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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 13, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome. you are watching "france 24." cease-fireons sent a in syria is largely holding more than 24 hours after it came into effect. aid agencies are poised to deliver much-needed supplies. three syrian men held in germany, after a police raid on a refugee center. the men are believed to be working for the islamic state. luxembourg's foreign minister calls for hungary to be thrown out of the european union over its treatment of migrants, and says luxembourg should stop being condescending.
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♪ >> first, doctors in israel have put former president shimon peres into a medically induced coma. , who is 93 years old, was admitted into a hospital near tel aviv following a suspected stroke. he is a nobel peace prize winner and a veteran politician, the left of israel's founding fathers. he has held almost every political office in his country, and helped broker the 1993 peace accords with the palestinians. prime minister benjamin yet -- netanyahu has wished him a rapid recovery. and envoy to syria says there has been a significant drop in violence across the country as a nationwide, truce ended in a
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second day. the u.s. and russia brokered deceased iron, rest bite to places -- respite to places like aleppo. u.n. says the violations have been minor. >> yesterday, we did see some level of violence continue after sunset, including some allegations of airstrikes, and some allegation of mortar shelling by the opposition. however, let's be clear by early every report we had seen indicates a significant drop in violence. aid agencies say they are waiting to see if the cease-fire holds, so they can deliver much-needed supplies to civilians. we have this report on the hopes of this fragile truce, that it
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can develop into a period of prolonged peace in syria. reporter: it is a second attempt this year by washington and moscow to hold the five-year civil conflict. violations, the fragile cease-fire remains in place on the second play -- day. the question remains, can the deal keep violence in check? rebel groups fighting to topple bashar al-assad have denounced what they call an unjust stating the international community is not serious about resolving the syrian war. additionally, that the pact leads room to continued attacks against enemies. >> it appears the us-led coalition is very reluctant to strike the al nusra front targets, so those in washington who are responsible for the military element of the process should have provided more information. reporter:reporter: meanwhile on
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tuesday, critical aid still waited to be brought to millions of people, trapped in deadly conflict zones. the different science cannot agree on terms of delivery. >> the syrian arab republic announces the reduction of -- throughn of syrian aid aleppo which is not coordinated through the syrian government and united nations, in particular from the turkish regime. reporter: another matter of contention is the competing interests for the players. the governments of russia, the u.s., saudi arabia, iran, turkey and syria, and the own opposition. >> it doesn't mean we are any of thear an end, holders or protagonists are actually going to be set aside with. what the cease-fire would need to produce, if it is to be taken seriously, is a pathway towards a vital, critical solution. i don't think we are there yet. reporter: for its part, the syrian government has said while the truce will be in place for seven days, it reserves the right to respond to any violence
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by rebel groups. germany, three syrians accused of working for the islamic state group are being held by police. authorities say the men posing as asylum-seekers are linked to last year's paris attacks. they were arrested in a dorm raid on a refugee center in the northern state in germany. police say the men entered europe by the same people smuggling network that was used by the militants who killed 130 people in paris last november. andrew has the details. reporter: this is just one of the refugee centers rated by german police, in a massive counterterrorist loop. more than 200 commandos took part in the operation. they targeted several refugee shelters in germany's northern state. three men with forged syrian passports were arrested, accused of being sent by the islamic state, and having links with the paris attackers last november. to the sameg points
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smuggling organization, as with the paris attackers, having brought these 32 germany. everything also points to the travel documents having come from the same workshop. reporter:reporter: the men has been monitored for months before they were finally arrested. at least one of them, a 17-year-old, received weapons training in september 2016. all three reportedly left syria last october and reached germany by taking the migrant route through the balkans. once in germany, it is believed the men had been told to await orders from the islamic state, but officials say there's no evidence to been planning any specific attack. berlin ands go to our correspondent. what more do we know about the held at this stage
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reporter: not much more information is being given about these individuals. they arrived in germany in november 2015. be awaitingd to orders from the islamic state to perhaps carry out terror activity. investigators today said they did not find any information of a concrete plan, but they had been caught during information on these men for many months them,, including tracking movements and also more recently, monitoring their phone calls, in order to gather enough information to wind this morning's arrest -- warrant this morning's arrest. what we know about the youngest member is that he received a very brief period of training in syria. but these three men who have been living in refugee homes have not aroused suspicion amongst people they were living with. the eldest, 26 years old, was living in a house with nine other refugees.
