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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday. i'm james tengan in tokyo. nhk "newsline" starts off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. show of force. u.s. strategic bombers fly over south korea to show solidarity following north korea's nuclear tests on friday. something fishy. a new revelation in plans to
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relocate the iconic food market is fueling anger. and racing. a typhoon posing significant threats for landslides and flooding. the united states, south korea, and japan are working together to increase pressure on north korea following its fifth nuclear test. the u.s. military has sent two strategic bombers in a show of force againsten pyongyang. the b-1 bombers made a low altitude flight over osan air base over seoul. they were escorted by south korean fighter jets. >> the united states has an unshakable commitment to defend allies in the region and will take necessary steps to do so. including operations like the one you observed today. >> translator: if north korea continues armed provocations, we
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will respond with countermeasures strong enough to shake that regime to its roots. >> the u.s. pacific command says while they were on their way, they joined forces with aircraft from the japan self-defense force. commander says it is against the destabilizing actions. park geun-hye ordered them to stay on alert. >> translator: the south korean government and military must cooperate even more closely with the united states in military matters. our military must be ready to end the north korean regime should it ever fire a single missile toward our territory.
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>> president park accuses the north korean leadership of thinking of maintaining power while people of the country live with hunger and human rights violations. american and south korean diplomats agreed to take tough actions against north korea over the launches. and it seems that china is likely to cooperate as well. seong kim is following seoa meeg in seoul. the leader told reporters that the fifth nuclear test by the north last friday is a provocation that cannot be condoned. he said the strongest possible pressure should be applied against pyongyang. he said he and his counterpart should press to a resolution to impose more sanctions. they will work to decide
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unilateral ones. the u.s. envoy said other than north korea participants of the talks are strongly united. he predicted china would cooperate in pushing for sanctions. meanwhile, people in south korea have been shaken by one of the biggest quakes ever recorded. at least eight people were injured and there is a possibility of stronger earthquakes. >> reporter: meteorological officials say the quake hit at 8:30 monday night. it was a magnitude 5.1 earthquake less than an hour before. one night has passed since the earthquake struck near gyeongju
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city. this roof has collapsed and this windshield was smashed. >> translator: i was rushing out home when i wasn't thinking and was shocked when i saw my car like this. >> reporter: buildings partially collapsed. officials with public safety and security said they received more than 250 reports of damage. people in south korea are very scared. they seldom experience earthquakes and this was the biggest since 1978 when records began. >> translator: i've never felt such a big quake before. it shook me back and forth. everything in my home crashed to the floor. >> translator: my children are so scared they don't want to go
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home. it seems to have left them afraid of earthquakes. >> reporter: no irregularities were reported at the nuclear plant. but they suspended reactors as a precaution. officials are warning people to be ready for aftershocks. nhk world. there's a new development in the debacle over the relocation of tokyo's iconic fish market. following revelations soil contamination at the site was not properly handled. now it's been revealed that metropolitan officials knew they were misinforming the public about the cleanup. tsukiji was slated to move in november to a place operated bay gas plant. caused by the plant's toxic chemicals. the investigation revealed that the department in charge of the
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work didn't follow that advice. its workers left spaces below the main buildings empty instead of filling them with clean soil. the wororkers posted images on e tokyo government website claiming to show the buildings on clean soil. investigators say top department officials were well aware of the situation. some officials told nhk they did not anticipate any problems. the head of tokyo'ss wholesale markets paid a visit to skooe gee to apologize. they promised to ensure the safety o of the new site and th reasons behind misinforming the public. ito said he was shocked to learn the news. >> translatotor: we trusted you all along. i just canannot believe what yo have done. >> skooe gee is more e than 80
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years old. the tokyo goverernor has postpod its relocation. she's citing problems with transparency. executives at japan's large firms are feeling upbeat about the economy. gene otani from our business desk has details along with other business headlines. >> finance ministry officials say business sentiment among large japanese companies has become positive for the first time this year. the officials surveyed some 16,000 firms for the july to september period. business sentiment was at 1.9 for all industries combined. the index represents the difference between respondent who is think business is improving and those who see it's getting worse. this was because car makers that halted business have resumed operation. for non-manufacturers the figure was plus 1.4 as more foreign
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tourists have been checking into hotels. a leading japanese chip maker is looking to boost with regard to self-driving cars. renesas electronics says it has agreed to buy u.s. chip maker intersil for $3.2 billion. renesas aims to fully control the manufacturer by next june. we the acquisition, the firm will expand its portfolio in analog chips that inputs data into sound signals. it will be used to manage conductors and electricity. these are expected to play a role in self-driving vehicles, an area in which renesas hopes to boost its business. officials also say they hope to increase sales in china. chinese has released august
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data on production and retail sales. both figures beat market expectations. the latest data shows industrial output grew 6.3% from a year earlier. that was 0.3% up from july. the fastest pace since march. retail sales were also up 10.6% from last year. that's up 0.4 of a point. more chinese people are buying cars before the end of the year when tax breaks will finish. checking the markets, the nikkei closed slightly higher as concerned receded over an early rate hike from the federal reserve. our business reporter phoebe amoroso has more from the tokyo stock exchange. >> we're seeing markets swing on different comments from fed policy makers. after fed governorr warned against raising rates too soon. but investors held off on making
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major moves. let's look at the closing levels for this tuesday, september 13th. the nikkei gained 0.3% ending at 16,729. but the broader t topix closed down a touch. if we look at individual stocks, we can see that uncertainty over the timing of the next rate hike is feeding into demand for pharmaceuticals. nichirei was among the beneficiaries. yamaha motor ended up 1.2%. but electronics maker screen holdings was down more than 3%. finally shares in renesas electronics rose more than 2% after they announced the buying of u.s. chip maker. on what will provide another clue what the fed will do next week. naturally they'll pay attention to the u.s. cpi data on friday.
