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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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welcome back to nhk "newsline." i'm kanako sachno. rescuers are searching for survivors after a boat carrying refugegees sank off the coast o egypt. egyptian media say the boat capsized while apparently making its way to italy with some 600 people on board putting it over
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capacity. they say so far rescuers have saved 163 people. egyptian authorities are still looking for survivors. ththe passengers w were believe be from egypt, sudan, and syria. it's's unclear what t caused th disaster. u.n. officials say more than 3,200 migrants and refugees have died or gone missing in the m mediterranean this year while attempting to cross to europe. japan's defense ministry says a u.s. carrier fighter jet crashed off okinawa southwestern japan on thursday afternoon. the ministry said u.s. forces later provided the crash location at the northern tip p okininawa island. the japan coast guard said u.s. forces contacteded its shore keepers at 4:00 p.m. and asked for its help. they dispatched vessels to the area. the pilot has been rescued by
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u.s. forces. japan's prime minister has addressed the u.n. general assembly in new york. shinzo abe spoke at length on a topic that's a growing concern for the asia pacific region and the world. >> translator: north korea has now man tested itself before us as an open threat to peace. what can we do in response? the rezone debtt ra of the unitd nations is truly being tested. we should respond to this in a matter distinct from our response thus far. we must concentrate our strength and thwart north korea's plans. next is the united nations' turn on the stage. now is the time for the security council to indicate an unmistakable attitude toward this threat of a new dimension.
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>> abe also appeared to take up the issue of china's assertive behavior at sea. he said maritime security and flight are vital for peace and stability. >> translator: should there be disputes, the international community must adhere to the principle that states shall make their claims based on international law. they must not use force or coercion to drive their claims and they shall seek to settle disputes by peaceful means. >> abe closed his addressss wit an appeal for reform of the u.n. security council. >> translator: if we do not carry out reform of security council now, it will easily be put off for a decade or two. will we stand in the position of harming the values of the u.n. or will we wish for a streng strengthing of the u.n.?
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if it is the latter, it goes without saying the reform of the security council is a matter of urgency. >> nhk world senior commentator is following the general assembly in new york. here's's his analysis of abe's speech. >> it was prime minister abe's fourth speech at the united nations, but it was his most powerful and urgent yet. abe avoided diplomatic pleasantries starting directly with north korea. he called the recent nuclear tests and missile launches a threat to peace. abe said the threat posed by north korea had reached a new dimension. he added the very reason for the united nations is now being tested. and it's effectiveness challenges. abe declared before the world's dignitaries japan's resolve to lead the discussions on the new resolution against the north. he devoted about half his speech
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to north korea. this week marks 60 since japan became a member of the body. prime minister abe said he intended to talk about the past 60 years but north korea's threat changed the equation. mr. abe ended his speech with the long standing bid to secure a permanent seat on security council. here again, he called reform of the united nations' most powerful institution a matter of foreign ministry. the four countries seeking permanent membership on the security council have issued a statement stressing the need to reform the body. ministers of japan, germany, india met on the sidelines of the general assembly. they said a more representative and effective security council is need more than ever to address numerous conflicts and humanitarian crises and ensure world peace and stability.
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the statement also said it is essential to have appropriate and continuous representation for smaller countries in both the permanent and non-permanent categories of an enlarged council. it cited african and island nations as countries that should have representation. japanese government officials are hoping to gain fresh momentum for the push for security reform by joining forces with developing nations. japan's foreign minister has met his russian counterpart in an effort to make headway on a difficult territorial issue. fumio kishida and sergey lavrov met. the ministers got together in new york. they confirmed that russia's first deputy prime minister will visit in september. lavr then in december president vladimir putin is expected to travel to japan for a much anticipated summit with prime
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minister shinzo abe. before that happens, kishida will head to russia to discuss a subject that's likely to be a big issue at the summit. the northern territories. russia controls the four islands. japan claims them. the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of its territory. it says the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. >> translator: it's important that we talkk to the russian government and urge moscow to respond constructively to international challenges. i think the o other g7 nations will understand jajapan's approach. >> also in new york, prime minister abe met u.s. vice president joe biden. abe explained his determination to resolve the territorial issue with russia. the united states and russia have faced off at the u.n.