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the mayor of the town he was living and said he was very shocked to hear this young man could have been involved in any terrorist activity are planning any terrorist activity. he says he was a diligent individual, who had been taking classes.d integration that came as a shock to people who knew them, over the last few months here these three men are said to have traveled to germany on falsified travel documents, believed to be in the same -- produced in the same workshop where the documents were produced for the men who carried out the attacks in paris in november. that led investigators to think there may be a link. this will have a political impact, and strengthen the critics of angela merkel who say her open immigration purse, -- policy has proven to be a risk in germany. reporter: these arrests, incredibly politically at a sensitive time. the migrant issue is the issue
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in german politics at the moment, based on local levels and a national level. issuethe current dominant and, it is really dividing the political landscape in dividing public opinion. sensitivenion is very and this issue, and has soured in recent months, from the german public of patient -- opinion, pushing angela merkel's attitude of we can do this, to public opinion polls and more recent months showing that growing increasingly concerned about the cost of integrating these migrants into german society, and now also the security threat, especially following the recent attacks by migrants in bavaria and the south of the country, and similar raids to those we have arrest thatand the feeds into this culture of fear growing in the country. while this continues to lead to some sort of finger-pointing and squabbling between leaders and
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parties are about how to handle the crisis, we have also seen a growing presence of the germany populist party, with what many are calling hate speech. it has gained ground with anti-migrant rhetoric and have remained a formidable force on the political landscape in germany. laura: thank you. reporting for -- from berlin. here in france, three women has been charged over another foiled plot. there are accused of planning to blow up a car in the nostradamus he the draw in the center of paris. reporter: they were scared i repeated -- spurned by repeated calls from the islamic state organization. and now, they are under formal investigation, charged with attempting to carry out terror attacks in rents. the three women had plans to blow up a car using gas canisters nude the iconic notre dame cathedral. letter withtained a
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allegiance to the islamic state. they were arrested in the suburbs of paris last thursday.a fourth woman was arrested, after her fingerprints were found on the rented car. according to authorities, another pot has been thwarted. a 15-year-old boy has been charged on suspicion of propelling an imminent attack on the walkway in the 12th our undies mount of paris -- the 12th his district of paris. terrorists in both pots are suspected of using the encrypted messaging service telegraph -- telegram to communicate out of syria or iraq. laura: french charities say at least half of the migrants living in the so-called jungle stay incalais want to france. it is a stopping off point for people trying to reach the u.k.
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nicholas sarkozy wants british police to patrol the border. boarding the bus for one of france's orientation centers. each week, dozens of migrants choose to leave the jungle behind, and seek asylum elsewhere in france. >> a second bus will depart this afternoon, for the. more than, 20 that's about 50 people leaving today. reporter: once seen as a stop on the way to the u.k., french charities say now about half of those at the camp wish to remain frenchce, and figured officials have seen an increase in asylum claims. aid organizations say there are shift. reasons for the there are fewer migrants arriving from countries with historical ties to the u.k., tightest security at the channel crossing has made it that much harder for migrants to slip
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across, and crackdowns on migrants in other french cities have pushed them to the jungle in calais. now, there are more migrants wishing to resettle in france, then there are places. >> it is true that not everyone could go. this is a victim of its own success. , but it is true that this morning there were about 100 people waiting to leave. currently, about 7000 migrants live at the camp in calais. row has brokens after luxenberg's foreign minister says hungary should be expelled from the union over its treatment of migrants. print minister was accused of violating european values when he chose to seal his countries borders in response to large numbers of territory.sing the
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hungary's government responded today by saying only hungarians would decide who to live with. this comes three days before a major european summit designed to promote unity between member states. i'm joined in the studio, for founder of the association green refugee. about this time last year, hungary was dealing with a major crisis. on wednesday, 10,000, 15,000 migrants walking through the territory. unknown, undocumented people. it did have an obligation to secure its borders. >> today, we see what has happened regarding how hungary is dealing with refugees. about after world 1000 hungarianan refugees left the country, and the italian government opened their doors. and the italian government, after helped -- helping with
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settlement in the country, after 1956, after the hunt gary and revolution -- hunt gary and revolution. i really feel like i was baffled when i saw the situation in hungary and the border. i think that they should remember. lots of countries in europe and germany and france, and other countries, opened the doors for hungarians. they know what the displacement and situation is. laura: the difference perhaps with what happened in 1956 114 thousand -- when 14,000 it was clear.ed, here, there is an unknown number of people entering hungary
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without permission. it was more of a security crisis, was it not?and doesn't hungary have a legal obligation to defend the eu's borders? the european values, looking at article two, it is about values. the respect of human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality. the role of the eu is in order to respect, and all the leaders who signed the agreement respect the values. today, the idea is that what we do when we assess this crisis problem, and migration problem, how we can act as a responsible nation.i think today shouldigration crisis not divide europe. it should make them more resided to resolve the problem. laura: his hungry being unfairly targeted?
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all countries are seeking to defend their borders. the u.k. and france are together building a wall in calais to stop migrants crossing into the u.k. territory. he also have migrants stopped on the border between italy and france all countries are doing this. no countries. -- countries have the right to defend sovereign borders. a call upon all the european leaders to look at the problem, and say what we can do for the problem. if we don't respect the values, that means we will not respect what the union means. laura: does disrespecting values mean letting an unknown people -- number of people move all over europe? to the has happened refugees is coming from all over the world.
