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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 16, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: live in the french capital your watching live from paris. these are our top stories. a fragile cease-fire under threat. there are reports of more breaches to the truth best to the truce in syria. europe is in a critical situation, so says the german chancellor on: as eu leaders meet for a post brexit summit. sweden assetbacks in they uphold the arrest warrant , accusedeaks founder of sexual assault, a charge he denies.
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good evening. fresh airstrikes and clashes are threatening the fragile cease-fire in syria. that was a deal struck tween moscow and washington, seen very much as a last chance at ending the five-year war. lateruce is set to expire today, but russia says it is ready to push for a 72 hour extension. the syrian observatory for human rights says two children are monks those killed today following airstrikes. there are reports of rocket fire and shelling in rebel areas east of the capital of damascus. they u.n. is calling for the way to be cleared so that aid can reach aleppo, where 250 thousand civilians are currently under siege.
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: a convoy of truck's carrying food and medicine. but the delivery of humanitarian aid remains stalled for the moment. for the past three days drivers have been waiting in the bumper zone set up by the syrian authorities. >> we carried corn, sometimes we carry aid material. right now i'm carrying engine parts. we leave the goods and a place we call no man's land. syrian truck drivers come to take the goods. >> supplies able to see -- able to feed 80,000 people are being held up. it is desperately needed why those trapped in the middle of the fighting. reach the beseeched neighborhoods, the u.n. is still waiting for a green light to proceed along a key road within the city. >> they have not yet been
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cleared and given to us so that we can move. we know there is at least a quarter of a million people east who are potentially all of them in need of some kind of aid. it is highly frustrating. we know the world is watching. has told moscow it expects the kremlin to use its influence on the syrian government to get aid shipment moving. meanwhile the fragile cease-fire negotiated by moscow and washington is starting to fray. ineral civilians were killed heavy fighting on friday near damascus. >> the conflict in syria has left more than 6 million people displaced internally. a further 5 million people have fled the country. with neighboring jordan has been closed ever since june.
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amnesty international says their situation is becoming increasingly desperate. brian quinn tells us more. >> in a desert no man's land, a makeshift cemetery to the testament of the hardships endured by those freeing serious civil war. refugee camp holds some 75,000 syrian refugees. also -- cut off from all most all aid. amnesty international says since the month of june at least nine have died from childbirth. we are seeing that the situation is particularly desperate to sanitary conditions. theabsence of medication, lack of goods, lack of drinkable water. the bill are dieting. -- people are dying.
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>> growing from 400 shelters to 8000 this month. since 2013 border crossing had been an important trance -- important transfer point for people seeking to escape the chaos. a suicide bomb attack carried out by the islamic state group killed several jordanian border guards. is already host really 650,000 syrian refugees. amnesty is currently negotiating with the government to create a two kilometer wide buffer zone in exchange for allowing aid workers to reach those stranded. >> 27 eu leaders gather this friday for a summit in which the british prime minister was the notable absentee. this as the remaining leaders discussed block priority. with a block deeply divided on
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how to spur economic growth and how to respond to the continued influx of refugees, the french president says the choice between changing or breaking up. >> what we should take away from bratislava is europe can and must move forward, as long as we set clear priorities and as long as these priorities meet the expectations of our citizens. security, protection, and of course the future of our youth. anchor: earlier in the day the german chancellor angola merkel warned the eu faces what she called a critical situation. >> we all of us agree, now that we are in such a critical to endure the many difficulties we have on our plate, then we have to agree on a plan.
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security, migration, protection of borders are all discussed. at least they do so very significantly. following developments for us in bratislava. she has more on what the leaders have been saying. goal was to show unity and solidarity. indeed the 27 are strong together. find them completely in unison on one particular issue, and that was they were in a critical condition. a very visual representation of standing together when you have that joint press conference with the german chancellor am french president. they have spoken together in the past. something symbolic there at the
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end of the summit. they insists -- insist -- they have set their priorities. they have much reasonable goals that they will be able to deliver by the 60th anniversary. the priorities are in economy, migration, and security. to form a more united common structures of european military. things are all very new on migration. thisseem to focus on security issue, securing external borders. the economy focusing on creating more jobs. no issues really, which rocks that boat. >> britain's right-wing u.k.