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security council. they criticized each other for weakening the truce in syria. u.n. special envoy for syria said the parties involved should try to reach a compromise and prepare for further peace talks. russia's foreign minister blames rebels for disrupts the peace process. >> translator: antigovernment forces carried out attacks even after the withdrawal of government troops. >> the american secretary of state hit back by condemning monday's air strike on a u.n. aid convoy. >> this attack has dealt a very heavy blow to our efforts to bring peace to syria and it raises a profouound doubt about whether russia and the assad regime can or will live up to the obligations that they agreed to in geneva. >> the government o of presiden basharar al assad and rebels
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entered a truce last week. it seems it is unlikely to hold as the situation becoming more chaotic. a world framework to battle climate change could soon be up and running. ban ki-moon. >> i'm confident that by the time i leave office, the agreement will have entered into force. >> ban was speaking in a ministerial meeting on the assembly. the agreement will take effect when it's ratified by 55 dignitaries that account for 55% or more of global greenhouse gas emissions. ban revealed that those that ratified account for 47% of the
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emissions. it includes china which is the world's largest polluter. the paris agreement was adopted last december as the first international framework that will commit all countries including developing nations to curbing global warming after 2020. the u.s. federal reserve has kept its key interest rate unchanged citing the need to monitor the trend of inflation. after a two-day meeting of the federal open market committee, the fed said economic activity has picked up from the modest pace seen in the first half of this year. the committee decided to keep the federal funds rate between 0.25% and 0.5%. the fed has once again pushed off the first rate hike sincece last december. but it says an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened. >> most participants do expect
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that one increase in the federal funds rate will be appropriate this year. and i would expect to see that if we continue on the current course of labor market improvement and there are no major new risks that develop. >> however, a rate hike would make the dollar stronger and hurt u.s. exporters. observers say it may cause investment money to flow out of emerging economies. japanese cabinet ministers say they'll be on the fast reactor by the end of the year. it's been plagued by problems for decades. they say they'll consider the option of scrapping the facility. >> translator: we have reached a decision in today's meeting that weweill c conduct a massive revw of thehe project including the option of decommissioning it. >> the ministers also agreed to maintain japan's nuclear fuel recycling policy. and they'll continue to promote the development of faster
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reactor technology. fast breeder reactors are designed to produce more fuel than they consume. the monju reactor was in a plan to recycle the nuclear fuel. spent fuel from nuclear power plants contained plutonium which can be used as fuel in the monju reactor. it runs on plutonium mixed oxide. or mox fuel. that is processed by fuel from other reactors. more than $9 billion has been spent to create and operate the prototype. but it's been in operation for only 250 days since its trial operation started in 1994. in 1995 a leak of sodium led to halts. the first test runs in 14 years began in 2010. three months later, something
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fell into the reactor.r. due to the endless problems, the reactor hahas never gonee into l operation. last november nuclear regulators recommended that the government designate a new operator. the private sector hasn't reached a conclusion. partly because it costs $200 million every year to maintain the facility. > japan and france are working together to study the fast reactor project. the science minister has spoke of the decision to review t monju program. the government will give a proper explanation to the prefectu prefefecture's's residents who supported the program. >> t translator: the decision i extremely irresponsible. i have to say that fukui residents feel distrurust. >> the governor expressed doubt whether the government has fully studied the monju program.
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he sayss he wondered whether th nuclear fuel recycling is possibly withohout the monju reactotor. the mayor of a village in northern japan is also disappointed we the government's decision. he says t the reprocessing facilities for spent nuclear fuel play key roles in japan's nuclear recycling policy. toda says rokkasho wants to continue using monju to study theast breeder technology. they have welcomed the review of the project. they've urged the government to decide by the end of the year to scrap it. a british choreographer is doing something new with one of the classics of ballet. matthew bourne is waking up sleeping beauty. we got to speak with bourne and
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the show's star dancer. ♪ >> reporter: matthew bourne's reworking of his classic is a dark and sometimes fantasticica tale. it's a love story thatat transcends time. ♪ bourne has won the laurence olivier award five times as well as a tony award in the u.s. >> hello. good to see you. >> good to see you. nice to meet you. >> my pleasure. lovely to be here. thank you. >> is this ballet or would you say it's some other kind of dance performance? >> that's an interesting question because i feel my work has often been troubled by labels. you know, what to call it. the word ballet means different
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things to different people. you know, sometimes -- to some people it means classical ballet on point and traditional work. to other people it means a story told through dance. which is what i do. i like to think of it as dance theater really. i think it appeals to a much wider audience than pure dance does. >> reporter: the dancer that plays aurora in the tokyo performances. she's been with the production from the start as one of the fairies. >> i'm sure a lot of people expect me to be, like, you know -- i have injuries. that's why i haven't been known yet. but this time gave me this opportunity and that's very fantastic opportunity. so, you know, i think audience think i might not be ready, but i just, like, i've done a lot of
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practice and, like, i think quite ready for long time ago. i just really want to see, like, do my best and then just be there. yeah. for everyone. >> some ballet dancers don't connect with you, you know, as people. and i think dancers like mari, she knows how to bring the audience in to watch her. she knows how to get them interested in following her story. she's generous with her performance. she's not distant. she's giving. >> like i try to do, like, it's like a string or a round. so i always try and do, like, a really soft move. and so, it's like all connecting the body and connecting from, like, the head to toe.e.
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connecting. it's like really, like, a detailed. so that could be something that japanese people can be useful. ♪ >> translator: it's wonderful. powerful and delicate. like the dancers from other countries. >> translator: the performance has comic timing as well as funny and sad parts. i really enjoyed pipt. >> i would say to people who have not seen our shows before to come with an open mind. to expect not to expect the expected.
