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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> these are the latest world headlines. a car bomb ripped through the eastern turkish city. three people are dead and dozens injured in the blast which targeted police headquarters. international publishes a damning report on serious state-run prisons. inture, beatings and rape their findings. out of the pool and into the fire. stopped from flying home from the rio olympics.
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first, ambulances rushed to the scene of a huge explosion in turkey this thursday. 14 seriously wounded. the blast occurred near ap station in the eastern city of al aziz. a car bomb killed three people and wounded dozens more in the eastern province. for more, we speak live to our istanbul correspondent. david, what more do we know about this latest blast? 170 people are believed to have been injured in the blast. three killed and 14 of those injured in serious condition in hospital.
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the blast itself appears to have been a suicide bombing. bombers hit a car. not statedave so far who they believed to be responsible, and it appears to be the work of the kurdistan workers party. it was a suicide bombing, a car bombing in the target was a police headquarters similar to recent attacks. the greek foreign ministry says it has received an official extradition request for eight military personnel. what is the latest on the crackdown after the coup attempt? >> the turkish foreign ministry has filed for the official extradition of these military personnel following the coup.
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the crackdown itself is continuing. something like 80,000 people in total removed from their jobs. even removed from their jobs arrested and taken into questioning. 20,000 are still in custody. includes theents seizure of assets of 180,000 private businesses alleged to have connections to the head of the group which the government claims is responsible for the coup. the businesses seized, there's little information as to what they are. the acids have been taken into public control. -- assets have been taken into public control. ,> a catalog of horror stories
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the latest findings on serious state prisons. -- latest findings on syria's state prisons. close to a date thousand people -- 18,000 people have died in custody since 2011. the assad regime is using torture as part of "a systematic and widespread attack directed against anyone suspected of opposing the regime. " >> it is one of syria's most notorious prisons. survivors call it the worst place on earth. >> as we arrived, we heard the shouting of the guards. they were very happy to welcome the prisoners. the subject of torture may be
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painful, but it is the reason for the people to know the truth the regime is hiding. no one knows the ugly claims of torture that occur inside. >> the abuses committed inside the scale date back to the start of the syrian war in 2011. prisoners were beaten, raped and , made to feel as inhuman as possible. they bring the food come it sounds like a battle in every cell. your heart drops to the floor, you begin to shake, you cannot control it. over 17,000 people are estimated to have died inside syrian state prisons in the last five years. an average of 300 people a month.
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>> the world needs to wake up and take action and ensure that now that there are some form -- are prioritized and something is finally done about it. >> the daily torture prisoners are subjected to is supposed to eliminate forces that oppose the assad regime. it started as a small brush fire but has rapidly spread to engulf thousands of acres of mountain and that mountains and desert east of los angeles. one of a string of eight wildfires burning across california. some 80,000 people have been evacuated. : safe, and with access to water.
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a precious commodity california so desperately craves. this man is one of thousands who evacuated their homes. he says the fire which began on tuesday started out small. picked up the wind and all of a sudden, the fire started leaping over 66. we had a wall of flames 25 foot high, you could feel the heat. seven californians are used to wildfires, but many of them are saying this is one of the worst day generation. -- southern californians. i've seen these mountains on fire, but this is coming around, i'm afraid of it now. i was having to help shove everything in my dad's car, had my dad on the phone. he's like, what you need? i tossed everything we could
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find. >> hundreds of firefighters still attempting to control the blaze. an evacuation order remains in many areas. half are choosing to ignore this order and remain in their homes. >> we are surrounded by all greenery. once the buyer gets down to the bottom, we should be able to put it out right there. we've got all kinds of water pressure. we will be safe. >> government forecasters say the hot and dry conditions means the region faces a potential threat from major wildfires for the rest of the year. and south sudan opposition spokesperson in south sudan says the leader has for morecountry --
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insight, we cross live to nairobi and speak to alan. do we have any clear idea yet of where he might have been taken to and what his next steps might be? allen: we don't. there's a lot of rumors going around. a lot of people are looking at regional politics and trying to use that to figure out where he might've gone. the best guess based on where the military campaigns work am aware he looked to being pushed, the democratic congo. it is not clear where he might have ended up after that. we are also hearing today that the u.n. has launched an independent investigation into allegations that its peacekeepers did not respond to prevent abuses of sexual
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a compound inst july. allen: the big story that came , an opencent days secret that i not been condemned where a lot a camp of u.s. contractors were housed, as well as other under national -- international aid workers, five came forward saying they were being raped by government soldiers. the u.n. often is mandated to
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investigate itself. we will see where this investigation has. -- heads. the evidence does look damning. >> you are writing a book on this territory. why is it proving so hard to find peace in south sudan? , whichone, the country i'm writing about, was never really a nationstate as modeled by the state plan. quickly led to a very violent state building process. medium-term, the issue was the international community imposed the peace plan on a government that clearly rejected that plan.
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the fighting that broke out was a result of trying to force the opposition group into the capital, putting two armies in one place. a lot of people criticize that as not a very good idea. the result was just more fighting. >> thank you for joining us. time for an update on the rio olympics. u.s. swimmers have been stopped from boarding a flight home by brazilian police. they are being questioned about how they and two teammates were allegedly robbed at gunpoint in rio. authorities say their accounts do not match up. the lawyers say the swimmers will cooperate but not until the tension is cleared up. >> these two olympic champions were about to fly home. but, they were stopped from boarding.
