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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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welcome back to nhk "newsline." i'm kanako sachno. investigators in new york say they believe saturday's explosion in downtown manhattan was caused by a homemade explosive. u.s. media say police have detained five suspects. >> we're still gathering evidence at 23rd seeeet and didid nd some e components indicative o of an ied.
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>> the blast wounded 29 people. another suspicicious device was found about 300 meters away. u.s. media say the device consisted of a pressure cooker with wires attached to an old-type flip phone. the mayor of new york city visited the site on sunday. bill de blasio uploaded photographs of the scene. one shows a large garbage container mangled by the force of the blast. another shows a damaged front door and the eaves of what appear to be a furniture store. investigators hahave seized and searched a vehicle left behind at the site of the blast. they're analyzing debris from the explosives and other suspicious objects. leaders gather at the united nations general assembly to address the world's refugee crisis for the first time on monday.
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the southern part of japan is experiencing very strong winds. the meteorological agency says the typhoon is expected to continue heading east approaching eastern japan. fofor more details on the typho, let's go to our meteorologist wlachlt is the latest? >> the typhoon will hit the south of the area tonight and possibly into tuesday morning local time. this is impacting very strong winds at this moment. it has been causing heavy rainfall for western japan. they had 273 millimeters of rain in 48 hours. that is the record for september. and not just western japan but central japan have record breaking heavy rainfall because there is a frontal system and moisture that is enhancing the frontal system. so many parts of japan are seeing heavy rainfall at this moment. it is a very strong typhoon at this moment and packing wind
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gusts of 216 kilometers per hour. it will hit tuesday morning and then will likely move to the region tuesday and then it could get very close to or make land fall in centrtral japan by wednesday mornrning local time. now we expect very strong winds. over 200 kililometers winind gu expected. that i is strong eugh to d desty houses and rainfall could be 300 millimeters. so watch out for flooding and waves that will be up to nine meters. that means coastal areas are very prone to flooding. now the early conditions for tuesday morning and in this region, we go into tuesday, the rain and winds will be shiftingishifting towards the east. so far this typhoon season, we had five typhoon that's hit land. this will be the sixth named storm to hit the country. it has been a very busy typhoon
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season for japan. leaders gather at the united nations general assembly to address the world's refugee crisis for the first time on monday. the number of refugees has reached 21 million according to the u.n. refugee agency. that's the worst since world war ii. and children are among the most affected. nhk world's kozue hamamoto reports from new york. >> reporter: just over a year ago, this image shocked the world. the boy had fled war-torn syria anand drowned in the mediterranean. a year later, the situation n i syria isis as dire as ever. another image of a 5-year-old boy covered in dust and blood revealed the scale of the crisis. the current crisis is affecting children at unprecedented levels. the united nations high
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commissioner for refugees says over 10 million refugees were under 18 last year. the number doubled over a decade. children from syria and afghanistan make up nearly half of those f fleeing h home. >> you know, i spent much of the last year working in different parts of europe where refugees were moving through. and i spoke with families and they said, you know, we don't wawant to put our kids through this. they said, ourur children would die. and we have to move to save their lives. >> reporter: people have high hopes for monday's high-level meeting to bring about a real change. >> i think that, you know, what's important is that we recognize that it's the start of a conversation. and that after this the hard work is really going to begin. >> reporter: world leaders are expected to adopt a so-called
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new york declaration to address the refugee crisis. u.s. president barack obama will also take up the issue at the donor summit on tuesday. in the meantime, children await a solution. kozue hamamoto, nhk world, new york. theyey argued before the general assembly, he emphasized japan's contributions to agencies and he said the council should be open to newew m membe develoloping and building countries. he had been workingng with his counterpart in germany, india and brazil who are also seeking permanent membership.
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a former ambassador says that this is japan's year. they qualify for a permanent seat because they're being elected as a nonpermanent member 11 times so far. he says it will effect the contributions to the u.n. >> i experienced it personally. japan can use its influence, can modernize the resourceces if jan is on the security council on a permanent basis. the united nations as a whole will benefit to see a country like japan being on the council on a permanent basis. >> reporter: but many obstacles remain. the u.n. charter t to add memem requires two-thirds s support fm all membeber states and there a five permanent members.
