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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan 7:00 p.m. on monday, i'm james tengan in tokyo. welcome to nhk "newsline." north korea has fired three ballistic missiles towards the sea of japan. officials from japan and south korea's military are confirming the launch. the south korean military says it will raise tension as g-20 is winding up in china.
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south korean military said it came from north korea's west on monday shortly after noon. it says the missiles appear to be medium-range nodongs and flew around 1,000 kilometers. officials of japan's defense ministry say possible short range scuds and they appear to have fallen into the sea of japan inside the country's exclusive economic zone. the u.s. and south korean militaries have been continuing surveillance for a possible launch by the north. pyongyang has been opposing a joint military drill by the two countries that ended on friday last week. north korea will also mark its national foundation day on september 9th. our cameraman has this report flying over the area where the missiles are thought to have fallen. >> 215 kilometers north of japan and flying over the area where
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the missiles have flown into the sea of japan. i have yet to see any debris in the water below. i can see a japanese aircraft searching for debris. >> japan's foreign minister says he has lodge add strong protest with north korea over the launch. >> translator: the launch is a grave provocation and threatens the peace and security of the region, including japan and the international community. it's totally unforgivable. >> he said japan will work with other countries to respond. the launch comes as leaders from g20 countries are meeting in the chinese city of hanjo, where they are discussing challenges for the world economy. on the second and final day of the summit the leaders talked about a variety of issues, starting with corruption and tax fairness. a massive amount of financial dealings known as the panama
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papers was leaked earlier this year shedding light on the issue of global tax avoidance. during the afternoon session, leaders discussed terrorism and refugee issues as well as overproduction of steel by china. japan's prime minister shinzo abe spoke about the freedom of navigation and overflight. he said they're necessary to regulate trade. he called on countries to abide by the rule of law to ensure trade at sea. he called that the basis of global prosperity. abe's comments made with china in mind. the country involved in numerous territorial disputes but trying to avoid talking about them at the summit. despite that filipino officials are raising dispute. they say there are signs beijing is moving ahead with reclamation work in the south china sea.
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the officials say a philippine military aircraft spotted about ten chinese vessels around the disputed scarborough shoal. they say the fleet includes barges used for dredging work. they say a similar chinese fleet was seen around the spratley islands right before beijing began building islands there. china has been locked in disputes over parts of the south china sea with the philippines and other parties. the scarborough shoal was at the center of a case brought by manual arkrk to an internional tribal that ruled ainst china in july. after a tense standoff in the shshoal in 2012, beijingasas be deploying vessels tohehe area and effectively controrolling i. this time manual ark is concerned about the presence of ships other than patrol boats. japan's top spokesman weighed in. >> translator: we are gravely concerned. these actions are a unilateral attempt to change the status quo and by going ahead with them, they are trying to establish them as fact. >> suga also called on china to refrain from actions that raise tensions.