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i'm phoebe amoroso reporting from the stock exchange. moving on to other markets. little impact on the shanghai composite. 3,023. it was the closing number there. singapore back from holiday with hefty losses. dropping by almost 2% finishing at 2,818. the sharpest one-day fall in nearly three months. lower oil prices weighed on the index. seoul's kospi up by 0.4% as we see there. hong kong hang seng index declining by 0.3%. sydney down 0.2%. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. u.s. trade authorities will impose anti-dumping duties on a type of steel importer.
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the international trade commission said hot rolled steel used in cars and construction material is priced too low and hurting manufacturers. the levy will produce two froro japan. jfe and nippon steel. japan is rushing to put self-driving cars on the streets. a government panel aims to move up the initial target to start sales of such vehicles before 2025. government officials say they will accelerate efforts to support industries in developing driverless cars. they will also speed up legal revisions and construction of communications systems that link cars and traffic signals. honda motors plant in western japan has resumed full operation five months after a series of earthquakes. honda produces motorcycles and car parts at the factory which was badly damaged in the april quake. production at the plant partially resumed from june. executives say they want to
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speed up operations to make up for lost production. a record 11.7 million international tourists visited japan during the first half of the year. some of them are flocking to get a taste of the real japan through a home cooked meal. nhk world's reina kowasaki has details. >> reporter: these people are meeting for the first time around the dinner table. they are taking part in a program that links foreign travelers with hosts who cook up a family meal. >> they're really good. i'm learning. >> oh, you're learning. >> we were expecting something authentic and it definitely was. was worth it and maybe more than we expected. it was fabulous.
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>> reporter: a japanese nonprofitt c cated it to promot grassroots international exchchanges. guests s sign up using a websit and pay a fixed fee of around $35. of that, $15 is paid to the host to help cover expenses. yamagishi registetered with the program this year.. >> translator: inviting foreigners over for dinnener is fairly hassle free. it feels like going on an overseas holiday. >> reporter: she works with a friend to prepare lunch for a woman from mexico. mexican food can be spicy. but they decided to make beans the japanese way. sweetly stewed. >> translator: i wonder if she'll like it.
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>> for me the opportunity to meet real people and see their houses and everyday life, daily life is unique opportunity. >> reporter: this is sylvia's first visit to japan. >> very good. >> reporter: witith delicious fd and good conversation, three hohours pass quickly. >> food is just the occasion that gather us together. >> reporter: in the five years
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since the website's launch, some 3,800 visitors from around the world have used it. there are now nearly 700 japanese host families. with the tokyo olympics coming up in four years, the number of international visitors is expected to rise further. and so is the number of foreigners looking for authentic ways to experience japanese culture. rena kawasaki, nhk world. you can catch our report again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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japanese athletes have won two silver medals and one bronze on this sixth day of the paralympics in rio de janeiro. that brings japan's medal tally to eight. three silver and five bronze. keikichi kimumura competes in the vision impairment category. he started badly but has trained
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hard to help his endurance. that pays off. he soon makes up for his poor start. and kimura captureres the silve. >> japan faced thailand in the bochi finals. the japanese team takes an early lead. but thailand bounces back with precise, powerful shots. japan loses 9-4 and gets a silver. it's the country's first medal in the sport. in track and field, japan won a bronze medal in the 4 x 100 relay. edged out the germans to win the gold. brazil came third. japan finished fourth. but the u.s. team was
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disqualified. its second runner touched the third running outside the designated zone of the relay. the japanese team moved up a notch to third place and got the bronze. it's japan's first medal in track and field at the olympics in rio. that was monday's action from rio de janeiro. one of the people hoping to lead japan's biggest opposition party says she's's sorry her citizensp has caused so much confusion. renho said she thought she gave up her taiwanese citizenship when she was 17. >> translator: taiwanenese authorities told me monday afternoon that i still hold taiwanese citizenship. i am so sorry for causing confususion. it's all because of my dim memory at the time.
