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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching "france 24." time for 60 minutes live around the world. here are the headlines. convoys ofwo much-needed aid are still waiting to get into a level -- into aleppo. the extent of the cease-fire for days to make sure civilians get the supplies. strike season starts again in france. people are back in the streets again today to protest labor reforms that have already been pushed through the parliament.
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hillary clinton heads back to the campaign trail after her bout of pneumonia. said she is recovering well and is fit to serve as president. donald trump goes on national tv to promote his health as well. also coming up for you this hour, the u.k. government gives the green light to a controversial nuclear plant called funded by france and china -- cofunded by france and china. you will find out what you can get the taste of a real hot french baguette thousands of miles away in san francisco. first, our top story. ♪ first, two convoys of aid meant for aleppo are still stuck in limbo on the turkish border.
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the thoughts are just one hour away from thousands who desperately need their supplies, but they have been forced to wait in a no man's land held up by security fears and disagreements. the cease-fire in syria is now in its third full day. that truce was brokered by the u.s. and russia, who have now agreed to extend it for another 48 hours to make sure the aid gets where it needs to go. here's more from the special envoy. the russian and american agreement gives and remains and is indeed potentially a game changer. genie: listening to the comments
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earlier in geneva, we are joined now by john. thoseve also been civilians killed in the last 24 hours in syria, which is truly huge given what we have seen over the past five years. john: that is very much the case. highlightedadvisor no schools or hospitals have been bombed, which is a major achievement given that these have been major targets in the aerial bombardment by the assad regime in as listen a conflict since march and april. many civilians killed in those strikes. he also stressed that despite this agreement between the russians and the americans, the russians are having problems delivering the final permits for the trust to move from the turkish border to go into eastern aleppo and to make sure that the so-called castillo road is not affected. the militarized buffer is in
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enforced. once they get the permits, the trust will be sealed and go to the location and unload and then just report to the syrian authorities. in other words, the u.n. wants to other partss of syria that are besieged. genie: tell us a little bit about where this truce we are seeing now being extended and how far it can go? is there hope that this can lead to a greater peace process in syria? john: yes. the reduction of violence, access to the humanitarian aid throughout syria, especially the besieged area, and the third track is the resumption of a political process. they have to hold to reconvene the peace process down the line. a high-level meeting will be held on the sidelines of the un's general assembly on
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september 21. if things are in place in the be in ak, he could position to announce some form of resumption of talks. that is if all of these things fall in place. that remains to be seen if it will happen. genie: here in france, another teenager has been arrested suspected of plotting a terrorist attack for the islamic state group. with more on that story, here is catherine clifford. catherine: the third minor arrested in this than a week in the paris region. authorities say he was planning an imminent attack. police carried out a dawn raid on this building to arrest the teenage on wednesday. his neighbors described a quiet young man who recently changed his appearance notably. >> what should me is he always used to wear shorts. all of a sudden, he was in traditional dress.
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that was just over a week ago. it caught my attention. catherine: he was previously unknown to french intelligence. authorities tracked him down on social media likely to other 15-year-olds arrested over the last week. one last thursday, and another on sunday. boats were already known to police and thought to be planning attacks. all three were communicating on the encrypted online app where the french jihadis based in syria really are under investigation. this man was also believed to be in contact with the women taken into custody last week in connection with an allegedly gas canister attack plan in paris. >> the action taken is more intense than ever. this is huge. a certain number of people in syria using encrypted methods to call increasingly younger people
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to act. catherine: the country remains under a state of emergency. has set 15,000 people are currently being monitored for radicalization in france, up from previous estimates of 10,000. the french president is meeting german chancellor angela merkel today in paris. the two leaders are trying to line up their positions ahead of a key eu summit that kicks off tomorrow in slovakia. the eu countries will be meeting without written after is shocked about -- its shock vote to leave the eu. also in france, summer is over, and it is strike season once again. trade unions are leading a new protest against the government's controversial labe labor law reform. they are planned in other cities
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across france. the government pushed the reforms through two months ago without putting it into a parliamentary vote, but unions are not giving up the fight yet. the protests are happening today primarily in paris at the best bastille. is going on since march. always expecting another big turnout today? >> there have been 14 protests in all, including the traditional protest on the first of may. for the whole of the beginning of the year in france, these protests have been one of the main social headlines. today is a very big test for the seven trade unions were organizing these protests. they argue they still consider this law as unacceptable as they also consider it is abnormal that it was not voted on in parliament. the government has used the constitutionof the
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to push it through. it will be interesting to see today if there are many protesters or not. all of the trade unions are saying if the protests come to an end, they say this will be the last one on the street, but that they will be using the tribunals in order to try to block the law and action within the company themselves. it will be interesting to see how many people sign up today. genie: this law has been pushed through parliament. does that not make it a done deal? james: not exactly in fact. it was adopted formally by the parliament on the 21st of july this year. these the specific texts which say how the law will be applied in real life. there are 127 of these that must go through.
