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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 6, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. top stories this hour, the mayor paris calls it of moral duty to open the city's first refugee camp. 400 male migrants will be housed . withnce rocks kabul government taking over the headquarters of a global charity. afghan security forces managed to rescue all the hostages and the death toll from yesterday's attack has risen to 41. international pressure is mounting on gabon. observers say there are
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discrepancies and called for a vote recount. ♪ first, paris is to open its first refugee camp next month. the mayor unveiled plans for a shelter which will house up to 400 male migrants in the north of the city. about 350 women and children will be in a suburb to the south of the city. they say it is a moral duty to provide humane conditions for people fleeing war and poverty. it will cost six point 5 million euros to write and will be entirely funded by the taxpayer. >> just a stones throw from the cities ring road. in less than one month's time,
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the graffiti -- graffiti covered onlyouse will house men and contain 400 beds to begin with. people,ut hosting giving them a chance themselves together. people will be able to rest and have access to health care as they will have had a long and difficult journey. >> the migrants can stay up to 10 days in the camp and will receive medical and psychological care. meanwhile, residents in the neighborhood are divided. , in myend of the day opinion, i apartment has gone down in value. adding a migrant camp on top of that. >> they have to go somewhere, so whether it is here or somewhere else, they need to settle and
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create a sense of stability. they were shut out of everywhere else. the solution was down here, so be it. mayor of paris has announced another camp that will open by the end of the year. site will be in the southeast in a converted plant. that one will be for vulnerable populations such as women and children. >> the centers aim to replace the camps that have sprung up across paris. >> douglas herbert tells us now have the problem of homeless migrants forced the city council to take action. douglas: what we have basically been seeing is an untenable situation, if you live anywhere in northern paris, you walk around in the morning and lined up you see tents around canals and people just
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sleeping on mattresses. thee squalid camps all over place. this is really long overdue. you are right in pointing out that this initiative we are hearing about today that the mayor has just, yes, it's a good first step, but it is only temporary. migrants placed in these temporary centers stay is up to 10 days. they still have to find places for them to go afterwards. , back in mayparis was saying sense is known as a country that welcomes people. we are supposed to take people in and get them some sort of dignified welcome. these are human beings. they are people at the end of the day. what we have seen so far is totally at odds with that. we have had almost 30 police 6:00tions, often 5:00 or in the morning, you wake up and hear about it after the fact.
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the police came during the night and moved these people, putting them in other shelters. they have been subjected to a lot of uncertainty and it undignified lifestyle. good move. it is not a solution by any means. it still leaves the question of thousands of migrants in the calais migrant camp that we have been speaking about. what are you going to do when that place is closed down as the interior minister said he intends to do by the end of the year? a very visible problem here in paris, you can see the tents springing up all around the city. numbers to those in germany, well over a million. france has a lot less to deal with. >> they had a lot fewer migrants to paper, but the reality is, the housing minister, the lodging minister placed the number at about 70 migrants a day arrived
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in the paris region alone. if you take the government's estimates, they say they have housed up to date about 15,000 migrants they have provided temporary shelter to. a lot of those go to what is called the hospitality and orientation centers. there are about 160 of those spread across france. there are not enough spaces. they acknowledge they still need to create many more spaces just to fill the need. they settled about 25 a day. 70 are arriving for day. you don't have to be a math genius to see that you have a problem. there is no real long-term plan. is appealing to citizens to perhaps open up their homes on a temporary basis to migrants. she is saying it she has to she will requisition hospitals and gymnasiums while we find a way to deal with them in a dignified manner and in a way that defense
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welcomingradition of people, which some say has been far from the case during this migrant crisis. >> not everyone is pleased with the refugee camps in and around paris. a new reception center that was sudaneseto be hosting and afghan men was torched in what police say is a suspected arson attack. there has been another day of violence in the afghan capital of kabul which is still reeling from two major suicide bombings on monday. the government stormed the offices of the global charity care international. over 40 people were rescued by secure to forces and the gunmen were killed after an 11 hour siege. is two years after international forces withdrew from the country. >> after an 11 hour standoff, police finally end the siege. all the assailants were killed.