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>> she says she has applied to renounce her taiwanese citizenship. she says that should settle the issue. renho's status has becomome an issue. the new leader will be elected on september 15th. dutch police are using a new tactic to take on a modern danger. they've decided to use eagles to take down drones that are being used illegally and that could pose security threats. the large birds of prerey are known for their speed and powerful claws. police worked with security companies and trained eagles to catch the machines. there are other ways to catch drones such as using electronic devices, but that method is costly and inefficient. a police spokesperson called the predators a low solution to a high-tech problem. the dutch method is also raising concererns about the safety of e birds. some experts say the risk of
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injury to the eagles cannot be ruled out. police say they won't be harmed. a violent typhoon is approaching taiwan and the philippines. authorities are warning of high winds strong winds and high waves. typhoon meranti is over the okinawa islands. it is moving at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. it is expected to reach from tuesday night through wednesday afternoon. taiwan's weather authorities forecast 500 to 800 millimeters of rain in the mountainous areas of the island. personnel are patrolling the area. weatherr authorities in t the philipippines are e also warnin heavy rain in northern parts of the country.
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the southwestern pacific's typhoon alley has been busier than usual as jonathan oh tells us in this hour's world weather report. >> hellllo. yes, w we are dedefinitely seei bit of an active western pacific forecast in terms of having these storms popping up. we did have three named storms earlier in the day. now we're down to two. but both of these have thehe potential to really cause issues on land. so we'll be taking a look at this. let's start with meranti. this is a violent typhoon. it's got a lot of strength with it. you may notice on these frames that the clarity of the eye. now, a lot of times strong storms we can see it on the visible satellite. but when we can see it on the infrared perspective, that is really gaining intensity. and this storm is at 900 hectare
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pascals. it's gusting up to 306 kilometers per hour. even though the center track at least where it looks like it's going may be between two islands like luzouzon and taiaiwan. ththe northeastern quadrant is expected to go through taiwanan. aa lot of rainfall especially near the islands. some areas could see 300 millimeters in just six hours as this system brushes through. now, there is the fact i have to point out that the eastern coast of taiwan not as populated as the western side. be that as it may, anyone that is located on this side is going to be dealing with a lot of mou moisture slamming up against the mountains. so the rains that fall are going to fall back onto the eastern coast. we are concerned that flooding is going to be a big issue especially for the eastern side. also have to keep an eye on the typhoon because depending on its track, the further north it
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goes, the more likely it will tear up that system. that means it's going to keep a lot of strength as it moves to the north and west. meanwhile, what u used to be a named system ovever vietnam, th storm has now becomee a tropica depression. nevertheless, it carries with it a lot of moisture. that's going to be the case through the next several days. so be on the lookout for flooding issues there. now, here's another named storm. this is a tropical storm named melakis. for the moment doesn't look like it's going to impact any land, but we're going to keep a close eye on it. yeah, looks like again with another system. . then expect it to move to the north and east. we'll see what's happening as we go into the weekend.d. meanwhile, in otother portions japan, we have that seasonal stationary boundary that's going to bring plenty of moisture.
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looking at rain through thursday and possibly into friday. naha looking at drier conditions, typhoon conditions possible as we go into friday. in america, most storms should be moving out of the way. but we haveve this c cold front that's being enforced by a high pressusure system near the rockies. that's going to bring chilly conditions and really force itself up against some warmer air. so looking at scattered thunderstorms, may be strong from time to time. also down toward oklahoma city and houston. keep that in mind throughout your tuesday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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for all of us here on nhk "newsline," thanks for Ășaaaaaa
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genie: you are watching "france 24." i'm genie godula. these e are the totop stories ts hour. the new cease-fire across syria heads into his first full d day- into its first full day. the weeklong truce, brokered by the u.s. and russia, seems to be holding. three women arrested after a spoiled terror plot near notre are puthedral in paris under formal investigation. police say they were planning on other


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