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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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is 1:00 p.m. here in the french capital. the islamic state group targets tier cook. iraqi coalition forces advance on the stronghold of m osul. hit. we will a cross to our correspondent for donald trump and
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hillary clinton trade jokes at an annual charity event. in iraq, this is where the alamist state group launched set of coordinated attacks early this friday. the assaults appeared to be aimed at diverting security forces from the massive offensive. the iraqi government and kurdish effortare making a major to drive isis fighters out of that stronghold.
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andre is with iraqi forces in the north of the country. he brings us the latest. james: i am in the artillery perception -- position. are faced seeing -- .t is a symbolic city it was a christian city before it was taken by the islamic state. the christians have had to play when the jihadists arrived in the city. there was a battle raging over there. it commands route 80, which is one of the main roads going to mosul. we will news from other folks here. there has been a counterattack by the islamist state organization.
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we hear there are pockets of resistance inside the city. >> he is embedded with government forces. mosul.yet to reach the u.n. fears that up to a million people are still trapped inside the city and could be forced to flee. that would spark a humanitarian emergency. iraq's top shiite clarity called on force us to take part in the offensive. >> the ways come other futures in the balance. iraqi forces fight for the safety. they're the people of mosul and
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there we need to the home. nearly 5000 christians live in these white trailers. we have suffered enough. it's too much. we have migrated and left her homes. the situation is difficult. >> added another camp, 18 on thursday.ved the described their lives under islamic state. >> eight was an impressive environment. the asked me do you have any children? i said i have four. hand their custody over to us and we will give you a good i have to betf that i on the streets come i will not give you my children. >> fighting intensifies. most of the displaced inhabitants live in camps.
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others flee to neighboring countries like syria, where the united nations or preparing to receive debt. >> the united nations says it is unable to carry out evacuations in aleppo. the u.n. said it had received the green light for the evacuations from syria of awesome fee is government, opposition groups and russia. a u.n. spokesperson gave no details as to the exact cause. the eu has condemned russia for its bombing of civilians in aleppo buffet resistance from italy to impose new sanctions against moscow.
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>> as the eu settlement is into its second phase, many european leaders struggle to find a resolution. >> we've had a very intense exchange of use today, especially regarding our relationship with russia. on the one hand, we want to have a good relationship with russia. on the other hand, we want to be clear about where we stand and recent development in syria. the italian prime minister led the opposition to block any attempt to extend sanctions on russia. some european countries that have economic ties with russia is suffering from previous economic sanctions due to the conflict in ukraine. in regards to syria, all of
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us are very word. i think there is no point in also adding a reference to sanctions. >> in an increasingly divided it marks then, split between the eu labors -- eu neighbors. s the weekend. we will never compromise our values, their principles. above all, keep the unity of the eu. strongly condemning the bombardment from aleppo. hasnited nations panel concluded that a center-lead airstrike on a funeral in yemen earlier this month was in violation of international humanitarian law. more than 140 people were killed in the strikes. the ruling puts more pressure on
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yemen's fragile cease-fire. >> the sixth attempt of cease-fire appeared to be freshening -- fracturing on thursday. violations. 160 balance,tion in the rather than a reduction. the hutiesies -- leclaire success. this has a large scale airstrikes. >> saudi arabia has a right to be free from missiles being launched from yemen into saudi arabia.
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to draw call on them back, to draw their missiles back, which ultimately will have to be negotiated within the context of negotiations when they've begin. are waiting for them to show up, to be a part of this process and be there. , what could be a turning point will become the turning point. has hopested nations a could be extended and leads to a new set of peace talks and criticizews monitors him. in left 140 people dead and several hundred injured. south africa has announced plans to draw from the international terminal core.
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second country this week to move to lead the tribunal. it follows a dispute last year over a visit to the country by sudanese resident. allowed to leave south africa, despite a local court order. are you sure we will smell -- walk us why we are seeing this .ecision now and >> the talks started last year. [indiscernible] the icc has that france come as -- [indiscernible] south africa states that there will not -- there were not
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compelled to do so because the sheer was in south africa and not by imitation of the south african government. it did was to allow south africans to turn a toil. africansok the south down, saying that he had violated its revelation. interesting to note that the south african cultural knowles, that south africa did indeed have an obligation to set our initiation wrong further. soterday, the parents were exact thing -- exacting.
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the process has not started. take a stance on the field. membership is voluntary. i also wanted to thank south africa the things. i oftentimes cannot come pleaded with 11 propositions added to it. south africans are also members of the north number and come chinese a seizure. >> what's the reaction to this news? some of the human rights organizations, as well as south africans, democratic official
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opposition party in south africa has not taken south africa to court saying that minutes of international relations had no place in the phallus -- in the policy to help you communicate. it was described as astounding. organizations inc. is a take back to human rights. not only in south africa, but also on the african continent. >> thank you for that. there are less than three weeks to go in the u.s. presidential race. mccain has been bruising. hillary clinton and donald trump took time out thursday to trade jokes at an annual charity cymer.
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>> it is an american tradition. a strategic moment that gives candidates a chance to lighten them move by putting away their claws, and poking at each other. after he took the mic and started attacking rival hillary to -- , it turned >> that's all right. i don't know with a are angry at. here she is tonight in public, pretending not to hate efflux -- hate catholics. candidate toatic it in stride. wanted me drug tested
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before last night's debate [laughter] . i've got to tell you. i'm so flattered that donald thought i used some sort of performance enhancer. [laughter] [applause] actually, i did. it's called preparation. [laughter] [applause] >> tensions between the two candidates have been high after intense debates punctuated by personal attacks. the charity dinner, they'll were separated by mickey dylan. by the end of the evening, a glimmer of hope. the candidates are gearing up for the final stretch with less than three weeks left to go before election day. >> time now for the latest business news. i'm joined by charles with the latest on this landmark trade deal between the eu and canada. things are in limbo today.
