing the astronomy seen. spain is on the rise as a vacation destination with a 30% increase in foreign torus over five years. >> it was very nice. it is very good. >> this is other destinations s arened for their draw seeing a decline. years of instability has driven down tourism across the middle east and north africa with egypt reporting a 60% drop this year. terror threats have taken their toll is well. hotel bookings in the french riviera dropped 30% following the july 14 terror attack in nice.
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despite warnings from islamic state the country is a target, spain has been spared the violence that has touched france, germany, and the u.k. was up 12%rism compared to 2015. spending for june was up 12.7% compared to last year. veryltural tourism is important to show off our city. >> spain is coming to rely and tourism to prop up its economy as it emerges from a recession. economy -- the economies of the affected to grow 2% with tourism accounting for 14% of gdp. some worry it could be dangerous for the economy if the current trend reverses. for now, spain is enjoying its time in the sun. a little postcard from spain. lovely. kate moody with a business. we are taking a short break on france 24.
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more headlines after this.
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