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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday here in japan. i'm james tengan. welcome to nhk "newsline." torrential rainfall is causing landslides and floods as a powerful storm makes its way toward eastern japan. one person is missing and at least 36 have been injured. weather officials are continuing to warn of heavy downpours as it heads towards tokyo. typhoon malakas has been
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downgraded to a tropical storm as the wind velocity has decreased. authorities had at one time advised or ordered 100,000 people to evacuate their homes in parts of western and southern japan. airlines have canceled more than 180 domestic flights. residents found a concrete bridge washed away. the water came up as high as one meter. weather officials are warning of possible mudslides, floods, and tornadoes as the storm heads towards the greater tokyo area. for more details concerning the storm, here's sayaka mori. where is the system now and where is it heading? >> right now the system is located in aichi prefecture. it has been downgraded to a
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tropical depression. it's now moving to the east. over the past three hours parts of central japan had 100 millimeters of rainfall. it is now making its way towards the kanto region. earlier in the day we had record-breaking heavy rainfall in the west. parts of kyushu had about 580 millimeters of rain in hours. that's why we are seeing widespread flooding and landslides in many places of kyushu. the strongest wind gusts were recorded in e the south of the region where it made gusts 160 kilometers per hour. many areas in the west experienced stormy conditions. now, there is the risk for landslides near kyushu and hoe
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k hoeko hoekoriku region. we'll see heavy rainfall probably up to 100 millimeters of rain. this amount could lead to flooding as well as landslides. strong winds, we're expecting over 100 kilometers per hour winds. the system will likely move away from the kanto region by tomorrow. however, some rain is a threat to the central japan. tokyo will see drier conditions, however, we may see rain continue into wednesday and possibly into the weekend. as for kagoshima, the sun will finally come out. the temperature will be 28 degrees on wednesday. but on thursday, rain should come back once again. the ground is very well saturated. additional rain is definitely not good news. >> we'll have more on weather from sayaka later in the program. an air strike near the syrian city of aleppo has hit a humanitarian convoy. it comes av the military
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declared the cease-fire had failed. an opposition activist in aleppo spoke to nhk on the phone and described the situation there. >> 18 u.n. and syrian red crescent trucks in a convoy were bombed. they were carrying food and medicine and necessities to people trapped in the combat zone. the u.n. said it will investigate. and it called on all parties to involve to protect civilians and those engaged in humanitarian aid. john kerry told reporters he wants to hear from russia on the status of the cease-fire. >> the important thing is the russians need to control assad who evidently is indiscriminately bombing including on humanitarian
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convoys. >> the cease-fire came into effect last week. under the deal the two countries were to decide whether it could be continued. sergey lavrov and kerry are expected to discuss the matter. the prolonged war has continued to have refugees flooding into other areas. they are reaching their limits with the regard of the influx of the people. the jordanian minister asked for more aid to bear the costs of the refugees. jordan has welcomed 600,000 syrians. >> translator: jordan has been providing our brotherly syrians of what they need. but it's beyond our capability. >> the bulgarian president expressed the need for peace. >> we cannot address the issue unless we resolve the root causes of migration. we need to find lasting settlement of the conflict.
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>> the leaders adopted a declaration calling on the international community to share the burden of supporting refugees. but critics say that falls short of specific measures to deal with 65 million refugees and displaced people. conflicts in syria and elsewhere have created. the largest number since world war ii. thousands fled when a large fire broke out in a refugee camp on a greek island. police are looking into the possibility that arson was the cause. unrest had been increasing as rumors spread that the refugees may be deported soon. many were also unhappy about their prolonged stay at the facility. the island in the eastern aegean sea has become a transit point. the island's accommodations are already overcrowded and the loss of a camp in the fire has made
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matters worse. north korea says it has successfully carried out a ground test for a new rocket enengine to o launch sasatellit. the state run korean central news agency reported on tuesday monday that kim jong-un supervised the test.. it took place in the country's southwest. kim is said to have asked far satellite launch as soon as possible. they believe it was effectively a test of an engine for a long rarange b ballistic missile. north korea launched d what it called a satellite carrying rocket i in fefeuary. it was widely seen ass a test rangnge for a long range ballisc missile. so far this year they have tested a series of missiles. earlier this month pyongyang carried out its fifth nuclear test. the move was condemned by nations including the u.s. and japan.
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the u.s. and china have agreed to step up cooperation to counter north korea's nuclear threats including a sanctions resolution. u.s. president barack obama and chinese premier li met. they issued a statement saying both condemn pyongyang's nuclear test and they resolve to strengthen coordination in achieving the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. li was quoted by xinhua news agency saying the security council should come up with some kind of response. china has always maintained that cornering north korea could heighten tensions on the korean peninsula. they would target the country's exports of coal, a major source of revenue. more details about the suspect in the weekend bombings
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in new york and new jersey are coming to light. u.s. investigators say ahmad kan rahami could have been taken part in a family situation. he was shot multiple times after opening fire onn two police ofofficers. rahami iss believed to have bee living with family in elizabeth, new jersey, where they o own a fried chicken restaurant. they claimed they y were being discriminated against because they were muslim. their neighbors complained the restaurant was open too late and was too loud. >> there was a bunch of kids. making noiseses. >> all night? >> yeses. itit was a little too muchch. >> the city and police stepped in asking the family to shorten their operating hours.
