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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 31, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello there, it is 9:00 p.m. here in the french cap toll. you are watching live from prison "france 24." i am catherine clifford, and these are your headlines. she says she is the victim after coup and will be back. latest reaction from dilma rousseff after she was removed from office in a senate impeachment vote this wednesday. the new brazilial president due to be sworn in within a couple of minutes time. a surprise and speedy visit to the country he once branded the home of rapists and criminals, donald trump is in mexico at the invitation of the mexican president just hours before is
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cue to deliver a presidential election campaign speech on immigration. and peace talks in burma between the state and ethnic minorities. but can they end the violence that has continued since the end of world war ii? we are looking closer. >> thanks for being with us. brazil's now ex-president says she is the victim of a coup, and that she will be back. this just hours after she was removed from office. senators voted by 61-20 to end dilma rousseff's time as. . she is accused of fiddling the national budget to help her re-election bid in 2014. her replacement is due to be sworn in within the next few minutes. with more, here is our
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correspondent. >> she can appeal to the supreme court. i think perhaps with little chance of success. but she wants to state for the record that the argument has not been won and that no crime has been committed. that margin of victory, 61-20, the widest possibility. all the undecided snores seeming to choose to impeach here and end workers porter rule. there was a controversial decision to split the votes, one to impeach her and whether or not to disqualify her from public office for the next eight years. this one did not pass. it was 42-36. it didn't get the necessary 2/3 majority. so dilma rousseff is able to fill public office. a merciful precedent established there by the senators. it may be worth noting a number of them are under investigation on corruption charges.
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>> the report from rio de janeiro. here is practices' new. . here is more about the man who as t to be sworn in replacement for dilma rousseff. >> hawaii has been dubbed chief of the cuop by the suspended president herself. on wednesday, he became the 40th leaders of the fourth argest economy by default. he was catapulted into the spotlight when he took it upon himself to form a center right, all male, center right administration. his main challenge going forward is to push through the unpopular reforms to end one of the world's deepest recessions. he does have a lot on his plate, but he is not new to
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politics. he was leakeded lower house speaker three times. born to lebanese parents, he was called the most powerful lebanese person alive in 2014. he faces opposition, however. the 75-year-old conservative leader is not only surrounded politicians implicated in a scandal, but he, too, is being implicated. he is accused of receiving illegal campaign contributions. >> the man known for calling mexicans rapists and criminals is in mexico today. donald trump invited for a quick visit by the country's president. trump has famously promised to build a one along the u.s.-mexico border. mr. trump could be greeted by some angry protests. two demonstrations have been organized ains the visit was
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announced hours ago. here is our correspondent in the mexican capital. donald trump has now arrived. do we know what he is going to be doing in mexico city? >> yes. right now he is in the presidential palace. we just heard a helicopter land about 10 minutes ago, which we presume carried donald trump. he is scheduled to meet mexican president pena nieto right now. it is going to be some kind of closed door meeting, and then they are going to come out and talk to the press. here are hundreds of reporters and cameramen here from mexico and the united states. well see what kind of tatements they could make when hitler.s called trump >> many not happy with donald
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trump coming to their country at peto's request. >> people are very confused as to what his game plan is here. politicians have been criticizing this, and it came as a shock last night. people have been saying it is humiliating. if somebody insults you, you don't invite them to your house. and that peto is helping trump in his campaign, allowing him to win latino votes. but there could be some ulterior motive that he will stand up and say to trump in front of the press like we are not going to pay too build a wall, or somehow he is changing trump's position, and trump is now look to go become more moderate. >> thank you for joining us there from mexico city. now in burma, dozens of ethnic groups who have been battling the military since world war ii have come together for a peace
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conference. is the main olence objective of the person in power now. absent from the conference is the bohenkia muslim community. let's look closer at some of the issues surrounding this onference and the challenges facing kyi. thanks for being with us. this is the first big public effort at resolving violence between the military and these ethnic groups. it is build as a piece conference, although some by is a they have been abusing those things. >> this is one of the positive steps that this new government has taken since coming into power. this is a very good sign. many people in burma,
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especially the ethnic groups are desperate for peace. for decades they have been targeted and attacked by the burmese army when the central government wanted to impose burma as a buddhist country and didn't tolerate any diversity. when this new government wants to have this peace conference, this is a very positive sign. however, there is a challenge for this peace conference because the burmese army is still not under civilian government control. the one hand, the burmese army are doing this in the capitol, and the army continues to attack civilians in different ethnic areas, and hey continue to rape women and