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enhong kong results of legislative council elections and candidates critical are maintaining seats needed to veto important bills. three candidates that want more independence from china won seats for the first time. this the first major election since pro democracy protests in 2014. voters turnout hit its heightest level since britain returned hong kong to china in 1997. the operator of the sendai nuclear power plant in swurn japan has swatted away a request to shut it down. the governor of the prefecture asked for the reactors to be suspended for safety checks. on monday handed a written
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reapply to the governor. he cited concerns among his constituents after a series of quake hit the neighboring prefecture. but the operator said the reactors would stay only, additional checks in november and december. kyushu lake-effect said they will boost around the plant and prepare more vehicles to evacuate social welfare facilities. the governor was not happen with that response. >> translator: i was asking for the reactors to be stopped first but the answer was regular inspections. that's e extremely regrettablel. >> mitazono will make another request to the power company after talking to officials and experts. the sendai reactors went back online last year after tougher regulations were introduced
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after the fukushima accident. a well-known mobile messaging term has joined the fierce battle in japan for market share in low priced smart phones. gene otani from the business desk has the details and all the other business headlines. the corporation has launched its own mobile phone network. the company said the lowest monthly fee will s start att 50 yen or $5. they can't be used for phones. no data for detective, monthlyl volume for transmission is set at 1 gigabyte. after that transmission speed will slow down significantly. users can purchase additional volume. >> translator: i believe our entry to the market will have quite an impact on competition in the mobile phone industry. >> retailer and consumer
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electric shops have also entered low cost smartphone market. the competition will only get tougher with line's 62 million users in japan. bank of japan will make a comprehensive assessment of monetary easing policy. governor kuroda said the bank will not consider scaling back easing measures. he rebuffeded critics to say monetary easing has a limit. >> translator: our policy assessment will be conducted with the a aim of achieviving 2 inflation target at the earliest possible time. some markeket participants are expecting we will talk about monetary easing but we will not have that discussion. >> kuroda indicated there's ample room for quantity, quality of interest rates and he said other new ideas should not be off the table. the governor indicated boj will fully consider side effects of interest rate. should consider kbkt on will
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role of banks as financial intermediaries as well as possibilities it could affect consumer confidence and volatility. stocks rose on the backs of stronger dollar following u.s. jobs data. nikkei average climbed to a level we haven't seen in three months. phoebe amaroso reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> reporter: m many investors h been e expecting a rate hike as early as this month. with lackluster nonfarm payroll data now betting on a hike later in the year. nikkei gained 2/3, highest level in three months. top i-rose 0.23. bounced off the yen off u.s. jobs data approaching 104 yen. it weakened slightly following remarks of bank of japan governor on boj's monetary easing policy.
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turning to individual stocks sector performing strongly on rebound in oil prices. jx holding up 1.6. tdk standout performer. it rose almost 4% on the announcement it will announce a joint venture with toshiba, automatic hybrid vehicles, toshiba up 1.5%. while many investors are still reassessing likelihood of u.s. rate hike, this week their attention may shift towards europe. european central bank's policy decision thursday. phoebe amaroso reporting from tom i don't stock exchange. many markets in asia-pacific region rose after weaker than expected jobs data, decreased expectations of a u.s. rate hike in september. hong kong 1.7, to close at their highest. shanghai composite ended up by .15%, 3,072, resource related stocks gained on higher
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commodity prices. a growth in service sector activity for august also supported sentiment but shares in the philippines dropped more than 0.5% closing 7764. friday's blast in at southern city dampened sentiment there. latest data from the japanese government shows the a average monthly salary, including bonuses, rose for the second consecutive month in july. the labor ministry released the preliminary results of its survey on workers salaries. it covers about 33,000 businesses across the country. the results show workers on average earned about 373,000 yen, or $3600 in july. that's up 1.4% from a year earlier. officials say higher summer bonuses as well as wages helped boost numbers. real wages which are adjusted for inflation also rose up 2% due to falling prices. japanese automakers are
