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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 30, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> we are live in paris. a spokesman for islamic state has been killed in syria, according to militants and a news agency. economic minister quits the government a and stops short of announcing the bid for the presidency. more on what he says he will do next. in greece and italy, the number of migrants has spiked. a record number of people will
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hit greek shores. the italian navy reports intercepting people off of the coast of libya. thank you for joining us. islamic state says the spokesman has been killed in syria. he was one of the longest-serving officials. this news comes to us from a news agency run by the jihadists. what more can you tell us about the deathth? roque..: this news just we heard reportsts in the last hour that the spokespererson of islamic state in syria was killed in aleppo.
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we do not t ow how he e was killed. reports are not confirmed that he was killeled in an airstrike. he w was not directlyy targeted, this suggegests. it is a significant blow to the islalamic state. he is more than just a spokespeperson. he is onone the most senior peoe inin syria. he is the propaganda chief, military planner, and d an excellent orator. year,r, hedan this encouraged folollowers of islamc state to carry out attacks during the mononth and he became infamous for calling for attacks on western targets. it is a loss for islamic state and entities from the united
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states and the syrian government who are fighting that group, the question is what happens next and how islamic statate will respond to losing g people in syria. anchor: thank you very much. the president is calling on turkey to stop attacking kurds. hollande made the comments when he gave the address to ambassadors today and he wants the security council to condemn the usage of chemical weapons by the syrian government and islamic state. lande outlined policy objectives for the last year of his policy term and at the top of the agenda was the global fight of terrorism. he called for a return to
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negotitiations as turkey incread presence in the country, fighting groups loyal to the coalition. russia continues to fight at assad's side. >> contradictory interventions could make the situation flareup. putting a -- situation flare up. putting a stop to this is urgent. opposes rusher in the ukraine and calls to agfor an end to fighting in the east. the situation requires him to tread carefully. >> we have a historic relationship and eight demanding one -- a demanding one. observers consider
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this to be out of reach, with the widening gap between the discourse of hollande's government and its reach. >> russia and turkey do not care. onorter: the paris agreement climate change seems to be losing its shine. five months after being side, hollande is urging signatories to ratify this by the end of the year. anchor: the french political system is broken, according to the former finance minister. he says that he is the man to transform it. he hopes to lead france on a new course. there is speculation that his resignation is a prelude to a bid to the presidency.
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we have a look at how he came to prominence. reporter: his rise came as a surprise. neither a politician or a member of the socialist party. he had one objective. he attended the national administration school for anyone who is looking for a career in civil service. he headed to investment banking in rothschild. and worked asande a presidential aide. he became the minister for each economy and industry. economy and industry. the men could not have been different. he rejected the 35 hour work week and favored trading on sunday. the pro-business law was forced
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ththrough parliament by constitutional decree last yea he announced his latestt projec, ththe creation of his own political movement. it left the government gritting their teeth. >> there are rules and government. you must follow the rules. not doing so means not staying. >> there is a deterioration in his relations with the government and it has left him free to pursue politics. anchor: let's bring in the professor. thank you for joining us. allegiance toed the socialist party. he said the system needs to be transformed. has left and right roque and down? -- left and right broken down?
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>> it certainly seems so. the next election will be a runoff between the right and the far right. he is trying to reconfigure the to put shake the left up up a good show in the first round and he may be thinking towards 2022, having reconfigured the left after the elections. anchor: he did not announce that he would be standing for the presidency. it is what a lot of people think . what kind of support do you think there is for this kind of non-conformist, non-traditional bid for the presidency? sentimentala lot of thought for this. you remember 2012.
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that did not translate into votes in the first round. hard-core of people is around 6%-7%. center andis to the the issue for 2017 is where the center will vote. sarkozy,ght chooses that will lead to a lot of problems for the center voters who traditionally moved to the right, when push comes to shove, but may find it difficult with sarkozy, given his presidency 2007-2012. anchor: it is about the economy, stupid. he is a former economic minister
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and he hailed his own achievements in the economics speech. unemploymentought down as much as some would like. he is trying to get in reforms. do you see anyone who replaces him having a good shot of moving things on with the french economy question mark >> i would not say so. i think that the job was excepted out of loyalty to -- loyalty.ted out of going back to another aspect of your question, one of his problems was that he felt he could only go so far with the government and he wanted to reform. that is what everyone, in french politics, says that they want to do.
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unless you take a radical you are serving out time until the presidential election. less than a year to go until the election. i do for your time. -- thank you for your time. 460 people have arrived on greek islands from turkey. it was the highest single-day arrival in several weeks. they came from lesbos and crossed. it is small, compared to the mediterranean situation. 6500 migrants were picked up on monday. this is the biggest operation of its kind in recent years. we have the details. reporter: after the agonizing
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journey, this is the moment where they knew that they would survive. fraction ofhow a the migrants being brought to safety in the rescue operation. rescued by thee italian coast guard. the migrants who risked one of the deadliest journeys to make death isope know that never far away. they have been packed in boats. babies are among the survivors. the operation took place 13 miles north of the coastal town. compared to last year, the number of asylum seekers has dropped dramatically. the number of migrants attempting the longer crossing has remained unchanged. and come from nigeria
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places with instability. the routes take them through the same countries. conflict and lawlessness have made libya a major traffic point for the migrants. they are easy prey for human traffickers who thrive on chaos. ban is noe burkini more. there was a ruling from the highest court that it was unconstitutional. the mayor had brought in the local law at the end of july and access to the bebeach for anyone who did not respect secular values. to an official at the
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there was ans stupid reaction that did nothing to improve security. ban called the burkini discriminatory. they called for it to be lifted. >> frankly, it is stupid to what is happening with terrorist attacks. it does nothing to increasee security or imprprove publicic order. if anyththing, it stimulates friction. therefore, it undermines public order and it is counterproductive. hashe french prime minister stoked debate by bringing in marianne, the symbolic woman for france.
