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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  October 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is emocracy now! >> the news this morning is this watergate.han amy: could the f.b.i.'s october surprise help usher in donald presidency? we will look at the fallout from .b.i. doctor james comey's shocking announcement that the agency is investigating more -mails as part of its probe into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail system. has saidrector himself he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter
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or not.ificant i'm confident whatever they are conclusion nge the reached in july. why we will get the latest on he fight agast the dakota access pipeline where video emerged of a pipe line security holding an assault rifle with his face covered by a bandana apparently attempting to nfill rate a group of -- infiltrate a group of water protectors >> what we saw is basically just 500 years of f colonization and aggression by a on our redicated oppression. amy: while hundreds are being violent for non antipipeline protests in north dakota we will see how a federal acquitted january government mill hrrb alerts five and ryan bundy and followers related to the armed ta takeover of a federal wildlife and we go to morocco where thousands of people
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throughout the country have been protesting after a fish seller as crushed to death in a garbage truck trying to retrieve fish condition physical police.d by it that an echo of tunisia five years ago? coming up. and more my: welcome to democracy now! the race for the white house was olted friday when james comey notified congressional leaders the agency is investigating more probe as part of the into history's use of a private e-mail server. part of discovered as a probe into anthony weiner the estrange ed estranged husband of houma aberdeen. reportedly stored showses of after hen his computer sent illicit messages.
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comby notified congress before even obtained a warrant it look at the e-mail. the warrant was reportedly over weekend on the campaign trail donald trump welcomed the announcement. i have great respect for the the that the f.b.i. and department of justice are now illing to have the courage to right the horrible mistas that they made. miscarriage of justice that the american people fully understood. and it is everybody's hope that about to be corrected. this morning is this is bigger than watergate. my: meanwhile hillary clinton addressed the f.b.i. actions during a campaign rally in benjamach.
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>> it is pretty strange to put with ing like that out such little information right before an election. strange, it is not just it is unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. voters deserve to get and complete facts. and so we have called on comey to explain everything right away, put it table, right? amy: the criticism of f.b.i. both or comey is from democrats and republicans who charge he may have violated the prohibits hich employees in the executive branch from engaging in political activity. we will have more after headlines. michael e joined by isikoff. clinton's troubles came as ickileaks made public more hacked e-mails from the e-mail
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of john podesta. robby mook urged the staff to attack national nurses united hich endorsed bernie sanders for the democratic nomination as ringe and not a real union and represents 185,000 members and aflcio.ted with in response an executive irector called the comment a preview what we can expect the next four-year and from day one f the clinton administration nnu and allies will need it make our voices heard to advocate for social economic and political justice. in yemen at least 60 were killed and scores more wounded saturday when saudi led coalition bombed a security complex. many were prisoners or guards at houthi one directly targeted the was said.t >> we call on the international community and international to stop the war in yemen. this war is not justified.
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find food ggling to and we have been displaced from our homes. homes have been demolish he over the heads of citizens feel amy: the u.s. sphraeud saudi rabia with intelligence, fuel tankers and advanced weaponry as cancels, planes bombed markets, homes and high schools civilians.ndreds of at least 14 million have been short on food and world health of a growing arns cholera oureak there that killed at least 40 children and more than 1400 others. in syria rebels unleash suicide bomb attacks, rockets and mortars on government controlled killing at least 41 civilians including 17 children each side accusing the of using poison gas and .n. special envoy called it relentless and indiscriminate. described the assault
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that left families buried alive. are still under the rubble. my children are under the rubble. someone get them out. building collapsed oh, god. 1500 rebel figers are on the western edge aimed at of king a gernment siege the east where more than a quarter of a million people face ste severe shortage water, fuel, food and medicine. thousands of protesters flooded cities after a fish seller was crushed to in a garbage truck trying to retrieve fish con physical police.d by the death of memoranda phaou in on fridayf al-hoceima drew wide spread anger on social media. were called by activists from the february 20 movement which organized the arab ions during unrest of 2011. to the h drew parallels tune anything fruit seller in
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spark the arabed spring uprisings. .n. children's fund warns 300 million of the children regularly breathe highly toxic them at tion putting risk of brain damage, lung disease and pre matumature deat. the report released today finds most of the highest risk india n are in northern and vast majority some two people are exposed to levels of air pollution health y by the world organizati. lobely in is fondle -- responsible for the purpose one of eight deaths each year. jury united states selection begins today in two high profile murder trials of police officers who killed unarmed black men. police officer ray tensing shot and killed 43-year-old sam dubose last year after stopping him for not having a front license plate.
