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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> hello, and a warm welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom. you are watching "live from paris," with me, thomas waterhouse. with just one day of campaigning left, the finish line is in sight for the race for the white house. but donald trump is maintaining the election is rigged after the fbi announced it is closing its investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. the islamist a group is losing
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ground but remains a threat. iraqi forces push on to retake mosul. u.s.,re backed by the vowing to capture the -- recapture the syrian city of raqa. beijing ruled that two pro-independence halted his take office after they deliberately used a their oath and derogatory term to describe china. thomas: first, hillary clinton and donald trump are using every last possible minute to win supporters was just one day to go before the big vote. sunday the republican nominee was still at the podium in
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virginia past midnight after an american l weekend of hitting swing states. hillary clinton is selling her message that she can heal and unite the country. this after the fbi announced it is putting to bed its investigation into her private email server that she used when she was secretary of state. she holds a three-point lead over donald trump, according to the latest bloomberg politics poll. now to the white house philip crowther, standing by in washington. there must be some relief in the clinton camp. the male probe is over and she is slightly ahead in national polls. philip: -- the email probe is over and she is slightly ahead in national polls. it is of course relatively strange timing, but it is good for the hillary clinton campaign.
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the damage of course has been done, between the two weeks, saiden when james comey that he wanted to look at further emails in conjunction with that investigation, and now millions of votes were potentially influenced. and donald trump says that hillary clinton could not be trusted as the u.s. president. but of course, they are happy this is over. it gives them a boost going into the last two days and possibly also gets rid of the specter of an investigation hanging over, when or if she gets into the white house. the likelihood is relatively big because there is not just that number poll you just mentioned. the final polls before election day, there are those they give lead 5%, even a 6% nationally. she is also doing ok in most of the battleground states, at least 50/50 and ahead in some of
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the most crucial ones. like florida and north carolina and virginia on the east coast. then of course we would go further inland to ohio and other soy states like nevada are those results will come in later. -- path to the white house and other swing states like nevada are those results will come in later. pretty much would have to win all the states in play. that is hard for him to do. thomas: the race is not over quite yet. how the candidates using the less precious hours of the campaign? if you ask me where donald trump is right now, i would not be able to tell you because it is such a whirlwind tour of the united states he has been on since yesterday. he ended up after midnight in virginia, the fifth of five rallies in five different states for him. for those who do not know the united states, it is a rather large country per he was
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traveling very large distances at a breakneck pace for him at the end of his campaign. the same will go for this monday. he has another five stopped in five states that he believes he can win come election day. hillary clinton is a little bit calmer per each she has three stops in three states, ending with her final one, supposed to sheer final one in that will be joined on stage not just by her husband and her daughter, but also by president obama, the first lady. there will be music by bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi, a last attempt to show in the springs -- in the swing states of pennsylvania that a lot of people are on board with the clinton ticket. nonstop campaigning, at least this last day on this last monday with donald trump also promising he will even be campaigning on election day itself on tuesday. thomas: philip crowther, thanks very much for that insight. meanwhile, the first woman to fill the post of u.s. attorney general has died. janet reno served for nearly
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eight years under president bill theton, one of administration's most recognizable and polarizing figures. very blunty public, fashion, frequently saying that k stops with me." she died of competitions of alzheimer's disease. she was 78. u.s. backed kurdish arab forces announced a major new offensive to recapture the jihadist stronghold of raqa. the syrian democratic forces unveiled their plans some 50 kilometers from raqa on sunday, involving 30,000 fighters on three fronts. the goal is to seize land surrounding the city. mark thompson reports. markrk: on the road to raqqa.