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asas the u.n. continues to deba reforms, japan is also reviewing its own law in future internationall agagencies.. in march,h, tokokyo enacted new national security laws. they enable them to engage in wider rangee of activities overerseas. the lelegislation also allows japan to use weapons and allies and self-defense. prime minister abe spoke at the u.n. last year. he said japan is now able to contribute to peacekeeping operations on a wider scale. >> translator: japan is determined to undertake reform in order to transform the u.n. for a body appropriate for 291st century and then carry out its responsibilities in making greater contributions toward world peace as a permanent
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member. >> reporter: abe is continuing his push. he wants japan to have a more pro active role in the international community. japan has to convince neighboring countries to support its bid for a permanent seat. nhk world, tokyo. >> the foreign ministers of japan, the united states and south korea have been sitting down for talks in new york. top of their agenda, tough new measures against north korea. japan's fumio o kishida, south kokorea's yun byung, and u.s. secretary of state john kerry agreed to push for a new u.n. resolution against pyongyang and said imust include fresh sanctions. >> translator: j japan, the u.s and south korea must b be in th driving seat to lead the international debate. we must makeke north korea understand that repeated
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provocations will isolate them from the international community and there will be no bright future. >> the recent nuclear tetest by pyongyang provided ample proof that its nuclear program has neared the tipping point. what we should now be doing is to put a full stop and roll back pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs once and for all. >> kerry offered an olive branch to pyongyang but spelled out the conditions. >> we are prepared to sit down with the dprk to deal with the issues of nonaggression, of peace on the korean peninsula, of joining the international community, of attracting assistanance and ecomimic development, providing north korea is prepared to talk with the rest of the world about responsible approaches to the question of nuclear weaponry and
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nucleaear program. >> the mininisters relead d a joint statement after the talks. it said all three countries are also considering implementing unilateral sanctions. kishida, kerry, and yun also agreed on the importance of working together on maritime security issues. that comes amid growing concern about china's increasing activity in the south china sea. president vladimir putin's the two ministers agreed to cooperate e and deal with other humanitarian issues regarding the north. these issues include north ko a korea's past april ductiobducti. in responding to north korean affairs, is two natioions shoul strengthen future oriented
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relations and implement the agreement in december with pledges to finally settle the issue. chinese and russian navies have taken part in a joint landing drill off china's province. it was part of an eight day exerercise in thee disputed sou china sea. china's state run media says the drills will end on monday. in july, thehey saw the claims most of the south china sea dismissed by an arbitration tribunal in the hague. the case was filed about it philippines. since the ruling, china has been trying t to avoid becoming isolated in the region. it's demonstrated williness to ho talks with southeas asisian naons including the philippines. ththey belve officialslsnd media coveverage of the e drill to sh people ahome e d abroad the
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close ties between the chinese and russian military. ththey also believeve china tem to show the united states and japan that it will not compromise in defending its interests in the south china sea. president vladimir putin's united russia party appears to be cruising to victory in a lower house election. the party's expected to win more than 238 of the 450 seats in the state duma up for grabs in sunday's election. that would strengthen its hold over the house. russia's election commission says that with 62% of the ballots counted in the proportional representation segment, united russia has won more than n half the vote. the communists and liberal democratic party have won nearly 14%. candididates from ununited russ lead in 90% of the electoral districts. putin arrived at the party headquarters in moscow with its leader, prime minister dmitri medvedev.
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>> translator: we can say that our party, united russia, has won. >> it's the first lower house pool since russia annexed crimea from ukraine in 2014. russia's economy has since faltered due to punitive sanctions imposed by the west, as well as falling crude oil prices. but putin is still popular and united russia used its ties with him to rally support. jpot has become a musical force around japan. they're paying tribute to the pioneer, the peanuts. they were nonstop hit makers in their day. we tell you some of the secrets to their success.
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>> translator: this is one of the peanuts most famous songs. it sets seductive lyrics to a latin rhythm. this live tv foremanance with the big band is one of the high points. songwriter was part of many memorable records. he once told nhk what sets this tuna part. ♪ >> translator: the tribute album just came out this month. it features 24 popular female
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vocalists performing in 12 songs. ♪ two of the voices on the album belong to members of a local group. kanako momata was born in 1994. her sister in 1995. they sang a fan favorite. ♪
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>> translator: mothra's song is the theme to the momothra movie. an attraction in the same week as godzilla. it is one of the country's most famous film tunes. on the tribute, actress and singer gave the song a punchy delivery. accompanied by voice actresses. ♪
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>> these two young japanese girls, their nickname is the peanuts. so let's have a nice welcome. >> reporter: in 1966, they appeared on the he had sullivan show. the program that has brought elvis presley and the beatles into america's living rooms. ♪ >> reporter: in 1975, they announced their retirement. a few months later, they gave a farewell concert. they never appeared in public again. the musician recording episode and a m musical retrospective hd in tokyo in honor of his late father, the composer.
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♪ >> translator: that was really the sound of the '60s. a big band with 18 musicicians including fourur trumpets, f fo trombones and five saxes.s. they playedd the peananuts' son. >> reporter: they attended the retrospective. she visited him in his dressing room. decades had passed since they had last met. >> translator: i wish my sister could have listened to thee musc we heard today. she said, each word very slowly. we had tquit becse that style of music was over >> r repter:r:he peaeats themselvesre noo lgerround but thei harmonyny lives on. nhk world.