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north charleston, south carolina michael slager faces bystander filmed him shooting 50-year-old walter scott in the back as he ran away. trials come as the justice department investigation into unarmed ng death of african-american eric garner by police officer. "new york times" reported last eek new york based f.b.i. agents anded if prosecutors are no longer assigned leaving with the justice department civil rights division likely making it more officers will face criminal charges. international friday dispatched human rights observers to the standing rock reservation a day after pa with military equipment arrested 140 and used pepper spray, bag s, sound cannons, bean rounds and rubber bullets
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against opponents of the pipeline. native american water protectors who were arrested say police arms and ers on their housed them in what appear to be kennels as more details are merging from thursday chug video footage of a dakota access an rity contractor holding assault rifle with his face covered by a bandana, apparently to infiltrate a group protectors. a member says he saw the men toward down highway 1806 thmain resistance camp with an the rifle on the side of truck. protectors chased down the truck to disarm him. in the video the contractor can e seen pointing the assault rifle at protectors as he attempts to flee. e was ultimately arrested by borrow of indian affairs police
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-- bureau of indianffairs. saturday a brush fire began their camp and they called 911 emergency teams suspended and protectors believe that the intentional ly lit by people washing for dakota access. - working for dakota access. canada, first nation activists declare victory ollowing the occupation of a high row electric dam construction side. they took over the site october 22 demanding the company behind the project take steps to poisoning of traditional food sources like ish and seal with toxic mercury. the occupiers want a promise any decision it flood the area that release mercury with be subject to scientific review. a journalist who documented the an order to ces appear in court. independent followed activists on to the
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site after they cut through a gate. before aered to appear judge by november 10 to taste contempt of court. son of a s the prominent human rights leaders was shot dead sun in what latest to be the ssassination attacking those protesting palm oil plantations. several times as he exited a nightclub in the city. son of the dest president of the coordinating committee. after two leaders in the region assassinated earlier this month. in iceland the pirate party made gains in the national election raising the prospect it ill form a coalition government. they won 10 seats in the 63 three parliament up from the last election. hailed the leader result.
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about what we expect and we could maybe get somewhere between 12 to 15. we would can get 15 number since ur last election. we are thrilled. pirate party hopes to pass the world's first crowd source constitution. core platform is direct democracy. neutrality and net and transparency. they saw popularity surge after he prime minister resigned following revelations he and his wife used and offshore company conceal millions of investments. toppled a quick churches and crumbled walls but didn't cause deaths. italy's most powerful quake since 1980 and series of in the week arlier forced the evacuation of
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residents. remain homeless and a seismologist warn more could along the fault system for weeks to come. it supreme court said friday will take up the first ever case on transgender rights when it transgender ther a boy has the right to use the boys bathroom at his high school. gavin grimm is challenging the loucester county school board requirement that they use it corresponding assigned gender at birth. it left him humiliated nd caused him to stop drinking iquid to not you're -- urinate. whether theyl raul can ban that. it questions equal access to education. some of the headlines. this is democracy now!, the war and peace report.
