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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to "live from paris." i am annette young. makingook at what is headlines this hour. at least 30 people have been killed in the syrian city as four explosions held that hit government held parts of the country, including homes and -- truckdriver's and farmers joined forces, and in some cases have blocked roads leading into the french port of calais.
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-- they areanding protesting the jungle on the town's outskirts. and the most important vote the territory has seen since it was handed back to the chinese from britain in 1997. annette: at least 30 people have been killed in the syrian city motion -- asirst four explosions hit the area. this as syrian government troops have renewed the siege of aleppo. both washington and washington failed to reach a deal on
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violence in the country. in the meantime, syrian state media say the armor, along with allied forces, have taken an area south of aleppo, severing the only route left into the eastern neighborhoods, which have been held by the opposition. beirute, let's cross to and speech are original correspondent -- two's -- and speak to our regional correspondent. what can you tell us about this latest round of violence? this is five attacks in quick succession across syria. the death toll across the country is 48, by far the highest number of people killed in tartuf in two attacks. in the other attacks central syrian province of homs on the beirut damascus highway. was reported by
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islamic state's newsagency, although they did not confirm the attack. none of the attacks have been claimed by any group. that they arer coordinated attacks, but they bear the hallmarks of islamic state. the areas that were struck in the northeast and on the coast have been badly hit the 160 people were killed in may in multiple suicide attacks, and a portly, isis has been under pressure in recent weeks across syria. -- it only yesterday that prevents them from bringing manpower into syria. if they claim these attacks, it may be that they are trying to send a message saying that even though they have lost some control, they want to be taken seriously.
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, if that we can expect to see some statement today, if not tomorrow, if they are involved. annette: president obama's meeting of the g20 summit in china, where they have been pledging to keep trying to seek a deal. >> that's right. i think the violence today highlights the need for a deal in syria. but those diplomatic attempts for negotiations, have really been struggling to get off the ground. yesterday we saw john kerry and his russian counterpart, sergei lavrov, sit down. there was some hope that they maybe be able to hash out a deal , particularly in the north. they were not able to do that. there are a number of key issues asy cannot agree on, such what to do about bashar
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al-assad, and the role of russia and the role of syria. we do not have details of what they talked about yet, but we understand there has not been a deal on syria. the united states says russia has a responsibility to dramatically reduce the scale of violence in syria, both from warplanes and from -- there can be no real cease-fire until they do that. where is russia says the focus of the united states needs to be -- the islamic state are the people who really are threatening the stability and sovereignty of syria. that is an argument by russia which may be strengthened today if it turns out that islamic state is responsible for those attacks. reporting from beirut, thank you. staying in the region, pro-government rebels continue to take new ground from the islamic state group on libya
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pass coastal city of. on sunday, tanks could be seen heading toward the center as froms pushed the jihadists their few remaining strongholds. it is a battle that could be nearing the end game. all this is happening on the eve of a summit in tunis, where the factionss to see resulted distances -- factions resulted -- factions resolving their differences. like a engaging the enemy on the same territory, forces loyal to libya policy unity government fire on islamic state group positions. in a push to oust the militants from islam's stronghold in the coastal city. hold up in the center of the city, just dozens of jihadists are thought to remain, defending
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their shrinking residential area with car bombs, sniper fire, mines, and shelling. >> now the situation is good, thank god. we have tanks. we have captured the medina hotel this morning. in a matter of little time, we will announce the total liberation of the city. away from the fighting, a u.n. backed summit is due to tackle libya's political stalemate monday and tuesday into may be a. the so-called unity government came to power in the spring, but it's authority has been contested by a rival administration. to advance a seek national dialogue to recognize the u.n. support of government of national accord with his political rival. annette: as we were saying
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earlier, china has been playing host to world leaders, for the g20 economic summit, hosted by the country for the very first time. beijing and washington were indeed going to have difficult talks at this gathering cincinnati usually large number of chinese vessels that since an sincelly large number -- an unusually large number of chinese vessels are in the south china sea. meeting to discuss the ongoing violence in syria -- for more, let's cross now to our correspondent who has been covering the summit. we are expecting a communique to be issued. what is it likely to say? well, yes, the communique came in about 15 minutes ago. readingng has finished it out to the press.
