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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 17, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome live from paris to france 24. the top stories at this hour. moves to release 38,000 detainees. the swimwear ban. local officials say he won't be taking the ban nationwide. and donald trump shakes up his campaign team. he tapped stephen bannon from
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the news site breitbart and demoted controversial chief paul man afort. first though, turkey is freeing some 38,000 prisoners early. it's being seen as a move to free up space in the jails for the tens of thousands of people who have been destaind in the wake of last month's failed coup. reporter: waiting outside the prison gates, these families are eager for news about their loved ones. nearly 40,000 inmates are set for early release as part of a reform to the turkish prison system. >> we are waiting for our son to be released rye now. i can't find wards -- words to say. i'm excited.
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>> i'm waiting for my grandson. when i see him released, i don't care whether i live or die. do you understand? i don't care whether i live or die. he didn't have a father. i raised him. >> the move will free up space in prisons for those arrested in last month's failed coup. more than 35,000 people have been detained in the coup. ordinary wan believes -- recep they erdogan believes teamed to -- conspired to bring down the government. include es don't parole for offenses committed offer the 3rd of july. the government came to power in
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2002. >> and forces are advancing toward mosul and the government f baghdad is preparing for a large scale military offensive them wing to take it from by the end of the year. >> fighting to the east of mosul a prellude to a furthd offensive on iraq's second largest city, which has been held by the islamic state for two years. >> these measures could impact security in the kurdish region in general. we are just 15 kilometers away from the center of mosul. >> the pesh managera aren't alone. they've been operating in tandem with iraqi regulars would opened their own front to the soug of the city.
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as the extremists' last major bastion in iraq, baghdad has stated it wants it back by the end of the year. -- year. however, a fresh humanitarian crisis is in the making as sillians fleement >> they said leave your house and go to this village behind. take your stuff and go. we said, why? they replied it's because they wanted to mine the houses. they're collapsing. they're gone. >> human rights officials called the official response to he those who have already fled far from adequate and warned that iraq could be pushed beyond the breaking point if more are displaced. close to a million have left their homes across the nation with another 600,000 likely to flee in any operation to free mosul. >> and around the capital of
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zickbabbe, harare, water canons were used as police broke up protests against robert mugabe. the latest was triggered by government plans to print more currency, sparking the rampant economy that wrecked the economy in 2008. >> the peaceful protest against the government printing money and the government plan to reintroduce it. these people are from a youth led group which has been using social media to create a grass roots movement against the -- against the authorities. in recent months two such movements have arisen and have managed to shut down the cap in protests against robert mugabe. >> this is just a few protests.
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they haven't seen it yet. >> the message is very clear hat robert mugabe must now resign for the good of the country. >> zimbabwe first started using for -- foreign money in early 2009 after hyperinflation reached 500 billion%, wiping out pensions and savings. bank note denominations eventually went as high as 100 trillion dollars. protesters fear the move to start printing again in october is a mark of desperation by the government. while mostly peaceful, there were scuffles with police in the demo. police have vowed to crack down on the social media groups, labeling them cyber terrorists.
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anchor: and tear gas and warning shots were with fired if benin in the democratic republic of congo. at least five people were injured in the clashes. 51 people were hacked to death last weekend, and that is blamed on an -- an islamic group. the story from kinshasa. reporter: the people are done expressing their anger. today hundreds took to the streets and erected barricades. police had to fire tear gas and gunshots in the air to scatter the protesters. one person died. the people are angry because they believe the government is not doing enough to protect them. since 2014, more than 500 civilians have been killed in that region. i spoke to the government spokesman just a few moments ago and he said he has heard
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what the population has to say but he reminds them that the government is responsible for homeland security but is not guilty of what happened saturday. the ash -- according to the government, the allied democratic forces is responsible, a rebel group from ug anda. a few members are in jail here and in beni and according to the golf -- government their trial will start on saturday. >> at least eight people have been seriously injured in a train crash in t the south of france. a regional train hit a -- an uprooted tree. at least one passenger was thrown from the train by the force of the crash. another was air lifted to hospital. the train had been traveling 140 kilometers per hour when it rammed into the tree around 3:will not 45 local time. the french prime minister has
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thrown his weight behind the ban on the burkini, saying the islamic swimsuit is founded on the subjugation be women and he supports the seaside towns that have voted to ban it. he rejects, though, tarking the ban nationwide. reporter: as the controversy over the full-body swimming garment known as the burkini continues to gather steam if france, the prime minister has waded into the discussion. >> beaches like our public areas must be protected from religious claims. the burkini is not fashion, it's the expression of a political project. >> it comes following a weekend of environmentence between course i canans after a photo