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i'm amy goodman. the race for the white house was comey notifiedes congressional leaders that the agency had discovered more as part of the probe into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. part of discovered as an investigation into former congressman anthony weiner the husband of houma be a deny. hundreds edly stored of thousands of e-mails on weiner's computer which was f.b.i. after he allegedly sent illicit text 15-year-old girl. comey notified congress before the f.b.i. obtained a warren to the e-mails. the warrant was reportedly issued on sunday night. campaign trail donald trump welcomed the announcement which came just 11 days before day.ion >> hillary clinton's corruption on a scale we have never -- let her take her
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criminal scheme into the oval office. i have great respect for the that the f.b.i. and the department of justice are now to have the courage to mistakes thatible they made. miscarriage of justice that the american people understood and it is it is dy's hope that about to be corrected. is this isis morning bigger than watergate. hillary clinton addressed the f.b.i.'s actions over the weekend. strange to put something like that out with right ttle information before an election. in fact, it is not just strange,
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is unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. voters deserve to get complete facts. so, we have called on director to explain everything right away and put it all out on the table. right? amy: hillary clinton is not f.b.i. criticizing director comey's actions. bipartisan group of former signed an secutors open letter saying many of us worked with director comey. respect hymn but his unprecedented decision to publicly comment on evidence in be an ongoing inquiry 11 days before an presidential the ion leaves us astonish and perplexed. the criticism is from both rich.ats and richard painter former chief ethics lawyer filed a complaint for possibly
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violating hatch act which employees from engaging in political activity. he wrote in the "new york times" thought that the f.b.i. could be dragged into a political circus surrounding one its investigations until this week. minority liter harry reid sucked he may have broken the act and eric holder says it violated policies and way it n in the proper conduct investigations during an election season. more about the news we are dowtown by mile michael for washington, d.c. ichael, you broke the story on friday -- on saturday -- that when he wrote the bomb shell letter to congress friday bout the newly discovered e-mails, the agents had not been able to review any of the material because they didn't warrant. explain the significance of what
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has transpired over the last few days. >> it is an extraordinary set of circumstances here. obviously when director comey wrote that bombshell friday it raised all sorts of expect stations. talking onald trump about how this was bigger than atergate and members of congress saying that the f.b.i. was reopening its investigation the hillary clinton e-mail server. put this under scrutiny, it was quickly reading and even closely what director comey said in the just in his letter to but what he later said -- night in his letter to e-mail message it all f.b.i. agents seeking to explain his decision. he made it clear that after eing briefed about the abadin e-mails on
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the anthony weiner laptop that course ofeized in the the child pornography those gation, that -- the f.b.i. t agents had been unable it read them. they didn't have heal authority read them so -- legal authority so they didn't know the accountant. comey said in the letter to f.b.i. agents he them permission to seek access to the e-mails and that was the tipoff. reviewed the e-mails. so they don't know, the f.b.i., s we speak, doesn't know whether the e-mails are duplicates of what they have whether they have ny relevance it the clinton e-mail investigation, whether they contain classified information. may. and this may turn out to be a
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treasure trove. whether the f.b.i. knows at this point they just got the search warrant last no idea of ey have the content of the e-mails. they were e that from s forwarded from -- abedin from the state department been account it could have a personal yahoo account or the clinton e-mail serve are account on the had access to laptop she apparently shared with her husband but what was in we don't know. amy: now, the f.b.i. acts who this trove of e-mails reportedly something like e-mails. >> 650,000 e-mails on the computer. those were anthony weiner's e-mails. some portion of them in the tens of perhaps thousands were abedin e-mails. do you think they actually didn't look at them?
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i understand that they didn't warrant.rrest >> search warrant. amy: sorry, search warrant. you think they looked at them? they were right there. >> they would have been able to metadata. they apparently saw that they department.he state when she was questioned by the f.b.i. as part of that clinton investigation back in -- he was questioned in april -- she said she routinely forward thatate department e-mails she got on her state departme account to either yahoo account or clinton mill server account. it print them out. she said she had difficulty she would em so forward them to her personal addresses.n those two so, i think that we can surmise that is probably the universe of we are talking about. state department e-mails that
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to those two accounts. what was in them we don't know. in her judicial sued testimony, they have clinton over and state over failure it adhere to freedom of information act requests she was deposed in said that the e-mails she forwarded to her yahoo were state department press clips. ow, if she was truthful in this, the f.b.i. may be looking at a lot of state department press clips. it may be looking at more than that. i think the important point is hat director comey didn't know when he wrote that letter and his agents didn't know. hey could see they were forwarded from the state department but they could -- they didn't have legal authority review the content. amy: so, talk about the
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significance of that. f.b.i. director comey released that letter on friday, reportedly was briefed about even the existence of the on talk about what youness happened >> there's clearly enormous ensions within the f.b.i. and between the f.b.i. and the justice department over this. there are agents who are clearly comey's with director decision not to recommend prosecution of hillary clinton originally. many of them made that clear media andiends in the former f.b.i. agents who appear news and other conservative news outlets. that is part of his constituency nd probably informs his decision-making process.
