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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  October 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a thursday. i'm james tengan in tokyo. nhk "newsline" starts off with a quick look at this hour's stories. cutting back for 2020. the ioc president says he's confident that major cuts can be made in the cost of hosting the tokyo olympics and paralympics. another provocative act.
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north korea attempted and failed a missile. and formally announced. nissan takes a 44% stake in mitsubishi motors. and carlos ghosn will be the new chairman. the president of the ioc said he's confident major cost cuts can be achieved for the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics. >> we can produce a result that will show a very significant, a very significant reduction of the costs. >> thomas bach was speakaking aa university in tokyo. his remarks come after the ioc, the central government, the tokyo government, and the 2020 organizing committee agreed to review plans for new facilities. bach said the focus for 2020 is how to make the games sustainable and feasible. and leave a legacy for the future.
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tokyo governor yuriko koike has addressed plans to change venues. reported the price tag of the games could quadruple from the original estimate to about $30 billion. governor koike is pushing to rein in costs including planned venues. but cost is not the only thing she's looking at. we were told about some of her plans to bring to the earthquake and tsunami hit area. >> referee: i want the city of tokyo to asker these sites in the area -- disaster area. and i think this will give a very powerful message to the world. and because it's -- because the recovery or reconstruction is taking place until today. but it's going forward.
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and this is the time to thank the world who supported the area hit by the tsunami and earthquake. >> reporter: she's visited and met with the local governor to show they're on the same page. koike came up with the idea to cut costs. her task force had found out that building a new facility on the tokyo water front would cost seven times in e the original estimate. the ioc and organizing committee had positioned that the current plan was completed after careful deliberation. and they were reluctant of any change until bach weighed in. >> we will now go back to the international olympic committee and to discuss with our
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executive board. >> reporter: now the tokyo government, ioc, and committee will discuss the issue. koike is hoping they will come to an agreement. she told us her ultimate goal for the games. what kind of games do you envision? >> an olympics and paralympics to strive for the tokyo games, i'd like to see japan as the mature it is -- mature nation it is to be a force for positive change in the world. and i would like to see that change in the world and i would like to see that the change passed on as the future legacy of these games. and part of that means shining a spotlight on the disaster-hit area. we asked tokyo residents about the idea. >> translator: the world gave so much support after the disaster struck, so i think it's really important to show the world that
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the area is recovering by hosting some of the games. >> translator: you know, we only really think about the people there during the anniversary of the disaster. so i think we should have some of the game there is to show we still care very much about the people. >> reporter: as the countdown to the games continues, the open question is whether koike will be able to put her ideas into practice. it seems she's pinning her success on the amount of public support she can gain. nhk world, tokyo. the u.s. military says north korea has failed in its latest attempt to launch a ballistic missile. it says the attempt took place at around 7:00 a.m. on thursday japan time at a site near the western city of kusong. it adds it was likely a musudan ballistic missile. it is north korea's second failed missile launch in less than a week. japan's top government spokesperson says the japanese
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government has lodged a strong protest with north korea. >> translator: north korea's missile launches undermines the peace and security of the region as well as the international community and can never be tolerated. >> he added the government will continue to do all it can to gather information and conduct surveillance so it can respond to different kinds of contingencies. u.s. and south korean foreign and defense ministries have met to tighten. >> make no mistake. any attack on america or our allies will not only be defeated, but also any use of nuclear weapons will be met with an overwhelming and effective response. >> translator: despite our countless efforts to resolve the north korean nuclear program over the last two decades, pyongyang has never relented in its pursuit of a nuclear program.