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police wanted to question them their accounts- of being robbed outside the olympic village. team usa confirmed the details in a statement. they were detained wednesday night shortly before their flight was scheduled to depart from rio. they were released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on thursday. we will continue to provide updated information as it is appropriate. >> they were with another swimmer, ryan lochte, on their way back to the olympic village after a party saturday night. they say their taxiway stopped by men purporting to be police officers and they were robbed at gunpoint. msvestigators say the clai
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do not add up. evidence showsd them returning just after the alleged robbery, they appear relaxed. >> you can see the supposed victims arriving without being signs of that without signs of being-- without signs of -- >> despite the scandals, the games continue. usain bolt now looks unstoppable. his season best of just over 19.7 seconds. but, there is one other jamaican sprinter you know about, lane thompson. -- elaine thompson.
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editor brings you up to date from brazil. >> elaine thompson is officially the new sprinting queen, four days after winning gold in the 100 meters, the jamaican one yet another gold, this time in the 200 meter race. 21.78 seconds command of the world champion -- ahead of the world champion from the netherlands. tory winning silver, elaine for the will be aiming sprinting tripled by winning yet another gold in the women's 100 meter relay. tiona won a gold ahead of brittney reese.
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e-two for the u.s., a historic sweep in the women's 100 meter hurdles. the first ever american sweep in women's athletics at the olympic games. news.e for some business a lot of attention being paid to last month's meeting at the u.s. central bank. >> the bank appears to be split as to win they should hike interest rates -- when they should hike interest rates. feel furtherkers u.s. interest rate increases will be required zone. others say more data is needed. the fed is inspected to raise interest rates before the end of the year. best the cost of
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borrowing in the u.s. has remained the same since december 2015. still seeing a lot of interest some consensus-- that more data is needed. european markets are upbeat. the dax up nearly .5%. here in france, a long-awaited dip in unemployment. the jobless rate fell below 10%. 9.9% in the second quarter. high jobless rate may play a central role in the presidential election next year.
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a telecom giant is proposing altering people's holiday leave -- a number of french firms have had to find ways to save money and become work at it, but not without controversy. >> fewer days off for a higher salary. the french telecom company has proposed to its customer service employees. the communications giant wants to reduce the number of days off their entitled to -- they are entitled to. every year, these employees received 23 rtt days. they've offered a pay boost of 25% to those who choose to waive those days off.
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the union says it represents a blow to working conditions. working 23 days extra have to deal with the next 23 days of traveling to work, two hours there and back. who will look after the children? it creates a number of problems. other union members are less against the proposal saying employee choices key. >> it is voluntary. everybody has the option of keeping the old system come if they want. let's take a look at the day's other top stories. tencent has passed alibaba as china's biggest tech company. a 47% jump in quarterly profit. it's known for its messaging app which dominates the local
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market. a taxias shut down operator -- 700 employees could lose their jobs. said itime, the company would continue to operate separately. it faces stiff competition from uber. nestle has reported sales were food andthe swiss drink company facing increased competition in china. a third of all sales came from products new to the market in the last two years. finally, a new list of the
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world's most livable cities dominated by two countries in particular. six of the top 10 livable cities in the world are in australia and canada. spot, ae takes the top scale of 0-100 with 100 being the best. good health care, good education, quality s,o metropole' -- like london or paris. a tough break for the french capital. time now for the press review. by -- what has
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been grabbing headlines and papers around the world. yesterday come authorities in turkey announced plans to release some 38,000 prisoners. >> huge story in the turkish press. versionish-language talking about the story on their front page. 38,000 prisoners to be released now. this will free up space that a lot of papers say will be filled a pretty soon. you can read that on the front page of "the wall street journal" today. they're are making room for the alleged coup plotters. this is the revenge of the sultan come a common nickname .or the president he's become a more powerful after last month's failed coup. a sultan and a caliph on the front page and in the editorial
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of another french paper. why is he a caliph? erdogan is trying to push his agenda, that of political islam. he wants to be the successor of the secular leader ataturk, the founder of the nation and the the sultan and the caliph under the ottoman empire. erdogan wants to put islam back at the heart of turkish identity. >> let's move on to u.s. politics. donald trump has reshuffled his campaign team. >> he has a brand-new campaign ceo. it will be filled by stephen bannon, the conservative radio host in the u.s. -- you can read
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a portrait of him in "politico" today. a republican establishment basher. he has come on board to sum up these positions. shakeup mean? according to several analysts today, the say slap in the face for trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort. donalden trying to rein trump in and make them into a more traditional political figure. this new campaign shovel is a sign that donald trump is determined to remake his campaign in his own image. he's determined to run the last three months of his campaign his way. on his own terms. the daily beast sang paul tame donaldled to trump and now, it's going to get real.
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jr. summed things up in this opinion piece. if you think the old donald trump campaign was wild and crazy, just wait. the new campaign will steer even more to the right, even harsher anti-clinton attacks, attacks against the political establishment in general. the trump campaign going to become even more extreme. >> the so-called bikini scandal continues to rage on. the prime minister has given his support to those mayors who look to ban the full bodies when suit best the full body -- the fold swimsuit. >> you can read more about that -- he went even further and
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called for french muslims to be more discreet. if you are controversial thing manyy, but shared by french politicians. that's a very controversial thing to say, but shared by many french politicians. we are talking about a bathing suit worn by some muslim women and in the wake of this, we are calling for all muslims to tone it down. there are definite double standards are. -- double standards here. religious people have a right to exist in the public space, have a right to participate in society. who is going to be next? who will we ask next to tone it down?
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some cartoons poking fun at this controversy. for 8úxúoonist ed
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