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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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molly: welcome to the "france 24 " newsroom. i am molly hall. hillary clinton canceled a cap in stopping california after she falls ill with pneumonia. the diagnosis raises questions about her health and her transparency with the american public. postpones the controversial rerun of its presidential election. the government sites malfunctioning glue as the reason for the delay.
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syriais heavy fighting in ahead of a new cease-fire deal due to go into effect later today. also coming up this hour, the french government stepping in to stop the closure of a factory that built the first tgb high-speed train per we will have details in our business update with stephen carroll. molly: hillary clinton plus health is back in the spotlight. the democratic presidential candidate is sick after the september 11 commemoration in new york and had to leave early. her doctor says she had pneumonia, and now she has revised her campaign schedule, canceling a trip to california.
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the diagnosis raises fresh questions. pascal davies reports. >> a ceremony marking the 15-year anniversary of 9/11 was under way when hill clinton -- one hillary clinton made a sudden departure. video shows her struggling to maintain her balance. before being carried into a van by secret service agents. clinton was then taken to her daughter's apartment nearby to recover. after around 90 minutes, she emerged. >> are you feeling, mrs. clinton? mrs. clinton: great. great. small statement. mrs. clinton: it is a beautiful day in new york. in the past few months, donald trump has raised concerns about hillary clinton's health. despite the former secretary of state revealing more details about her health than her republican rival.
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he even suggested last week that the candidate release detailed medical records. every time i think about trump, i get allergic. the candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia friday. it is her second overheating episode. this is not the first time that her health has come into the spotlight. back in 2012, the former secretary of state was after a concussion left her with a blood clot in her head. an eyewitness to sunday's incident said he is not too worried. >> i am not concerned personally. >> 68-year-old clinton and 70-year-old trump have both disclosed far less information on their health than previous presidential candidates. hillary clinton has brushed off
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concerns that her health would affect the outcome of the election. sunday's episode will likely change the conversation in the race for the white house once again. molly: for more on these latest of elements, we can speak with mr. john zogby -- with pollster john zogby. theticians get sick, but timing is not the best for clinton, so with this image of her stumbling to get into the car, is this a game changer for the election? junko it really could be. -- john: it really could be. her numbers have been going down, her leaves have been dwindling. in a few instances, key states like ohio, she is no longer in the lead. she said something on friday denigrating a whole bunch of donald trump supporters, which certainly was the sort of thing to get her in trouble. giving credence
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to what previously was within the realm of conspiracy theorists, just what is wrong with hillary clinton? why is she stumbling? why is she coughing all the time? why is she not letting us know exactly what is going on? this could not happen at a worse time for her. molly: her doctor says she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday, but as we know, she only went public after the video came out. play outat going to for her and her trustworthiness in the public eye? john: first of all, her trustworthiness is very low, so she needs the remaining time to build trustworthiness. having an episode like this looms a whole lot larger -- why didn't you tell us it was pneumonia on friday, and then let me add a question that you are starting here -- is it
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really pneumonia? as it turns out, i am a man of the same exact age, and i have had walking pneumonia four times. i can tell you, it is not fatal, it is not debilitating in a permanent sense. is you are weakened, and it not a question of a few antibiotics, a couple of days at home, and having mom's chicken soup. this could sideline her for four to six weeks of bed rest and home rest. we need to know a whole lot more about what is going on about her. this is not helpful to her campaign. molly: surprisingly, we have not really heard much from donald trump himself on the matter. why is this? john: first of all, this is the way it should be played. the news itself speaks for itself. it does not need donald trump or an opposing candidate to pile on. but then he is donald trump, and
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he is due to say something within the next hour. i will be watching, as i'm that you will, too. molly: thank you very much, john zogby joining us there from new york. sticky situation in austria. the presidential electoral rerun has been delayed. the decision was taken after some postal voters said the glue on their ballots was not working properly. the original vote, austria became the first western european country to elect a far since worldf state war ii. here's the australian syrian interior-- the austria minister. >> as head of the national electoral office, this is the capacity in which i'm speaking here. i have to a knowledge a mistake in the production of the voting cards is the reason we cannot guarantee a flawless election in conformity with the law. the reason is a faulty election