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diane james asn its new leader. she replaces nigella -- revises nigel -- replaces nigel. a member of the european raised at, and she has few eyebrows. here's what she had to say about britain's role in europe. >> we go to breakaway. it has to be an open trading relationship, not one governed by them deciding the rules. anchor: the new leader of the uk independence party is speaking there. bratislavars met in without the u.k., there is still no clarity as to what the brexit is going to mean to people living in britain. polish people make up the
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largest committee of people in the u.k.. and some people implement say it would be bad if this one-way flow their citizens came to an end. >> learning english is as popular as ever in poland. economic success has not stopped the flow of immigration to britain. is not clear how the situation will develop and the negotiations between britain and the eu will go. >> most european leaders have set down a clear red line. no single -- no single markets access. but poland, who citizens make up the largest contingent of foreign citizens, is far less categorical. question asked how the free movement of people and goods and services is going to be regulated in the post brexit reality is a question.
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>> the truth is poland would like to reduce immigration, which studies shows hampering the country's growth. one reason is a departure of skilled workers. >> the state pays for physiotherapist training, and then that money disappears because we integrate them and set of working and paying taxes. sectors inngly like retail and construction, unskilled workers are also causing problems. a huge labor shortage, 77% of people -- >> an estimated one million immigrants are making up some of the shortfall, but not all of it. and:'s national conservative government would prefer to persuade more to stay than welcoming more immigration from distant cultures. >> police in paris cleared a makeshift camp north of the
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city, which had been home to more than 2000 migrants. -- theyd and thought say unsanitary conditions pose a health hazard. given priorities to those with families. catherine tells us more. and encampment in the heart of paris, home to 2000 migrants, mostly afghanistan, than thatse are more are all that's left of the people who relocated living here. including 150 women and children. similar operations to dismantle makeshift camps in the capital have been carried out. city officials have promised to build new facilities to better accommodate those wishing to stay. >> the center will work and it will work well. our objective is to let them know about a silent procedures because it is unacceptable for them to use that. it is not acceptable for them to
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sustain the current no man's land. so we will continue working on these operations. europeaned to other countries, france has only received a small percentage of the one million plus migrants who have made their way to the region in the last year and a half. many view friends is a trans and country.- transcends something to france's you must want and those who don't want you to stay should stay. >> the government has struggled to accommodate them. >> some losing decent conditions and getting social center and legal support, others end up in hotels miles away and don't get any food.
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>> the mayor announced plans to open the city's first migrant welcome center in october. a second one is being built to accommodate single men. 15-year-old paris boy has been brought before a special anti-terror court. it has been reported the teenager was in contact with a french jihadist, using the encrypted social top desk social site. says a group of three woman suspected of attempting to blow up a car with gas cylinders near notre dame could future, catherine norrison trent has more today's arrest. before-year-old boy terra judge this friday, a say he was ready and poised to take action. a donna ms. police sources also
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saying he had been in contact with a well-known recruiter for the islamic state group and he had been chatting with him on the encrypted telik -- encrypted telegram service. police sources say all three of them have been any contact with same islamic state recruiter. linked to several attempted attacks and attacks whened out here in france two attackers broke into a church and murdered an elderly priest. now the recruiters are clearly concentrating on very young potential targets. >> the death toll in northwestern pakistan has roots -- has risen to 25.
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dozens of others were injured in that blast. areme when mosques particularly crowded. the prime minister has condemned the bombing. hoping to limit terrorism from pakistan. the wikileaks founder says he is planning to launch an appeal. warrant --n arrest those are charges he denies. assange spends the past four years hold about the ecuador embassy in london. >> is the eighth time his are west warrant -- his arrest warrant is being tested. is sit -- is --
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he remains in an ecuadorian embassy in london. he made the move to escape extradition to sweden, which he fears could relate debt fears could lead to another extradition to the united states. according to a medical report released by his organization, his medical health is at risk if he remains holed up. he has agreed to be questioned by swedish authorities in october in the british capital. killing 12 people. has disclosed 500,000 secret military files on the conflict in iraq and afghanistan. involved inwas releasing several batches of e-mails belonging to hillary clinton during her tenure of secretary of state.
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>> that environmental organization has published a lengthy report. a number of european oil companies selling toxic t cell -- toxic diesel. the companies are not accused of breaking any laws, but they are accused of taking advantage of lower health and environmental standards. >> a damming report three years in the making. accusing some of the world's commodity giants of selling pretty oil to africa. africa -- 30 oil to selling dirty oil to africa. congo, ghana, the ivory coast. zambia. and they found toxic levels that are illegal in europe.
