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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 14, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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catherine: our top stories this hour. brexit will not break us, e.u.'s chief jean-claude juncker says the remaining members of the should pursue deeper integration. israelis rally around former insident simon perez, hospital after suffering a stroke. doctors say his condition has slightly. and the former budget minister's trial continues. prosecutors say he should be jailed three years if found guilty of tax evasion and money laundering.
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first, u.s. whistleblower edward made a personal plea presidenton from barack obama. the call for clemency coincided release of the new film by oliver stone, which tells the story of his life. exiled in moscow, would face 30 years in jail if found of espionage. in 2013, he made public tens of thousands of classified to demonstrate how the u.s. agency was carrying out mass surveillance on american citizens. critics say he endangeringed the lives of u.s. agents working something he denied. iswhistle blowing
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lastracy's safeguard resort, when all of the checks and the publicil has no idea what's going on. reaction toet's get that. phillip, washington, snowden has lots of people rooting for him right now. his supporters say he did his a service by making those documents public. phillip: there are a lot of people on his side, not necessarily a majority of the american people. edward snowden himself believes he should be given the presidential pardon. he believes he did something good for the united states and for its citizens. are now better off. later on in that press conference in which he appeared moscow via teleconference, he said i love my country and he had worked all his life for his family and his country but he's certainly not willing to return to the united states and face trial.
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asthe meantime, there are, you say, quite a few people getting on his side. the most notable and maybe the most surprising today being former presidential candidate bernie sanders from the side.atic he believes that snowden should be given the possibility at least with a plea bargain to return to the united states. his supporters, edward believe alsoat is, that words from the former attorney general eric holder say agreementd be a plea and that he had performed a public service, could help them presidentialg this pardon. then there is that other thing that could help them along their way. the snowden movie by oliver stone comes out tomorrow. there are some releases as early as today, wednesday, here local the verythat will at least get people reacquainted with the story of edward snowden --ampt you catherine: you said snowden have the support of the majority of americans. does that mean obama will ignore
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this plea? philip: that's very likely. it's highly unlikely he would be up with this presidential pardon for edward snowden. things have happened but not many that would be stranger than that because the white house has really stuck to its guns. it says that edward snowden should be returning to the face triales, should and those charges of violating espionage act for which he could get over 30 years in jail. the meantime, those human rights organizations who organized that press conference which you just saw that clip, they're doing their part .o try to up the pressure they're collecting signatures and writing a letter to the white house. is exclusively a decision of the u.s. president, of barack obama, to hand out this presidential pardon. that is very, very unlikely, indeed. anchor: thank you so much
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indeed. staying in the united states, pretty worrying poll numbers for hillary clinton now following one of the worst weeks for the democratic candidate since her campaign to become u.s. president began. news shows bloomberg republican rival donald trump five points ahead in ohio. viewed asstate is important in u.s. elections. no candidate has ever won the ohio house without winning and could be a sign that clinton's illness and the way it was handled is hurting her chances. clinton has been off the campaign trail for a second day as she recovers from pneumonia and will resume campaigning in north carolina tomorrow. militaryr closer cooperation, a rethink on refugee policies and free everyone.ccess for presidentssion jean-claude juncker has been laying out his plans. brexit does not spell the end of the bloc but
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are bigdged there challenges ahead. reporter: an opportunity for the e.u. commission chief to garner tarnished bloc following britain's vote to leave in june. on wednesday morning, jean-claude juncker also sought to reassure. >> think about our partners who have become concerned after and wonder if that might mark the beginning of the disintegration of the e.u. we respect and regret the u.k.'s decision. risk.e e.u. is not at the u.k. must swiftly ask for formal withdrawal to put an end to rumors and doubts. juncker: but the address offered few clues to negotiations with london that the european union insists until formal noticerms which sets the clock ticking on
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a two-year countdown to britain's departure. juncker urged solidarity among e.u. member states when it comes the worst migration crisis since world war ii. under the watchful eye of the e.u.'s mogherini, he appealed slovakia which chairs the council presidency. i'm urging the slovak divergesy to which the between those who are reluctant to integrate refugees in their societies. i am asking a strong and immediate action both from the european union to in french,t we call french -- reporter: according to unicef in 2015, over 100,000 unaccompanied applied for asylum in foreign countries.