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as he mentioned, the need for innovation, to end trade barriers, protectionism. he talked about reforming the sdr baskets. communique also talked about reducing overcapacity. this has been an underlying issue between the u.s. and china , between the eu and china. the communique said that they could set up a forum which would tackle these issues. we have to know that still overcapacity's -- steel overcapacity is costing thousands of jobs in the eu and u.s. markets. annette: we are going to have to leave it there. thank you so much. in other news in france, french farmers and truck drivers have launched a joint operation to block off lane routes in the north of the country. they are calling for the closure of the infamous jungle camp
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located on the town outskirts. more than 7000 people live there in squalid conditions, many of them trying to jump onto trucks to reach the united kingdom. we do not want to go to work because people throw stones at our trucks, and we get attacked. we leave for work on monday morning with a not in our stomach. we cannot go on like this. we have to dismantle the camp. we know what they are enduring. >> at has to be dismantled so that we can do our jobs. annette: refugees have been attempting to go through calais to try to reach britain. the government of course is trying to dismantle the camp. but finding solutions to stop migrants in search for a better life from reaching their destination is proving to be difficult. on the site of the motorway in calais, migrants
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cry -- migrants try to climb onto trucks, using any means necessary to try to slow them down. >> i do not know what to do in that kind of situation. they try to open the doors. i always lock the doors, so this on top, openeded up the canvas, and climbed inside. >> france's interior minister has decided to go ahead with the dismantling of the jungle, but no date has been set. between 10000 and 12,000 migrants are in the camp. they will all need new housing for the calais region says there is no time to waste. >> we have to find solutions so that -- i will not accept any compromises. all,so have to -- most of the justice system must do its
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job, in calais and in other places. if migrants do not have a right to seek asylum in france, they cannot stay in france. >> authorities have tightened security and closed off the cap, but the migrant population has reached record highs. france, the paris prosecutor has requested a criminal trial performer president nicolas sarkozy over suspected illegal overspending during his failed 2012 reelection campaign. prosecutors office says it is asking judges to send 13 others to court in the case. it is up to those judges to decide whether sarkozy should stand trial. the former president announced his bid for next year's presidential election last month and faces a primary in november against a dozen other candidates in the right-wing party. the latesttime,
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development is being defined as a political maneuver. a former french budget minister is going on trial for hiding part of his wealth in tax payments around the world. --le fighting tax cessation tax evasion here in france. charges of tax fraud and money laundering. he was forced to resign in 2013, in one of the biggest political scandals in the current whole lot government. the 64 --year-old -- the 64-year-old is facing up to 70 years in prison and a one million euros fine if convicted. to hong kong, where preliminary rebuild, every spot joe anti-china activists -- among them is nathan law, one of the young leaders of the democracy protests in 2014. her beijing politicians will
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soon remain a majority of seats, partly because of the electoral system. our correspondent has more. dr. russell -- roughly 15% of out, 2.2s turned million people. that is the largest percentage in sheer numbers since elections started in hong kong. the results also displaced china to some degree. they oppose the government on many issues. it would have given them a number that they could use to block any attempt by the government to push through legislation or constitutional changes. but they did better than 24. they got 26, and there are still
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five more seats citywide that are being counted. picked up appear they three seats there, so they will have 29 seats in the legislature that have been elected in some way or another by the people. there has been another number of seats elected to so-called functional constituencies, professional groupings. even there, they are doing surprisingly well and have taken -- they had not expected to get it all predawn the whole, the inislature is more strongly the direction of opposing the government, and they are in a position to be able to block efforts by the government to change rules or push through constitutional changes. annette: time now for business news. i'm joined by stephen carroll. you are starting with the price of oil, which has jumped after news of the deal between russia and the saudi's. stephen: the companies have agreed to create a task force
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that will review the stability of the oil market and suggest a measure to try and create a more stable position for oil prices that may include limiting and put something that oil producers have failed to agree on something by now, the price of oil collapsing in the last two years. saudi arabia and russia are the world's number one and number two oil producers. jumped by those gains have been paired since more details have been emerging. the brent crude index, over 2.5%. we can expect oil prices to continue to react as more details emerge. -- let's seekets how they are reacting to that news. a celebration on european shares -- oil companies are up by 1% in paris and london, nothing dramatic to her they are a mixed picture across the main indices this lunchtime. we are seeing sterling rally
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after it showed its highest monthly rise in activity in 20 years. .1% a short down by time ago. going back to the g20 in china, the message being carried by british prime minister theresa may terry collins there, to outline her division for a post brexit britain to other world leaders. brian quinn reports. g20heresa may came to the amidst a boast -- a post brexit britain. it has been a hard sell with mixed results. on the -- in encouraging meeting with prime minister malcolm turnbull. >> after that, australia is determined to provide all the support that we can.