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authorities say three men barricaded themselves inside an caree of the aid international after a car bomb exploded late on monday in one district. 11:00 at i was walking in the area when suddenly, there was a big explosion. right after the explosion, a huge flame rose in the area and everything was covered with smoke. afghan security forces arrived and blocked the area. >> the afghan branch of the taliban claimed an earlier attack on monday. dozens were killed and more than 90 people injured in the twin blast near the defense ministry. >> a suicide bomber was running for the scene of the first blast. forle shouted and asked security forces to open fire on
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him. he was able to reach the scene and detonated himself. general and two senior police commanders were killed in the blast. this wave of attacks comes less than two weeks after more than 16 people died during a shooting at the american university. no one has yet claimed responsibility. extremist groups have escalated ,heir attacks nationwide highlighting a worsening security situation. civilians have had to pay a heavy price since nato forces ended their mission in 2014. >> international pressure is growing on gabon, following a disputed election result in the state. the prime minister has call for votes to be recounted. others say there have been discrepancies regarding the results in certain regions. ng claims he won the
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election. he said between 50 and 100 people have been killed in postelection violence, a figure far higher than the government's official death toll. >> there have been between 50 and 100 deaths. the people in power are killing every day. the u.n., france, the european union, and the african union asked me to call for calm. i did this. and immediately, they did -- the difficulties we have seen stopped. i myself was surprised because i don't control the population. it stopped. there was the same call from o, but it ali bong continued day and night. x from the very beginning, has plunged-- mr. the country into chaos andping
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conspiracy, implicating people from outside gabon and ivory coast. he cannot even identify them or say where they are. >> the president of poland says he has written to church leaders in the u.k. k, asking them to help keep polish citizens safe. hundreds of thousands of pol live in the u k andes they are concerned for their safety. to thepolish>> the polish ambae u.k.'s first day on the job, a funeral for one of his compatriots. his 40-year-old polish man was beaten to death by six teenagers on august 27. less we can, to other polish nationals were violently attacked. they are now investigating the hate crime. these incidents mark and
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unprecedented wave of violence following the referendum that's all the country go to leave the european union. >> i voted to leave
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uncertainty surrounding them are unlikely to relieve tensions in a divided united kingdom. >> there are two months to go before the u.s. election, and three weeks before democrats hillary clinton -- democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump will go head-to-head in a live televised debate. polls show the candidates neck tic -- neck and neck. they are stepping up the heat on the last leg of their campaigns. jet was close to hillary clinton's plane on cleveland's tarmac. they could almost hear the bad things they were saying about each other. rivals where the launched the final sprint of their campaign. hillary clinton pulled no punches. >> he seems to have this as our
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attraction to dictators. were moreists interested in clinton's e-mail controversy. this was the first time since december the democrat attempted to explain why she had sent confidential messages on a , even thousands of them after the investigation started. couldn'tct that i remember certain meetings and whether or not they occurred does not in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have classified material. donald trump tried to put controversies over immigration behind him and push ahead in the campaign. >> this is an important element of what we are doing. although still behind clinton in national polls, the republican's figures have
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improved in recent weeks. >> where going to bring jobs back to ohio. we are going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> both candidates showed how important ohio is. it is one of four swing states that will prove decisive for the november election. >> thousandsds of athletes with disabilities are preparing for the paralympic games which begin in rio de janeiro on wednesday. our reporter is there and tells us how the organizers are breathing a sigh of relief after concerns about poor ticket sales. >> 154 countries will be watching the rio paralympic aims, a 30% increase from the last version of the games in london for years ago. the event that is already an international success, will it be a domestic success? they were scaled down with venue
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closures amid big scares about four ticket sales. better.tion now is much the 1.5 million mark of ticket sales has been reached, so more than 60% have now been sold. easy to explain the movement in part, people missing the atmosphere of the olympics and wanting to be part of the event. many of the tickets are -- many of the tickets are cheap, some around three euros, and lots of hometown athletes to cheer on. brazil tends to do much better at the paralympics than they do in the olympics. they have realistic hopes of entering the top five this time around. the schools are now back. they were on holiday during the olympics to ease the traffic flow. they are now back, which means partiessy to organize of schoolchildren to go and
