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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24. around the world, these are the headlines. violence breaks out in gabon after ali bongo is declared the winner. trump talks tough on immigration. he promises to build the border wall and make mexico pay for it. just hours of what seemed to be more cooperative talk with the mexican president.
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brazil's dilma rousseff now officially impeached. temer ases michel president. coming up this hour, back to the .wat -- slot machines a change in fortunes after two years of slumping revenues. the details coming up. the world's oldest film festival gets underway with a hollywood musical. the latest from venice. first our top stories live from paris. supporters of opposition clashed withn ping gabon's presidential guard last
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night. they are furious over the reelection of president ali bongo. expresses outrage on france 24. >> everyone knows that i won this election. everybody knows it. every government knows it. the whole international community knows it. are calling on the international community to come to the aid of the gabon population who are confronting what we call a rogue government that does not respect national or international laws. >> the bongo camp says it is denying any accusation of vote reading. -- rigging. >> it is against our interests
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not ae gabon is dictatorship. recount mustfor a bring the matter before the constitutional court. this is all part of a long-term strategy. he warned he would not recognize the results of the election and would ask the people to take to the streets. several people were arrested last night, suspected of setting fire to the national assembly. it is a huge symbol for a country like ours. shops were also looted and vandalized. it is our duty to protect our citizens. >> for more on the situation, let's bring in china to many -- we are hearing 200 people have been arrested.
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tell us more about the situation. yesterday, the bombings immediately after it was announced that ali bongo won the election. as soon as that happened, there were lots of looting, fighting, and this morning, people are very scarce on the street. markets are closed. banks have been closed. many people are just somehow afraid. the military base is quelling down. and then, right now, they have blocked all entries from the opposition leader's house, because he highly contested the results saying ali bongo --
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in other parts of the country there has been looting, markets areclosed and some families starving. right now, there is just no way for people to come out and contest because the security is really heightened. >> if so many people are contesting it is also because this vote is incredibly close, about one percentage point or 6000 votes difference. bongo,th a win for alley -- ali bongo, could he do anything to answer that half of the population? >> you are right. even if he does something to react, the population under the opposition leader are planning to say they don't want ali bongo anymore.
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who work for the opposition leader, they have said they are ready to die. if these elections were not rigged it would have been some sort of change of democracy in central africa. they went in to elect ali bongo out of the government. >> thank you for that. reporting from louisville. berville. donald trump once again says he wants to build a massive wall between the u.s. and mexico and he wants mexico to pay for it. menominee laid out his stance just hours after sitting down with the mexican resident in mexico. at first the men call that meeting a warm one but in the
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wake of trumps speech, things changed. this was a speech that extinguished hopes that donald trump was about to soften his stance on immigration. >> zero-tolerance for criminal aliens, zero. phoenix, hein revealed policies he would bring to the table. immigration from countries like syria and libya, introduce so-called ideological tests to make sure applicants chair u.s. values and send back anyone caught crossing the border illegally. >> anyone who illegally crosses will be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which they came. rallies,r favorite at his pledge to build a massive wall along the border with mexico.
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not only that but he said mexico will pay for it. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet but they are going to pay for it. >> tough talk only hours after paying a visit to the mexican president where he struck a more cooperative tone. "i have a tremendous feeling for mexican americans and they are an amazing people." trump says he didn't bring up payment of the wall but president enrique pena nieto says he did. reacting to trumps latest proposal, the mexican president called them a threat to mexico. thousands of protesters poured into the streets of brazil last night against the country's new president. is hit by one of
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the worst recessions in brazilian history. he was sworn in just hours after the senate voted to impeach dilma rousseff. out, this is how the brazilians reacted to the swearing in of the country's new president. janeiro, michel temer takes the country hours after the senate voted to impeach dilma rousseff. >> uncertainty has come to an end. the country and put national interests above the interests of groups. slammed already being for appointing an entirely white male. three major administers have resigned. billions of euros of the state
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owned oil giant were secretly diverted to line the pockets of politicians. rousseff'sbruce f -- government to its knees. a former executive accusing him of seeking campaign funds. denies allegations but the problems he is facing are not just political. brazil has been battered by a recession. one that turned out to be the worst in the century. says he will fix the economy with harsh austerity measures, a move that could ignite yet more public anger. >> down to syria where heavy airstrikes have targeted areas of hamas province. those areas were captured by syrian rebels but damascus is pushing a counterattack in the
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region. syrian observatory for human rights says at least 25 people were killed in airstrikes overnight. turkey says it is working on giving aid to the syrian border town. syrian rebels pushed islamic state fighters out of the town last week. they have been forced out but their branding continues to hunt the syrian border town. backed rebels swept in, all that remains is the harrowing imprint. all the homes destroyed, they are back in the hands of their rightful owners. children are playing once again and women are showing their faces. >> we have cleansed the islamic state militants from our city. it is done. things are back to normal.