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other things in different parts of the country. this morning when the general of the burmese army talked about piece, it meant piece on their own terms. that means all the organizations have to come under their democratic constitution which was done in 2008, and the election was in 2010. >> if we can look specifically the bohengia musolini communicated -- muslim community. they number one million. are they trying to brush their issues under the carpet? >> well, there are several or ethnic minority groups not represented in this peace nference, as well as women's organizations, and human rights organizations. is not peace conference
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inclusive. it does not include all the representatives from all erspectives. it is a bit difficult. but for ethnic people to have a genuine peace settlement, they need to have representatives in this kind of conference and political autonomy in their own area. >> thanks very much for giving us your thoughts. that peace conference has start oday in burma. looking across to west africa, violence as erupted in gabon. supporters of the opposition presidential candidate clashing with police. there are also witness reports that part of the gabonese
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parliament building has been set fire to. these demonstrations are disputing official results of the presidential election released a few hours ago. it shows the incumbent beat his 51%. at just me of them stockpiling food, while security forces increased their presence on the streets. here is the. >> live on national television, the interior minister of gabon goes through the results of the vote methodical before announcing ali bongo's victory. ali bongo is elected with 177,722 votes, or 49.8%. thank you. > with a score of 49.8%, his
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48.23%. ore of 59.6% voter turn out. the opposition is crying foul, accusing the government of manipulating results in one province to ensure the win. he obtained 95.46% of the vote there with a participation rate of 99.93%. that is 40 points higher than the national average. >> now in spain a third general election in space of a year got a step more likely. the acting prime minister has lost a confidence vote. this was expected. has had two general
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elections since last year. both times no party has won it. h votes to get >> photography paying tribute to the frenchman behind one of the most iconic pictures of the 20th century. he has died at the age of 93. here is more about his well traveled life, his acclaimed career and the photo that made his name around the world. >> the photo would become iconic overnight. a young american girl holding a flower up to a gun at a protest against the vietnam war in washington, d.c. e flower girl helped shift public opinion on the way. it made the photography a public name. >> but she was saying to them i am not hurting you, so you won't hurt me. we are not going to hit each other. it was fantastic what she was
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saying, straight from her heart with just a flower. >> born in london in 1923, he took his first picture at age 14. he got his big break at 29, when two invited him to join their prestigious photo agency, magnum. a year later he climbed the aeffel tower and took a picture that would become an instant classic. >> these forms have no angle, no right angles, no sharp angles. it is all covers, you see. it really makes the photo. >> his career took him to the front line of events around the world. from the algerian war of independent to china under cohen and mao. a man devoted to his art, and
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he wanted to photograph life at its most intense. >> now a frenchman who is named for his daredevil stunlts is back in action in paris, scaling a 185 meter skyscraper in the business strict with no who were he is and no rains. he usually performs this kind of climb just as a stunt. this time he was doing it to call attention to a french ictim of domestic abuse. she is behind bars for murdering her abusive husband. she won a presidential pardon, nd her parole request has been rejected. he scrawled a message when reaching the team. he was taken to a police station but released. some 20,000 people have been
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painting the town red in spain. they were taking advantage of a festival, a tradition that relates back to a food fight between school children in 1945. it has grown massively. 160 totons of tomatotoes were lobbed around an hour. organizers manninged to hose wn the strickery street -- the sticky street within minutes of finishing. this is a great example of team work in action from the residents of a town near barcelona. they have been celebrating st. felix's day by forming human towers. this year the climbers actually meachemmed to reach 10 levels. that is a feat they accomplished for the first time
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in. the event has come a long way since the 17th century origin. it originated a dance that resulted on people balancing on each other's shoulders. safely say don't try this one at home. and they have to get down as carefully as they went up. safe this dangerous stuff there in spain. a reminder of headlines here. she says she is the victim of a coup and will be back. dilma rousseff has been removed from office in a senate impeachment vote. her replacement is due to be signed in within the next few minutes. a surprise and speedy visit to the country he once branded as he home of thieves and rapists. many mexicans outraged by the
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u.s. presidential candidate's trip. peace talks have begun in burma between the state and ethnic minorities. can they end the violence that has continued there since the end of world war ii? a reminder for you. the e waiting to see presidents cup to be sworn dsh to see the new president of brazil to be sworn in. for the time being we can talk about the state of the practicesian economy with kate. dilma rousseff has left behind a pretty dire economic situation in her country. >> and it does seem to be getting even worse according to new data. latin america's biggest economy began to slip around the time rousseff took office in 2011. growth it continuing to drop
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even more than expected. the g.d.p. cracked .6% in the second quarter. that is a drop of 3.% compared to the same peter a year earlier. despite those dismal figures, the economy has been rising rom historic lows. e have seen a bit of volatility on the sao paulo stock exchange. it has rebounded slightly, still down 1.7% as investors look ahead to the new government. let's check in on some of the other stock markets now. wall street is trading onwards. he dow has dropped 1 hum points. the oil indexes are down between .75% and 1.4%.
