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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday. i'm james tengan. welcome to nhk "newsline." we start off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. head to head. donald trump and hillary clinton go after each other in the first american presidential debate. a powerful typhoon has hit taiwan. officials are warning people in
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mountainous regions to evacuate. and a rising star. we'll bring you the story of the woman who's sweeping japanese competitions at the traditional game of go. experts say it was the most watched television debate in the history of american presidential races. an estimated 100 million viewers tuned in to see the two candidates face off against each other. democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump took the stage at a university in new york state. more than a thousand reporters, a live audience, and people around the world focused their attention on how the candidates would carry themselves in the first debate of this election. they spent a lot of time on the economy and didn't see eye to eye on how to improve it. >> first we have to build an economy that works for everyone. not just those at the top. what i believe is the more we can do for the middle class, the more we can invest in you, your
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education, your skills, your future. the better we will be off and the better we will grow. >> our jobs are fleeing the country. they're going to mexico. they're going to many other countries. look at what china is doing to our country. renegotiate our trade deals and we have to stop these countries from stealing our companies and our jobs. >> the candidates tried to sell themselves as the better option. and of course there was sniping. >> i think my strongest asset maybe by far is my temperament. i have a winning temperament. i know how to win. but you are totally out of control. i said there's a person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> secretary clinton? >> whoo. okay. i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. >> trump continued his claim that america is being taken advantage of in the world.
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>> we defend japan. we defend germany. we defend saudi arabia. we defend countries. they do not pay us what they should be paying us because we are providing tremendous service and we're losing a fortune. >> clinton sent a different message to america's allies. >> i want to reassure our allies in japan and south korea and elsewhere that we have mutual defense treaties and we will honor them. it is essential that america's word be good. >> the two are still neck and neck in the polls. 46.6% rate for clinton and 44.3% for trump. with just over a month until the election, there'll be more debates and more fireworks to come. investors were playing close attention to the debate and it seems many were relieved by how it turned out. gene otani has more on that and
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other top business headlines. >> market players were holding off while they waited for the u.s. presidential debate to kick off. that caused tokyo stocks to open lower. but it was a different story as the debate got into a full swing. share prices headed into positive territory. phoebe amoroso reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> investors were particularly cautious as the start of the debate. but they started to feel relaxed and feel more confident. according to analysts, many feel that clinton won the day. the nikkei ended 0.8% higher finishing at 16,683. the broader topix gained 1%. currency traders also gained their appetite for risk helping the dollar to bounce back against the yen and other currencies. the rebound in oil prices led to a recovery in energy-related shares. inpex and idemitsu kosan had
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gains. concerns that germany's biggest lender deutsche bank may need to raise capital sparked a selloff. mits b mitsubishi ufj and daiichi life insurance suffered losses. investor will continue to watch the u.s. this week as fed chair janet yellen is scheduled to speak on wednesday and data is due out on thursday. the presidential debate drew a positive response from investors elsewhere in the asia pacific region. seoul's kospi rose by 0.8% and hang seng climbing more than 1%. the shanghai composite was also up 0.6%. a strong showing. shares in the philippines bucked the positive trend slipping
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almost 1%. the benchmark continued its decline for a third day on concerns over president rodrigo duterte's foreign policy ambitions. officials at japan's agriculture ministry says bad weather has made a problem even worse. they'll need to import thousands of tons of butter. hammered japan's dairy farms in august. butter shortages are already a recurring problem in japan due to a decline in dairy farming. another fact ser that many producers sell their milk for drinking, not for cream or butter. the ministry previously announced it would import 14,000 pounds this year. but the typhoons have forced a rethink. officials say an extra 4,000 tons will ensure there's enough butter through the new year's
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period. german automaker bmw is unveiling a new electric car in japan. bmw officials say there are 14,000 charging stations affiliated with the firm across japan. drivers can use the smartphone app to find ones near them. the i3 goes on sale on saturday. a new battery gives the car a range of 930 kilometers on a single charge. it sells between $53,000 and $60,000. they say the firm wants to boost sales of electric cars by increasing their range and making it easier to use charging stations. tesla motorors began runnin
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an electric suv in japan. it can run over a thousand kilometers in a single charge. urging the region to prepare for an interest rate hike by the u.s. federal reserve. their haven't reserved their growth forecast for this year, but they say an interest rate hike by the fed could slow things down. the adb's economic outlook is for 45 asia pacific countries and territories. it excludes some industrialized nations such as japan and australia. they predict the economy will grow 5.7%. that's the same as their previous forecast in march. the analysts say recovery is slow in countries like the u.s. and japan but upgraded their forecast for china to 6.6%. they say government spending has stimulated domestic demand. robust personal consumption will help india maintain 7.4% growth.
