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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: you're watching france 24. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. charlotte north carolina rocked by a second night of violent protests over the police murder of a black man. theu.n. scrambles to revive crumbling cease-fire in syria as the u.s. and russia continue to breakingh otherer for the truce. another devastating shipwreck in the mediterranean.
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died after migrants their boat capsizes off the coast of egypt. grow a bigliticians pharma boss over the price hike of a popular anti-allergy $600.tion from $100 to ♪ protests rocked the city of charlotte, north carolina for the second night in a row. are growing increasingly frustrated over the deadly police shooting of a black man tuesday in the very different stories about what happened. here's brian quinn. >> the demonstration in
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charlotte wednesday night began as a prayer vigil. before it was over one man would be severely wounded by a gunshot to the head. initially reported as killed, city officials now say he is on life support in critical condition. police say they are not the ones who shot him. >> the whole reason we had to protest is somebody was shot unarmed. the governor of north carolina declared a state of emergency after a night of clashes between protesters and police. angry at the police murder of a black man and the city's refusal to release the video footage of it. riot police confronted protesters firing tear gas and flash grenade. multiple demonstrators were arrest did.
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since the shooting of keith lamont scott on tuesday wildly differing accounts of the incident have emerged. police claim he was armed and posed a threat. >> he posed a threat to the officerand the subsequently fired his weapon striking the suspect. >> that man hit the ground and they just a they're looking at him. high-profile third police murder of a black man within a week. murder of keith scott came days after another police murder of a black man in tulsa, oklahoma.
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the man is innocent and acting lawfully with his hands in the air in the video. police claim he tried to reach into his car. mark thompson has more. captures the last moments of terence crutcher's life. across the 40-year-old and his vehicle on a way to another callout. his car had stalled in the road. with his hands in the air he walked back towards his vehicle. he was then murdered by police. police claim he nor their demands -- ignored their demands. >> what do you do when you get stopped by the police? put your hands up so you know they don't have a gun. that's what he was doing. andas walking to the car they shot him down like he was a
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dog. every time i see that video -- i can't look at it anymore. the incident was caught from two angles. police say pcp was found inside the man's vehicle. rights groups say that does not justify his death and have demanded an investigation. >> the video shows clearly what happened. we demand immediate justice. there ought to be an immediate stop these judicial stalling. because justice delayed is justice denied. american police have killed just under 700 people this year alone. 173 of them black men. both u.s. presidential candidates have reacted to the murder.
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donald trump called it troubling well hillary clinton said it was unbearable. genie: heavy fighting has broken out around the outskirts of aleppo in syria. broke out after districts held by rebel fighters were pounded with airstrikes. the international community is desperately trying to revive the crumbling syrian cease-fire. the un's secretary-general called a crisis meeting a make or break moment. washington and moscow have yet to get beyond their differences. julia kim explains. >> it was a chance to restore a crumbling syrian cease-fire deal. security crisis meeting instead underscore the deep lack of trust between the u.s. and moscow. >> on monday 28 workers were
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killed in an outrageous directed to our attack did at a fully authorized humanitarian mission near aleppo. this attack has dealt a very heavy blow to our efforts to bring peace to syria and it raises a profound doubt about whether russia and the assad or will live up to the obligations they agreed to in geneva. >> for russia, washington are the ones at fault for compromising the truce. damascus called in and to the cease-fire on monday after coalition forces bombarded soldiers. russia denied having a hand in the convoy attack. >> many said it could have been
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a rocket or artillery shelling. fromnk we need to refrain emotional reaction. the attack suspended all humanitarian convoys into aleppo. of atimated quarter million people are trapped and facing starvation. armen georgian joins us now. despite the clashes between john kerry and russia, and other meeting will be held today. is there any hope that this can eventually bring solutions to syria? >> this thursday the un's general assembly continues and we have heard there is going to be another meeting of the international syria support group on the sidelines of this
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general assembly. that is just to remind everybody a body of around 20 countries which the u.n. relies on to try to bring about a political transition in syria. it's obviously going to be a very difficult meeting. we saw those angry exchanges in the this wednesday between russia and the u.s. with john pointing his finger at his russian counterpart then leaving end of the at the speech. they really don't seem to see eye to eye on anything. perhaps the only thing they can agree on is they are in two parallel worlds. hard to see how the support group can bridge those fundamental differences between the u.s. and russia.