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>> they agreed to set up a high-level extended deterrence strategy which included coordination. john kerry said the u.s. will deploy an advanced anti-missile system as soon as possible. >> this step that we are taking on the extended deterrence is further evidence of our readiness, resolve, and determination across governments to protect ourselves from threats from north korea. >> translator: north korea's threat is no longer confined to the korean peninsula and northeast asia. it's now a direct threat to the mainland u.s. and i particularly stressed that the next few years will be the tipping point. >> kerry also said washington was working to tighten sanctions. that includes trying to close a loophole in u.n. measures that allow the north to export coal to china. a suspected islamic state group sympathizer has stabbed and injnjured three police
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officers near the i indonesian capital of jakarta. the 21-year-old indonesian man attacked a police outpost on thursday. police said the suspect was putting an islslamic state sticr on the p police station and slashed the officicers when the asked him to stop. the officers shot him in the leg and arrested him on the spot. police found what appeared to be a pipe bomomb inn the man's belongings. ap news agency i is reporting t suspect died from gunshot wounds. indonesian police have been o o high alert following a series of islamic state-linked attacks this year. militants killed four people in a january gun and bombing attack in jakarta. in august police arrested six islamic state supporters for allegedly plotting to launch a rocket at a tourist site in neighboring singapore. u.s. republican presidential candidate donald trump has
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refused to say if he'll accept the results of the upcoming american election. his refusal came in the third and final debate between him and hillary clinton. the moderator was confronting trump about his recent claims that the election will be rigged. >> here on this stage tonight, do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely -- sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of the election. >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> let me respond to that because that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. >> the candidates started the debate in las vegas without the traditional hand shake. and it didn't take long to heat up. clinton brought up the multiple women who accused trump of making inappropriate sexual advances. >> i didn't even apologize to my
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wife who's sitting right here because i didn't do anything. i didn't know any of these women. i didn't see these women. these women -- the woman on the plane, the woman -- i think they want either fame or her campaign did it. >> trurump called clinton a lia and tried to emphasize what he calls her failed 30-year record. she tried to contrast her experience as secretary of state with his as a businessman and television host. >> on the day when i was in the situation room monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was hosting "the celebrity apprentice." >> the candidates also sparred about immigration, the economy, foreign crises, and whether they are fit to be president. the two entered the debate with clinton leading an average of 6.5 percentage points in the polls. the candidates now have just over two weeks to make their final pitches before voters go to the polls on november 8th. investors in tokyo seem to
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be optimistic over the outcome of the presidential debate. gene otani from the business desk has the details on that and other headlines. tokyo stocks ended higher a the final u.s. presidential debate. many investors were relieved and bought stocks as they thought hillary clinton's prospects of winning strengthened. giang nguyen reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> the nikkei average sentiment following the debate. most ended in the positive. let's see the closing. the nikkei 225 gained 1.4% closing at 17,235. that's the highest close in nearly six months. the broader topix added 1%. moving onto individual stocks, the property sector was among the top performers on the nikkei. shares of nomura real estate were up more than 5% on reports
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it's likely to achieve its self-target for this fill kal year. this encouraged others. japan's major banks also got a lift. that's from stronger than expected quarterly results from morgan stanley. mitsubishi ufj and sumitomo mitsui both ended higher. analysts say investors are relieved to get past one of the uncertainties in the market. i'm giang nguyen, reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. moving onto other markets in the asia pacific region. the shanghai composite ended 0.01% higher. shares in sydney inched up 0.12% to close at 5,442. an overnight rally in oil prices boosted resource shares.