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visit the paralympic games, but it does mean the city is more likely to be locked in that traffic graham -- traffic jam gridlock that characterizes big-city brazil. quadruple and pp -- mt will be going for gold in the swimming pool. >> it is 7:00 a.m. and the 16-year-old is swimming laps. he is a member of france tossed para -- fairly big -- he is a member of france's paralympic swim team. quick sometimes early in the morning i am dragging, but then i think of my goal, and that helps me to get going here he >> he looks deep within himself to find the motivation to keep going. he had his limbs abdicated after coming down with meningitis -- when hes were amputated
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was six years old. now he just wants to live like other teenagers. >> my determination helps me get over my disability quickly. >> it was a chance meeting 10 years ago that would change the course of his life. in 2006, he met felipe, another quadruple amputee and celebrated swimmer. he made history as the first to swim theputee english channel. now the torch has been passed between the athletes. >> i'm like a big brother. wants a mentor, someone to say we can still have a great life. >> he is already a swim champion, winning the 200 meter freestyle and the 50 meter act stroke. it is in the pool that he finds his freedom -- 50 meter
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backstroke. >> in the pool, he doesn't have to struggle. he achieves great things. he is like everybody else. >> he is hoping to become the youngest french swimmer to win a medal in the paralympic games. our quick reminder of headlines, the mayor of paris is calling it a moral duty, announcing plans to open the city's first refugee camp. 400 male migrants will be held on the site. it will open next month along with another center for women and children. kabulr day of violence in , the afghan security forces managed to rescue all the hostages but the death toll from to 41. international pressure is following laston month's disputed election results. eu observers say there are
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there is aes and call for the votes to be recounted. update on the day's top business news for you now. >> we are going to start off with a south korean shipping company that scott itself into a bit of hot water, you might say. it's been asked to dump some of its cargo ships. >> dozens of vessels are out it is now for several days. the shipping company filed for receivership last friday. 11thowned by south korea's largest conglomerate. the parent company has no test in. now stepped >> the shipping giant, south korea's largest and the seventh largest in the world, injured for bankruptcy protection in
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dozens of countries. more than half the vessels in its fleet have been stuck in ports are stranded in cities, unable to pay docking and unloading fees. including 32 million euros from the personal fortune of the chairman. the south korean government has also offered funding to resolve the crisis. just over 80 million euros in , loworm of long-term interest loans. the group has yet to accept the offer but the companies shares rose more than 20% at the news. debt is estimated at 4.70 5 billion euros. posted a net loss for the first off of 2016 with losses around 974 million euros over the last years. it's troubles are symptomatic of a widespread downturn in the
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global shipping industry, the worst in six decades. growth of the sector has ground to a halt. overcapacity has also led to a drop in freight rates. it is still uncertain whether they will be able to remain afloat. lego released results today. the danish company's own revenues grow by 11% in the first half of the year but net profits were down by 2% compared to last year. the chief financial officer, , spoke with this earlier today and shared some thoughts on how the brexit vote would impact the brand. >> free trade is a really important aspect for us, and something we think really enhances overall business. we will be monitoring the implications of brexit very carefully.
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it is too early to assess the direct implications for our business at this in time, but needless to say it's very important to us. we want to ensure that we will find a way, no matter how things great lego deliver products into the hands of u.k. consumers. hashe german company bayer upped its bid to $65 billion but investors say they want even more. they say they're in advanced talks to acquire monsanto. two earlier officers were rejected back in july. if the takeover goes through, it would become the world's biggest chemical company.
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price should hit $130 a share to go through. stocks trading slightly down just a while ago. let's look at the market now. they are calling it takeover tuesday. u.s. markets were closed for labor day yesterday. a number of big deals including the bayer bid pushing up the markets. the nasdaq is up for the third day running. notets indicate they do expect the federal reserve to raise interest rates in september, following week job jobers on friday -- weak numbers on friday. .t is a deal heavy day today let's look at some of the other deals going on. one deal is valued at $28 billion. both companies operate pipelines that deliver oil and natural gas. if shareholders agree, the
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result will be the largest north american energy infrastructure company. buying a 16.6% stuck -- steak in navistar. it will allow volkswagen to gain a foothold in the u.s. heavy truck market. french carmaker renault expected to stop producing diesel engines in most of its european cars. diesel engines becoming too costly and facing tougher standards and regulations following the scandal at rival automaker volkswagen. news, the u.s.
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network has reached a settlement with its former anchor, gretchen carlson. left the the settlement is reported to be worth $20 million. that two other women at the network have already over similar charges. >> thanks very much indeed. a short break, please stay with us. much more here to come here on "france 24."
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