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gearing up for self-driving technologies. seven of them plan to spend a record amount of money on research and development during the current business year. the companies are going to allocate about 2.8 trillion yen or $27 billion during fiscal 2016 that ends in march. that's up 2.4% from the last business year in terms. toyota hopes to put self-driving cars on public roads by around 2020. the company is working on vehicles that can change lanes on expressways without drivers having to touch the steering wheel. the firm is pouring resources into artificial intelligence. toyota group is likely to spend more than $10 billion, a record high for the company. many japanese carmakers are forecasting lower profits for this business year due to the stronger yen. they're optimistic that self-driving and other cutting edge technologies will help put profits in high gear. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. a rich selection of
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traditional new year's cuisine on display, a tokyo department store invited the media to a sneak preview well in advance. the dish isment to show support for komeito in western japan devastated by a quake earlier this week. it features brawn and beef from the region. major department stores started accepting orders from new year's licacies f from september to early october. companies in japan began accepting job applications from students and teachers in tokyo high school specializing in studies offered last minute tips on job interviews. about 100 looking for fulltime work. companies offering a total of 150 positions, that's a 20% increase from last year. labor ministry said shortage of workers is good news for job hunting students. it's time to take a look at global economic calendar for the week. on wednesday japan will release
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business condition indexes for july. on the next day revised gdp for april through june quarterly be out. initial data last month showed economy grew only slightly. we'll have policy decisions by european central bank by thursday and the bank of korea on friday. by the bank of korea on friday. also on friday china will release the august readings. it's too price indexes, inflation and producer price index. every monday we asked specialists to share their perspective on the coming week. in this edition of expert view we hear from the chief economist at daiichi life research inside substitute. the south korean economy has been slowing as its largest export market china losing steam. bank of korea slashed its key interest rate to a record low in june. we asked him about his outlook on the bank's policies. >> translator: the bok will
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likely keep its key rate unchanged next time, but it's quite possible that the b bk will opt to make an additional rate cut by the year end. >> he points out central bankeks are especicially worried about those weak expxports. the pillar of the country's economy. >> translator: south korea's exports are still far from strong. this has led to weaker output. i believe ththere is a g good ce that the cenentral bank wiwill downgrade the assessment of the economy. exports to china remain weak. south korean manufacturers are facing fierce competition from their chinese rivals. global money markets have e stabililized but the hwan hahas remained strong while the yuan has weakened. this is making it tougher for south korean companies. >> and regarding gdp they expect moderate growth this year.
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>> translator: i believe the economy will expand 2.7% to 2.8% in 2016. the question is whether it will continue to pick up through next year. i think this will be difficult. both the south korean government and the central bank seem to believe that economic conditions will improve next year. but i think that view is too optimistic. you can catch our report again online together with the full transcript. look for nhk world and "business wrap." >> that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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eel is a popular dish in japan that many worry it might not be on the menu for much longer. wild japanese freshwater eels are now endangered. to boost stocks millions of farmed eels are being released into rivers around the country, but this has had little effect and scientists are trying to find out why. nhk world reports. >> reporter: can farm eels and wild ooels eels co-exist in the same echo system? that's the focus of recent research. >> translator: we're researching how farmed eels interact with wild eels in rivers. this pond simulates that environment. >> reporter: researchers released equal numbers of wild
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and farmed eels into the pond to see what happens. seventeen months later, the farmed eels are undernourished and farmed ones are healthy and fat. after 20 months 90% of the wild eels are still alive, but almost half of the farmed ones have died. to find out why their survival rates are so different, the researarers try puputting one wd and one farm eel together in the water tank. the tank contains just one tube as a shelter. the twtwo eels compepete for th territory. it is the wild eel that's the aggressor. about nine times out of ten the wildld eel ends up occupupying tube. >> translator: it was surprisisg to see eels being this aggressive. i think farmed eels have little chance of surviving in an
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environment where they're in competetition with wild eels.. >> reporter: the findings shed light on why releasing farmed eels has not been successful in rivers where wild eels live. the university researchers are now looking for scenarios in which the eels would not be in competition with each other. they noticed that in rivers with artificial barriers that were too high for wild eels to get over, they cannot swim far upstream. farmed eels might have a greater chance of survival if they are released upstream. there are rivers where eels don't get. the team is now examining if they might be suitable for farmed eels. >> translator: we're starting to develop more effective and efficient methods.
