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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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. it's 7:00 p.m. on a tuesday here in japan. here are some of the stories we're following. an old friendship turns sour. south korean prosecutors have detained a close friend of president park on suspicion of influencing state affairs. cutting costs.
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a panel has ideas on scaling back the 2020 olympics and paralympics. and as china's tourist market continues to evolve, travelers are looking for alternati alternative destinations and new ways to get there. a political scandal has happened in south korea. president park is facing allegations she allowed a friend of hers to interfere with state affairs. nhk world has more. >> reporter: choi soon-sil turned herself into prosecutors on monday. she's suspected of using her decades' long friendship with president park geun-hye and influence state affairs. choi later apologized to the
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general public. she reportedly asked for forgiveness saying she committed a crime she deserves to die for. choi's lawyer later told media it was an expression and not a legal position. choi reportedly denies all allegations. prosecutors detained her late monday night citing the possibility she might flee is the country or destroy evidence. they have 48 hours to seek an arrest warrant. president park is suspected of violating laws that require the presidential office to keep documents under tight control. she's admitted to showing drafts of her speeches and handing over internal government documents to choi who holds no public post. as the scandal grew, it led to this last week. >> translator: i sincerely apologize to the citizens.
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>> reporter: the apology has fallen on deaf ears. park had seen her support rate fall below 20. the lowest since she took office. the rock bottom support levels are being shown on the streets of the capital. over the weekend, thousands of people came out to call for park's resignation. protests continued on monday. >> translator: i think park geun-hye should take responsibility and step down. >> reporter: no president has resigned from the post since the country became a democracy in 1987. park has 16 months left in her term. the possibility of sitting out is low. but they also say that this scandal may quickly turn park into a lame duck president. nhk world.
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a panel of experts tasked with assessing the cost of the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics have filed their report. and their suggestions paint a different picture from the original plan. nhk world has the details. >> reporter: for weeks members of this government panel have been trying to trim down the olympic sized price tag of hosting the games. on tuesday they submitted their final proposal highlighting some of the challenges ahead. >> translator: some facilities are already in designing and construction process. so we must hurry if the plans are revised. >> reporter: there are suggestions if the games away from the -- moving some venues outside of tokyo and scaling them down. they say the price tag could
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raise to about $30 billion. panel members took issue with three venues. for swimming, they recommended that aquatic center on the waterfront should go ahead. but one option is scaling down the seats to 15,000. they say existing facilities are not enough because they can't hold enough spectators. they suggested multiple proposals for rowing and canoeing venues including using an existing one in northeastern japan. the prefecture of miyagi is a place still recovering from the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami. they are suggesting an option of moving outside of tokyo south to an existing arena.
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she also noted the looming deadline. >> translator: i think we will suggest these proposals and they will be narrowed down. four-way talks will be held at the end of this month. there is a time limit. therefore i would like to make progress going forward step by step. >> reporter: the next step is review by the tokyo organizing committ committee, the japanese government, and the ioc. nhk world, tokyo. japan's central bank has made some revisions on where prices are headed. gene otani has the details on that and other headlines in the world of business. >> policy makers at the bank of japan have decided to push back their 2% inflation target by about one year.
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that means they think it won't happen during kuroda's current term. meanwhile policy makers at the boj have decided to maintain easing measures. the boj revised the forecast date for achieving its inflation target. they say it will likely be reached around fiscal 2018. the previous forecast was during fiscal 2017 which ends in march 2018. kuroda's current term ends just a month later. policy makers also revised their inflation forecast for 2016 to minus 0.1%. in fiscal year 2017 they're seeing 1.5%. and in 20181.7%. they say the changes are due to lower oil prices, sluggish personal consumption and a higher yen. boj first set the target in 2013 but policy makers have delayed
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it a number of times since then. this makes it the fifth time they have done so. kuroda spoke to reporters after the meeting. >> translator: there is no special relation between my term as boj governor and our inflation forecast. we will make appropriate decisions and implement them to realize a 2% inflation target as soon as possible. >> kuroda said the momentum toward achieving the price stability target is somewhat weaker than before. he says he wants to keep a careful eye on developments in prices. checking the markets, tokyo stocks were largely unaffected by this boj decision. phoebe amoroso reports from the tokyo stock exchange. >> one fact der weigh on the board. lower oil prices.
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let's see how tokyo markets closed this tuesday, november the 1st. nikkei closed at 17,442. the broader topix also ended a touch higher. looking at individual stocks, oil related stocks dragged down the average of inpex. showa shell also ended lower. on the flip side, utility owner was a gainer. tokyo gas gain 3%. now the boj policy meeting is out of the way, investors are looking ahead to the federal reserve and bank of england later this week. i'm fooe bow amoroso reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. china got a lift after the manufacturing index there hit its highest level in more than two years. the shanghai compos set ended up 0.7%.
