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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 5, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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in anchor: this is live from paris. stories,. syria is hit by a series of bombings. the islamic state group says it was behind the blasts, targeting government and kurdish held areas. residents brought -- calling for urgent action on the makeshift migrant camp. standcolas sarkozy should trial over the funding of his fail 2012 reelection campaign. prosecutor estate
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has made the recommendation, alleging illegal overspending. estatece prosecutor has made the recommendation, alleging illegal overspending. ♪ thank you for joining us. the islamic state group has carried out a wave of attacks in syria, killing dozens of people. four explosions targeted areas controlled by the syrian government. -- her two blasts the assad regime says the bombings were retaliation for the recapture of a district in aleppo, which has placed the city under siege once again. isis fighters are not actually thought to be present there. rubble areust and all that remain of this building. it came crashing down after a car bomb went off. a series of attacks
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claimed by the islamic state group on monday. that last -- another blast was reported to the army to -- reported at the army checkpoint just off of damascus. the first attack was reportedly caused by a car bomb in, and the second by a suicide bomber, who detonated his explosives when people hav -- the multiple attacks took place at 8:00 and 9:00 local time. they come just a day after the islamic state was driven in the last area it controlled along the turkish border. they recaptured two military academies that they lost a month ago to rebels. achor: efforts to secure
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cease-fire in syria has been continuing on the sidelines of the g 20 summit. has president barack obama met with his russian counterpart vladimir putin. the disruptions -- the discussions have been described as inductive. he did say gaps of trust of opposing a challenge to reach an agreement. president obama: we had some about what thes hostilities would look like, that would allow us both, the united states and russia, to focus our attention on common enemies like isil. but given the gaps of trust that exist, that is a tough negotiation. and we haven't yet closed the gaps in a way where we think it would actually work. politicians in the united kingdom have debating the merits of a petition, who in a
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second referendum on the countries eu membership, 25% of -- more than 4 million people have signed an online demand for a change in the law that would allow a fresh full on the brakes at issue. -- on the brexit issue. as confirmed by the minister in charge of exit. -- of brexit. >> there will be no attempt to stay in the eu by the back door, no attempt to frustrate the british people, no attempt to engineer a second referendum. because some people did not like the first answer. ae people have spoken in referendum offered to them by this government, and confirmed by parliament, by all of us on both sides of the argument, and we must all respect it. that is a simple matter of democratic politics.
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anchor: more on this from london. we can speak to her now. has been toldblic there will be no second referendum. did this serve any useful purpose or is it politicians going through the motions? guest: it is democracy in action. not only are mps coming back to work, but we actually have a clash in timing. debate there was this because every petition that gets ise than 100,000 signatures possibly debated in westminster hall. that did indeed go ahead. vote would be corrosive to public trust.
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the public had been lied to and he is calling for a second referendum. just saw a clip of, that is the minister for brexit. in the main chamber of the house of commons we have this statement, the first for the minister of brexit. we also had him answering questions for more than an hour and a half. he reiterated no second referendum. would not bet here rushed on its plans to leave the eu.
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he reiterated once again, that would not be triggered over the end of this year. brexit is set to continue dominating for the rest of eu and britain posh allies and partners across the world. detail on whatre that future relationship of the united kingdom would be with the eu and the rest of the world. anchor: was there anything in that debate that could be called for optimism that the u.k. could remain in the eu? guest: i don't think so. theresa may did come out for a campaign paid but she made it clear brexit means brexit. there are still demonstrations, there was one on saturday in and a few then others
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other cities, saying there should be a second referendum. today there was a counter demonstration during parliament sitting this afternoon, and they wanted that triggered straight away. clear, no second referendum, and the labor opposition is saying the government is guilty of a complete lack of detail. referendum, but expect to wait and wait and wait for more details. anchor: thank you very much, indeed. farmersorry drivers and have joined forces to block traffic, to demand the closure of the migrant camp. a human chain was created along the route to the port. reported0 migrants are to be living in the makeshift and crowded site. timeframe has been given, and
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protesters want it done straight away. highway, ahe a 16 complete standstill for over 10 kilometers. arries and tractors staged blockade monday morning. shopkeepers and even police joined in the protests. people formed a human chain across the road leading to the ferry ports. as protesters and unionists held up banners. it is in solidarity with transporters, and the farmers who are even more worried than .e are, who were relocated it is becoming unlivable. there are thefts in our farms. reporter: more than 7000 migrants from the middle east and africa are living in the giant jungle camp, as they hope