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was lealingd -- allegedly taken of a woman wearing a burkini. thee seaside towns have banned the garment for the summer with at least two more set to follow suit. >> people who kim -- swim in a burkini draw attention which ould, juvenilely, be misperceived. we're living in a particular climate in f france and everyon has to make an effort to protect social harmony. >> coming five years after a ban on the islamic head scarf went into effect, the move has bewildered some. >> this is a disaster but unfortunately it's symptomatic be the times we're living in. >> while he said he's against nationwide legislation over the issue, france's highest court is set to rule over the
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legality of president burk inney the days to come. yorks -- anchor: so the u.s. presidential race now and the shakeup in team trump. a has named a -- the head of right-wing news site as head. he is trailing rival hillary clinton in the rolls -- polls. he it is -- tazz -- has also proceed moated pollster kell kept i'm joined with more by the national political reporter at the huffington post. bannon runs the breitbart news web site. what kind of campaign is he likely to run for donald trump? >> bannon is known as a brash, outgoing, devil-may-care populist cruyff. he is an unabashed nationalist. he functions off disgust with
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both parties and he really is, has always been a fan of bare-knuckles, no-rules political campaigning and that is probably what we can expect to see. afort been hads man side lined at this late stage? reporter: what we understand is that over the past weeks donald trump has struggled between two worlds. on the one hand he is not an inherently disciplined person and likes speaking off the cuff, on the other hand a presidential candidate has to be very careful what pe -- they say. he has given a couple of his serious speeches using a teleprompter and at a couple rallies he has seemed to go off the rails and gotin himself into trouble. so you have this push and pull and mana-fort was certainly
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part of the team that wanted trump to dial it down, rein it in and trump was buckling under that pressure and i think he just said enough. al: changing -- anchor: changing teams at this stage of the game, what does this tell us about the kind of president donald trump would be if he wins in november? reporter: this is the second time in two months that's -- that donald trump has repleased leaders of his campaign. in late june he relaced confidante corey lieu an douse kifment and now we're being aul manafort replaced by another person much hike trump himself, a doppelganger. expect that these aides
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bring out the worst in trump. his inability to stick to one top ib, his thin skinnedness, quick temper, thoughtless statements and if he has aides around him who are encouraging him to just say what he thinks and do what he wants, what we have seen in the general election is that bodes very badly for his chances of being elected. anchor: thank you very much. >> thank you. anchor: staying in the u.s., 11 people have died following heavy flooding in louisiana. authorities have declared 20 counties now in need of disaster relief, helping free up federal funds to help the rescue operation. tens of thousands have been left homeless and many are without insurance. reporter: it's some of the worst flooding to hit louisiana. torrential rains have inundated
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40,000 homes and cut residents off from electricity during the august heat. authorities in the state say they're working hard to ensure more lives aren't lost. >> we understand that there are still a lot of people who are suffering and those people who have been evacuated, they're not entirely comfortable in their circumstances either although we're doing our dead level best at the shelters to make sure we're taking care be them. reporter: around 90% of the people in the homes around denim springs are underwear. this man is taking pictures of a property he recently bought. he is among the few homeowners here with flood insurance. >> lost everything we had, just about. so we got out of the place. and all our friends are safe, so that's the main thing. reporter: local insurance authorities say the number of residents without flood
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protection in the state of louisiana is shocking. so far, 60,000 people have registered for disaster aid. it's money that will help resident who have lost everything they own start over. "e:60" in coastal -- california -- >> in california, meanwhile, wildfires are spreading out be control and evacuation orders are forcing more than 82,000 to free. >> tens of thousands called to evacuate here at cajon pass as brush fire exploded over 36 square kilometers. it closed a stretch of the main highway between los angeles and las vegas. >> it was moving at a very fast rate and just chewing um acres as it went along, literally in
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minutes. right now the fire is at 15,000 acres, zero percent containment. we've lost a number of structures and homes. >> some 700 fighters have been deployed to battle the blaze, dubbed the blue cut fire. after california governor jerry brown delird a state of emergency in surrounding san bernardino county. several other wild fires continue to burn across the state. governor brown called state of emergencies in central and northern california on monday. it the the fifth straight year of drought and the conditions have been fueling fiercer fires. authorities warn the worst may still ab head. southern california's traditional fire season doesn't begin until the all -- autumn korean -- nior
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north korean diop has defected to south korea in a rare and embarrassing turn for the north. he decided to defeblingt he says because of his disgust with the regime of kim jung u.n.. -- jong un. and another is ditching the traditional route and telling his story in comics. >> at it took was a tab let for the 3-year-old north korean defector to begin telling his story. he's been living in seoul since 2010, sharing his stories with the south was a way to broaden his appeal. >> if it's taken the wrong way it could become quite