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as well as the multinational energy group among the key culprits. saysompany's spokeswoman the report -- adding, -- unable tore they are determine the quality of fuel sold at the pump area >> there is still nothing illegal about thepractices proposed by report. africa has one of the weakest fuel quality standards, which allows on average 200 times the sulfur content of europe's fuels. >> let's get a reminder of our top stories. a fragile cease-fire under threat. there are reports of breaches to the truce in syria. that is a truce set to expire later on today.
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europe is in a critical situation, so says the german chancellor on: merkel as eu leaders meet for a post brexit summit. and a setback for julian assange, a court in sweden upholds its arrest warrant for the wikileaks founder. assault,used of sexual a charge he is denying. time for a check of the top business news stories. good evening to you. let's start with some news from the the u.s. authorities are slapping a hefty fine on germany's biggest bank. >> we didn't know the size of the scope. fine, and this is linked to the investigation to the two thousand eight financial
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crisis over mortgage backed securities, which played a significant role in the collapse. banks have allegedly misled investors. nost part, deutsche said intent to settle -- largest one of the fines put forward by american authorities since 2008 financial crisis. and deutsche bank has no intention of paying it. the bank has been offered the chance to summit a counter proposal to reduce the $14 billion bill, but it is not yet clear how much it will take to get the ball rolling. >> on one hand jpmorgan has to pay 60 billion u.s. dollars in such a case, and goldman had to pay only 3.5 billion u.s. dollars. we think 14 billion would have to be the last word in this
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case. tumbling were sent come alike the royal bank of scotland, and barclays. u.s. regulators and investigators told deutsche bank sold mortgage tanks securities leading up to the financial crisis. analysts say even a hefty reduction would weigh heavily on the bank's finances. >> so many problems on the revenue side and the cost side. all this would cause a lot of trouble in the future. reporter: friday's multibillion-dollar revelation is the latest blow to germany's biggest lender. shares have already lost around half their value this year. meeting the imf to branded it the world's riskiest bank. >> some suspect deutsche could be the victim of the u.s. taking revenge on europe. only days ago the eu order tech giant apple to pay 13 billion
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euros in back taxes in ireland. ceos have written to the leaders of the 28 eu states, try to get them to stop the european commission's efforts. they call it a grievous self-inflicted wound that would be bad for business. it has been a big day for apple. a former recall notice has been issued for one million samsung galaxy note seven phones. meanwhile apple hopes to visit .ts recall listing a look at what some eager buyers had to say. i would probably say maybe
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$4000, four to 5000 i would say yes. i would have to think about it. it's not every time you get to be front of the line. >> i was one of the first ones to hold it. so i, most every year on the day it is released to buy it. anchor: let's check in on the markets. after surging 11% apple shares are down on the back of news that it ran out of iphones. shares down .6%. strong demand but and in sufficient -- an insufficient supply. stocks had their worst week since june. deutsche bank closing down 8.5%. the frankfurt dax was finished 1.5%. written teamhave -- written to treasury secretary jacob lew to push for transfer
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brexit negotiations. the first summit since the u.k. voted in june to leave the block. since the global financial markets as well as the british pound have been volatile. will not begin until the u.k. formally begins exit process by triggering article 50. the president of the european parliament says neither the u.k. nor europe would be better off. >> the united kingdom is a g7 country. sequelond economy in the -- in the single market. the united kingdom a g7 country? lies at the second economy in europe with the unlimited exits to the single market? and they cut its now. this is a lose-lose situation for both sides. >> protests in argentina over cuts to energy subsidies.
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for years residents have paid rock-bottom energy prices. in a unanimous decision in august, the supreme court ordered public hearings before inducing the home heating gas subsidies that have been in place for years. protesters gathered outside the courtroom, saying they need to subsidies as they are already being hammered by a 40% inflation rate. to pay tariffsve two or three times more expensive than what other countries pay. an explanation, and it is that everything is done for company profits. we reject this model that only allows those on top to get richer while there are people who end up without basic services. anchor: finally, have you ever wondered if your boss is a psychopath? there is a 20% chance you are right. that is a courting -- that is
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according to a study from bond university. a psychologist found that 21% of high levels of psychopathic traits. he says that figure is similar to what would be found in a prison population. successf8úxú
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