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on friday they will be speaking and terrorism. anchor: a cease-fire holding in after it came into effect. aid deliveries are yet to reach in aleppo. russia and the assad regime some opposition forces are ignoring the truce. week, cease-fire lasts a moscow and washington will work together to target jihadist in syria. israel's former president remains in a critical condition he suffered a stroke. doctors treating 93-year-old shimon peres say there has been improvement in his condition. 70-year political career means peres has made enemies but today him his critics are wishing well. for his life,
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simone peres is in critical but stable condition a stroke.ering the family wishes to remain hopeful. >> woke up not completely but responsive to our appeals to him and he squeezed definitely he was listening at what was happening. reporter: over nearly seven decades, peres has held almost every major cabinet office in country, served several times as prime ministeter and oe from 2007 to 2014. nobel was awarded the peace prize in 1994 for his role peaceotiating the oslo accord between israel and the palestinian territories. mr. peres hase, maintained an active public
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to promoteontinuing closer ties between israel and the palestinians. israeli prime minister, a former political rival of peres, tweeted, "shimon, we love you, the whole country you speedy recovery." other messages of support continue to pour in from across the last for one of living founders of the modern state of israel. anchor: the british and french led intervention in libya was ill thought out and showed a basic misunderstanding of the country, according to british lawmakers who released a scathing report about the actions about the then prime minister david cameron. nato's mission to protect libyan -- morphed into mariano mariano regime change, creating the chaos libya experiences today. reporter: a day after he resigned from parliament, former
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prime minister david cameron has targeted in a damning parliamentary report into the 2011 coalition-led intervention libya. m.p.'s say he failed to develop as primet strategy minister. the report also accuses the french, u.s. and british-led not carrying out proper intelligence, of shirking moral responsibility after muammar qaddafi died, and of exclusively on military action instead of negotiations. 2011, then french sarkozy announced that nato force would regime. later, sarkozy and promisedere mobbed and to rebuild their country. what ensued was chaos. the verge ofas on political and economic collapse,
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fightingt by factional and faced an unprecedented refugee crisis. the report says that the failed to secure weapons left behind by the regime which helped fuel the rise of the islamic state in north africa. in response, a spokesman for the foreign office called the acision to intervene "international one asked for by the arab league and authorized -- u.n. securityty council." m.p.'s want a review into the topetence of the u.n. coordinate post-war construction. anchor: another french teenager of been arrested accused planning terrorist attacks on behalf of the islamic state group. police carried out a dawn raid the home of the boy thought to be 14 or 15 years old in northeastern paris this wednesday. he's the third french teenager
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to be arrested this week of the all are thought to have been radicalized to a french national syria.n martin: early wednesday morning, into thisoped building in northeast paris to arrest the teenager. suspected of planning a terrorist attack. one of his neighbors described of him. knew >> he seemed like a good kid. he didn't meet up with many others. at home with his brothers and sisters or he'd go sisters.his martin: he was unknown to the police. then they tracked him down messaginge instant service, telegram. he used this to contact a jihadist currently under rasheed k.on called the app has over 100 million jihadists are known to favor it, too. encrypted messages are
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penetrate.o the french interior minister confirmed this arrest is part of wider investigation. >> we are doing thorough work to those capable of acting. effort thatnuous requires us to be mobilized day us thist and that led morning to the arrest of the person who was going to take approach. martin: this follows the arrests 15-year-olds. one last thursday and another on attack.or planning an prime minister has warned the a threat from 15,000 home grown radicals. anchor: the syrian based jihadist thought to have been in contact with those suspects is thought to have directed priestder of french jean-claude hammel. martyr byas called a
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pope francis who says the late priest is already on the road to sainthood. father hammel's sister attended event. moving now to one of the worst government rock the hollande, the former budget minister was himself found to have secret bank accounts. prosecutors are calling for jerome cahuzac to serve at least three years in jail if convicted. reporter: four years ago, he stood up in parliament to solemnly assure his fellow lawmakers. did i ever have nor have foreign bank accounts, not before and not now. heorter: a year later, presented proposals to clamp down on tax evasion. lipped formerht budget minister found accused of tax fraud and money laundering. on wednesday, france's financial
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prosecutor thought a three-year term for jerome cahuzac, a from seeking .lected office "you have tarnished this country's honor. is thennot be repaired harm done to our country, which stock." laughing reporter: this following tax in singapore and the of man. isle >> this has sent shockwaves across the french administration simply because it's found itself facing derogatory remarks, accusations of double standards from a minister helm of he was at the the fight against tax fraud. reporter: the money in the accounts, in three million euros, is alleged to have come practice he held
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with his ex-wife. she, too, stands accused. newor: uefa has a president, nearly a year after former president platini was the powerful organization elected aleksander ceferin. he was almost unknown. >> he had no record in football took over his country's federation in 2011. 48-year-old slovenian lawyer, aleksander ceferin, is uefa. head of he beat michael van prague, the other candidate. >> my dear friends, thank you for your fantastic support. it's a great honor but at the time great responsibility. reporter: aleksander ceferin is complete michel platini's
