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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 7, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. you are watching "france 24." the top stories this hour. western backed opposition calls government tional lead the government. they insist that assad must go. gas tan -- car full of sisters were found and people arrest the. >> and gabbon's post election stalemate continues with president ali bongo accusing e.u. being biased against him.
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>> first, the syrian opposition has been presenting its plan for peace at a meeting in london. the high negotiations committee, which is backed by saudi arabian western powers is calling for the creation of a transitional government to run syria for 18 months before elections can take place. president assad would be required to step down. the group's leader and former syrian prime minister says assad's departure is not deposheable. russians and americans agree fontenot is differ, then we will not accept it. well not accept assad, not for six months, or a day or even one minute in this transitional
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period. the russians and americans know this. this is the position of the syrian people. >> yet more accusations of chemical attacks by syrian regime forces. opposition activists say bombs loaded with chlorine were dropped on a neighborhood in aleppo. several people are being treated for breathing difficulties. here is the story. >> when rescue workers arrived in the neighborhood of aleppo, smelled chlorine, they brought a hose and poured water over them. the neighborhood had allegedly just been bombed by government forces. they believe it was a chemical attack. >> we have his clothes. everything smells of chlorine. >> a hospital later confirmed that dozens have been treated for breathing difficulties, and that claire clothes smelled of chlorine. this isn't the first time that
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chemical wilhelmsen are thought should be used in sir. a report determine the both the government and islamic state group have kearled out such attacks in 2014 and 2015. >> we have received reliable information concerning the use of chlorine gas in a neighborhood of aleppo city. >> the government has categorically denied ever using chemical weapons. fighting in the strategic northern city of aleppo has been ongoing. the city has been divided between regime controlled areas in the west and rebel controlled areas in the east. on sunday the army reportedly re-imposed the siege on the eastern part of the city after recapturing southern neighbors, which rebels had seized last month. >> half the world's refugees are children, and most of them come from syria and afghanistan. unicef, cording to
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which says 28 million children have been driven by homes from war and conflicts. the number has doubled in the past decade. here is the report. >> children are increasingly bearing the prudent of poverty and conflict across the globe. in 2015 they accounted for a third of the world's population but half ofally refugees. the number of child refugees has doubled in past 10 years, in due in large part to conflicts in syria and afghanistan. 45% come from these two countries alone. some of the findings in a new report by unicef. >> today almost 50 million children are on the move. 28 million due to conflict on other crisis and the rest escaping poverty.
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these children on the move are children, and they should be treated as children. >> child migrants often have no documentation, and their uncertain legal status means they are likely to slip through he cracks, falling victim to trafficking and sexual abuse, and ending of education. at greaterer risk, those fleeing conflict and poverty on their own. last year 78 countries received asylum applications from 100,000 unaccompanied children, three times as many as the previous year. the report calls on the international community to provide protection, education and health services to child my rants, to end the detention of minors seeking asylum, and to share the burden more equally everything taking the economic situations of the country.
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>> french police have arrested two people, a man and woman, in connection with a suspected terrorist plot. it follows the discovery of a car filled with gas canisters parked close to the notre dame cathedral in paris. a local cafe owner reported it after seeing the car porked with headlights on. they feel it may have been a dry run for a real attack. here is more. >> at least two people are in police detention after a local raised the alarm on sunday morning. he saw a car on a side street not far from notre dame cathedral. he saw the vehicle had no license plate and the hazard lights were blinking. there was a canister in the vehicle, but the kanter was
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empty. they found six more canisters in the trunk, all full of gas. it ♪ clear this was an attack that was on the way. it is more likely this was at the planning stages. the canisters were not attached to any detonator to set them off. the owner of car was found. he was briefly detained and then later released. on further examination of the car, police found fingerprints and a notebook with arabic script in it. the two people arrested, they were found at a service station in the south of france. it was thought they were on their way to spain. it is a man of 34 and a. would of 29. now they can both be held for up to 9 hours. they are known to french intelligence services and are thought to have a security file on them. they are thought to be on a watch list for people known to have been religiously radicalized. i remind you at this point that
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it was just in may that the head of french interior security said before a closed parliamentary session that islamic state group -- it is thought they were moving towards more vehicular based attacks. even tuesday, the prime minister himself said that the terror threat facing france had never been so high. >> they are calling it the great wall of calais. a british minister has unveiled plans to build a four meter high concrete bare yarou in an timmy to keep my -- in to keep them from jumping on lorries. truckers and farmers have been protested in calais, urging them to dismantle the camps. which houses thousands of migrants from the middle east
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and africa. a row has broken out between iran and save raburn. teheran said the saaby royal family was not fit to rule over sacred sites. the saudis hit back saying iran's leaders are not true muslims. last year hundreds of people were killed. here is more. >> the war of words between saudi arabian iran is intensifying ausmas limbs from around the world gather from the annual pilgrimage. a clash from last year that left hundreds of dead. an unofficial talley claims over 2,000 people lost their lives, although the saudi government only admits to 769 deaths and has refused to release the details of the investigation. iran is again calling for an apology. >> the government of saudi arabia must be held accountable for this incident.
