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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you're watching france 24 alive. more arguments between the u.s. and russia over syria but as discussions go on at the u.n. syrian regime airstrikes continue to kill civilians in aleppo. the french president says the massive migrant account known as the jungle must be completely
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dismantled. francois hollande is called another u.k. to play its part in resolving the crisis. the first u.s. presidential debate is now just hours away. polls say half of american voters are looking to the match to help them decide between hillary clinton and donald trump. coming up in business, turkey's stocks take a tumble after moody's/is the credit rating to junk. a look at the world's largest radiotelescope as big as 30 football fields now operating in china to help look for alien life. first, our top story live from paris. thanks for joining us. our top story is in syria where activists say dozens of people have been killed since the
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regime launched a new operation to take eastern aleppo. syrian and russian planes have been pounding the city in one of the heaviest bombing raids since the war began five years ago. the un security council demanding moscow rein in its ally, bashar al-assad. most bitter u.n. meetings in recent history. while bombs rained down on aleppo world powers lashed out at russia for its support of the syrian government. moscow has been supporting damascus in its attempt to retake aleppo by carrying out airstrikes. the u.s. along with france in the u.k. accuses russia of escalating the conflict. >> what russia is doing is not counterterrorism. it is barbarism. >> other countries have thrown stronger accusations across the table.
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>> the information we have indicates a new incendiary --pon capable of destroying arms on a civilian area constitutes a war crime. these crimes will not go unpunished. >> russia, one of the syrian allies,most important refuses to budge. it blames terrorist groups for the violence. inmore than 200,000 people aleppo have become prisoners of the terrorist groups. a are trying to use women and children as human shields. the syrian government only uses airstrikes with the aim of giving the rebels out of the city with as little effect on civilians as possible. >> the u.n. special envoy to syria is holding a hope that russia can work out a deal with the international community. he's appealed to the council to do more to put a halt to the
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bloodshed. moscow has slammed the u.s. and u.k. for what it calls on excitable statements on syria. is the fourth day of intense air raids on aleppo with no sign of letting up so far. what more can you tell us? -- the figures that come out for today, to an 37 people killed since the beginning of his last campaign. -- rebel held parts, about 106 22 people killed. some are children. in areas around aleppo were fighting has been raging for the last four days, you have about 75 people killed and several children. no time fort diplomacy at the moment. you saw this at the un security council marked by a lack of diplomacy.
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the government believes this is its chance to mount a full victory over rebel held part of aleppo and they don't want to stop. rebel fighters don't see a need to stop either. they see it as an existential battle at this point and they will not let up. genie: what about the thousands of civilians who are living or trying to live in aleppo? is there a doing through to them? >> for sure not. the fighting -- it was supposed to come in from the costello road, north of aleppo but that road is completely a battle space. the fact is there simply is no way to deliver aid safely. rebelser area where the managed to open a corridor in the past in the southwestern part, that also is not completely a theater of war. there is no way they can deliver any kind of aid safely. no aid is coming into aleppo.
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back here in france, prince -- president francois hollande is in calais today, home to the country's biggest migrant camp known as the jungle. hollande called on britain to play its part to resolve the crisis. most of the thousands of people living in that camp are hoping to cross over the english channel to the u.k. president hollande says he wants to get rid of all of it. translator: we need to completely and definitively dismantle the jungle camp. this is an operation that is exceptional. because we are in an exceptional situation. methodicallye it
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and with determination. we must also be humane as we make these transfers. genie: plans to dismantle the jungle completely and relocate the migrants -- controversy and protest. chris moore has more from calais. -- to deal with people coming out of the jungle. more migrants coming into france right now. in recent months, in these asylum centers they will be able -- virtuallys countable conditions for a few months while those planes are treated. more and more people have simply given up on trying to get to the united kingdom. isy persuaded to -- the hope
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those are set to be looked -- said to be relocated from the jungle will do so. a bit of opposition from right-wing politicians. centers being set up in various communities across france. the message was, i humanitarian issue which has been allowed to rock for far too long. as a rich country -- genie: there have been makeshift camps in calais for 20 years now. will this dismantling get rid of the camp for good? >> the authorities moved in early this year to dismantle part of the camp and in a matter of weeks it has gone back to its original size. a difficult problem to deal with. it's a problem which existed for years. various solutions proposed.