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court documents show the rahamis then sued thehe c city and poli five years ago. but their compensation demands were turned down. investigators are looking intnt how thee dispupute m mayave affected the spepect's md-seset. police belieieve rahami i is be the bombing attttks and attempts in new jery y and w york over the weekend. the blast in manhattan on saturday wounded 29 people. none seriously. market players want to know where japan is headed. gene otani has the details on that and other business stories. >> policy makers at the bank of japan have started a key meeting. that includes the interest rate policy. officials are meeting tuesday and wednesday. investigators are looking to see whether the boj will expand monetary easing. it's been more than three years since the boj launched thehe massive easing strategy to boost the japanese economy but
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consumer prices haven't risen. the negative interest rate was introduced in february. some economists say t that caus profits at b banks to fall and confidencece to weakaken. kurodada said earlierer this mo there's s still sample scope to push the interest rate further into negative territory. policy makers are also expected to discuss whether they should set a new time frame for chaefing their 2% inflation target. their current goal is about two years. checking the markets, tokyo stocks ended mixed as investors await the outcome of the boj and fed meetings on wednesday. giang nguyen reports. >> investors are firmly focused on the two central bank meetings but we're seeing a lot more moves causing the swing in and out of negative territory. the nikkei 225 lost 0.2% closing
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at 16,492. but the broader topix endsed higher by 0.4%. trading volume was low as investors steered clear of big bets for now. but banking shares like mitsubishi financial group ended higher after speculation that the boj may take measures to support bank profits which have suffered under the negative rate policy. on the flip side, takata tumbled more than 11% on news report that potential buyers are considering bankruptcy for the embattled air bag maker. all eyes are now on the boj meeting on wednenesday and we expect to see a bit of volatility as investors react and try to reposition themselves ahead of a holiday here on thursday in japan. giang nguyen reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. many investors of the asia pacific region also avoided active trading before the policy decisions in the u.s. and in the -- in japan. hong kong ended almost flat as we see there down by 0.08%.
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indonesia declining by 0.4%. in china the shanghai composite was also 0.1% down to close at 3,023. property shares gained after new home prices for august rose in many cities. share prices in the philippines out performed the rest of the region. the pse gaining by 1.25%. 7,671 for the closing number. information related shares led the rise there. commercial land prices in japan are up slightly after falling for eight straight years. officials say this is partly the result of investors taking advantage of the bank of japan's negative interest rate policy. land ministry officials say the national average price as of july 1st rose 0.005% from last year. they say demand for hotels and shops is rising.
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the average price of residential land fell 0.8% marking 25 straight years of decline. but the pace of decline has slowed for seven years in a row. a senior eu official is in japan to support talks on an agreement. japan's trade minister has agreed to speed up the negotiations. they aim to reach a broad deal by the end of the year. spoke to nhk before heading to japan. >> both sides knows what the most important things to get through and now it'ss about negotiations. >> he met with the trade minister in tokyo on tuesday. seko said japan is strongly determined to have negotiations
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in 2016. he said in addition to its economic benefits, the deal also has a big political impact. eu duties are among the details to be hammered out. japanese transport minister says the country will take part in a global effort to control carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft. international aviation officials are looking at a plan looking to keep co2 levels at levels. through measures such as fuel efficient aircraft. 50 countries including the united states and china say they'll take part. members of the civil aviation organization will meet in canada later this month to discuss details of the plan. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. the number of major cities in china that saw a rise in prices of new homes has increased for the first time in four months.
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chinese officials say prices in august rose from the previous month in 64 of 70 big cities. the figure was 51 in july. prices fell in just four. investors are buying real estate. officials at a tokyo commodity exchange launched extended trading hours on tuesday in an attempt to attract more investment. the day session now starts at 8:45 a.m. that's 15 minutes earlier than before. the nice session has been extended by 90 minutes and now ends at 5:30 in the morning. the exchange trades commodities. due to competition from overseas markets. it's time to take a look at our global economic calendar for this week. as mentioned earlier, investors will be keeping their eyes fixed
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on policy meetings. bank of japan officials wrap up a two-day meeting on wednesday. u.s. federal reserve policy makers will be announcing their decisionons on the same day. the focus there is whether they decide to raise interest rates. on wednesday officials announce supermarket sales for august. same day will learn the number of foreign visitors arriving in japan. july's results met a monthly record. and in today's edition of expert view, we hear from an economist at credit suisse japan. the boj will be looking at the massive monetary policy while the fed is looking at a rate move. he says their report will also have to note some unforeseen challenges. >> the boj will insist that they created a cycle from the profit to expenditures.