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>> that support might be needed u.s. president barack obama at a joint press conference hinted that britain would have to go back to the end of the line on trade talks. obama: first things first. we had to figure out what brexit means with respect to europe at our first half is to make sure that we get the first tpp done, on that we move forward negotiations, in which we have already invested a lot of time and money. fromttle sympathy either u.n. security council president donald tough. not that decide to leave. >> the government of japan issued a warning about the consequences of exit, saying it would work closely with japanese companies who need to relocate their offices from the k2 mainland europe. maine -
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despite opposing brexit herself, she is committed to carrying it through. stephen: those are business headlines for you. the liberty media group is set to take control of formula one, in a deal with $8.5 billion. magazine auto, motor, and sport, -- cbc capital partners has a 35% stake in the force. shares in something positive battery manufacturer has fallen after a recall of 2.5 million. the stock price hit a 10 week low in trading. at will finish the day 2.75%. hasrean shipping giant
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filed for bankruptcy protection in 43 countries. almost half of the firm's checks have been stranded off shore or seized by authorities. amgen is the seventh biggest shipping firm. byis being hampered overcapacity on freight carriers. have for years been debating the question of when a taxi driver decides to calls -- do they work more than it is busy or simple go home? thanks to uber, there is a new flood of information on the the ridesharing from finding less experienced drivers tended to work toward a daily revenue goal. the more experienced drivers were more likely to work when there was reasonable demand. annette: that is very interesting. uber has completely revolutionized the whole of the
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taxi industry. thank you so much, stephen carroll, with today's business news. coming up, the press review. time now to take a look at what is making headlines around the world. i'm joined in the studio by catherine viette. most prize that the german media has been reporting on that shocking defeat of angela merkel's christian democratic party. toherine: we will go right derek and its front-page headline is, "the cdu overtaken by the right, afd in second place." if we stay on the front page, their reporting that after the election. concern remains. is there possibly a silver lining, in that the socialist party and the christian democratic party together garnered more votes. it reminds leaders that those
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voting for afd, the alternatives for germany, the far right party, are voting more as a protest vote because no other political parties will form a is noton, saying it surprising that the xenophobia message of the afd party took a foothold in the economically depressed state of mecklenburg, western pomerania. and these are regional elections, not federal elections are however, some cartoonists are weighing in on the outcome of those elections. catherine: i thought this was a clever cartoon here. it is looking at garden gnomes, and it is titled the winner of the state that we were just discussing. if we take a closer look at the garden gnome, it is holding the afd banner, and he says he is against the implementation of garden gnomes. more -- for more
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garden fences. uc police with a billy club there saying, "stop the weeds." annette: apart from the humor, some of the press are the site -- are trying to play and why the afd party has done so well. less says that apparently difficult coalitions no longer get out the boat, no longer driving voters to the polls, and that the cdu has been slipping in popularity since 2011. it goes on to say that the afd party is a party of no. islam, refugees, closer ties with the west, -- it is no to islam, refugees, closer ties to the west, with individuals not willing to compromise in talks of turkey or global trade. it says this regional election has shown that a percentage of the electorate is very angry in germany, and to ignore this factor do so at their peril. media?: the french
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catherine: one headline is "the passing of the baton," the paper reporting that the extreme right has dealt a crushing blow to the german chancellor in her own backyard. it is said that she has been weakened by her refugee policy, which has been lauded and praise but also highly criticized. , the coverage continues with the headline, "a slap on merkel's outstretched hand cap the paper is worried that the problems exposed by this election could threaten the whole of the european union. "liberation" is concerned that german chancellor might crack ahead of the last -- of the next year's election, opening up a leadership crisis at a time when you are facing many big challenges like brexit. annette: there are reports of some diplomatic snubs. >> maybe you would want to call
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it diplomatic shenanigans were possibly rolling stare gays gay, i'm not sure. but the new york times reports that over the weekend when barack obama landed in china for the g20, it in a departure for -- there was no red carpet put out for air force one, and the president was to forced to dissent from the belly of the plane -- >> from the back end of the plane, i understand. catherine: not a very welcoming way of arriving, and obama had thought to down place -- to downplay this incident. he said i would not over crank the significance of it. annette: but some places are not going to let this story go. catherine: the story got legs. "the guardian" is reporting it as if they picked it up, a
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deliberate snub by the chinese. obama denied the usual red carpet welcome. the paper reports these types of , as what'stic events the g20 is one, are planned months in advance down to the final detail person not have staircase that will have been something forgotten or an oversight. the u.s. china relationship is a bit tense with both sides come into the conflict over the south china sea and other issues. annette: not surprisingly, chinese media have a different take. catherine: this comes from "the south china morning post," and they report on the government position in these things. the south china morning post is quoting unnamed foreign ministry officials, saying that the's their case snub -- that the staircase snub was all washington post fall. officials -- was all
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's fault.n they offer to get a translator, and officials shut that down as well. so it really was not a snub at all. all i have to say is that the truth is out there รบ
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