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a solution of the type which meant he -- which many wanted to see replace the jungle camp reformed to national standards. it was pulled down after an agreement by the french and british governments. as long as the british border remains on french soil and as long as there are people compared to risk life and limb it is a difficult problem to deal with area francois hollande saying progress has been made on a number of fronts. --says the british border watertight. britain working in conjunction with french authorities. beginning work on a wall in the port of calais. francois hollande saying despite his -- increased border checks to the port illegal migrants. he claims the french police have ade progress in dismantling number of the people trafficking
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networks which he says are responsible for a lot of the misery in the jungle. genie: we will be going back to chris live a little later in the hour. the u.k. is funding these giant walls that would try to keep migrants and refugees from jumping onto trucks crossing over the channel. >> on this stretch of highway that leads to the port of calais a great wall is in the works. a few days ago construction started on two walls which will live a one kilometer portion of the highway. the walls will be financed by the brits. the project has deepened divisions with local officials. they want to impose this wall on us. our town is being shut off from all sides. going to put up a wall that is one kilometer long. when will it stop? when the walk was oblique italy? >> the walls purpose to prevent
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things like these. migrants have long been walking highways at night in order to hop trucks in cross into the u.k.. national police say they have had to deal with a gregarious situation -- a precarious situation in calais. translator: we never have a call night. each night on the side of the road and the more barriers they put up the more we are pushed back. all we are doing is pushing back the problem. >> local residents see it as a band-aid for a bullet won't. >> it is just ignoring the problem. translator: if it is meant to prevent migrants from passing they're going to cost elsewhere. someone will manage the matter what. >> construction of the walls is set to last four months by which time the calais jungle will
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theoretically ceased to exist. genie: the first presidential debate in the united states is just hours away. hillary clinton and donald trump will do their best to try and convince undecided voters to go their way. clinton's lead over trump has narrowed and polls say up to half of u.s. voters are relying on the debate to decide. philip, we are hearing numbers of up to 100 million people who could be watching this debate tonight. that is a lot of potential voters. yes.p: it is actually unprecedented. you will hear a lot of hyperbole about this first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. one sign that this is a presidential debate unlike any other is that number of americans who say they want to watch this debate according to the latest abc and washington post poll.
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of the american -- of american voters plan to tune in. that amount of people is similar to the amount of people who tend to watch the super bowl in the united states. if you've ever been to the united states you know how important that is. that is the moment when all americans come together and watch the same event. the final of the nfl football league. there are undecided voters among them. a large majority of americans have already made up their mind. eight in 10 according to that same poll. two out of 10 americans remain to be convinced and that is enough to sway the selection. the two candidates come into this pretty much know and neck according to latest polls.
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we are having sound issues with all of that traffic i guess that's going by you. to persevere. let's talk about prep for the debate. hillary clinton, a seasoned pro. donald trump certainly knows how to work live television. how have the candidates been preparing for this debate? philip: they have been campaigning very little concentrating on debate preparation. both of them in new york state at their respective campaign headquarters or respective homes. hillary clinton has been doing this pretty much ever since at the very least she got officially the democratic nomination back in philadelphia at the democratic convention. a cord into the trump campaign he has not been campaigning or preparing that meticulously. what kind of donald trump will
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be on stage? this will be a 90 minute one-on-one debate between two members of differing parties. neither of these contenders have ever done this in the past. hillary clinton has been on many debate stages but never on one where she has been opposed to a republican. donald trump has been all long line of republican debates as has hillary clinton in terms of .emocratic debates about whatuestions kind of a temperament donald trump will show. that is something we will find out during those 90 minutes. a lot can happen in 90 minutes of debate time in new york city. genie: thank for that update from new york. apologies for sound issues. it's time for business news with the lana tsuda -- the lana desousa. in turkey stocks are tanking.
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>> moody's downgraded turkey's credit rating to junk. the downgrade comes in the aftermath of july's failed coup. turkey has fallen victim to a spate of terror attacks. authorities in the country for blame politics for the downgrade. furious. turkish prime minister sharply criticized movies for downgrading turkey's credit rating. we don't believe that these assessments are highly impartial. we see there are clear attempts to create a certain perception of the turkish economy. the same ratings agency said on thursday that turkey had recovered from the shock of the coup attempt. movies is the second of the three big rating agencies to downgrade turkey to junk status. the us-based firm cited worries
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related to foreign capital in close. the fourth-largest emoji 20 group of major economies are yet it also pointed to an increasingly volatile political climate. -- coup attempt which -- purge of state officials. ankara's commitment to the rule of law. the downgrade means it will be more expensive for turkey to borrow money and support economic growth. have economic to as well as political consequences. expects turkey's annual gdp growth to slow down to an average of 2.7% through 2019 compared with 5.5% in recent years. .he timing could not be worse the next general elections in
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turkey are due in 2019. >> as we told you, stocks and turkey are getting hammered. .eclines of over 4% heavy losses across the board elsewhere in europe. investors are keeping an eye out on an opec meeting in algiers. according to reports saudi arabia said it's willing to freeze oil output if regional rival iran is willing to do the same. the former chief of the international market -- monetary fund is having his day in court. accused of overseeing a corrupt system when he was the head of bank you. allegedly paid for personal .xpenses the 67-year-old was previously economy minister and agreed prime minister in spain until 2004. he then went on to have the international until 2007.