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of course, that is something that needs extra approval. was the trade unions are hoping is that they can block these approvals by attacking the law through constitutional court in france, saying it needs inequalities between workers across the board, and that is what they are going to try to do. for that, they need backing from the private and public sector workers, and this is what they are trying to obtain your. genie: thank you for that. brazil, prosecutors have filed charges against the former with ant in connection kickback scheme at the state oil company petrobras. the charges against him have been expected for some time, but prosecutors surprised observers with accusations that he was in fact the ringleader of this scheme. in the u.s., hillary clinton is
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heading back to the presidential campaign trail today after her bout of pneumonia. her doctor says she is recovering well and is fit to serve as president. the debate over the health of the hillary clinton and donald trump have become a key point of the campaign. -- donaldin that trump has taped a national tv segment on his health that will air today. >> healthy and fit to serve as president, that is how hillary clinton's physician describes her. her health has been put under the microscope after she got overheated over the weekend and was diagnosed with pneumonia. fromnuary, she suffered sinus and even fiction and was healthy until september, when she was diagnosed with mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. clinton and donald trump are
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among the oldest people to run for the presidency and have released a few paragraphs from the general state of health. donald trump has flip-flopped on whether he will release more health details. everything he would not release details on wednesday, he did just that. >> if your health is as strong as it seems, why not share your medical records? >> i have no problem doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. [applause] it is two letters. one is the report, and one is from the hospital. >> may i see them? >> sure. on tests done last week. >> and many feel this fall short of the transparency donald trump was promising. the american public will be waiting to see as they had the home stretch on the campaign trail. the united states and israel have signed a record
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38 deal -- record aid deal. they will give them over 34 billion euros over the next 10 years. while it is the biggest ever u.s. history history, it is less than the 40 billion or 50 billion the israeli prime minister was hoping to get. if you are a real francophile and you love french bread, you will know it is one of the hardest things to replicate outside of france. one french entrepreneur has been busy installing back at vending machines across -- abguette vending machines across san francisco. >> a green energy pioneer, san francisco, the apex of innovation. today, the residents of the constantly evolving metropolis are seeing another first, an atm , but what comes out of the machine is not green. it is golden brown and crusty. the entrepreneur, the son of a
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bigger, brought the baguettes on demand to the city. pound.esell at $4.25 a >> this will allow us to make real bread, like bread from a bakery, the classic baguette. we can install these machines anywhere. compare that to the cost of a degree, which requires more space, staff, etc. all we need is a dispenser. can bake up tor 100 baguettes a day. judging by reactions from the customers, it could make a lot of dough. >> at first we were skeptical, but now i feel like if i am going to have a party, i feel like i want to buy fresh bread made-to-order. >> it is the second time using this, and honestly, it is really
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good. finding good bread in san francisco is not exactly easy. >> the concept has been tried and tested in france. the question is whether the business can rise to the top of the u.s. genie: you are watching "france 24." let's take a look at our headlines. in, two convoys of much-needed aid are still waiting to get into aleppo. extended therussia cease-fire there for two days to make sure civilians get the aid. strike season starts again in france. people are in the streets again today to protest labor reforms that have been pushed through. hillary clinton gets back to the campaign trail after her bout of pneumonia. her doctor says she is recovering well and is fit to serve as president. donald trump goes on to be to promote his health as well. time now for our business news with stephen carroll.