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these kurdish and arab forces are attempting to retake the islamic state group's defect though in syria, fighting under the banner of the syrian democratic forces. they can also count on support of the u.s. led coalition out strikes -- us-led coalition airstrikes. >> we're working together. knowing can say we are this or that. plan, working the same and it is very democratic. mark: the offensive, part of a two-pronged attack to stretch the islamic state groupon's resources and capabilities. u.s. backed iraqi forces and peshmerga fighters are looking to take the stronghold in iraq, mosul. attackingcurrently mosul and raqqa, which make stance on a strategic level because the islamic state group
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is incapable of defending all its bases at the same time. it will have to concentrate on one of the two and sacrifice the other. of mosul,he outskirts peshmerga fighters have damaged islamic state group's communications. they have battled for weeks and have taken control of about half the town. enteredecial forces mosul almost a week ago, but have been facing fierce resistance, including suicide car bombs and booby traps. the city is the islamic state group's last major urban stronghold in the country. thomas: for more, our chief foreign editor joins us live from the outskirts of that town. what more can you tell us about the fighting going on around where you are? rob: it has been going on all morning. so far it has been going very
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well for the peshmerga. i was in communication with peshmerga fighters on the ground. this is a time before the islamic state organization moved in, strategically it was important. it is clear that islamic state organization has been putting up quite a fight during the day. there were numerous casualties on the peshmerga side. a group of journalists became trapped. during the day, during the last half hour. the fighting is still going on. it does appear that they are very close to having things back
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under their control. thomas: thank you very much for joining us. apologies there for the poor sound quality of that interview. next, it has been described as beijing's most direct intervention into hong kong's legal and political system since the 1990 seven handover. the chinese parliament has passed a ruling that effectively prevents two pro-independence politicians in hong kong from taking office. lawmakers must swear allegiance to hong kong as part of china and that candidates will be disqualified if they change the routing -- if they change the wording. they use an old-fashioned and derogatory term when referring to china. we asked brian kaczynski how things have been going. before this ruling. brian: they asked beijing not to step in, so understandably they
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were suggesting that many officials within the hong kong government, as well as within the judiciary, including senior judges, were rather troubled by this reach of judicial independence. there will have to be a new , in the battle between beijing and the pro-democracy caps there. s- the pro-democracy camp there. there will be a military test. not wellthis is received at all by various members, though again on the pro-beijing side there have been supporters as well. thomas: he is the first runner from eritrea to win the new york marathon, and he is not american.
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-- he is not even a marathon runner. thewhile, a kenyan became first female to win straight titles. she ran in two hours, 24 minutes, 26 seconds. at just 20 years old, he is the youngest man to win the new york marathon. he beat the kenyan runner, crossing the line in two hours, seven minutes, 51 seconds. was a little bit far from me,
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and i was really a little bit angry with him. i would catchthat him. eritrea, ghirmay ghebreslassie -- he is also the first athlete from eritrea to win a major marathon. -- it is like a championship for me, the race. >> he will take home $100,000 for the win and another $25,000 for running under two hours and eight minutes. thomas: it is time now for some business and finance news. fernande.d by
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on the agenda for the british prime minister's trip to india? course,: she is, of lending a trade deals for the post brexit u.k., but immigration is likely to be -- prime minister is in india seeking to boost trade and investment between the two countries. despite being unable to sign any bilateral trade deals until the brexit decision is finalized, the british government is moving ahead to develop trade ties outside the e.u.. >> we are both firm supporters of free-trade. we both want to be great exporting nations, so we should work together for ththe long-hal to break down barriers.
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>> but the british prime minister has her work come out -- cut out for her, did a shooting of free-trade agreement for the eu for the better part of a decade. one of the biggest sticking point between the two leaders is visa restrictions. indian prime minister never and remotely is particularly -- british prime -- indian prime -- it has led to a 50% drop in enrollment by indian students. >> education is vital for our students in a shared future. encourageerefore andter mobility participation of young people in educational and research opportunities. >> despite the historical ties, bilateral trade is smaller than that of india and germany i just
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over 11 billion pounds. if both sides can agree, there is room for more investment by british companies in india and indian firms in the u.k. fernande: the probe into the gone intoscandal has germany. including two board members, including its chairman. the former bosses already being investigated as well. let's take a look at the markets for you now. thats reacting to the news the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails found nothing again. that is being seen as a positive strong in asias today. the mexican peso, which tends to strengthen when republican donaldntial candidate
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trump's campaign has a setback, saw its biggest jump since september. let's look at other business stories. the u.k. supermarket chain tesco is apologizing to its subsidiary, tesco bank, after 40,000 accounts were hacked over the weekend. it is working to refund the 20,000 accounts subject to fraud as soon as possible. 3% to opening this morning. recovering slightly. reported its profits rose 7% to over one billion euros for the first half of the year. europe's biggest find it airline is putting paper pressure on fares and declining costs. it expects to carry 200 million passengers per year by the end of march, 2022.