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and that achieves. on the other hand they also pointed out some unexpected challenges. and such challenges include unexpected fall in oil prices. >> japan's inflation remains well below the boj's target of 2%. officials may abandon the frame for achieving their goal in about two years. >> we don't think the boj abandons the 2% target. the boj will continue to try to achieve the inflation target as early as possible, but they may drop an explicit period to achieve the target. >> many market experts are predicting additional easing measures at the meeting. he is not one of them. >> i expect no change in the policy this september meeting. we actually expect it to happen in october meeting. and so not this time.
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we think the bank can deepen the interest rate as much as minus 0.5%. so by ten basis points. you can catch our report again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the markets.
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a legendary japanese manga series has finished a run. it was in print for four decades. but as nhk world reports, fans aren't ready to say good-bye just yet. >> reporter: fans lined up to get their hands on a piece of manga history. the 200th and final volume. >> translator: it's sad to hear it's the end. >> reporter: the humorous cartoon follows the adventures of a man working in downtown tokyo. cartoonist kimoto started in 1976 and it continued uninterrupted until now. he was certified for guinness world record as a single manga
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story with the most volumes published. >> translator: i've been drawing the series for 40 years so it's such an honor to be able to show my work and receive an award like this. >> reporter: akimoto decided that was the note to end on. but for fans, it isn't over yet. the location where the story takes place remains a draw. they are life size statuesesf the characters and people line up to take photos with them. the comic characters have been used to promote the town. there are statues along the streets. and now there's a makeshift memorial as a way of saying
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good-bye. and it isn't just a place that's popular amongst japanese. many foreign fans are also flocking here. >> like a hero. > he make really funny and close to our lives too. >> it's really kind and there is sometimes a humorous touch. really good to deal with kids and elder or something. >> reporter: so the sudden closing has left people upset about the loss of a unique comic. akimoto said he's working on a full set of new cartoons. nhk world, tokyo. nhk "newsline" comes to you live from tokyo where it's now pouring rain. the current temperature reading
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is 21 degrees celsius or 70 degrees fahrenheit. sayaka mori joins us w with the rest of the world weather report. >> malakas is the sixth named system to hit japan this year. dropping record breaking heavy rainfall. the center is now located over the tokai region. it is expected to bring severe rainfall and windy conditions in the greater tokyoyo regions for the next sevalal hours. so wat out for that. now, as we go intoo tomorrow,, things will be c clearing up. however, some rain is expected at tokyo area. meanwhile across the southeastern portions of china, this area was battered by another tropical storm last week. the system has gone meanwhile across the southwestern portions of china this area is still dealing with some rainfall. this area was hit by a mudslide last week. and it caused significant damage over the area.
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temperatures are as follows. the highs reaching 27 in chongqing with partly sunny degrees. tokyo is going to be another cool day. 22 f for the high with a chance for rain on wednesday. so we have been talking about heavy rainfall in asia, but dry weather has been in effect in madagascar over the past three years. because of that, severe drought is taking place. we have some p pictures coming t of the country. more than a mililon peoplee are facing food shortages in madagascar as they suffer through severe drought. residents have been forced to dig up dry river beds to find water. farmers are being forced to harvest wild fruit for food which is also leading to health problems. in total more than 40 million peoplele suffefered from severe drought in the south and eastern portions of africa last year.. it looksks like drier condition
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will continue. now to north america. paine will likely hit baja, california, late wednesday. dry in much of the western united states. but a chance for severe weather in illinois and wiscononsin. momore rain is expected f for t eastern seaboard so watch out for flooding and landslides. temperatures are going to be in the mid-20s in the u.s. capital. quite hot in houston, 34 for the high. but cooler weather can be found across the northwest. all right. here's the extended forecast.
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. japanese archaeologists say they found evidence suggesting that people were thriving on the archipelago earlier than thought. they've unearthed a trove with the oldest fish hooks they believe ever found. they found seashells carved into hooks. they believe the times are about 23,000 years old. the researchers also found fish bones and parts of crab shells at the site. a researcher says it helped them understand how people survivedd back then on a resource-poor island. >> translator: i believe ancient people had a rich culture with tools far more advanced than we expected. >> the oldest fish hooks previously found were in east timor from a similar era.
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unveiling the many ministries of ancient man. i'm james tengan. with that we end this hour's nhk "newsline." stay tuned for more here on nhk world.dúaaaaaa
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♪ >> welcome to live compare us. annette: it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital so let's look at headlines. good -- syria taken on by a thread after the convoy is targeted by airstrikes, leaving at least 12 people dead. the you and says it will suspend further eight. suspendn. says it will further aid. an afghan born american haen


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