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>> the latest is that there hasn't been any real progress. the problem lies with the balogna. of baloney -- theout their support, belgian prime minister cannot support the free trade agreement and it cannot be signed. and thether leaders canadian trade minister tried to see if it could work something out. so far, there offers have been insufficient. there are still talks taking place. >> i don't want to say anything that might fuel on the fire. instead, even though i the door is bruised slightly, we need to keep options on the same table.
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>> it is supposed to be signed by next thursday. prime minister justin trudeau is supposed to attend and there have until monday to have an agreement. let's find out how the markets are faring in europe this are it is a bit of a mixed bag. the central banks did not give a hint about monetarily party -- monetary policy. let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines is friday. british american tobacco is planning to merge with reynolds in a deal valued at $37 billion. .
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the merger would bring together some of tobacco industry's best-known bands, including lucky strike, rodman's, dunhill and camel cigarettes aerated the prosecutors in brazil charged many for manslaughter and other charges. among the accused are board members and directors and mining companies like stephanie will. american subsidiary go public. how it was created when the french group. the communications in june. this could mean a finance of new now, anions in the u.s. american company claims it has created an image and -- an emergency vocal.
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lake created me in a lab. better ways to do this by slaughtering beef. mark thompson has this. mark: it may not look that different, but it's creators have dumped this, the adult trunk attacks. among the ingredients, suite, coconut oil, and potatoes are not carrying oxygen to the bloodstream. mimics kind of saadi, kind of 130 flavor. maybe like a week -- a million dollars photo.
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>> it was partly funded by a google and bill gates. comes with the meat on the street and the increasing pressure to improve animal welfare and reduce its environmental impact. >> this is not about ideological purity. anything that advances our mission ever tax our mission is much as possible to replace the curtain set of leaks production. >> global sales of meat substitutes have the $4 billion this year. last week, america's largest chicken processor bought a five dollars stake. major players attempting to cover their backs before edgy alternatives take a bigger bite out of the market. you may be at a mcdonald's near you. >> good stuff.
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thank you very much for that business update >> it's time for our press review. ♪ >> i'm joined in the studio by florence. we are going to start off in the united states. we saw a charity dinner last night. >> this is the alfred e smith charity dinner. ofis a campaign ritual, full self-deprecation. it got a lot attention because a got a little it'll -- a little short. donald trump was echoed by the new york elite. they'd deemed that his attacks on hillary clinton were a little bit too personal. he called her catholic-hating, so corrupt, let the media in the u.s. is reporting on it.
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fox news is also talking about the facts. people are still not laughing over comments made during the third and final presidential debate. saying that he would "keep the country and suspense" on whether or not people -- on whether or not he would except the results. donald trump, a candidate for president of the united states. this is thehere final insult to american democracy. very harsh words for donald trump and he is a demagogue with a dictatorial street. rally in ohio yesterday, he said i will accept the results if i win. these comments are getting a lot of criticism. in a paperartoon based in london.
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we see donald trump strapped to the statue of liberty with dynamite. up." lose, i will set you can see the statue of liberty worried about these comments. isthis is saying that trump -- has sabotaged an election that was his to win. of thisard reality campaign is that it was set up for a republican victory. you have a divided and unhappy country wanting to move in a new direction. trump had a really good chance of winning it. is best chance of being president was to make a campaign about something bigger than himself. but he exposed his achilles heel, a thin skin and a petulant ego that keeps getting in the way. and some of us like he has two opponents, clinton and himself. papers are saying that hillary clinton won the debates because donald trump lost.
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that this is an interesting or trial in a book of the washington post." she earned it. she was disciplined and kept her cool in sleazy provocations and trunk.ctable >> in france, we have six months -- before we got got a presidential election. >> day are looking at an electorate that is highly sought after. we often talk about young people how -- and have a will vote. townottest electorate in are 60 years old and up here day tend to vote for the traditional right. many are undecided. you can see portraits and interviews of some of the undecided senior citizens.
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a different electorate, police officers have been staging. a wave of anti-police violence the far right leader is jumping on the occasion to fish for votes. you can see this graphic here showing this police officer that shows how members of law enforcement have voted of the last couple of presidential 2007, 24%yard in voted for the traditional right. see it is going up. love coming from police officers. and showing her love. she declared her flame on wednesday night with a video on social media dedicated to the theice with #isupport police. the administrative higher score is looking at nativity scenes in
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public settings. whether it ismine against the law to have town halls exhibiting nativity scenes are and christmastime. france is a strictly secular country. the log 1905, which separates church and state, bans any symbols of religion in public s.ace this comes at a very tense time. secularism has been at the heart of a bitter debate ever since the recent terror attacks and french identity. some people say it is important to protect france's christian roots. though nativity scene debate is fitting. there will have to rule whether it is constitutional or not and can't battle bowl -- and compatible. just in time for christmas. >> for that and more, you can
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head to our website. we will take a short break and be right back. stay with us.
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>> this next panel is--it's-- i think it's really important to me because it's so rare to find honesty in the environmental movement. not many p people are willing to confront the reality o of the situation we face. i think that's really understandable because that's a hard reality to face. but it's mymy belief that only by truththfully looking at the situation and moving through the process of grief can we come to a place of action. so with that said, i want toto introduce our panelists. this is guy mcpherson. he's a professosor emerititus from the university of arizona >> [applause] > shortlyly after earning a ,


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