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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the "france 24" newsroom. eu leaders meet without britain to chart their post brexit future. this ester germany's angela merkel says the 27 member bloc faces a critical situation. fighting breaks out east of damascus despite a syrian cease-fire. we crossed to our regional correspondent for an update. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after donald
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trump promises to create 25 million jobs over the next decade. ♪ >> eu leaders are trying to put on a united front, meeting in the slovakian capital today. the 27 member bloc is still reeling from brexit and the leaders are looking for ways to unite. merkel says the union faces a critical situation. not to expect a solution to europe's problems from one summit. we are in a critical situation. rather, it is about showing the fighttions
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against terrorism, corporation -- defense that >> are european affairs editor is following events for us. she joins us now from the slovakian capital. we heard from merkel saying the situation is critical. how do other eu leaders feel? goal of this summit appears to be to find and show unity within the eu. ae thing they were definitely unified on was that the eu is in a critical condition come it needs to start finding solutions that thatnting crisis was a common theme. slovakia's prime minister said
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he hopes today will start what he has going the bratislava process,. bratislava process. echoing angela merkel was francois hollande, putting security very high on the agenda, saying the eu needs to start looking for a common permanent defense system. that is one issue that seems to have more or less a broad sense of agreement. security being used as this united theme. talks focused more on this idea of finding external border security on that issue. we are promised frank and open discussions on all the problems facing the eu. there's of the eu can work, trying to get -- they are
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listening to people's concerns. you mentioned migration. there is massive division on that topic. will that be addressed? we are expecting talks to focus on what unites rather than divides. there's also some talk that the four countries might present proposals on this issue of migration. these eastern countries were the ones that were very opposed to any relocation quotas. havee being told that they started to move towards proposals. the president of the european parliament says he's not exactly in favor of coming that's going against the eu rules come -- which was decided by the council of europe.
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he is very open to proposals and is hoping something will be put on the table today. with migration a major issue ,or the eu, we went to poland one of the main suppliers of migrant labor within the eu. leafleting for language courses, learning english is as popular as ever in poland. >> it is not clear how the situation will develop and how negotiations between britain and the you will go. that's the eu will go. >> most european leaders have set out a clear redline going into those talks -- no single market access without freedom of movement. make upwhose citizens the largest contingent of
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foreign labor in the u.k., is much more categorical. how the freeon of movement of people, goods and services is going to be regulated is an open question. poland would like to reduce immigration, which studies show is hampering the country's growth and one reason is a .eparture of skilled labor >> the state pays for physiotherapist training. fingers dearth of unskilled workers is also causing problems -- a dearth of unskilled workers. an estimated one million immigrants from ukraine are making up some of the shortfall. but not all of it. poland's national conservative is not welcoming
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syria, cultures >> in there are reports of heavy fighting to the east of the capital. of ames on the fourth day fragile cease-fire that was negotiated by russia and the united states. part of that deal involves delivery of humanitarian aid. for more, let's bring in n adia from beirut. we are hearing a fresh fighting outside of damascus. what more can you tell us? >> this looks like a major breach of the cease-fire which until today had been holding pretty well. there appears to be fierce clashes that if broken out in the town just to the east of the capital. overce bitterly fought four years as the syrian government wants to regain
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territory just next to a stronghold in the capital city. both sides are trading accusations about who is responsible for this latest wave of violence. the syrian government is saying rebels today began a surprise assault trying to push their way into the capital city of damascus. rebels are saying the regime is responsible. they were firing shells and mortars inside the suburb itself. whichever version is true, it is clear that violence at the moment is very fears indeed, the most serious breach of the cease-fire we've seen so far. we don't yet know if there are any casualties. for the moment, it is a wait and see approach. we will have to see whether this outbreak of violence can be contained. or whether or not it is going to cause the trees to break down
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elsewhere. where do things a stand in terms of delivering humanitarian aid? >> still no aid reaching that 250,000 people trapped in aleppo. yesterday, the syrian government pulled back their troops from the front line on the castella .oad c u.n. it needs to bring in a 480,000 people. -- the road the u.n. needs to for 80,000d people. they say bringing aid into aleppo is only piecemeal.