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3,122 the closing number there. sydney took a hit from overnight falling oil prices. 5,290 was the close. seoul's kospi extended its losing streak to a third day. lingering worries over south korea's political scandal weighed down sentiment there. hong kong up by almost 1% encouraged by the gains in mainland china. that's ending five days of losses for hong kong. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. a key chinese economic indicator shows factory managers are feeling more upbeat. the purchasing manufactures index for manufacturing in october stood at 51.2. highest level since july 2014. a reading above 50 indicates expansion. government officials implemented
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stick lus measur stimulus for auto sales. sony executives say net profit for the april through september period came in at $248 million. that's a fall of nearly 80% year on year terms. japan's auto industry continues to feel the effects of the higher tax on mini vehicles. domestic sales of all new cars for october fell 0.4% from a year earlier. sales of many vehicles were down 2.4%. they've been declining for 22 months straight. but the figure for other types of cars was up 0.8%. it's been on the increase for three months now. the chinese tourist market is evolving. they're tired of the usual sightseeing holidays.
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travelers are looking for alternative destinations and new ways to get there. that's opened the door to recreational vehicles. >> reporter: recreational vehicles or rvs are not just the mode of transport. they offer a different way of looking at leisure and life. a crowd of 50,000 turned up at the show to explore the possibilities. >> translator: our living standards have improved so we began thinking about buying an rv. >> reporter: domestic models sell for less than half the price of imports and they're creating a whole new market. >> translator: they're selling well. over the past few years, sales have been growing about 30% annually. >> reporter: this man bought his camping rig four years ago. it cost about $30,000. he makes two or three long
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distance trips a year. today he's taking his grandchildren on an outing somewhere closer to home. >> translator: the good thing about the rv is we can go where we want to go and take a rest whenever we want. that's different from traditional group tours. >> reporter: getting away from it all is much easier than it used to be. china's rapidly expanding network of highways now extends 120,000 kilometers. the longest in the world. one hour after leaving home, the family is ready to set up camp. this site is equipped with running water and power outlets. the government is keen to promote tourism and that includes camping.
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it is spending $5 billion to build autocamp sites across the country. >> translator: it will soon be cold, so i'd like to go somewhere south. when spring comes, i'll travel north. i'm enjoying the life of a migratory bird. >> reporter: china's travelers are beginning to stretch their wings traveling as far as europe and southeast asia. rv manufacturers are also offering people a chance to experience their products without going anywhere. this facility provides camping trailers for short-term stays. guests pay about $70 a night. >> translator: do you want to buy an rv? >> translator: yes. we came here because my son loves cars. for him this is far more exciting than staying in hotels.
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>> reporter: those dreams of life on the road are not shareholder by all the guests. some are here for the waterfront view and an unusl experience. >> translator: we usually stay at a regular hotel, but we wanted to try an rv accommodation. >> translator: originally we focused on manufacturing recreation gnat vehicles. now we want to win over customers with this new form of leisure facility too. >> reporter: at last count, 30,000 rvs had hit the road in china. and that's opened new frontiers for the industry. you can catch our report again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news.
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i'm going to leave you with the markets. japan has sent the latest of a series of protests to beijing after confirming a new bid to develop gas fields in the east china sea. foreign minister fumio kishida said his government has proposed through a diplomatic channel. >> translator: we deeply regret that despite repeated protests,
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china continues its unilateral activities even though we have not agreed on the establishment of a marine boundary. >> japan and china agreed in 2008 to jointly explore natural gas resources in the sea but have not concluded a treaty. china has built structures near a median line between the two countries that was established by japan. kishida said japanese authorities have confirmed the presence of a chinese ship operating in the waters. two of china's new stealth fighter jets made their debut at an air show on thursday. the j-20 jets performed a series of maneuvers as they showed its military hardware to public for the first time. chinese media said they have capabilities to avoid detection
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by radar. beijing has claimed sovereignty over much of the area. other planes featured in the show included the y-20 transport aircraft. china says it can carry large amounts of cargo and personnel. china's latest weapons systems and domestically produced drones were also on display. myanmar's de facto leader aung san suu kyi is visiting japan. she's expected to meet with prime minister shinzo abe on wednesday in tokyo. aung san suu kyi will also visit kyoto university where she once studied as a research fellow. she's also expected to call for more investments from japan to spur her country's quick growth.