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unfortunately, this government has refrained from a verbal apology to muslims. saudi arabia's senior collaric claiming that iranians are not muslims. >> they are not real muslims, and the enmitt is very old. >> they follow different branches of islam, shiite and sunni. around 60,000 iranians took part in last year's pilgrimage. but they could not agree on this year's. an estimated two million pilgrims took part in the journey last year. >> fwab's post election stalemate.
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john peng insists he won, and others said ali bongo went. they called e.u. biased after they reported discrepancies in the vote count. >> e.u. observers say there is no doubt that the vote that led to ali bongo's re-election was deeply flawed. central to their conviction were the reports of one of the nine provinces in the corled and a stronghold of the bongo family. >> in this province, there were non-voters than the electoral commission declared at the end of the vote. >> the region reported a turn-out of 99.93%, compared to a national average of 48%. that would mean that only 51 people out of more than 71,000 on the region's electoral register didn't make it to the ballot bofment. bongo is under increasing pressure at home and abroad, including from france, to order
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a recount. he has refused, casting aspersionses on the integrity and the legitimacy of his successors. >> it is the constitutional court who does the counting and decides for a recowen. as far as the results are concerned, i am amazed that people aren't questioning the provinces he got 100% of the vote. >> the african union has said that a delegation is headed for crisis. mediate the it is headed by the read are of chad. >> there have been more opposition marches in cities agross venezuela, demanding a referendum to end maduro's term in power. last thursday, a million people
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arched in the capital, caracas . they have set the ball rolling on a referendum, but it is unlikely to happen before next year. >> the paralympic games are about to begin in rio de janeiro. thousands of athletes with disabilities will be taken part. the run up has been be set by difficults. here is the report. >> the paralympic spirit shining its light over rio de janeiro. for the next week and a half, the city will be home to one of the biggest stages for people with disabilities. >> we hope that brazil does well, gets many medals and brings joy to the country. at the same time i think that all athletes who are in competition have already won a medal given what they have overcome. >> but getting to this point wasn't easy. the games faced a serious budget shortful after overspending during the alix:, and up until recently,
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the ticket sales were insufficient. e ticket buying campaign represented rectify the situation, as well as a sudden injection of funds from rio and companies. >> these are the people's games. ticket sales now are above 200,000. the venues are ready. the athletes are in the village. i am going there now. i was there yesterday. they were happy with facilities. >> there will be over 4,300 athletes from 61 countries with one notable competition, russia, spended because of doping concerns. they will have to navigate around a city that is not ten praised for its accessibility o the disabledle while the olympic park can be reached by transit, other stadiums are in
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hard to reach areas. >> authorities in france have foiled a scam involving the theft of millions of you'res worth of art works from a prestigious art house here in paris. it to be seven years for the investigation after a tip by an monday us in source. here is the story. >> being the world's oldest auction house, it handles up to a million items per year. but it took an anonymous tip-off to undo decades of crime. >> on tuesday, dozens of men were jailed for their part in a vast scam to steal thousand of art works and other valuable items. porters who were in charge of transporting objects were found guilty of removing and selling them on their own account. ey discovered thousands of
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items, including jewels and artwork. the porters had luxury lifestyles aroused suspicion among authorities. some concerns after emptying the homes of clients after their deaths, taking things that were not logged. they denied knowledge of the theft, while supporting the practices cushion. >> i think this decision is pretty much in accordance with what we could expect with concern for apiecement. we shouldn't be looking at this as if terrible things are happening here every day. it is a reliable and reputable house. >> dozens of victims of the scam demanded damages which were turned down by the court. the case has shocked the art world, with many wondering if the reputation will ever recover from the scandal. >> the infiltrator is out in
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french cinemas this wednesday. of an s the true story agent that infill it's traited the drug cartel to take down the leader. >> pablo escobar, and its main contributor. >> it was the biggest drug bust in u.s. heston and went to the heart of pablo escobar's cartel. >> it tells the story of a customs official who went undercover on a dangerous assignment. >> nothing good ever comes in the absence of trust. >> 30 years on, the real man maintains a low profile as escobar's friends still want revenge. he says undercover work posed some difficult moral issues. >> clearly things like having an undercover agent present while somebody gets murdered, and no action being taken by the government within a
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foreseeable short time, thus allowing a murderer to stalk around a community and potentially kill others. >> while living in constant danger, he wasn't alone. he had back up from an undercover wife. >> one wrong word. one slip. >> to prepare for the role, she spoke to the real-life ago, though always from a distance. >> she is a very mysterious woman. i didn't get to meet her face to face because she is still very worried about being seen and found out. i find people who do this kind of job truly mesmerizing. she was a real trailblazer because in the 80's, women didn't really go undercover. >> the movie does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of 1980's miami. it received positive reviews in france when it was shown at last week's deauville film