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but a surprise drop in jobs data dragged down the dollar. hong kong hang seng index gaining by 0.3% supported by gains in energy firms. and singapore shares retreating just slightly after a four-day rally. nissan motor president and ceo carlos ghosn will become chairman of mitsubishi motors to turn a troubled automaker around after a devastating mileage scandal. nissan officials said on thursday the company has acquired a 44% to put it under the umbrella. to undertake reform of its management under ghosn. >> rebuilding trust is the number one priority. nissan will provide the talent, the skills, the expepertise, an the rerestructururing experienc that has been requested by mitsubishi motors leadership to
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support the necessary changes. >> ghosn is 62 years old. he was dispatched to japan from french car maker renaut. mamasko will stay on att the request of nissan. to take responsibility for the fuel data scandal. mitsubishi motors officials say they will formally decide on the appoinintment of carlos ghosn a an extraraordinary sharehoholde meeting. fujitsu laboratories said they have created an artificial intelligence driven system creating drugs faster and at low ter cost. >> officials say the a.i. technology looks at molecular
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structures. that allows drug producers to create new drugs officially by their effectiveliness and side effects at the development stage. fujitsu plans to sell to other customers within the next fiscal year. >> translatotor: it's significa that artificial intelligence can discover what humans can't. we want to put all our research energy into this new way of discovering. >> he says he hopes to slash the time it takes to find and develop new drugs. u.s. electric car maker tesla motors s says all of its w vehicles will be equipped with hardware that will allow them to be fully self-driving. tesla executives say the company's new car wills come installed with eight cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors. some are already equipped with such devices but in fewer numbers. the computers in the new cars
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will be 40 times more powerful than those in their previous models. they say that will make the cars safer than driven by humans. transport authorities are investigating a fatal accident involving a tesla autodriving car in may. tesla plans to update the software step-by-step while watching the debate on regulations governing technology. here's a look a at some of e other business stories we're following. aa new nuclear reactor has gone online in the u.s. state of tennese.e. 's theheirst to be launched in e the country in two decades. many opeperatorsave been leaving the nucarar indtryy bause o o stricter regulations and higher cost inrporated n safety msures inududingn emergency pow sour. the plant cost $4.7 blion to build. the u.s. has more nlear p plants than any other country. the latest launch brings the number to 100.
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people at new york city got a chance to taste some of the finest sake produced in japan. fukushima prefecture. the event was organized by fukushima. among those attending were the owners of restaurants and shops and city officials. exports of sake from fukushima have still not recovered following the 2011 nuclear accident. a shinkansen bullet train to hokkaido has been in service for six months. it's opened up a new high speed route to hakodate city. but as our next piece explains, surging visitor numbers are causing some headaches. >> reporter: hakodate is bustling with tourists. this hotel is in the popular waterfront area. since shinkansen service began,
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it's been almost fully booked. things appear to be going well. but the manager is worried. >> translator: we don't have enough workers to meet our needs. we've been recruiting new hires. but no one has applied. >> reporter: the jump in business created by the shinkansen has existing staff feeling stretched. >> translator: the shinkansen has made a huge difference. we're way too busy. >> reporter: the hotel isn't the only business that's struggling. hakodate's entire tourism industry is dealing with a labor shortage. a key reason is a shrinking population of working age people. for some multitasking has become a way of life.
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this woman works for a company operating sightseeing buses. after she's done as a guide, she starts cleaning the bus. she has no time to relax. her real job is managing the company's office. the shin can sen has fueled demand for sightseeing. she's had to take on the task of showing tourists around town. she was already busy with her managerial duties. shee doubts she can keep jugglig two jobs for long. >> translator: i should sit at my desk all day taking care of the office, but i can't. it's impossible to look after every little thing going on at the office now. >> reporter: some tourism officials are trying to tackle the labor issues head on.