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political, so i approach from a cultural standpoint with a very easygoing attitude and show things the way they are. it's funny and i hope people have fun watching it. >> having spent eight years working in an animation studio in pyongyang, he is no stranger to the trade. each week he attempts to detail the struggles defectors from the north face when adepth -- adapting to a new way of 4r50eu679 >> compared to a few years ago it's become a little easier for people from the north to defect. there are so many defectors from the north that now i'm not lonely. >> in addition to the com -- comics, he's a regular participant in an online program devoted to issues faced by defectors from the north. anchor: and some business news now. the bait -- latest economic
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assessment if america's central bank. reporter: that's right. they're setting the stage for an interest rate nike the coming months. it made no change to interest rates at the july meeting, after living it from near 0 last december. fed officials expressed concern about inflation, the jobs market and the uncertainty caused by the brexit vote but said the near term risks seed to have diminished and that conditions could call for an interest rate hike soon, and speculation is that could be as soon as september. investors around the world had been waiting for that fed report and we've seen wall street bouncing back a little bit since its release. they've crept toward the flat line lou, the nasdaq still in negative territory there. oil prices have also risen
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slightly after data showed that u.s. oil inventories decreased by two and a half million blair -- barrels last week. the british pound sterling dropped back against the dollar, trading around 1.3 at the closing bell. the u.n. employment rate in the u.k. has fallen to its lowest level since 2005 and that 4.9% of the population was un employed in april through june of this year. the number claim willing unemployment benefits dropped in july, the first full month since the decision to leave the e.u. on the and fewer were rolls. analysts have warned that could change if the pound sterling
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continues to lose value. surveys have shown that companies do intend to hire fewer new workers in the years to come. here in france, the government is taking steps to protect seasonal workers, requiring that short fixed-term contracts n the agriculture or tourism industries must automatically be up -- open for renewal at the end of the season. it's proving controversial though. >> reforms are part of a new labor lar will see fixed-term contracts open for automatic renewal each year. the aim? to create greater job security. >> i like it because it helps us for next year. it gets us work to fall back on so we don't need to look for work. >> according to the labor union it's a breakthrough for workers. >> these workers are the ones most frequently taken advantage
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of. there is often no written work contract and overtime on goes unpaid. >> in france there are more than 700,000 employees on fixed-term contracts known as c.d.d.'s. the majority work in agriculture and the hotel and restaurant industries. they might be welcome the reform, but many business owners think they're fruitless. >> we don't need any more restrictions. when someone does a good job, we want to hire them the following year. if anything, we could offer a raise as an incentive. our sector is in need of workers. >> we don't need to hire the same number of people every year so this obligation to rehire people doesn't interest me at all. >> the new laws are set to come into action next year. sectors which employ the highest number of seasonal workers will have six months to negotiate the terms 78 >> some of the day's other
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business headlines now. cathay pacific saw net profits plunge 82% in the first half of the year. they attributed the down tourn to fuel hedging losses and fierce competition from regional rivals and said it would frees hiring of nonessential personnel. -- hee coast guard people personnel were killed when their boat collided in the boss porous. crude % of the world's oil supply passes through it. and cisco systems set to lay their global of workforce. the firm is facing week -- weak demand for its network swimps and routers. earlier this year, intel
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announced similar cutbacks. chinese authorities have lesmed accusations of protectionism against strull after a bid by a utility company was rejected. it's not the first time -- a bid by one of china's biggest beef producers was recollected in 2013. beijing says it's facing a growing tide of protectionism around the world. chinese investors will be staying off the australian grid. st week they rejected a bid, turned down in part because of national security concerns. but chinese authorities believe they are the victims of policies designed to privilege national interests overforeign ones. >> this is clearly protectionist and seriously impacts the willingness of
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chinese companies to invest in australia. >> the accusation isn't only leveled at australia. the decision to put a nuclear plant project with chinese funding on hold also prompted beijing's anger. china's concerns are becoming accentuated by the fact it's becoming more active in overseas investment. ey spent over $60 billion in companies around the world through july. they denounced the rise of protectionism. >> protectionism and inward-looking policies are starting to gain a foot hold. political decisions -- divisions in advanced economies, particularly where there is unemployment or rick of unemployment are feeding op a sense of disenfranchisement from those who feel the rapid
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economic changes of our time have left them behind. china is facing similar accusations, too. >> that's it for the busi r%
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