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festival. >> let's get you an update on top business news now. we are noah the studio. >> hello. >> the latest from apple? i am talking about the iphone 7. tell us more. >> it just drop, and apple announced about an hour ago that the new i phone 7 and plus has several new features. storage is going up to 256 gig bites. there is megaspeakers, stereo speakers. disgoing to be water proof and bigger cameras. the head phone jack is gone. there are going to be new wireless head phones calls air pods. other news about apple watch. it will welcome swinney proof and you can play pokemon go. super mario is joining the app story. apple stock still down a few percentage points, about three,
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after that big reveal. we will keep track of that throughout the evening. now more apple news. it is a ruling that has divided opinion in ireland. the irish cabinet today try to explain why it is appealing a european commission decision to award its 13 billion in back taxes from apple. they say apple's low tax bill in the country constituted illegal state i aid. the government disagrees and is refuse to go collect. >> 30 billion euros would be difficult to turn down from moat countries. that is it exactly what the irish cabinet is doing. they are not following an order that apple pay back taxes in. >> nothing is being done wrong here. we have a matchless commitment to meeting the best international standards. >> the government rejects the implication that ireland is a tax haven, maintaining that they have the right to set a
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competitive corporate tax rate. it has one of the lowest rates in europe at 12.5%. mpared to 33% in spain and 20% in u.k. attracting that investment has become a cornerstone of the state economic policy. but not everyone agrees with the decision to appeal. opinion polls in ireland have shown majorities in favor of apple paying back taxing. they say big business should pay back their fair share. >> they are trying to say this is some new timmy to undermine sovereignty. it is a dishonest assertion by them. it is a cynical lie to assert it is a problem to our corporate tax rate. >> apple is also appealing the decision. the e.u. commission said that in 2014, the company paid the
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equivalent of 50 euros for every $1 million in in american profits. >> another tax story. denmark has become the first country in the world to buy data from the panama papers leak. it contains a trove of information about off shore tax companies and their owners. the danish government was approached by an anonymous source over the summer and will pay 1.2 euros. will use the new york -- it use the information to determine whether between 5 hundred and 600 danish people alluded taxes. >> it turns out there is a possibility to go after some of the danes, who apparently have hidden money in panama from the danish tax authorities. maybe some of it could always be criminal money. so we owe it to main danes who pay their taxes to get the information. i have after discussion with parliament concluded that we do
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so. >> another twist in the scandal rnel president jose manuel barosa. he was hired at goldman sachs as a chairman and a brexit advisor in july. o'reilly has written to the commission saying the can case has called into question whether the rules are fit for e.u. purposes. brian quinn has the details. >> strong words from the e.u. ethics watchdog. emily o'reilly says the hiring rmer european president by investment bank goldman sachs, calls into question the adequacy of the codes of conduct. she says this. >> his move has generated concern at a very challenging time for the e.u., and particularly in relation to citizen trust in its institutions. this is a significant public interest issue and must be open
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thanly and comprehensively addressed by the commission. accept 's decision to job comes 18 month after he left the country as president. it is not technically forebooeden. french president alonda has called it legally per missable, unacceptable. they wonder whether he is going to advise the back on brexit. a change calling for strong measures against him, including suspension of his e.u. pension has gathered over 130,000 signatures. goldman has said the decision to hire him had nothing to do with brexit as it have done prior to the vote when it appeared britain would remain in the e.u. >> u.s. markets not that impressed by beige book, a key report on economic conditions. it said the u.s. economy grew at a modest pace between july
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and august. ne stock that is doing well is intrexon. they used its technology to combat the zika virus in the states. european shares remained flat. german production fell in july. but strong company indexes closed up today. activist anniversary bill stake in take a 9.9% chipotle. it has been suffering since a food poisoning scandal last year. it's stock has slummed, and the department of justice is investigating it. the stock jumped more than 5% on the news. bank of england governor was facing parliament today. m.p.'s questioned him about the outof the brexit vote to leave the e.u. in june.
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he said it had been val daylighted by britain economy faring better than expect the. he left the possibility of further cuts in interest rates this auto. they are considering limiting few access to its music. the financial times errored that some new albums could be restricted to only pain members for a limited time after release. it is currently engaged in licensing negotiations. the streaming service has been losing money for year and hopes to present investors with a more sound financial picture. that is all from me. >> thanks. we are taking a short break. stay with us. this is "france 24."
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