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and the low. envelope.y election for more coming here is anthony mills in vienna. anthony: under these circumstances, that moment was not foreseen by the constitution. first of all, that needs to be approved. then they need to get a person in place that allows nondefective envelopes to be distributed, possibly changing the printing company. -- the wayf course, it looks now, it looks like it will be at the earliest the end of november, beginning of december. that is what the interior minister said during his press conference. even on a tight timeframe, that looks to be the earliest this election will be out. two months or so is quite a long time in politics. molly: it is quite an external development in an already intense situation, given the
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fact that the foreign candidate lost the original vote by less than one percentage point to the independent candidate. do we have an idea as to which way the new vote could go, and also if this delay could possibly influence the outcome? >> it certainly remains very tight. recent polls indicated a slight hofer, therbert right candidate, and edge of two percentage points. 48% for him 52% to overnder been developed -- alexander van der bellen. it is very close. there did appear to be a correlation between the expansion and the attacks that we saw in southern germany, which of course weighed heavily on the minds of many austrian voters. but at this stage it is still a very, very close call, and it is not entirely clear which of the
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two candidates stands to benefit most. if there are more attacks, it could be argued that norbert hofer could capitalize on that resurgent sense of insecurity. it could be argued that voters who voted for alexander van der bellen before have really been mobilized by people saying you have to vote for him to prevent a far right candidate from getting into the presidential palace. they may be suffering for the fatigue, say we may not want to go out and vote anymore and we have had enough of the whole debacle. some of the media lines in saying that austria is a laughingstock. there is a sense that the world is watching this. they could be becoming tired of the whole affair. molly: that was anthony mills indiana. later today, a cease-fire is scheduled to go into effect in syria, in a temporary halt to fighting that was agreed by
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russia and the united states. the two countries are the main backers of opposing sides in this civil war. as of now, a key question is whether or not moscow and washington can convince their allies to pause the fighting. troops and rebels may lay down their weapons in a few hours, but before they do, they will launch new attacks. this is how it looks on the eve of the cease-fire after the regime bombed a rebel held neighborhood. also hit one province this weekend, i clashes continued in another province and around damascus. the government opposition -- the government and opposition are controlling us much territory as possible before the cease-fire begins. that is the goal. d the u.s. and fateh sponsor deal, like
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al-sham. the hard-line group criticizes the deal because rebels have to dissociate themselves from fateh al-sham, formerly known as the elbows were front. nusra front.missou if it holds for a full week, it could eventually lead to new peace talks. there is skepticism the plan will hold. the questions about whether the u.s. and russia have a stronger influence on their allies to keep them from clashing. in turkey, an
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explosion hit the eastern city -- the provincial offices of the ruling ak party were attacked. 19 people were killed in a car bombing that local police forces pkke on the separatist military. much focus has been over the weekend on north korea's latest atomic test. severe flooding has killed at least 133 people and left nearly 400 others missing. according to the united nations, over 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. >> weeks of severe flooding have devastated north korea. as these recent images from chinese media show. near this river, it destroyed thousands of homes, leaving 140,000 people in need of urgent
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assistance. according to the you an office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, the new wash toll on monday -- it 133 people with another 395 missing. 100 7000 people were forced to flee their homes in the tomb and river-- in the tumen area. vulnerable to national disasters, especially floods. there is widespread deforestation that allows rain for -- rain flow to flow downhill unchecked. there is great hardship suffered by the north korean people. the government was working hard to reopen roads and distribute relief goods and building materials. they released images showing recovery work being done, praising the government for transforming a 200-day labor campaign into an emergency relief operation. the last major storm in the country killed 169 people in
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2012, and a series of floods and droughts were partially responsible for a famine that killed hundreds of thousands in the late 1990's. let's get an update of the headlines we are following this hour. the hillary clinton camp had a campaign stop in -- postponed a -- the hillary clinton cap canceled a campaign stop in california. austria postpones a controversial rerun of its presidential election. the government sites now functioning lou as the reason for the delay. thealfunctioning glue as reason for the delay. there is heavy fighting in syria ahead of the new cease-fire set to go into effect for today. update now on all the latest business news. i'm joined in the studio by stephen carroll. you are going to start off in france, where the government is stepping in to try and rescue a train factory that is threatened to close.