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perhaps if the latest plans to deliver humanitarian aid actually succeed that could be a very small first step to bring confidence back and certainly the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs is expecting a delivery today to an area of rural to mass guest. that will be a key test for the united nations as to whether security guarantees have been fulfilled. we will be hearing from both palestinian and israeli leaders. is there any chance that should give some impetus to the middle east peace process? they are indeed both speaking. the palestinian president is speaking in the morning session. benjamin netanyahu will be speaking shortly after him.
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isn't very much expectation of anything on the peace process front and that is because there isn't really anyone driving this peace process. barack obama at the end of this did not outline any future steps in the peace process when he addressed the general assembly for the last time earlier this week. the secretary-general in his last beach to the un's that that he regretted a decade lost to peace. but whataving regrets is the u.n. actually able to influence at this point? they are a member of the middle east quartet that brings together the u.n., the eu russia and the united states. that quartet is meeting today also on the sidelines of the general assembly. there is a recognition that only if the will power is there by both parties can meaningful
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peace talks actually begin. the mood between the side is very that are at the moment. we can expect them to blame each other with the palestinian leader likely to say that israeli settlements are responsible for the collapse of the peace process. the israeli prime minister is likely to say that what he calls palestinian preconditions for a peace deal are to blame for the collapse of the peace talks. genie: thank you, armen georgian in new york. suspected people traffickers are being held in connection with most recent migrant boat disaster in the mediterranean. more than 40 migrants have an confirmed dead after their boat capsized off the coast of egypt. 150 people have been rescued so far. the death toll could be much worse.
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exhausted but safe on dry land. survivors of the boat capsized recover from their ordeal at sea . >> it was very scary and i thank god i am still alive. >> around dawn we told the captain the boat was not going to make it. we haven't gone that far in yet. we thought what will happen when we reach open water? >> the boat was carrying as many as 600 people. several times over its capacity. only a fraction of them survived. it was about 12 miles off the coast when it sank. sudanese, eritrean, and somali migrants were on board. nobody came. we picked 91 people out of the water including a syrian woman
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who died. we didn't see any officials. all of the survivors were saved by fishermen. in the latest tragedy to hit african migrants trying to flee war and poverty. over 200,000 of asylum-seekers have crossed the mediterranean so are this year. risk your smuggling routes from egypt have left a spike in the number of deaths with a 37% increase. genie: election officials in venezuela have quashed the oppositions hope of holding a reef -- recall referendum. here's more. caracas came to a standstill as protesters locked roads.
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antigovernment protests have become a fixture in the capital as the country plunges deeper into recession. presidentto oust the has enough signatures to start the referendum process. national -- rolled a recall vote this year. this press release just issued by the national electoral council is another proof of the government's fear. of the venezuelan people's decision to overturn the government of nicholas maduro. the opposition will now have to fulfill the second requirement. to collect around 4 million signatures or 20% of registered voters in each state in just three days. then a referendum could take place.
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an equal or higher number of votes will be treated to oust him. if the vote takes place after that date than the vice president will take over and serve out his remaining term. will staye socialists in power until the end of 2018. genie: time for our business news. france and india are gearing up to sign a deal for 36 jets. >> it will be signed on friday in new delhi. the government finally found common ground. the deal represents a major boost to french aviation giant. let's take a look at how share prices are reacting to the news.
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currently up by .7% and steadily progressing in the last couple of days. let's have a look at the market. things are looking up after it are all reserve meeting on wednesday. the united states central bank decided not to change interest rates but hinted there could be an increase for the end of the year. genie: american politicians got the chance to grill a boss of a drug company over a price hike. ceo heather bresch testified before congress yesterday. to backtrackas had from its price hike. here's the story.