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japan has decided to sign an agreement on selling nuclear power plants to india. the deal is expected to be made official when narendra modi visited japan next week. japanese prime minister shinzo abe came to a basic agreement with his counterpart in india last december. the pact is expected to include a provision to prevent the technology from being used for military purposes. if india connects another nuclear test, cooperation would be halted. this would be the first civil nuclear cooperation pact with a country that has not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. researchers from japan, the u.s., and britain are teaming up to analyze secret cyber attacks. the move comes aside cases in the world. the team members are from 13 institutions including japan's
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university and university of tokyo. representatives gathered in tokyo on tuesday and agreed to search for stealth cyber attacks and share countermeasures. they plan to release the results of their work to the public. a series of high profile cyber attacks have been reported in the past two years. including the theft of personal information from a public pension service. many of these attacks came through servers overseas. making global cooperation key to stopping them. >> translator: we hope people can use the internet safely just like air or water. researchers need to develop new technology. >> he also said the team wants to get more involvement from governments and companies. health experts have long
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warned that the zika virus could cause problems for pregnant women, but a new study suggests it could also pose a risk to men. researchers in the u.s. found it inhibits sperm in mice. and they've called for studies to see if it does the same to humans. a group led by researchers from washington university in st. louis published their findings in the science journal of nature. they say the mice produced less sperm and fewer male hormones two weeks after becoming infected. the group says the mice could only impregnate females at about 20% of the normal rate. the researchers say it's not clear yet whether there's a similar risk to humans. and need to carry out long-term studies. the world health organization says infections from the mosquito bourne zika have spread. many in south america and southeast asia. now for weather.
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here in tokyo it was a fairly warm day but temperatures will dip starting tomorrow as sayaka mori tells us in this hour's weather update. >> yes, it could be the coldest day of the season so far tomorrow. it's going to be more like early december. so do be prepared for the chilly weather here in tokyo. now, people in northern japan experienced the coldest day of the season today. it is more like early winter. very frigid air is coming in and covering over the northern portions and much of the korean peninsula. into wednesday the chilly air will continue to sag towards the south. reaching the greater tokyo area. so rain is going to be quite chilly across many portions of japan. now, tokyo's high only 13 degrees. it's going to be more like early december and 5 degrees cooler compared to where it should be during this time of year. as we go into friday, temperatures are going back to normal. 18 degrees for the high. so winter hasn't come yet. as for seoul, it's going to be a
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little bit milder compared to what we saw on tuesday. but temperatures in the morning will be only minus 1 degree. and as we go into friday, it's going to be quite warm. 16 degrees for the high with sunny conditions. now, down towards the south there's a newly formed tropical depression. this system may become a tropical storm within theext hours and could move towards the east. it could move towards the west. now, let's go to the middle east. heavy rainfall caused serious flooding over the northeastern rtions last week. we have video out of the northeast. two days of heavy flooding have left 26 dead and dozens injured in east asia. houses were also damaged due to the floods. two main roads in one of the cities were closed due to flooding. residents near the red sea were heavily impacted.
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such severe storm is quite rare for this time of year. as we can see, no precipitation expected for much of the country. so it looks like dry conditions likely continue at least for the next several days. now let's go down to -- let's go over towards europe. we are looking at dry conditions across the continent. quite sunny conditions are expected. but across the north, there's a low pressure system which is very potent and very slow-moving system. we're looking at conditions quite unstable across the south of the scandinavian peninsula and poland into your wednesday. you'll see high waves and quite high winds as we go int wednesday a least. and the system will liky slowly make its way towards the east. we are looking a heavy precipitation at mes. en some snow is expected for places like the baltic states and parts of the western portions. towards the west, there is risk for severe weather across parts
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of portugal so watch out for flooding. after experiencing wild weather in greece, conditions have improved. north of turkey will see some mixture of snow and rainfall and possibly strong winds. temperatures are going to be quite chilly. negative 2 in moscow with snow flakes expected on tuesday. 2 for the high in kiev and snow flakes expected. quite nice weather across madrid with 17 for the high. here's your extended forecast.
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some of japan's most eye catching festivals are getting some international recognition. members of unesco panel have agreed to add to the list of cultural heritage. all the events involve participants pulling elaborate floats through the streets. they include the festival in kyushu.
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the centuries old festival is also on the list. all the festivals have been registered in japan as important tangible folk cultural assets. people in takayama were discussing their next festival when they heard the good news. >> translator: i want people around the world to understand this precious festival as we try to preserve the tradition forever. >> two of the festivals are already on the list. the panel's recommendation is expected to win formal approval during the meeting of an intergovernmental starting from november 28th. internationally acclaimed performing arts director miamoto
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is expected to make an appearance on "newsroom tokyo" which starts at the top of the hour. from all of us on nhk "newsline," thanks for watching. d
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an echo hello and welcome to "live from paris." i am annette young. let's together look at what is making news at this hour. one week until the u.s. election, and democrat hillary clinton seeks to play down the latest twist to her email scandal as the fallout continues. meanwhile, the republican rival, donald trump, says the fbi has found the mother lode of emails. iraqi government troops are closing in on


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