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a group of international journalists have published documents of more than 175,000 companies registered in the bahamas. a well known tax haven. the documents are similar to the panama papers given to german newspaper.r. through the international consortium of jojournalists, mea outlets around the world including nhk world have analyzed the papers. the documents list directors and owners of business entities. among them neelie kroes was listed. kroes served as the eu commmmissioner. she didn't disclose this in her declclaration of personal intert when she held that position.
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she said through her lawyer that she didn't declare her directorship of the company because it was never operational. at least 230 japanese names are found in the documents. many of them are related to shipping companies. the executive director of icij commented on the publication of the documents. jared royal said we're seen as the service to the public to make this kind of information openly available. there is much evidence to suggest that where you have secrecy in the offshore world, you have potential for wrong doing. he said journalists around the world will keep working to eliminate that. staged parades across the country to mark the iran/iraq war. the country showed off missile in an atatmpt t to keep isrsrl d the united s states in chececk. in tehran,, the military displayed the russian-supplied
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defense system and seveveral ballllistic missiles that it's believed to have developed on its own. >> translator: the recent action by the criminal america to sign a deal and offer an aid package to the zionist regime is an attempt to secure the flimsy israel and will make us more determined to strengthen the defense of our country. >> the united states has expressed concern overer iran' missilile developmenen program describing it as a a major thrh to the world.d. the e u.s. agreedast weekk t t providid its largest eveve military aid p package too isra comprising $38 billion over ten years. in january the international atomomic energy agency verifiei that iraran has curbed the nuclr prprogram to meett obligations under last year's deal with six world powers. but frustration is mounting
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among hard liners and the ayatollah. authorities in brazil have indicted a former president on charges of taking bribes in office. they say da silva accepted gifts of more than $1 million while serving from 2003 to 2010. prosecutors alleged the formerr leader received b benits that inincluded a a luxury villa and fufurniture. he maintains he is innocent. he calls the charges a farce and says he'll keep fighting for democracy in brazil. da silva has maintained a strong backer of his successor dilma rousseff who was impeached last month. da silva has said he plans to run for office again in 2018. the decision by prosecutors is
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likely to put another dent in his chances following his indictment in july on separate charges of obstructing justice. rescue workers in bangladesh are searching for the missing after a ferry capsized. ten people have been killed and at least 11 people are still unaccounted for. the ferry sank on wednesday in e the river santia. ferries and river boats are transports for people in bangladesh with its many rivers. but many are poorly maintained. an accident last year left more than 60 people dead. it's time now for the world weather with our meteorologist sayaka mori. people in tokyo are experiencing wet weather. sayaka, will the rain continue tomorrow? >> rain will likely continue tomorrow. i know many people in tokyo are getting tired o of a a spell of weather. today heavy rain fell in chiba
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prefecture. we have some video coming out of narita airport. take a look. weather was unstable this afternoon in the afterno-- thouf people were advised to evacuate. flood and landslide warnings are still in place. all of the rain was caused by a frontal system staying near japan. the system will likely stay here for awhile, so we'll see one more day of bet weather into friday and new syst comining in frorom the west. this will likely movove into t tohoku region and hokkaido region. we're looking at widespread rainfall on friday in japan. tomorrow's high is going to be 25. the sun will finally come up on sunday in tokyo and the warmer
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than likely conditions will continue into early october in many parts of japan. now down towards the south, there is a tropical depression. the system will become a tropical storm within the next 24 hours. the sysystem may effect other paparts in the next severall da. a low willl continue to affect the indochina peninsula. at least 20 people were killed due to flash floods in parts of indonesia. especially west java province on tuesday. typically the rainy season starts in november and ends in march. but about 200 to 300 millimeters of rainfall fell in s seven day oror so. most fell o on tuesday. because of that flash flfloods occurred in the area.a. so that caused a quite serious situation. itooksks le more rain is expected in the area. so that could hampeper the recovery operations and also searching operations as well. let's g go to europe. there's a frontal system and
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moving into the british isles. that will move into the scandinavian peninsula. over that there's a system over iceland that will get stormy conditions o friday. there's a system near the black sea region. it will cause heavy rainfall and in fact over the past 24 hours, significant amounts of heavy rain fell in turkey. 237 millimeters of rain fell in a a space off only six hours. and more rain is expected for many parts of the black sea region. this is not good news. now, temperatures are going to be as follows. 26 in athens with a chance for thunderstorms. cooler than average conditions can be found in moscow. 9 degrees for the high. but beautiful and comfortable conditions will likely continue across western europe on thursday. and fininally over north americ more wet weather is come up across wisconsin and minnesota and iowa. significant flooding is taking place but more rain is expected at least into your sunday. not jujust that, we are l lookit
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some risk for tornadoes and also thunderstorms. meanwhile, rainy weather can be found across the west. but rain is not expected for california where wild fires are occurring. temperatures are going to be as follows on your thursday. here's your extended forecast.
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and that concludes this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm kanako sachno in tokyo. thanks so much for joining us.
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genie: you're watching france 24. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. charlotte north carolina rocked by a second night of violent protests over the police murder of a black man. theu.n. scrambles to revive crumbling cease-fire in syria as the u.s. and russia continue to breakingh otherer for the truce. another devastating shipwreck in the mediterranean.


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