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firstn: this is where the high-speed tgb was built. the closure is controversial, and now the french has made saving at a political goal or at francois hollande told manager this morning to find a way to keep the plant open, or risk becoming an issue in the next year's presidential campaign. >> a last-ditch attempt to save a landmark train factory. has set onedent objective. that of ensuring that collaborations in belfast continue. the french government has intervened after the train maker has been moved to another site
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kilometers away. trains has been a tradition since 1880, and the government was not about to let it go quietly. the state has a 20% stake in the company, and last week the chief executive was summoned to paris to explain the closure. seems to bent forcing a tent, although it has yet to say how it will react. -- was forcing its hand, although it has yet to say how it will react. the prospect of job losses is a concern to the government. in belfast, workers are petitioning, gearing up for a rally on monday. stephen: samsung has seen more than 12 million euros wiped off its value over the recall of its latest smartphone. shares in the coming close to down almost 7% in south korea,
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after samsung told users on 7iday that the galaxy note would have to stop using their phones because of explosive batteries. the company issued a worldwide recall. airlines and the american federal aviation administration told passengers not to use the phone on flights. let's look at what is happening on the markets next. it is not a pretty picture. trading in europe today seemed fairly sharp. headed for their worst day since the brexit vote in the u.k. this as investors take bets on whether or not the federal reserve will raise interest rates in the united states at its meeting next week. one company having a particularly bad day is a bee food companyof the primark. turning to greece, where the prime minister said the risk to
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international lenders is hurting the country. alexis tsipras said agreements between the international monetary fund and the european union are damaging any return of investor confidence. greece is struggling to implement economic reforms that will open the door to talks on debt relief, a key issue for the imf. feeling to are participate, saying they are not convinced the country's debts are sustainable. the electronic car maker tesla is overhauling its autopilot technology. sensors will use radar rather than camera images to guide the car. the change will make it easier for technology to detect metallic objects but not nonmetallic once. underlots have been scrutiny after a crash in may when a car using the system drove into the side of the truck, killing the driver. tesla's chief executive, elon musk, describes the new software as a massive enhancement. a british entrepreneur is bringing a very english project
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to a new market. it sells british sausages in austria. the man behind the project, richard holmes, started the company because he missed the taste of british sausages. sufferi selling his sausages in the city. generally, i am a big fan of german sausages. nowere against them, but over the past couple of years, it has not changed now. stephen: he is a man who knows sausages. businessank you for news. it is time now for our press review. by ourned in the studio
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correspondent who is talking about written press. you are start off with hillary clinton's health, back in the spotlight after falling ill yesterday. >> back in the spotlight, but also at the center of the presidential elections now. if you look at the front page of "the wall street journal," "health becomes focus in the u.s. race. "takingpaper says, clinton's teams word for it on her health in light of sunday's episode is no longer enough. people have questions that need to be addressed. molly: she did fall ill. she was attending the 9/11 memorial service held in new york. that marked the 15th anniversary of the day. deepthika: the guardian says that her poor communication about her pneumonia is a symptom of her press problems. they have been known to delay reporters, scramble timelines,
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and all of this has become standard practice between the clinton campaign and reporters. what could have been a simple bout of illness has now blown up into a major election issue. the reason for that is the secretive way that the campaigns handle issues that a consider -- ful to the korea molly: we are waiting to see if a cease-fire will go into effect later today in the syrian conflict. dick cheney, former u.s. vice president, and his daughter, liz, has penned a scary article, saying instead the u.s. has now down to iran, allowing china and russia to emerge as global forces. -- it is ironic that
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cheney oversaw george bush's post-9/11 terror strategy which ultimately led to the birth of the islamic state group. the 9/11 anniversary coincides with several events, including id festival. there has been skepticism about the truce. language paper -- now for the independent, the british newspaper. elevatedrussia can be to superpower as a result of this deal. they note that one of the bay's weaknesses is the fact that it also targets the al qaeda-linked al nusra front group, which has been leading the non-iss group, a very conflict situation. affrontsthe al-nusra
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with the islamic state group, there is a risk that the two girls conform as part of a super terrorist group alliance. the dalai lama is kicking off a six-day tour of the country. it will be largely a nonpolitical visit. he has not scheduled meetings with francois hollande or any other members of the french government. the only thing given to the french media was to him on a few days ago in which he said, "i have nothing to say to the french authorities. aboutirmed to say happiness. his reasons could be more political than he is letting on. reports thatoves pressure from china is mostly that is most likely the reason he is meeting with french officials. chinese officials are very wary growing popularity of the
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dalai lama, especially in the u.s., and they may have to step in. despite the fact that he had been confirmed to attend in july. molly: one meeting he is scheduled to hold, that will be a conference. >> that's right. he will be giving a speech in front of a thousand people. he has also been invited to lunch with a couple at city hall. reports that the spiritual leader has not -- has asked for no gardner -- no garlic in the food. the dalai lama used to be a vegetarian, but due to health reasons, he has been obliged to eat meat now. we are going to end with a story about the -- it seems that kim jong-un's attempt to bring it to the country has it if you speed bumps. anpthika: according to
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australian website, the north korean leader is desperate to promote tourism in his country, in a bid to draw foreign currency. many visitors who go are chinese, and they have recently hotel, theyan gang were sent to korea. -- keep in mind, there were padlocks on the fire escape scum and no running water in some rooms. one reviewer says prisons are better. others have compared it to the soviet era. i quote from one reviewer a campaign to -- a complaint -- i flushed the toilet and my feet got a wash. molly: thank you very much for that. you can always had to our website at inthepress. stay with us. we are going to take a quick break, but the news continues here on "france 24."
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