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it will not prevent rebel civilians from being able to flee. a quarter million people are in desperate need. they will be hoping this age can get it later on today. aid can get in later on today. lula the silva says he is ready to cooperate with prosecutors. he says corruption charges against him are. in. authorities have accused him of masterminding a ring at petrobras. lula. roads lead to prosecutors are building that case against the former brazilian president. he stands accused of an embezzlement ring at pitcher russ. that's petrobras. >> i am aware that my failure
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would be appreciated by my adversaries. my failure would not have awakened so much hate against our workers party. adversaries.ur >> the charges allege that he received the equivalent of almost one million euros in bribes. the petrobras scandal has jogged brazilian politics in recent years. corrupt officials awarded overpriced contracts with the oil company, the firm kick back the access to political parties to fund election campaigns. dozens of businessmen and politicians have been jailed. multiple construction companies have been banned from government work.
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by some estimates, 60% of brazilian politicians are implicated in the petrobras scandal. kevin garrett and his wife julia were detained in august of 2014 near china's border with north korea. he was charged with spying and stealing state secrets. his release is being called a diplomatic triumph for justin trudeau. the canadian leader raised garrets release while openly discussing human rights. chinaations were held in for the midautumn festival. the annual event honors the full moon as a symbol of peace and prosperity and family reunion. light lanterns and enjoy pastries called moon cakes. with rising obesity a concern from some pastry chefs in hong
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kong are looking for help your options. >> hong kong bustled with life as thousands of people flooded the streets for the midautumn festival. every, festivalgoers light sticks and lanterns and munch on moon cakes. these sticky sweet pastries are beloved tradition. this year, hong kong's government released a statement warning people not to eat too many of the traits which are mostly sugar and fat. as the region struggles with rising obesity. some hong kong bakers have switched up their recipes. >> moon cake might be really unhealthy, so i thought maybe we should do some good ingredients so a lot more people can try moon cakes.
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a lot of diabetics might not be because they have a really high sugar and fat level. customers seem to be won over by the gluten-free, dairy free, adrienne sugar-free moon cakes. >> we love moon cakes. because of the high sugar, the that would take six hours a day to burn off -- >> the annual harvest festival dates back more than 3000 years. >> time now for a business update. for that, i'm joined by delon oda souza. >> good afternoon. deutsche bank's grambling to
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that scrambling to -- deutsche to play downng concerns -- they are accused of this goldman sachs faced $50 billion, but negotiated its way down to $5 billion in the end. read across the board in europe at this hour. the dax trading down over 1%. shares in deutsche bank are plunging nearly 8%. investors are focused on a beating by the u.s. federal reserve next tuesday. the fed is widely expected to hold interest rate steady in september. -- investors are focused on a meeting and u.s. federal reserve next tuesday. the republican nominee for president, donald trump says he plans to create 25 million jobs over the next decade in the u.s. should he win.
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several economists have begun poking holes in that argument, saying without a new wave of immigrants, donald trump will a tough time trying to fill those roles. plan. ambitious economic that is donald trump's pledge to american voters ahead of the upcoming presidential election. next 10 years, our economic team estimates that under our plan, the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. of the plan,stone cutting taxes, including for the country's wealthiest citizens. >> i will lower your taxes vary substantially. i will get rid of massive amounts of unnecessary regulation. on yourhese regulations
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business and your life. he will also says repeal obama care and trade agreements like nafta and the transpacific partnership. the republican nominee has suggested 1% cuts across government programs. critics have responded by calling the plan magical thinking. it would have to overcome economic forces, among them, the increased use of technology in manufacturing and low-wage competition overseas. some have argued his proposals could add as much as $10 trillion to the national debt over the course of a decade. >> a former recall notice has lxe issued for samsung g galaxy note 7 -- let's
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listen to what some eager buyers are saying. i would say maybe $4000. i would have to think about it. it's not every time you will be in the front of the line. be one of the first ones to hold it and brag about it to my friends. i come almost every year on the dates released to buy it. -- on the day it is released to buy it. will conclude 17 months of negotiations between paris and new delhi. ministern prime announced a decision to purchase the jets and flyaway condition. in 2019.set to begin
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when 100remember people got sick with e. coli last year after eating at chipotle? openedt food chain has its purse strings and a settling claims with individuals that were affected. 119-year-old woman who wrapped -- ones racked up 19-year-old woman racked up $40,000 in debt. i just saw some of the effects of having e. coli personally. i would not want to eat something that gave me e. coli. >> you never know come a free burritos and sounds like a good deal to me. know, free burritos sounds like a good deal to me. time to take a look at what's grabbing headlines.