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this chain teamed up with the university. they had a two-week course on the hospitality industry. the classes are taught by tourism experts. students also receive hands-on training at hotels so they can put what they learned into practice. the hotel chain covers a portion of the cost for accommodation, meals, and transportation. the university offers students credit. the course has been popular. students say it gives them a real feel for work in the hospitality business. >> translator: we want to help young people set career goals for themselves and encourage them to join the tourism industry. >> reporter: labor shortages are forcing some accommodations to turn away guests even if they have vacancies. as the shinkansen whisks more and more to this city, finding creative solutions is taking on a new urgency. you can catch our report
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again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news. i'll leave you with the markets. japanese securities regulators have questioned three former presidents of electronics firm toshiba over their alleged roles in accounting irregularities. sources say that the sessions by the securities and exchange surveillance commission were held on a voluntary basis. the regulators suspect that
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nishida and tanaka and sasakii hadd padadd in thehe pc busines. the regulators are working to build a criminal case against the three executives. they want to confirm whether they were aware of the irregularities. during the questioning the three are believed to have denied any involvement in the accounting fraud. prosecutors suggest that it'll be difficucult to hold them criminally responsible. but the regulators are expected to continue questioning them while consulting with prosecutors. japan has failed to ratify the paris agreement on climate change in time to participate in the first conference next month. the japanese diet only began deliberations to ratify the pact on wednesday, the deadline to participate in the first meeting. it's set to take place next month in morocco on the sidelines of a climate change conference. japanese officials will still be able to attend as observers but will not be able to o object t decisions. the government says it will not
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reject negotiations because it has already clarified its stance at pastt conferences. but some experts are worried that japan could be viewed as less keen on stopping climate change than other major nations. the paris agreement will replace the kyoto protocol and go into effect on november 4th. china and the u.s., the world's two largest emitters of green house gases as well as european nations joined the pact earlier than expectcted. japan is the world's fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases. now whether it was because of greenhouse gases or not is hard to determine, but for us in tokyo it felt more like may than october today. sayaka mori joins us for this hour's weather report. >> yes. a regional high pressure is blanketing many parts of japan. the sunshine has pushed up temperatures in many places. for example, tokyo had a high of about 28 degrees. that's seven degrees higher than
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normal. and osaka also had 27 degrees. that's actually about -- that's more like september. but different story across the north. the coldest of the season is blanketing parts of t tohoku region. it is eight days earlier than usual in sapporo. the cold weath will continuee to affect the north. we will see snow continue in low lying areas. so sapporo, you'll see snow once again on friday. the high is going to be only 8 degrees. that's more like november. the only is 3 degrees. tokyo 22 on friday. 5 degrees cooler than what we saw on thursday. and 21 on saturday with a low of 12 degrees. it's going to be the coldest morning of the season on saturday. bundlele up. now, as for fukuoka, rain should continue into sunday. let's go to the south. typhoon haima was a very strong
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typhoon that made landfall. it caused heavy rainfall and destroyed homes and schools as well. at least four people have been killed due to the storm. now haima is over the south china sea. it is packing wind gusts of 180 kilometers per hour. the system will likely move up towards the north and will likely hit guangdong province as a strong typhoon. powerful winds are going to be expepected. 8 meter waves arere to be expecd which is high e enough to cause costal flooding in the area. now let's go down to -- let's go to colombia. heavy rainfall caused significant flooding across the western portions of the country. we have some footage coming out of the nation. western colombia i is on high alert a after heavy downpours
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impacted the region. the department is dealing with flooding. several schools in the area have suspended their classes and some families spent the night on the roofs of their homes. some resididts say they haven't seen rains like this in five years. now, october is the wettest month of the yearr in the area. more r rain is expecteded, unfortunately, at least for the next several weeks. now let's go to north america. another system is expected to move into the pacific northwest. the coastal areas like seattle and vancouver will see s some heavy rainfnfall at times. also mountaiains will see some snowfallll. an t there iss risk of severe weather from kentucky up towards the e new england stat. this heavy rain will likelyy swititch towards atlantic canad as we go into friday. ahead of the system, warm air still flowing in from the south. temperatures still on the warmer side. 27 in the u.s. capital. 29 degrees in atlanta on your thursday. and across the north, only 6
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degrees in winnipeg. look at this. quite hot in los angeles. 36 degrees for the high. temperatures expected to cool down on sunday. all right. here's the extended forecast.
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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. coming up in the debate, the ul from theht of mos islamic state group. we will getting the latest from on the ground. hillary clinton and donald trump were talking about the defensive in mosul but the big standout, and were clafr


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