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what sick a look at other stories we are tracking. deutsche bank shares have slumped to the lowest level in 24 years. chancellor angela merkel has ruled out providing state aid. allegations in missile market securities. the international monetary fund has flecked deutsche bank as the riskiest global lender. goldman sachs in asia. the bank says 30% of its 300 investment banking jobs will be slashed. cuts are likely to take place in hong kong, singapore and china. in july, goldman announced a cost-cutting plan to save $700 million a year. snapchat says it is changing its name. the change comes as the company introduces video recording glasses. they will be able to record 10 seconds of video at a time and
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will set users back $130. snap inc. has called the new glasses spectacles. genie: it will take a while to get out of snapchat. you are going to wrap up with something we can't miss. todayig show in the u.s. that is likely to draw record numbers. >> for 90 minutes on monday night nearly 100 million americans are expected to watch -- bordering on super bowl territory. while there will be no commercial breaks aired during the debate, advertisers have been keen to cash in. millions of dollars of ads have been sold before and after the debate. audi will air an ad focused on the campaign.
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genie: we will be broadcasting that debate live for you at 3:00 a.m. french time. it is time for our press review. we are starting with the situation in syria. , backed byregime russia, has ramped up its attack on the city of aleppo. one picture has come to define the destruction we have seen. a lebaneset page of paper. the caption under this picture of a lone figure amid the rubble leads, what is russia doing in aleppo? the paper draws a parallel between russia's siege of -- and what they are doing now in aleppo in 2003 the u.n. described it as the most assured city on earth. suggesting aleppo might be the
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new grozny at the hands of russia. genie: the times is documenting the diplomatic fallout in the wake of these attacks. that sameticle uses scene from aleppo to illustrate what the paper calls a final ground offensive to capture aleppo. it goes on to say that world leaders have roundly condemned russian tactics as barbarism. this after warplanes dropped napalm on the city. they wereters who say hit with so-called thermo weapons. -- thatamethrower comparison between aleppo and the chechen capital is becoming increasingly more prevalent. genie: what have the keeper said about the emergency meeting >> it was noteworthy for the fact that when syria's
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ambassador was called to speak -- separate speeches before the walkouts they condemned what they called -- very unequivocal about that fact. said --resentative plunged to new depths. this even as moscow is professing to want genie: -- you found a cartoon that wrap it all up. a gushinga cartoon of besar al-assad receiving not a bunch of flowers but a cone of bloodied corpses from a simpering vladimir putin. .leppo residence , the: another big story
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first presidential debate in the u.s. between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> the stage is set for clinton in trump to clash. political spectacle expected to draw in 100 million views. that is almost as many as two into the super bowl. the debate is the first of three before americans had to the polls. 20% of voter still undecided. --rything is very much genie: the new york times taking position against donald trump. >> the new york times published an editorial titled, hillary clinton for president. now comes the hotly anticipated sequel, why donald trump should not be president. the piece outlines that from the his campaignbegan with fear mongering about mexican rapists pouring in from the southern border, dangerous .mpulses and cynical pandering
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117 -- policy shift some major issues since his campaign began. genie: the constitutional court validated the reelection of incumbent. >> since the end of august, polish -- position leader had insisted that the election was rigged and the election was by no means free and fair. , the fight goes on. the paper reports chung ping in his attempts to overthrow that ruling in his own country is taking the battle abroad. the french paper is reporting that he is looking to the international criminal court and french civil court for justice.
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hundreds of course were killed following the victory. genie: fighting to win this election that has already been called. does he have any chance? >> the left french paper is not so sure. this editorial sites similar previous situations. thendonment by international community amounts to nothing less than the ultimate betrayal." that it willments one day be able to measure the price of inaction. genie: bearbaiting pits of been listed as a stork monuments. archaeologistsnd . less so to the ears of london's property developers. the historic baiting arenas on the backs of the river thames where bears were made to
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decimate to fight -- bears were made to fight with dogs. , heritage overry
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