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you are starting with the u.k. government's decision to approve plans for a new nuclear power plant. stephen: the 21 billion euro power plays will go ahead. reactors the two next at the site with one third of the financing coming from chinese backers. the prime minister theresa may delayed from july. it has been given the green nice with conditions attached. light with conditions attached. >> the power station will now go ahead after the u.k. government imposed safeguards for future projects. 2/3 funded by a french energy company with around 7 billion remaining euros from chinese companies. the project has been through a difficult development. when eds rubberstamped it in july, theresa may slammed on the
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brakes and ordered a review of concerns over chinese government involvement. seven weeks later, it got the green light. >> what we have been here in hinckley is required that the edf, principal operator guarantees, basic commitment that they will not dispose without the government's consent unless and until the plant is built, and in the future, all other nuclear power stations will be subject to the same. >> the french finance minister welcomed the decision to go ahead, calling it a major milestone. however, there are concerns in the u k and france over mounting cost. u.k. business leaders say there is no guarantee they can provide value for money. is a risky move for mostly state-owned edf as a time when their finances are already stretched. all of the firm's other
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next-generation nuclear project are behind time and over budget. shares in the company down around three quarters of a percent in paris. markets divesting the news that the bank of england left rates and the bond program unchanged at his most recent meeting -- a nd its most recent -- at its most recent meeting. not the best vacation when it comes to business, but they have been trying to change that. we have is speaking to some french entrepreneurs.
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>> it felt like a miracle. it happen as soon as they became president. >> is now able to invest. he runs a travel agency. tourists benefit. he says his plans to open a hotel should now get off the ground. in two or three years, the hotel project was suspended because foreign investors. now, argentina is opening up to
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international markets. that is what helped us get investors back on board so we can build our hotel in the vineyard. set upear-old dominic for businesses in argentina -- four businesses in argentina. with or without the president, the businessman says he has had to be patient and paper local expertise. >> i would advise any young person thinking about coming to argentina to use a lawyer to help them set up their business. it is worth it -- it. that hasn't stopped some from taking up the challenge. 260 french companies are here in argentina. service music streaming
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servicey of that many of you might know has surpassed a milestone. stephen: 40 million paying subscribers worldwide. it is a market leader in streaming music. it said it has 17 million paying users over tidal. pandora started new listings licensing agreements to offer more on-demand services. genie: thank you. the european union address was yesterday. >> that's right.
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that's right. issues. that thenteresting is
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former prime minister of italy has cowritten an article in the huffington post that argues that the eu is stronger today even if it is at a 27 member states. he said the summit is a real opportunity for the eu to show its unity, and strength, and ultimately -- >> that is a lot of pessimism out there, he found an article in the wall street journal that says the eu has very little negotiating power. >> it is a really interesting stance, and one that we have not seen a lot of since the brexit vote. this was written by jupiter to the "wall street journal -- by a contributor to the "wall street journal." this explains her unwavering stance on the refugee crisis. the bottom line is this will cost money to the taxpayer and will put a dent in the german economy. as a result, germany will have
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to rely on the u.k., giving them more negotiating power. by postponing the official start date for the negotiation process, theresa may is buying britain more time. genie: let's go now to the united states where hillary clinton the democratic nominee is on-demand after her near collapse last week which was due to pneumonia. that highlighted the help of both candidates, who are the eldest in history. >> it made it a campaign issue, a presidential campaign issue. the new york times reports that two candidates are trying at least to be more transparent about their health. clinton's doctor released a report yesterday showing she is healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. donald trump has used her help as fodder for his own campaign, but yesterday, he gave a pretaped interview in which he told himself he was slightly
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overweight and is ensuring everyone is taking medication to rectify this. is also on the front page of the french right-leaning paper who wonders, will trump win? is a question we have all been asking ourselves for several months. they say it is not entirely impossible. provoke,ways played to to a friend, but we see a shift in strategy where he's trying to play and to popular opinion, play the uniting car, but it remains to be seen if it is too little too late. i want to show you this cartoon where you see a man looking at the portrait of donald trump and hillary clinton saying we will have to choose between the plague and ammonia. --pneumonia. genie: you will wrap up with the story that keeps coming back about a life-size naked statues of donald trump that keep popping up across the states. >> they are eyesores i guess.
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they have been popping up across new york, los angeles, cleveland, that they were taken down. they are lifestage statues of donald trump. now it seems activists have found a way to keep them up and legally. they found the help of an israeli developer businessman. two statues went up in miami and new jersey yesterday. the developer is working with a rogue our group, according to the rolling stone. they placed the statue on their own property and they will be there until the election, after which time they will be auctioned off, and the money will be given to an immigrant advocacy group just to spite trump. genie: you can get a closer look at the press review on our website. that address, france's our guided to
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long and complicated relationship with africa. stay tuned. ♪
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