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>> today, there is little sign of the turkish military. the young fighters are the ones in control. they patrol the streets on motorbikes and toyota trucks, some bearing the signs of the conflict. >> there are no jihadists left here. just people from the syrian opposition. caught in the crossfire, troubles are far from over. they take with them the equipment for the hospital. >> do you have enough supplies to treat the wounded? >> just for emergencies. just for emergencies. device and x-ray
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there is no laboratory, no operation room. >> turkey is continuing its incursion to defeat islamic militants and kurdish fighters. -- curtis left forces kurdish left forces. a china is going to get handle on the spread of the zika virus. shipments arriving from singapore, indonesia is also screening travelers for the mosquito-borne virus. its first case of a pregnant woman testing positive. the world's oldest film festival is underway in venice and despite last week devastating earthquake in central italy and security fears across europe the festival managed to open on an upbeat note. it kicked off with a musical starring ryan gosling and emma
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stone. up thens, directors lit us as the redness -- venice. it kicked off with a screening of "lala land." a musical about a struggling jazz musician and his actress girlfriend. films contending for the festival's top prize and leading the jury is james bond and american beauty director sam mendes. >> directing is a lonely profession. pinnacle of a large. and people are working around you but you have few people to talk about what you think or what you love and one of the things i'm looking forward to is being able to share that and discuss it with people whose work i admire.
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year,er contenders this the light between oceans, starring michael fassbender, the and arrival, a sci-fi thriller. in a boost to local film production, the festival will screen the first two episodes of the european series "the young pope" as jude law as a fictional pontiff. most of the competitions are an american production. --anizers have been willing wooing hollywood in recent years. this year's edition takes place under tight security and comes a week after the devastating earthquakes in central italy. festival organizers are raising funds for victims out of respect
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to this year's traditional beachside party being canceled. >> let's take a look at today's top stories. violence breaks out in gabon after incumbent ali bongo is declared the winner. thousands backing his opponent take to the streets. donald trump talks tough on immigration. he again promises to build a border wall and make mexico pay for it just hours after what seemed to be more cooperative talk with the mexican president. brazil's dilma rousseff now officially impeached. r as leaves michel teme president, a man facing controversies and scandals himself. let's take a look at today's business with stephen carroll. starting with the latest on the eu ruling on apple's tax affairs . saide european commission ireland had given apple 13
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billion euros worth of illegal tax breaks over 10 years. apple is appealing that decision but we heard for the first time that the decision is maddening, disappointing, it is clear it comes from a political place and has no basis in fact or law. unfortunately this is one thing we have to work through. responded toon those comments and she denied that it was a political decision. a decision based on the facts of the case. looking into apple sales international, how they are arranged, within ireland, and therthe profit recorded e, and how they are taxed. >> positive surveys of the manufacturing industries in germany the netherlands and the u.k. boost shares in europe this
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afternoon. we can see gains in london, paris and frankfurt over 1%. >> good news for industry in china today. >> the country's manufacturing industry saw growth hitting a near two year high. on a less focused optimistic picture. i spoke to our correspondent, paul james. >> when we talk about the purchasing managers index this is a survey that came up which talked about manufacturing. surprisingly it is just above the 50 level. 50 being the bust line between expansion and contraction. at 50.4.h is when we talk about small businesses, an independent survey by a company called sideshow media says the exact opposite.