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takes place outside -- 50,000 tech leaders including 7000 ceo's will be included. stephen carroll will be reporting from there. thomas: you have a story on one company going public that is looking to make a big splash in space. fernande: indeed. this is a remarkable company, hoping to establish the first human colony on mars. it is an interesting construction. it is called a reverse takeover, will be renamed mars 1 ventures. mars one says this allows fans to own a piece of the project, and it is the first exploration, need to do so. the company hopes to send the first four astronauts to mars in of $6- 82027, at a cost
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billion. thomas: now to the latest business news, a look at the international press. had to take a look at what is making headlines in the international press. the set by haxie. in the campaign emerging just two days before all the polling stations opened their doors. the fbi has cleared clinton on emails, reaching the front page of "the wall street journal." this is a story dominating today's papers across the world. no new evidence has been found to warrant charges against democratic nominee hillary clinton stemming from her use of a private email server while in government. this is great news for the clinton campaign, but we read the announcement just over a week ago that a new batch of emails were being investigated,
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and that likely played an important role in slashing her lead to just four points on sunday. clinton is not the only one to be damaged by this investigation. haxie: she is not. a lot of papers are saying that the fbi possible in the race has tarnished the reputation of the organization and its director, james comey. traditionally the symbol of square faced rectitude positioned itself in the corrosive nature of the election, especially the -- especially considering the long-standing process of the agency not to engage in affecting the outcome. thomas: north carolina is a key battleground state. haxie: it is. there is an interesting piece
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about a surge in early voting in the state, which could particularly go for trump. he is currently lagging behind poll, a record 3 million north carolinians already voting. two groups eliciting the most attention are the unaffiliated, and african-americans, whose by a staggering 69,000 votes. while that does not look great for the democrats, a large portion of the unaffiliated voters are millennials in urban areas, a demographic that does tend to be more democrat than republican. thomas: papers have been looking at the question of the voter participation. you found a interesting piece. particularly among a certain demographic of already marginalized voters.
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millions of young black voters are no longer allowed to vote, outlining how 15 majority republican states have changed the rules of voting with the apparently -- the apparent goal of reducing photo participation among groups. texas is one example. passport,ow up with a a driver license, or a worker permit, not particularly easy if you do not have the money to travel or buy a gun. thomas: indeed not. the hispanic vote will be pretty crucial. haxie: yes, 85%, a staggering proportion of hispanic voters, are democrats or unaffiliated. "the washington post" is predicting an historic demographic. this piece outlines how the democrats are posting strategies fearalizing on the
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rhetoric against minorities. he is promised to deport hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers, many of them hispanic. in the you found a piece that drawsr "metro" a parallel between trump's campaign in the probe brexit campaign of the u.k. party. video there's a new entitled "trump's argument for america." we see footage of hundreds of people walking across a road as trump complains of massive illegal immigration. but the images are not in from mexico. they were filmed in hungary and , whorefugees leaving syria have left syria in budapest. it is hard to not remember that you can add anything, insisting the u.k. was a key point.
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secondly, a picture of a stream of migrants, photos taken not of -- not from eastern europe but from -- thomas: arab forces have begun and long anticipated offensive. rocca in rocca is analyzes why -- why raqqa is so important. almost they like institutions. court thatins a rules on cases appealed in other intel's under i.s. control. thomas: you found a piece in "the times" that sees the new offensive to retake raqqa is nothing short of a triumph for syrian president bashar al-assad. haxie: the u.s.-led coalition is now battling i.s. militants in both iraq and syria.
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the syrian government and its key ally, russia, are taking part in these battles. is real threat to his rule the non-isis rebels. as long as the rest is aimed at preserving the integrity of the , it would be a sad success and raqqa. thomas: you have something a little lighter to finish with. times breesew york together examples of a number of companies that have decided to capitalize on widespread frustration in the face of this dirty presidential campaign. been bag manufacturer, has releasing a website, trashed. a painkiller has been offering its drugs as an antidote.
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metta threw two election season, a headache. >> for more information on any of those choices, our website is www. do stay with us here on "france 24." there is more coming up. .
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[music playing] [car horns honking] phil: navigating through the ancient chandni chowk bazaar, the oldest street in delhi, it is humbling to experience such a dazzling expression of the human will to survive, especially here in india, with almost 1/5 of the human race striving to live together in peace. [bell ringing] behind the bustle of the commerce, one can only be impressed by that timeless dimension of india, its religious passion and fervor. on almost every street, you'll find a wildly colorful hindu temple, each one dedicated to a specific deity who receives and releases its own special blessings


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