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two japanese convenience store chains have introduced a system to help foreign visitors use their services. they're making interpreters available via instore phonone. they use staff at call centers. they can field calls in english and chinese. the officials say many foreign tourists ask about the ingredients in food. they say the tourives also want to know how to buy tickets and print photos. >> translator: we're g getding more and more customers these days and we want to project an image that our shoppers are convenient to use and not just in cities but in rural areaeas,
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too. >> the family mart chain is offering a similar service since july. it provides information about ththe stores and local tourist attractions in english, chinese, korean, and thai. the firm launched the serervicen 11 outlets in tokyo, kyoto and other prefek tours. they plan to expand to 3,000 stores across the nation by february 2018. it's oktoberfest time in munich again with millions of people expected to zenld on the bavarian city for the annual beer festival. this year's vent taking place under tighter than usual security. organizers erected a two meter fence around the site. and they set up security checkpoints at the entrances. police have mobilized 1,000 officers to make sure the world's largest beer festival doesn't become a target for terrorists. germany was watched by a series of attacks over the summer including a mass shooting in
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munich. >> the security guards are around. i feel very safe. i was nervous coming into it. but i feel very safe when i see the strong german men protecting me. >> the festival began in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of the crown prince. visitors dawn traditional costumes and drink from litre size glasses of beer. the annual celebration is expected to draw about six million visitors over the 17 days. it's time for the world weather with our meteorologist. people in southwestern china are dealing with the aftermath of floods and landslides. give us the details. >> yes. china is dealing with heavy rainfall this month. now last week a typhoon made lant fall in the southeast. at least 28 people were killed. however, across the opposite side of the country, we have seenen heavyainfall duringghe weekend and that caused significant landslsle.
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i wanant to take you to the province to show you the disaster. rain triggered a mudslide in southwest china's province on saturday morning destroying railway lines and a bridge. authorities have sent over 00 ememergency crews and 19 vehicl to conduct repair work. 80% of the railway was repaired as of sunday and one person was reportrtedly missing during the weekend. now more rain expected. not so heavy across the southwest. that could hamper the recovery efforts. we have a typhoon approaching japan. this will likely hit the south tonight or possibly into tuesday morning local time. tlaen is a frontal system as well for the nation. it is causing heavy rainfall in many parts of japan up towards the south of the region. now temperatures for tuesday, they are solid. it's going to be quite chilly for this time of year. 22 degrees for the high with rainy weather on tuesday.
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so plenty of sunshine with high of 26. 26 ovever beijing and down towas the south, there is a chance for a thunderstorm. a high of 33 degrees. now let's go to north america. i want to talk about this system. this is a hurricane named pane. pan sech pane is a hurricane at this moment but will weaken and it will reach us by thursday local time. it could become a real pain for the area. we're expecting heavy rainfall to fall in the area. we'll have a low pressure system which was a tropical depression near the coast of the carolinas. this system will likely cause heavy rainfall for the eastern -- for the east coast for the next several days. probablyly up to 200 millimeter of raiain could fall. for the rest of the u.s., we're looking at sunny conditions. there is a c chance for severe thundersrms s in and around the great lalakes region. and across the west, you can see some precipitation in british
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colombia. they received mountain snow and low temperatures for the low lying areas. temperatures will be only 16 degrees in monday. 17 with rainy weather in seattle. hot across oklahoma city and houston on your monday here's your extended forecast. ♪
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one last story before we go. a venture firm in central japan allowed paying customers to see what it's like to travel in space. the japanese government supports busisiness in the new field. a training flight was organized by pd aerospace, a company based in nagoya.
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the aspiring astronauts boarded a small jet that flew over the sea of japan at an altitude of almost 9,000 meters. the plane's engine was throttled back to create weightlessness for about 20 seconds. the participants experienced a zero-gravity environment a total of seven times. before the flight, they underwent rigorous medical screenings, including 54 separate tests. the tests were based on those astronauts undergo before staying at the international space station. for the flight and medical screening participants each paid over $9,000. >> translator: our company has taken a step toward space travel. we want to lower costs and hold training regularly.
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and we can send people on real trips to space. >> that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thank you very much for joining us.
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>> these are the headlines. french president -- france's president pays tribute to the victims of terrorism at a memorial ceremony in paris. the fragile cease-fire in syria is on the brink of collapse. new airstrikes hit aleppo as the city is waiting for aid from the u.s. after five explosive devices were found in a backpack in new jersey, one of them explod


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