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of getting filthy rich at the expense of the poor and ill. the chief executive was called before congress to defend a sixfold rise in the cost of a life-saving allergy treatment. >> i wish we had that are anticipated the rising financial issues for a growing majority of patients. >> you never anticipated it? you raise the price, what did you think was going to happen? >> there is virtually no competition. the company acquired the drug in 2007. 15 million americans have allergies and that number is growing. last year more than 6 million of them were prescribed. >> the price shot up exponentially. so did your paycheck. received $2.45
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million according to financial reports. not bad. by last year her compensation had soared to more than $18 million. a 671% increase. is not alone. investigations into price hikes are ongoing across the pharmaceutical industry. also calledli was to congress to explain himself. dubbed the most hated man in america. he jacked up the price of an hiv drug by more than 5000%. a danish company is splitting its container shipping and energy operations into independent entities. of shakeup is the result plummeting profits at the country. pigot osos spin its oil prices from the group.
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pilots at easyjet have voted for strike action over their schedule. they say working arrangements have created problems with pilot fatigue. a new sign of china's increased international investment. there is more chinese money invested abroad than foreign money invested in china. china's international investment went up in 2015 to reach a record level. exports are continuing beats aremerican .uthorized after a ban disease ins mad cow
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2003. smuggledhoppers bought u.s. beef online to avoid the ban. ity will now be able to find in their local supermarkets. genie: time for the press review. lots of focus on the ongoing protest in charlotte, north carolina with one local paper urging the police to release the video of the most recent police execution. >> that paper is the charlotte penned a and they very impassioned editorials thing police need to release the video. the police chief says laws prohibit him from doing so but the paper argues the law that he
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refers to comes into effect in october so he could still legally released the video. if the video was released it would help roll back the uncertainty that felix mistrust. the paper also implores protesters to go forward peacefully and purge their ranks of belligerent provocateurs. that is something keith scott's family has asked for as well. let's move on to u.s. foreign policy the. yesterday the foreign ministers of russia and the u.s. but it ted heads. >> this paper says aleppo is between fire and blood. it faced its worst day of violence and spent cease-fire kicked in. russia and the u.s. were accusing each other of being the first to violate the cease-fire.
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proposed allowing aid to go through but russia has yet to approve of this. kerry was also insisting that the cease-fire is still in place. arabic language paper says the u.s. continues to push forward the cease-fire to cover up the blood that is being spelt in syria. it is overflowing in this image. genie: there is an article in the wall street journal from a former nato chief that might be surprising on u.s. or in policy -- foreign policy. >> that's right. in this article for the wall street journal he says the u.s. needs to act more as the world's in order to counter autocrats like vladimir putin. he critiques the obama
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administration saying obama's reluctance to lead the world has had serious repercussions. sleptthe eu and u.s. russia launched a ruthless operation in syria to help the assad regime. he wants america to emerge from isolationism. newspaper independent has revealed some allegations in the refugee camp in calais. >> you can read more about it in great detail in the independent which basically reports that certain volunteers in the migrant camp more commonly known as the jungle have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees and child migrants. the information first came to light after a male volunteer posted on facebook that he had heard of underage refugees engraved by the volunteers -- being raped by the volunteers.
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this violates the code of conduct even if it is consensual. it is considered an on he power relation. structuren absence of in calais and many say the sexual exploitation is a symbol of the fact that it is not be correct noise as a legitimate refugee cap. dashcam. -- camp. it's not as catchy as the panama papers but it is just as serious. the person that has been engulfed in that scandal is the antitrust commissioner. she was the eu antitrust in the earlyer 2000. now it appears she may not have disclosed that she was directing an offshore company implicated in the bahama papers. the belgian daily has highlighted the sort of hypocrisy in its front page
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editorial saying how can a commissioner whose job it was to reprimand companies for not respecting unfair competition laws allow herself to flout those same ethical rules. they have come down very hard on her if it turns out she is guilty. genie: some hollywood news. you have all heard by now there's a divorce happening. was implicated in the divorce of brad pitt and and actually eventually -- angelina jolie is marion cotillard. shehe has come out saying is expecting her second child and it is not read tips. -- read. -- bradd pitt's. she says the alledge do fair may have led to the demise of their marriage but she has put an end to that. thanks for watching
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france 24. for a closer look at the press review you can always check out our website at france did you know that oneúaaaaaa
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