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four-year presidential term through 2019. platini was suspended from his post last october and resigned revelations of a $2 million payment from fifa in he carried out a decade earlier. is under criminal investigation by swiss a futbolrs and serving ban but there was an exception make a short farewell address. >> ladies and gentlemen, be cleard that i have a conscience, that i'm convinced i did not make the slightest that i'm continuing the legal battle. to thank everyone in this room who had the courage and loyalty to support me during the month. reporter: ceferin's main a riftge will be to heal in european football created by increase champions
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league places for the richest leagues. anchor: how well do we our galaxy? experts say the gaia telescope track to create the most accurate three-dimensional map the milky way created. reporter: have you ever thought of leaving our solar system for virtual tour of our galaxy? it's now possible thanks to a map of the milky way. in a few clicks, astronomers can 150 light years away to explore stars half a million than those weght can see with the naked eye. this 3-d map can locate any star than a billion in our galaxy. the images were captured by gaia's twin cell scopes along with a billion pixel camera diameterf gauging the ofa human hair at a distance
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1,000 kilometers. >> it's a big, bright disk that the at night in not only does gaia pinpoint the every star, the probe clocks their movement and tells us more about their history. reporter: this is a panoramic view of the new map of the milky the giaied by the probe. are dwarfwhite dots galaxy. orbiting the anchor: fascinating. let's get to business news. us. hildebrand is back with let's start with the agricultural farming industry. it's important for many reasons but also the world's biggest
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right?ansaction, is that will: the world's biggest cash transaction ever, the biggest whether of this year, cash or otherwise, and this is between two giants that have been negotiating for some time. took three offers before they could agree. german chemical conglomerate bayer, has bought monsanto. approved byif regulators, would create the andd's largest seeds pesticides company which may not be an easy hurdle to overcome. has already been a lot of industry.ion in the >> third time's the charm. seed and pesticide giant monsanto accepted pharmaceutical wednesday as this the global agricultural industry changes.oing massive in the past year, sin genta was china whiley chem
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dow chemical merged with dupont, consolidations that experts say cropriven by falling prices as farmers are cutting back on buying seeds and andistry like herbicides pesticides. >> this sector has been in the process of transformation for quarters of a year. deals by companies fourhere are only three or left. reporter: monsanto has been struggling. showed aerly report drop in income compared to the before. gain.yer is betting on a >> we are committed to solving of of the biggest challenges society, how to feed a massively in ang population sustainable manner.
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reporter: if the agreement get the green light from authorities, bayer has promised monsanto a $2 billion breakup fee. will: wall street, energy stocks tumbledter oil prices 3%. only the nasdaq in the green up .33%. less than an hour before the bell.g .1%, frankfurt dax and cac weighed down by lower oil prices. its first fleet unveiledless taxis today. rolled out this pilot program in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where it hopes to have dozens of self-driving cars by the end of the year. the cars are equipped with cameras, radar systems that detect weather conditions, 20
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lasers that generate 3-d maps of the surrounding area engineers that could intervene if needed. for about a year and a half, invested heavily on autonomous research and believes lives.t could save >> 1.3 million die every year in car accidents. 94% of them are human error. and we really think that self can make ahnology dent in that statistic. argentina where the president is trying to win over foreign investors. the government is holding a investment forum in the hope of tempting back investors to industries cllg mine -- including mining, and agriculture. coca-cola and siemens are among can thendees but president convince foreign investors that argentina is a
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put their money? reporter: argentina is trying to show the world it is back in business. the government is calling this a mini davos in buenos aires. athough it's taking place in cultural center named after the former president, the government is trying to turn the page on policies.tion of new president is trying to be can 15 years after it defaulted on owed to ode to -- foreign investors. >> investors have committed to more than $40 billion so far. all.s not there's a lot of interest in renewable energies, too. after a decade of broken promises by a government that lied, it's time for argentina to track.k on macri haspresident lifted currency controls on the
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reduced taxes. we spoke to foreign investors to learn if they're convinced. the newonfident in regime. i'm confident in their policies. confident in the qualitative part of it. hasquantitative part of it to be delivered. you can rebrand a country or a service but if you don't live up to the promises, you're trouble. nothing necessarily magically will change. there are behavioral aspects oft have to change and a lot the rules and the regulations that they're speaking about that change, i think before things will get that much better. has increasedrty powermacri has come to and he's brought down inflammation.8úxú
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09/14/16 09/14/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracacy now! >> how is this all possible? >> think of it as a google search. e-mails, chats, whatevever. the nsa is really tracking every cell phone in the worldld. >> most americans don't want freedom, they want security.


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