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went tot everything, the sea, and arrived in europe. solution,to find a may be put them in small cans, work on integration of refugees, and create a solution. it is not acceptable in europe to see people on the streets are nothe border, suffering with water or electricity and that conditions. it is not acceptable in europe, to is that values. laura: thank you. now to the united states and the race for the white house . hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail on friday, as she takes several days out to recover from pneumonia. to reveal herrced diagnosis, after she was filmed stumping at the 9/11 memorial service in new york on sunday. in response to that, her republican rival agreed to release his full medical record. clinton's campaign team has admitted errors in the way they handled the news of her illness.
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she is expected to appear at a black women's event in washington on friday. now, an unusual marketing campaign on the london 'nderground has got commuters attention. glimpse, a creative collective, has raised thousands of pounds to replace all the advertising on the tube with pictures of cats. this is a marketing campaign for their new project, the citizens advertising takeover service. and yes, the acronym is cats. reporter:reporter: the internet has been awash with cute cat pictures for years, and now one in london underground station has followed suit. has beenolumn two overrun by an army of feline friends but this, is no ordinary advertising campaign. ads, doesn't want your cash. we tried to imagine a world
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of people were in charge of what they wanted to see on the way to work that is how the. idea of the advertising takeover took hold. we want people to come and enjoy it, may think differently about the world around them and, realize that even things that seem difficult time be changed when we work together. reporter: to fund, they raised over 23,000 pounds through kickstarter. 68 advertisements has been replaced, and the public has been lapping it up. commuters are rejoicing at the subversive nature of the takeover, labeling it a victory for cat lovers. some are even hailing it as public art. this is the creative collective's first-ever project. they promise it will not be the last. laura: i don't know what. people -- whatut there you go dog people think, but there you go. with theing to start
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french government trying very hard to keep a train making factory open. reporter: and the question over it really has the right to do so. or is negotiating. says it is involved impossible to enter a long-term future for the site. but the firm says that statement was made before french president francois hollande intervened, before -- saying it must stay open. reporter: union members met with the government on tuesday, as the future of the company's historic factory hand in the balance. earlier in the day, workers received this ambivalent letter. >> despite everyone's best efforts, it seems impossible to ensure a lasting future for the activities of the belfast site.
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reporter: but the kind of meeting was more conciliatory, with promises of some room for maneuver. on a trip to romania, the president stayed on message. the government will do everything it can to save the planet. -- plant. >> the objective is the continuation for the coming years. not just for the next couple of years, but for it to work we need everyone to rally together. government is enlisting the help of its state owned companies to drum up business. there is a 3.5 billion euro tender to build new trains for the paris railway network amounting to a year of work, for the company. the government is counting on company,h train already one of the main clients of the company. >> the pipeline could runningize, for a train
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between paris and milan. there is not an agreement yet, but i suggest they come to one. reporter: competition is right for these contracts, and the company has yet to about to government pressure. reporter:reporter: the french president in romania, where he also criticized the new job at goldman sachs. president aland back an investigation, whether the new job reaches ethics guidelines. he served as the head of the european commission for 10 years. today, he wrote a letter to the current head, defending his new position at goldman and calling, the commission discriminatory. let's take a look at the markets. u.s. stocks down on the back of falling oil prices. the energy sector and s&p 500 fell 3%. the nasdaq and down jones each
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down similarly. similar in europe, where stocks closed in the red. stocks reaching decidedly lower. they're mayor says unveiling a new plan to help iconic black cabs, including access to 20 bus line, and 75 million euros to switch from diesel engines to more greener models, and increasing regulation against the likes of uber. employees for private firms will face stricter driving test,s and be required to have commercial insurance. againstaccusing london they areusing -- accusing london of discrimination against drivers.
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increasingly, travelers are looking for better value on the long-haul flight. cheap fares can easily rise once you had a few essentials. paris to protect, and the dominican republic for .nder, 400 euros the promise of the low-cost long-haul sector, and more and more passengers are snapping up flights. >> is a really good price. we were thinking of going to greece, more affordable destinations. finally, we paid the same price to go to punta cana. reporter: it comes with a catch. there are lots of the options. checking in your first few case costs 35 euros. a second bag, 75 euros. in-flight, gone are the days of bottomless beverages and meals. here, a meal costs around 24 euros. passengers can pre-reserve a meal for 10 euros, or fork out
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30 euros for the luxury version. wi-fi onboard, selected seating, and even a blanket, at a premium. as a result, the passenger could pay at least 100 euros in add-ons. paid extras that account for 15% of the carriers profits, three times more than in a traditional airline. it is the strategy based on more productivity. there are 80 more seats onboard, and the flights pilots caught in 850 hours per year about 10%, more than traditional flights. >> it is still very doable. i have worked previously for airlines in the gulf, and there, the work rhythm was even more intense. in 2005, low-cost carriers represented 20% of the european market. today, that is doubled, to 41%. reporter: quite an interesting report. laura: absolutely. thank you.
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we are taking a short break. stay with us. this is "france 24." ♪
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