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they say if the u.s. fed raises again, they may pull fund out of emerging economies. calling on countries in the region to monitor u.s. monetary policy and take appropriate measures. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. special coding will be applied to roads used for marathons in the 2020 summer olympic and paralympic g games in tokyo. the idea is to reduce the surface temperature to help runners cope with hot weather. they'll use a special coating that reflects the rays of the sun. they also plan to place material under road surfaces to retain water and boost its cooling effect. the coating will be more expensive as regular methods of surfacing roads officials will try to find ways to cut costs. police in kyoto are using technology to help people visiting from other countries. they're launching a code system
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that provides travel information in english. police will install the codes at the 300 police stations and boxes in kyoto prefecture. tourists can use their smartphones and tablets to get information for sightseeing spots. the police will launch the system next month. a japanese farmer has come up with a promising idea based on an everyday food item. garlic. >> reporter: word is spreading about a new superfood. farmers, restaurant owners, and garlic lovers. the event has attracted a large crowd eager to learn more. and the experts have much to explain. black garlic is created by fermenting garlic bulbs. they are rich in healthy
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compounds. they also have a sweet flavor. and without the strong garlic odor. >> translator: japan produces more types of black garlic than us in china and the quality's good. >> translator: black garlic is really a special kind of food. after you put it in your mouth, the savory flavor starts to spread. >> reporter: this is a garlic farmer. growers in aomori prefecture have been through some tough times. many were put out of business in the '90s. >> translator: at the time we were toim port our food. so we struggled. >> reporter: ten years ago the first reports emergesd of the benefits of aged garlic.
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researchers said it boosted the immune system and suppressed cancer cells. he started production soon after. he also went on the road promoting the health benefits of his product in north america and europe. the marketing paid off. he exported $1.6 million worth of black garlic last year. shipping to more than 20 countries. today the sticky cloves are showing up in high end cuisine. mouth watering examples were served up. >> there's huge interest from overseas. this proves black garlic has big potential. we're taking this product to the world. >> reporter: exports have jumped threefold in the last five
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years. aged garlic looks to have a promising future. >> you can catch our report again online together with the full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news. i'll leave you with the markets. residents of taiwan are dealing with the third powerful typhoon to hit the island over the past few months. typhoon megi made landfall in eastern taiwan on tuesday
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afternoon. weather forecasters are warning of strong winds, high waves, and landslides. in taipei most of the schools and public offices were closed on tuesday. officials at the disaster prevention department say at least 35 people have been injured. they say 480,000 houses have been left without electricity. local media say authorities are calling on people in mountainous regions to leave. the reports also say shelters have been set up acrossss the islandnd for residentsts and tourists. on monday, a large crane in a harbor i in the eastern area of hualen county was blown over by gusts of wind. the crane fell onto a nearby building but there were no reports of injuries. authorities say that about 35,000 soldiers have been placed on standby across the island to respond to any disaster situation. many flights were canceled. high speed train service between
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taipei and the southern city has also been suspended. tokyo's governor plans to meet with former governor ishihara to discuss contamination issues at the new wholesale food market. ishihara was in office when the plans for the new site were approved. >> reporter: mr. ishihara offered to provide what information he can. i will meet with him as part of a wider inquiry into the issue. >> the new facacility was ororiginally schedululed to rep the famous tsukiji market. but a soil contamination issue has caused delays. the site was contaminated with chemicals from a gas production plant that once operated there. ishihara has apologized for the confusion caused byy developmens that took place while he was governor. he's promised cooperations into determine what happened. a court in osaka has ordered a citizens group to compensate a
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korean resident in japan for defamation incurred by hate speech. freen lance journalist sought damages from the group. li charged that the group's former leader called her anti-japanese in hate speeches between 2013 and 2014. she said the group also mocked her looks on the internet and repeated discriminatory remarks. the group described its actions as freedom of expression. the presiding judge said the group's public and persistent degrading of li exceeded the acceptable level of criticism and was aimed agagainst koreaea residents in japan. the jududge ordered the group t pay li about $7600. >> translator: today's ruling may be a smallll victory, but i wish to earn more of these small victories from now on as well.
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>> lee's lawyers says it's the first time a court has acknowledged hate speech against an individual as discriminatio. the group issued a statement criticizing the court decision as biased and unfair. it said it plans to appeal the rule ppg. the traditional east asian board game of go is gaining popularity. a rising number of players overseas are making a name for themselves. one of them has been getting a lot of attention. and despite her success, she's determined to achieve more. yuji osawa as her story. >> reporter: she is a rock star within the world of the traditional board game go. at just 26, she has already racked up 29 titles to her name. she's the first and only person to sweep all five womemes competitions in japan.
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>> translator: i'm delighted that i now hold all five titles. >> reporter: to tell people how much fun the game is, sheih even formed a vocal true owe with other pros and released i go. as the face of the game, she has plenty of fans. she interacts with them playing games as they watch and also offering them tips to improve. >> translator: she is cool and strong. >> translator: i'm a huge fan of hers. >> reporter: hsheih started playing go when she was 5. she dreamed of becomingg a professional player in japan. and when she was 1212, she deced to makake the big momove. >> translator: taiwanese go players think if they want to be professional, they should go to japan.