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we are going to start off in the philippines where a self-declared hitman has testified in the senate. not good news for the president. the philippine daily inquirer, the front page shows a photo of this hitman during the televised senate hearing. -- he'sbshell quote talking about the president of the philippines. terte offered him and others criminals and drug -- there are some highlights from the testimony. one victim was allegedly fed to crocodiles. this is another article in the philippine star which was more into detail and says over 1000
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people were killed between 1998 and 2014. you can see this photo. why is he holding up a roll of tape? this is the kind of packaging tape they used to kill victims. >> we have not yet heard from the president on this testimony itself, but we didn't hear from him earlier in the week saying is facing a plot to impeach him. >> a lot of criticism for the president. the author says he's the only person to win the presidency on a platform of killing threats to society. thought most people this was just a way of speaking, he meant it quite literally. there's no indication this testimony will slow down his dirty drug war.
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ift's interesting is to see the senate hearing has any kind of consequences on his popularity. which is enormous and the philippines. japan wheress to the main opposition democratic party has elected a new leader. >> if you want to know more about her, you can check out the if you wantad to read more about her background and policies. her campaign to be parlayed her was somewhat overshadowed by a controversy over her dual citizenship. her father was taiwanese, making her the first person with mixed heritage to head a major political party in japan. this article in the wall street journal goes into more detail. she announced she had not renounced or taiwanese citizenship despite earlier despite theshe had
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flip-flop, the fact that she has been elected party leader is a big deal. it is indicative of a change in japanese society as well. this article says japanese society is changing a lot. for hundreds of years, the island was very isolated. people thought of themselves as purely japanese. things are changing as more and more foreigners come to work. marriages are currently at 3.3% of total marriages. at the time she was born, they were around 0.5%. things are changing quite a lot. u.s. politics, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. episodewill her health -- how will her health episode
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affect the campaign? will it be a turning point? this is a cartoon -- the doctor is looking at her holes. -- her polls. the redline is going up, the republican line. recentlook at the most new york times poll, clinton's lead has seriously shrunk. >> an interesting profile of a new museum. >> the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture. it will open in washington, d.c. on september 24. , as portrait of the museum quote from a langston hughes poem. it had to start from scratch, did not have a collection. it went on an antiques kind of project to get people to donate
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things people have in their houses. they have 40,000 objects. the article describes just how the museum is organized. it had a challenge because it had to capture the pain and the pride of america's past. a lot of things having to do with slavery, the civil rights movement, etc. african history is important for all americans. it's a museum for all americans. understanding black history and culture is essential to understanding american history and culture. >> we will end now with a look at france's school system. inequality int on french schools. the oecd has just released its annual report on education across the 34 oecd countries. on the front page, it says that
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france is failing when it comes to school in quality. that's inequality. take a look at the graph in the middle, it shows just what the situation is in france match results for 15-year-olds, students from low income families, france comes in that number 27 out of 34. south korea comes out at number one. look at the same 15-year-olds from rich families, france comes in at number eight. there's a big difference. school used to be an elevator for smart kids regardless of their he can n economic backgro. >> for more, you can head to .com/inthepress.
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we will take a quick break. the news continues here on "france 24."
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>> this next panel is--it's-- i think it's really important to me because it's so rare to find honesty in the environmental movement. not many people are willing to confront the reality of the situation we face. i think that's really understandable because that's a hard reality to face. but it's my belief that only by truthfully looking at the situation and moving through the process of grief can we come to a place of action. so with that said, i want to introduce our panelists. this is guy mcpherson. he's a professor emeritus from the university of azona. >> [applause] >> shortly after earning a phd,


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