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at some point after f.b.i. weiner nvestigating the matter in late september seized the laptop and discovered these them and there is some question about how quickly comey was informed about this. there are reports just in the the day or so that actually f.b.i. agents were aware of the e-mails for these some weeks and comey only learns and he thursday a denly feels like he's got real dilemma on his hands the se he told congress clinton matter has been closed there is new information he will look at it and suddenly thursday he's told there is this potential new information out there. obligation to inform congress based on his testimony and i think we can surmise based on the internal criticism he had gotten for not being more
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onressive in the first place this. so, was sort of dealing with that is almost certainly what was on his mind. he informed the justice epartment he will write there letter and the justice department says wait a second. of an in the closing days election we have firm policies against taking investigative teps or making public nouncements that might influence the outcome of an closing days. nd director comey chose to ignore that guidance from the justice department. the scenior justice department owe -- senior justice officials informed the f.b.i. loretta lynch didn't directly speak to comey about it. there was a concern on the justice department's part if they ordered him not to send the would look like they were covering up or concealing protecting hillary clinton. they didn't want to be in out in
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that position. o, as a result we have this really extraordinary mess on our hands. it sounds ve f.b.i. like and justice department in disarray. headlines we reported on the, garner investigation and how the department just removed all the f.b.i. agents and involved in the iinvestigation into the officers in the death lved of eric garner and they were last week.d >> right. ook, it is not unusual for there to be disagreements agents and i. federal prosecutors and federal rosecutors in the field and main justice department officials. senior justice department officials are political appointees and they agendas. f.b.i. agents have their own
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perspectives. these sorts of internal isagreements are not unprecedented. what is unprecedented is to have this spill out in the closing of an election, particularly as it relates to an or closed on investigation or matter effecting one of the candidates. that is what is really unprecedented. amy: we have 30 seconds. what is your prediction of what happens next? said it will arly not have any conclusions before the election. >> there's in way they can have conclusions before the election. i would not be surprised given is amount of tension this concerned if director comey doesn't find some way to address criticism he is getting. it is pretty withering and he to explain his decision-making process a little better. whether it will satisfy anybody anybody's guess at this
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point. w amy: and it is something what reported in yahoo news is look at her e you testimony in april she referred to the other computer. wasn't it taken at the time? >> that is a very good question. he referred to the fact that she was sharing e-mails among the logical and follow-up would have been on those accountsre accessible. nd it is not clear that the f.b.i. agents did that, followed up. they might hey had, have learned back then about the existence of these e-mails and severaled them at the time. why michael isikoff chief nvestigative correspondent for yahoo news. his new piece exclusive f.b.i. till doesn't have warrant to review new ab everyone din probe. linked it clinton it got the warrant sunday and we
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will continue to follow this story. this is democracy now!. when we come back what is happening at the standoff at standing rock. you some shocking video f a security guard who covered his face in a bandana with an automatic weapon as he tries to the water protect doctors. stay with us. >> one of most important weapons in any cause or movement in any is the pickett sign. we call it
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♪ ♪ .my: el pickett sign he died friday at age 65. democracy now! democrat
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disrespectf to the standoff at standing rock in north dakota where friday amnesty nternational dispatched observers to monitor the repression of thousands of thousands who are resisting the $3.8 billion pipeline.cess the move one day after hundreds of police with military arrested over 140 people after attacking them with spray, tasers, sound cannons, bean bag rounds and bullets. native american water protectors and hey were divided up sent to remote james where some of them will numbers written on a-- arms and housed appeared to be dog kennels as more details emerge footage of a o dakota access security an assault olding fle with his face covered by a
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attempting arently to infiltrate a group of water a member saidn of the road riving dn with
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♪ >> -- housen the white have it in the lobby
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sway before my culture dies ♪ onhear my cry, here democracy now, the war in peace for her. a federal jury acquitted antigovernment militia leaders with conspiracy and weapons charges related to their armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge this year. the stunning verdict shocked prosecutors who called the occupation of the wildlife refuge a lawless scheme to seize federal property by force. this is the bundy attorney, followed by one of the defendants. >> this was a powerful thing to have individuals who have relying on nothing and basically having to keep on trucking here.
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building on the tremendous victory here today. for rural rights and rural america. >> it cost the federal government over $4 million and angered the tribe. militia members must handle tribal artifacts for those sacred sites. joining us now to discuss the bundy verdict, in light of the ongoing protests in north dakota, the two of them were handled so differently. we have the director of biological life diversity from tucson. and we have a retired judge and professor from the cherokee nation, he is a citizen. about jurycase is nullification of prosecutor overreach.