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it's the same as baseball players that hope to play in the major leagues some day. >> reporter: hsheih's's p paren took turns living in tokyo to help her. >> translator: i wouldn't have had a future if i'd failed to become a pro. the longer it took for me to become a pro, the greater the financial burden on my family. i felt the anxiety and pressure. >> reporter: when she was 14, hsheih became the youngest go professional ever. she went on to become the country's top female pro with a trademark come from behind playing style. >> translator: i wanted t to become the best. i've hated losing ever since i was a childld regardless of how difficult the situation is, i never give up.
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hsheih doesn't just train her mind. with go games sometimes lasting 12 hours, she needs stamina to maintain the high level of concentrati concentration. when she wants to relax and get away from the struggles on the go board, she visits this shrine. >> translator: i don't pray for favorable results in my game because that's something i have to do on my own. i need to compete with young players with all my strengths. >> reporter: now that she's a chamampion, hsheheih has to def her titles. this match is for the oldest and most prestigious of japan's female go competitions. she faces off against this 17-year-old. a teenager she calls her strongest challenger. hsheih wins the first game in the best of five contests. other professionals watching the
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match was surprised she had the mental strengths to turn the tables after it seemedd certain she'd lose. and she's not stopping there. >> translator: i'm not so successful in international competitions. i want to win as a representative of japan. >> reporter: japanese go players have lost their edge against their chinese and south korean rivals. hsieh wants to be the one to change that for her adopted country. yuji osawa, tokyo. one of the world's longest running civil wars is finally coming to an end. the colombia government and the armed revolutions of colombia signed an accord ending more than half a century of conflict. about 2500 people attended the ceremony in cartengha.
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>> translator: i offer a sincere apology to all the victims of the conflict. for all the pain thatat we have caused in this war. >> translator: as the head of state of our homeland we all love, i offer a welcome to democracy. >> they pledged to create a homeland where there are no conflicts. more than 200,000 people, many civilians, died in the civil war which plagued the country from the 1960s. the pact will officially go into effect if it is endorsed in a referendum on sunday. unseasonable muggy conditions prevail here where the reading is 28 degrees celsius or 85 degrees
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fahrenheit. let's hear from jonathan oh about typhoon megi. >> hello. wewe are e expectingng conditio remain pretty poor over taiwan as we go forward in time.. because remember, j just becaus the center of the system is located over a particular area does not mean that the impacts just end once it moves over. we still have the other half of the e stormm which is going to another part of the story. lookingg at the satellite perspective, notice that the eye is harder to see. it hasas moved over to land. it is e expected to move toward the northwest. here's a look at some of the reports, though, from the past day. we saw rainfall amount upp to 71 millimeters. that's a lot of rainfall. and we're expecting even more through the rest of the day. look at the wind gusts ranging from 167 up to 190 kilometers per hour reported on the ground level. with the latest update, this system is large and still very
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strong. moving to the west/northwest. still packing winds of 162 and gusting to 216. we are expecting the strong winds, in fact, parts of the far islands of okinawa are starting to see slightly weaker winds. but still looking at the impact from ththis. the systemem will continue to me towardhehe southeaststern coastf china. that means a lot of rainfall is ahead and some strong winds w wl cocontinue to be in the area. in fact, look at fuzhou. you are already dealing with the remnants from meranti. now more rain from this system. this is going to be a mess going forward in time. furs toward the east and to the central portions of the western pacific, we are watching for another system that is expected to develop into another tropical storm. so we'll keep an eye on that. outside the tropical type weather, we are looking at a continual persistent front over
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japan. as long as that liningers over e country, we're mainly going to be dealing with cloud cover going forward in time. being enhanced a bit from the typhoon toward the west. look at this. muggy and warm here. 31 in tokyo coming up on wednesday with some clouds and sunshine. rain along the eastern portions of china because of the wet weather. meanwhile,e, speakining off wet weather, over into san antonio and texas, we're talking about some flooding issues. let me show you some video coming out of the aero. we hadad a a low pressure syste roll through the a area bringin rainfall. the heaviest reported in the past 38 years. the rain washed out roadways and prompted schools to close. firefighters had to rescue a driver. the system responsible for this is moving towards houston in texas. as that continues, look for
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heavy rain possible into tuesday morning. then up toward the north, w we have a low pressurure system crossing t through ontario and over the united states. and in the eastern seaboard, maybe dealing with clouds and showers here. d.c. at 23. 20 in atlanta. a cooling trend for winnipeg and chicago. high in los angeles 35 degrees for tuesday. as we wrap things up with a look at europe. we do have some showers rolling through the british isles. increased cloud cover near london. but then a good portion of europe except for rome may be dealing with sunny skies here. with clear skies on tuesday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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>> this is "france 24." these are the headlines. hillary clinton and donald trump a software the first live presidential debate. clinton and polls say came out ahead. the world's longest-running conflict comes to an end -- a peace deal after five decades of fighting. 15 people on trial over


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