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it was said that she symbolizes freedom. ehe is depicted with one bar breast. the ministers opted not to applaud the comment. take a listen to this remark. [statement in french] veiled.s not she is free. that is with the republic is. that is what we always need to have in our mind. anchor: apple is vowing to appeal in order for a tax penalty with the european union. $13 must pay ireland billion -- 13 billion euros.
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we have the story. reportrter: it is a mammoth tax bill that left apple with a bad taste. they have to pay back taxes after the european commission discovered that they were attributing sales to a head office that existed only on paper. >> there is no irish corporation tax. wasver, the head office subject to no taxes in ireland or elsewhere. this was possible under irish for statelessowed companies. >> the loopholes saw apple redirecting profits to ireland. eure was a two-year
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investigation that showed that 0.005%xes dropped to in 2015. this comes as multinationals are trying to pay their fair share. cannoter states give tax benefits to select a companies, no matter if they are european, foreign, large, small, part of a group or not. >> it is said the decision could unundermine f foreign investmen. meanwhile, ireland says they will appeal the ruling. inspired by the olympics
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to get into sports, here is a sport that combines both. they had the gravy wrestling championships. gravy is a dinnertime staple in this region. it is for roast dinners, not to be wrestled then. -- in. you can see people showing up in fancy dress and other outfits they do not mind ruining. ladieslteacher won the event and a student beat his cousin in the men's. >> unusual tactics being employed. a reminder of the top stories the employed here. a spokesman for the islamic state group has been killed in syria, according to the news
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agency for the militants. the french economic mr. has what the government and stopped short of announcing a widely-anticipated bid for the prpresidency. italy, the number of migrants has spiked. a one date record number of people hit the greek shores today. -- entire navy picked top 6500talian navy picked up from libya on monday. business editor has been looking at the economic implications of the resignation from the government. reporter: despite reforms enacted to boost the economy, gdp growth has stagnated in france. with the concerns
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economy that are at the top of the agenda for many voters. they want to make france more friendly and flexible to do business in. he listed his major a cop judgments as the economic minister. >> he shared his vision with -- >> everything is about unemployment. we will keep performing and push. we have to speed up and strengthen the reform. >> it was a pillar of his two-year tenure as the economic minister, increasing the flexibility of the french economic market -- labor market to be more volatile on the world stage. it has drawn ire from the socialist party. embodiedhat it is test by his signature law. he regulated -- deregulated
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congested sectors. notable changes included allowing stores to be open on more sundays and liberalizing transportation to allow private bus lines to challenge the monopoly of the state company. the law looks to open up notaries and bailiffs. it also streamlined labor tribunals. it was ambitious and he hopes it will lay the foundation for his future plan as the former banker-turned-minister sets his sights higher. anchor: business leaders have been giving the assessment of the tenure. he believes that they have the right ideas to boost economic activity.
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>> i will have to here campaign promises. i hope there is a platform of , outliningmatic reform. i think he understands the challenges of the world and the digital world. he is close to the changing world. he is close to the world that is going forward. payor: apple is ordered to 13 billion euros in back taxes, after a ruling that their listings in ireland were illegal. they say the impact will have a profound and harmful affect on investment and job creation in europe. many analysts say this decision is symbolic and that this would barely make a dent in their pockets.
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has over $200 billion in cash. this does not really change the rate of return apple will make. will this prevent them from investing in the future in apple products? is it really going to harm apple's fortunes? no. onhor: apple traded down 0.8%. they had dropped 1% and they recovered as the day continued. it was a stronger-than-expected reading of consumer confidence for the month of august. there should be a look at the current state of affairs on wall street there. there you see it is down a
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quarter of a percent. saw a mixed close for the european markets. cac waswas up and the not far behind. the footsie was down with the losses in the mining sector. a deal was striking farmers to end protest. pay will raise prices they purchasesos for the throughout the rest of the year. take 275ge farmer will euros, not as much as the unions had hoped for. they say that this will make them competitive with other buye
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rs. this agreement is unlikely to end the struggles of the farmers. a free trade agreement between the united states and the european union cannot be done before the end of the year. the french trade minister said that talks have been called off. therter: another blow for "most ambitious trade deal in the world." ande all but shut the door on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership. >> ambitions have not been respected. france would rather not harbor any illusions of this getting
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done before the end of the american president's term. reporter: france demanded the end of the current negotiations to be started on a better basis. obama had made this deal important to achieve before the end of his presidency. tes running for the presidency have expressed opposition to the deal. the economic minister said the deal is dead and some are holding out hope. the european commission said the ball is still rolling on fortiations and a spokesman america's trade representative said that there is studying progress. it would combined europe and north america.
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there were numerous points of contention between environmental and consumer standards. >> the white house has admitted that there are significant unresolved aspects of this deal. a traitor presented will travel in the coming week to push the talks forward and we have not heard the last of ttip. anchor: thank you. sure break and we will be back
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