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the small and medium-sized sector is actually in decline. what we are looking at is a question of whether or not you want to believe the actual stats. one suggestion being that the chinese government, not necessarily the government but companies the pmi surveys want to give a good impression -- to the chinese government. perhaps they fudged the numbers a little bit. that they ares done on a broader basis, a broader scale. it is hard to say at this point but the chinese government will be looking at this ahead of this big g20 summit. >> a turnaround in fortunes for macau's casinos. for the first time in more than two years, august monthly earnings had slumped to five year lows since china's economy slowdown -- slowed down and the government cracked down on corruption.
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>> fortunes may have finally changed. august raised 1.1% in amid a losing streak of 26 straight months of contraction. news to hotel and casino operators. last week, a u.s. tycoon opened the most expensive resort yet. it hosted dancing fountains and cable cars. it was planned several years ago before the decade-long boom ended in 2014. >> the rate of growth was unprecedented historic, and not just extraordinary but outrageous. >> another $3 million resort will open with more multibillions to follow over the next two years. earning four times bigger than what is currently being generated at the slowdown in the economy as well as the
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government's crackdown on corruption has led to a steep drop-off in highrollers and yet the customers. customers.ip they are focusing more on dining shows that entertainment. macau is four times bigger than las vegas. not only will the new project put added competition on existing hotels and casinos but regional rivals like the philippines and vietnam are eagerly trying to lure away chinese gamblers to their own casino. >> thank you so much. now it is time for the press review. catherine. i catherine. the big news in the united states is donald trump's visit to mexico and his subsequent hard-line speech on immigration. >> everyone has been waiting or
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watching to see what donald trump would do and he did not disappoint. the washington post opinion papers says it is a return to form for donald trump, saying he andrsed his xenophobia self with the geithner -- the kinder front in mexico saying words like cooperation and sharing objectives, but a few hours later, back in the u.s. the tone completely changed. it was back to the old trunk. -- trump. there will be no amnesty. the editorial pages, they have this funny little cartoon. the cartoonist with trump flip-flopping. you can see a truck being driven then elephant that symbols republican party and the side says immigration incoherence,
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trump hiding underneath the truck. there has been controversy about this meeting that trump had with the mexican president. >> this is over that border wall. trump has been adamant that he has -- is going to build the border wall and make mexico pay for it. trump says the topic didn't come up when they met. the mexican president, enrique pena nieto says it did come up and he made it clear that mexico would not pay for the wall. >> what kind of reaction in the mexican press? trump is deeply unpopular, he has made a history of inflammatory comments about mexico. el universallook at and they gathered up a series of negative tweets donald trump has sent in the past about mexico.
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the paper sourced it from the clinton campaign website although his greatest hits are there. he called mexico's government corrupt, this is when el chapo had escaped prison and said that mexico is ripping off the u.s. more than any other nation. >> the other big news is the impeachment of suspended brazilian president dilma rousseff. the brazilian media is weighing in on what this means and what happens next for the government. we will start with oh global. one of the country's biggest papers. image a look at brazil's in the wake of the impeachment, and finds that the international community views brazil as a banana republic. this has given the country a black-tie -- black eye. it has been politically discredited and the paper goes on to say the scandal will not
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restore international confidence in brazil and that the problems plaguing the political system are corruption, cronyism and mismanagement. these problems are encapsulated in a cartoon. this comes from the brazilian paper oh dia. allies nowrmer turned bitter enemies dilma rousseff and michel temer. corruptalling him a politician and he calls her a con woman and that is a dig at her admission to fixing the numbers in that budget scandal. commentators are concerned about his credentials. >> he hasn't been charged with anything but is hanging over his additionthe brazilian -- edition says will it be
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different from recess presidency? he has been linked to the same 'sandal that dilma rousseff workers party has been linked to so not much optimism there. >> we take a look at the work of french photographer -- who died at the age of 93. >> he got his big break when robert cap a invited him to join the prestigious photo agency magnum. the french newspaper has devoted several pages to some of his more iconic images. on the front page, a worker painting the eiffel tower. if you look closely it is enough to give you vertigo. his best-known photo is one of a girl holding a flower as she confronts a row of national guard servicemen in washington dc. it is a protest during the vietnam war.
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it became a symbol of flower power and helped shift public opinion against the war. finally, one final image of a soldier in the congo
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