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not much change for the eurozone economy. inflation hold whoing at 1 had not 2 -- holding and 1.2 respect. the u.s. government has granted permission to eight american airlines to begin flights to cuba. is as jetblue became first to cuba. fly since diplomatic ties have been restored, visitors have been flocking to the island in record numbers as our corporate in havana found out. >> they are back. american visitors are returning to cuba. >> we are excited to see americans because i think it is .n opportunity for everyone
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the cubans can make some cash. >> for the people that do travel, they see it as a really interesting and awesome destination. the people that don't are like why would you go to cuba? they still have the 50's mentality. >> lots of americans have come, mainly young. and we have two or three times as much work because of it. >> the american will bring change to the island, with u.s. businesses boysed to take advantage of the relationship. >> we are the first american-run hotel in cuba. we are expecting to have a long relationship with cuba. >> entrepreneurs from other sectors are also in town. >> we are here on business. of course you have to take the time off to see the sites around. since our relations are opening, we are hoping to be some of the first importers of
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natural stone into the u.s. from cuba. >> u.s. companies are cropping up on the island. the americans have well and truly returned. >> moving on to other business headlines, ireland's cabinet could not agree on whether to people the european union's ruling on the tax. apple said it will challenge the order to pay nearly 13 billion euros in back taxes. ireland's minister has said he will follow suit. they have pushed back the decision until the end of the week. nigeria has slipped into recession. the latest figure the economy contracted by over 2% in april and june. the oil economy has been hit by slump in global oil prices. the indian government is trying more. ck pour --
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foreigners will be able to earn a 10-year visa for themselves and their family if they put $1.5 million into the economy and create local jobs. french farmers have called off a week-long protest after reaching a deal with lactali cinch to raise milk prices. here is more. >> it wasn't the deal they wanted, but french farmers may have avoided the worst. >> without this immediate hike in prices, i think morale would have been affected, especially because there weren't any long-term prospects. now we know that pricing will go up over the next six months, and they will need to keep rising in 2017. there is no other way. they called off their protests
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after they agreed to raise the purchases price by the end of the year, an average of 275 euros for 1,000 eliters. some say this might only be a short term fiction. >> it could simply be a nice gesture to appease the farm erlings. but then next year we are back to the same system. >> there will be more negotiations, and officials will need get involved. in any case, i won't stop here. we must keep pushing. >> dairy farmers around europe have been feeling the sting since the e.u. decided to scrap milk quotas. and also china is becoming less depend en, and for russian's decision to ban all western
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food imports. where french farmers were paid per d 27.7 liters -- euros letre. >> a rentalation of the economy minister overshadowed this week's gathering of business leaders in paris. it held its summer conference, seen as an important step for many leaders. one did not make a an appearance. our business editor spoke with he head of that employer's situation. he has he has the right profile, but he needs to see more. >> one of the things we see of all candidates, we are going to do marvelous things for the businesses and companies.
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they dream a lot. so we are going to see the credibility of their programs and especially how they are going to put in place the reforms. it is easy to be elected on a program and then afterwards to do nothing. i think the most important thing will be the reforms and the reforms in 6-9 months after the election. >> you can catch that in a special edition of people and profit, airing at 16:45 paris time. >> thank you. before we go into the break, let's bring you the latest live pictures we have coming into us from brazil. you can see the season there. we are waiting for the new president to be sworn in. he has been acting president since may when rouf rousseff was suspended. just a few hours ago the gnat it vote to removed her from
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office. we will be back to brazil for the swearing in. for now, we will take a short break and we will see nu a couple of
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08/31/16 08/31/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, thisis is democrcracy now! >> f from day one shehe was born into a nighthtmare. we w would go to the police ofofficers down therere and they rereal c couldot d do anything o hehelp us, they said.. we t talked to children service. we had taken her to the hospitals because of how she felt about herself. scared very, very, very for her mother's life, her life, and her sister's life. amy: today, the shocking story of a 15-year-old cleveland


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