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we hope that our work will make a difference in helping the eel population to recover. >> reporter: it is hard work for this research, but they are hoping japan's eel population boosts efforts like this. an exhibition in tokyo shows what happens when artists set out to interpret the cosmos. it features works of a large area of time and places as nhk world's reporter shows us. >> reporter: the show it's self is high above tokyo in one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. some 200 works of art on are display. they come from places across the globe. a large range of time is here,
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too. pieces that explore the new view of life. it greets visitors at the entrance. buddhist comesmology and shows how people in asian countries perceive the world within and beyo beyond. this japanese sword from the 19th century is made from iron from a meteorite. it's an important document because they indicate the material was difficult to work with he. a newsletter from 1803 contains a story about unidentified flying object. it describes a strangely shaped ship that and onshore in ibaraki prefecture. whatever it was, the article shows that people were thinking about extraterrestrial b beings even then. one section of the exhibition is called a new view of life. australian artist envisioned an
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imaginary extraterrestrial being. another work, sexy robot, incorporates the physical beauty of the female figure. this sculpture combines the notion of eternity. a british artist came up with something that looks like a sun dial. it explores the idea of time, even though the piece is a type of clock, it suggests a sense of timelessness. a computer graphics work celebrates the creation of life in the universe. it depicts the flight of a mythical raven believed to be an incarnation of the sun. the exhibition also host add workshop to teach elementary engineer high school students how to build telescopes.
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the kids threw themselves into the project. in an hour or so, they were ready to look up into the sky. they took their instrument to the roof to find out how much closer they could come to the stars. with kids and art the universe continues to expand. marie yanaka, nhk world. >> back on earth sayaka mori. >> north of kyushu located near western japan moving east
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dragging moisture from thehe south. tremendous amounts of heavy rainfall. over 200 millimeters of rain has fallen in kumamoto prefecture where massive earthquakes happened in april. about 70% of monthly rainfall for the region and strong winds north of the kyushu region as well. now a low pressure system, still bringing ample moisture across we shall japan. some heavy rainfall and thunderstorms across the regions. and over the next 24 hours an additional 150 millimeters of rain couldld fall, which could cause signifanant flooding and landslides once again and will likely continue for the next couple of days in the west. now, this was the first tropical storm to hit western japan of the season. all of them made landfalall inn eaststern p portions off japapa the fifth named storm to hit the country for the seasason. we have a newly formed system,
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newlwly formed low pressure sysm near taiwan. it's bringing heavy rainfall in taiwan and parts of okinawa region. this intensifying, likely affect pacific side of japan as we go into the latter part of this week. looking at heavy rainfall at times in tokyo area thursday and friday. temperatures and dry weather will likely continue for the next couple days in tokyo, at least into wednesday. across the northern portions of the americas we're looking at rainfall across northeast, not too heavy, though, due to rerecommend manitoba of hurrica hermine. hermine made landfall north floridida causing heavy waves across northeast coast of the united states. we have some video coming out of the region so take a look gusts over 129 kilometers an hour have been reported in florida and the storm claimed at least two lives. widespread power oututages have occurred in florida, georgia, and the carolinas. it's also o raising concern abo the e spread of the zika virus
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fromom pools of standing water left behind. now, hermine is now a low pressure system with tropical characteristics and it's located over the water. heavy rain is now falling, and still we have a tropical warning in placece for the northea coaot of the united states. ththat means strong winds will likely continue and also we are looking at storm surge and also life threaeatening recurrence ad surf are expected for the northeast coast. so stay away from the coastal areas. meanwhile, we have another system i want to mention. this is a tropical storm and it is expected to move up toward the north and could hit the southern tip of the baja, california, peninsula by 2:00 a.m. tueuesday morning. also hurricane, we have a hurricane warning already in place foththe ar.. rainfall cldld be t to 400 millllimeters s for many parart the western mexico. that could cause some flooding as well as landslides as well.
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temperatures are cooling down to the teens in vancouver, as well as seattle. we have winter weather advisory in montana as well as idaho. mountains will likely see heavy snowfall. and then across the south, 32 in houston on monday. here's the extended forecast.
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we'll have more updates for
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>> welcome to "live from paris." i am annette young. makingook at what is headlines this hour. at least 30 people have been killed in the syrian city as four explosions held that hit government held parts of the country, including homes and -- truckdriver's and farmers joined forces, and in some cases have blocked roads leading into the french port of calais.


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