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to make their way to the u.k.. some try to use people traffickers to cross the channel illegally. hasch interior minister proposed to close the camp. nothing against migrants, but just angry at the government who aren't making good decisions. reporter: local residents are worried the region is being undermined by the camp. increasing security, boosting humanitarian aid, and returning those migrants who are deemed not to be at risk in their home countries. anchor: francis state prosecutor is calling for former french president nicolas sarkozy to stand trial. he is facing accusations of a legal overspending on his failed reelection bid in 2012. sarkozy hopes to be the presidential candidate when france goes to the polls next year. it is now up to investigating
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judges whether to decide to send him to court, a move that could disrupt his presidential ambitions, but not necessarily rule them out. >> a potential blow to former president nicholas sarkozy's hope for reelection next year. one is calling for sarkozy to stand trial after new evidence is being revealed that he knew about alleged illegal spending on his failed to 2012 campaign. investigating judges have been asked by the parent prosecutor to send the former president and 13 others to court. it is the latest move in the .o-called big million scandal in 2012 france had 20 12 million euros -- had 12 million euros on campaign spending. hadozy's campaign
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overspent, ordering them to pay .ack over 350,000 euros he will be put under investigation this february. while not convicted of a crime, sarkozy has been docked a number of legal cases. he still faces accusations that he conspired with his lawyer and a private judge in order to get information about a separate correction trial. itseparate corruption trap if he were to win the elections next year, he would be granted immunity and could not stand trial until at least the end of a five-year term. anchor: francis former tax enforcer has been put on trial. he is accused of stashing millions in tax havens across the globe while taste -- while chasing tax cheats at home. he had been a rising star of the french socialist party, appointed budget minister in 2012 by francois hollande.
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doing denied any wrong before confessing to a swiss bank account. he could face when million euros in fines if convicted. has vowed tomerkel win back voters trust, but has also defended the migrant policy that appears to have cost her dearly. merkel's christian democrats finished third in a poll, behind the right-wing anti-immigration party, the afd. the afd was only formed three years ago but has grown in 'spularity over anglo merkel open-door policy for refugees. thehey weren't able to beat social democrats in a regional election, but the far right alternative was still able to push the christian democrat union into third place.
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>> it should be particularly bitter for the cdu. merkel's electoral district. we will do everything to make her lose the region entirely. we have already managed to get three direct seats for the party. the afd is only three years old. initially a skeptic party, it had evolved during the refugee crisis into a xenophobic anti-migrant movement keen on closing the borders. it estimates over one million people have soft safety in germany over the last two years. for ordinary germans -- it is unclear as to who it is i elected -- it is directed. >> why did they bring foreigners into our country? we already have enough here. we don't need more. hope it is a warning for people to wake up, and i hope we
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will prevent the ear of another hitler'.- another reporter: anglo merkel stood by her policies. -- and the love merkel stood by her policies. by herla merkel stood policies. represented in over half of germany's 16 regional parliaments. it will vote in two weeks time. pro-democracy candidates have made gains in the first election in hong kong since the first wave of protests in 2014. they have served here it -- have secured enough seats to -- holding 37 available.
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advocating a break from beijing has underlined divisions in the city. -- with damaged hong kong security and prosperity. reporter: a new generation of young politicians pushing for independence from china have emerged as the big winners in hong kong's legislative elections. the so-called local list group --m an activist movement ist group from an activist movement. >> the candidates have achieved overwhelming positive results in elections. hong kong's people desire for change is incredibly obvious. reporter: more than 2 million people went to the ballot box for the highest voter turnout since the british hand over
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nearly two decades ago. -- pro-democracy parties are likely to hold onto the seats in the legislative council, which gives them the power to block any unpopular laws that forward by china. among them is 23-year-old nathan law, the leader of the umbrella movement rallies, who has guaranteed a seat after becoming second -- after coming in second in his constituency. >> we have to have a stronger power to fight against the companies. we could actually try to work together for those that uphold those thaton, and spend for democratic values. reporter: many analysts say the election's outcome could impact whether china grants a second
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term in office. anchor: the giant panda is no longer classed as an endangered species. it has become symbolic as the for world life conservation. it is still listed as phone or mobile. than 2000 adult giant pandas living in the wild. reporter: coming back from the brink of extinction, it has long been a in endangered species -- long been an endangered species. this international union for conservation of nature says the species is now vulnerable, but chinadangered, thanks to expanding forest reserves. a nationwide census says there were 7800 64 wild pandas in 2014 -- there were 1864 wild pandas in 2014, a rise of 17%.