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"democracy both to now!" talk about what happened in this verdict, the acquittal of the bundy brothers and what's happening in north dakota, why you wrote about them together. >> i think that you, of all people, who might have wound up being a defendant, would understand that the water protectors might be headed in the same direction. having to ask a jury to do andice, to go past the law do the right thing. that is what we call jury nullification. you can find many legal scholars who have a lot of scorn for that. but it exists and it has to do with things other than all-white juries turning the clan loose to
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kill somebody. >> what was your reaction to the acquittal of the bundy brothers? >> it seems to me that most of the elements of the crime were on video. i'm down here in texas. all that i know is what i saw. but i don't know what the jury saw. since i'm not the judge, i'm really reluctant to criticize a jury verdict without having sat there and watched the evidence. imagine a poor presentation of the case, but i can't assume. it could have been the jury having a little bit of a rebellion, or it could have been a poor presentation. i can't tell. >> i mean, in this case, in the case of what took place in oregon, there's no question that this was an armed militia. they proudly display their
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weapons. >> absolutely. >> compare it to north dakota. theell, in north dakota standing rock people are saying -- please come, please help us, believe your weapons at home. we have been through this before. we went through this with what we called wounded me -- wounded knee 2. were violent actions that did not work out too well. speaking of which, i keep thinking back to wounded knee 1, the great -- the last great asker of the indian wars. those people were coming from standing rock. and here we are. it just blows my mind. >> karen, you were in oregon at the time. you went to the standoff at the center for biological diversity in arizona.
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talk about what you saw and your reaction to the acquittal. >> i went up to the occupied side while the militia was there to counter protest them. scene,an extraordinary facing these armed men running ,round with assault rifles blatant racism wherever you would go. threats to kill myself and other protesters who were there. very, very belligerent, violent group. verdict came down, acquitted of all crimes, i was shocked. i was devastated. it really made me afraid for our public land managers across the country who now are going to be threatened more by those
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emboldened by the verdict. >> why do you think they were acquitted? >> i think it was jury nullification. i think that the prosecutor had a difficult time convincing the jury that these were armed and dangerous people when the fbi had allowed them free reign to forng go from the compound 41 days, to travel interstate and get mail delivered. to get food delivered. the jury was like -- i don't understand. the fbi treated them like royalty. theyou are telling me that are armed criminals? i think that led the jury to just say -- we don't care whether they are guilty or not. >> talk about -- >> they are just nice, white christians.
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>> talk about the relationship you have with the bundy's and the relation -- the work you have done for them. inthis whole thing started 2014, when the bundy clan had a different kind of standoff with the dlm over cattle grazing down there. we were fighting them over that because they refused to pay the grazing fees, damaging native american sites. having, in their minds, succeeded in holding off as we had done there, they proceeded to go to utah, called recapture canyon, and go in there with guns. this is a very sacred native american site that was closed down to protect it. the bundy's went in there and try to create an armed standoff. they failed to incite the government there, so they moved on to oregon.
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men is a group of armed seeking revolutionary standoffs with the federal government, going from state to state. >> compare how they are dealt with either government, the police, the f ei, with how the native americans are dealt with at standing rock. we have seen the images of the armored personnel carrier, of the sound cannons, military equipment. odds armed riot police that are the sheriffs dep 80's called in from all over to deal with these native americans and their allies, who are fighting these pipelines. >> the difference is incredible. armedmen in 2014 had an standoff with federal agents, pointing rivals at them, and
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then were allowed to go for two years to promote other armed standoffs here you they get to oregon and were allowed for 41 days to come and go from that compound. they were not stopped. their water was supplied. the mail kept going. they could travel interstate to promote more insurrection. it's incredible to see what happens if you are white and associated with branching, you can do what you want, whereas peaceful native american protesters are brutalized immediately. >> finally, what message do you think this sends in oregon? are your concerns? why is this so important to you? why did you get involved with this issue? >> the message is loud and clear. -- armed men with guns are
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going to be allowed to go and take the public land that belongs to all americans. they will be allowed to go and destroy native american sacred sites with impunity. this is open season on public lands, on the people who go and manage those public lands, creating a very dangerous, volatile, and i think fundamentally racist situation. >> i want to thank you for being with us from the center from high logical diversity. ,teve russell, retired judge professor, citizen of the cherokee nation, speaking to us to see our, texas. interview in morocco, a nation that has risen up over the killings of a fish seller over ourweekend, you can go to five-hour live podcast from 7:00
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to midnight, eastern time. check the web -- website for all the details. thank you so much for joining us. r
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