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>> this is still not a massive population that is safe. it is the beginnings of good work, but it has to carry on. also with climate change and growing populations, on of the things we want -- all of the things we want. reporter: it is a different story for the world's largest ,rimate, the eastern gorilla which roams the forests of uganda and rwanda, has been upgraded to endangered. the species hass been -- the eastern gorilla is also poached for its meat. there is a culture among some tribes that gorilla meat is big man's meat. if you are a the ip and hosting other big men from the area, you may feel it is your obligation to serve them important man's meat.
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legaler: surges in a hunting has resulted in a decline in the past two decades. nearly 17,000 guerrillas, one of the subspecies of the eastern gorilla. anchor: a reminder of our main headlines this hour. dozens are dead after syria is hit by a series of awnings. the islamic state group says it was behind the blast, targeting government and kurdish held areas. demanding the closure of the jungle, lorry drivers and farmers block routes to the port city, calling for urgent action on the makeshift migrant camp. and nicholas sarkozy should stand trial over the funding of his 2012 they'll reelection campaign. france's state prosecutor has made the recommendation, alleging illegal overspending.
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it is time now for all the latest business news. good evening to you. we are starting with the g20. what are the take away points we have? guest: a lot of decisions made on the security side. one of the main points is it has been a tack that a blacklist for tax havens. a growinged by realization that growth needs to take up to convince everyone that free trade works for everyone. >> all that meeting took place of ast the landscape growth that has been too low for too long and too few. and there was clearly a consensus in the room around two facts.
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ande must be more growth growth must be more inclusive. anchor: the british vote to leave the eu was one of the biggest signs of that. may's firstsa chance to promote the eu after the brexit phot. reporter: theresa may came to to pitch apost a -- post brexit referendum. from india,rs mexico, and singapore would welcome talks on removing the barriers to trade between our countries. reporter: not everyone is being as accommodating. u.s. president barack obama hinting britain would have to go to the back of the line. behind the ongoing u.s.
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transatlantic trade and ongoing negotiations with the eu. president obama: the first tax -- first task is going to figure out what exit means -- what brexit means for europe. on theld move forward tpp negotiations, in which we have invested a lot of time and effort. reporter: the government of japan issued a warning about the consequences of brexit, saying it would work closely with the japanese companies that may need to relocate their regional offices from the u.k. to yo mainland europe. she will have to clear up the question of free movement. >> what the british people voted for was to bring some control into the movement of people from the european union into the u.k.. dealing with immigration is not one of action that you take, it is something you constantly have to be looking at.
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>> a potential sticking point that would have to be overcome for real trade negotiations to start. with the eu and the rest of the world. anchor: let's take a look at what all that talk did to the markets. u.k., gains shortly from the figures of the service sector. the index rose to 52.9 in august, which brings it back up to pre-brexit levels. the good news was not felt in the markets. all indices closed in the red today. they later dropped again after it became clear the two largest oil producers didn't actually agree on freezing production at the moment. there is no trading in the u.s. today as it is labor day. a warning about the potential for britain to strike tax deals when it leaves the eu. commissioner, who
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took on apple last week, spoke to france 24. >> the world is coming closer together on some issues, on trade issues, but also on taxation. when you see the work done in the g20, as a matter of principle for countries to insist that taxes should be paid, i think it will be very difficult for any country who wants to be part of the global community to do something than to say we need businesses to pay their fair share of taxes. anchor: if you want to catch that whole interview, you can tune in on saturday at 12:40 paris time. other business stories, volkswagen may be the next company targeted by the eu commission. the commissioners meeting with groups this week.
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volkswagen has pledged billions of dollars to compensate drivers in the u.s., it has so far rejected payout for the 18.5 million affected in europe. the indian telecom giant aims to cover 90% of the country by march of next year. begin atapest plans just over $200 per month. shares have plunged upon the news. and expectations are growing that snapchat is moving from mobile to affected reality. the photo sharing starter has joined the industry groups of companies that once employed bluetooth and hardware devices. acquisitionsows that suggest snapchat is preparing augmented reality. anchor: time for a short break. we will be back with more news.
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stay with us.
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09/05/16 09/05/16 [captioning made possible amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i don't think it makes any difference. the tpp p is going to go throug, whether itit's donald trump or hillary c clinton. endless war is gngng to b be continueued, whether itit's trump or clinto. we're not going to get our privacy back, whether it's under clinton or trump. >> i just want to say, equating donald trump and hillary clinton is absolute nonsense. i justst -- anybody who equates the two of them is notot paying attention. and it's dangerous kind of talk. amy: today, a fiery debate between pulitzer prize winning journalist chris hedges and former clinton labor secretary robert reich. hedges has endorsed the green party's jill stein,


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