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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 7, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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welcome back to live from paris, these are the headlines. hillary clinton says she was to be the president of every body as a right-wing tv pull gives her a four-point lead. making theires final rallying call for their supporters to try to sway the undecided. forces close in on both islamic state strongholds and other key towns in most opiate in syria u.s. backed forces are closing in. despite fierce resistance from jihadists. a growing crime wave.
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♪ thank you very much for being with us. it is fever pitch in the united states with days to go before the polls opened. both candidates are campaigning nonstop to try to glue the undecided. hillary clinton wants to be the president for every body. clinton now has a four-point lead over her republican rival. stars have been coming out in favor of clinton including bruce springsteen and a whole list of stars. she is speaking in three swing states this monday. donald trump using his private
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jet to cover for of the swing states. calling his opponent crooked, even though the fbi has cleared her once again over e-mail claims. from speaking in five states. he said he's not a politician, he says he has no special interests except his voters. france 24's catherine is in new york, let's bring her in now live for more insight on what is going on. tell us what the trump supporters are saying. reporter: we are trump tower here in manhattan. a lot of this campaign has been based here. passionate trump
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supporters out here, demonstrating as they have been for weeks. also some anti-trump road testers. he is creating a lot of passion here in the center of new york. they're still feeling optimistic, they are convinced he will pull off a win despite the polls showing a slight lead for hillary clinton overall. several of them mentioning a brexit, saying we solid happened there in britain to leave that referendum. they are counting on this affect and they are confident donald trump will win. what is the strategy donald trump has been employing on this final day of campaigning? reporter: he has been
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crisscrossing the united states heading to several battleground states. also he has been really concentrating on the upper midwest in these last few days. foras been heading there michigan yesterday and today. this is a state that the democrats can be confident upholding. no republican has won this since 1972. donald trump is open this affected -- will come forward and vote for him and give him a bit of support tried to get to the 270 electoral college votes, which will give him the presidency. looking for any possible combination of states he could win and any upsets that could give him the keys to the white house. >> thank you very much indeed. a lot of demonstrators behind you.
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catherine joining us there from in new york city. how will latino voters decide to go will be crucial in the u.s. election. traditionally they vote democrat, but with the race, too close to call. any possible deviation could prove critical. getting people to make the commitment to get out and vote is foremost on the mind of both camps. reporter: these latino activists are on a mission. visit 50,000 to latino households before the u.s. presidential election on tuesday. this year, hispanic early voting is set to reach record highs. >> the perception by latino voters in philadelphia -- turnout: the latino
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could be the deciding factor in this years election. a record 27 million latinos are eligible to vote, and an overwhelming majority is expected to vote for hillary clinton. donald trump on the other hand has repeatedly angered hispanics. -- republican candidates candidate labeled them as rapists and pledged to build a wall on the southern border of new mexico. -- on the border of mexico. >> he would kick us out and let us go. i can't stand it. i can't stand him. in 2012 only 8% of eligible latino voters turned their compared to 66% of african-americans. be the othercould way around. goals are suggesting
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african-americans aren't turning out for clinton like they did for obama. anchor: campaigns from those who -- from basel -- -- camp in for multiple -- campaign for mosul -- reporter: the peshmerga have been in a pretty tough fight. somewhere in the region of 100 fighters. on in the townng is the peshmerga say they have somewhere in the region of 90% of but sheikh under their controls. findingseen helicopters -- helicopters firing rockets. apparently car bombs attempting to attack peshmerga positions.
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part of the problem is peshmerga going into soon and then seeing attacked from behind. it is urban warfare of a really rough kind. they are onthough target of taking control of the city. anchor: the operations take back is underway. the waystrikes leading for kurdish and syrian fighters to make headways. the jihadist de facto capital and the place of most radicalize foreigners have headed for. the u.s. france and britain say they will provide a new defensive on sunday. open inrk pact marrakesh.
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a meeting to flesh out the plan, which was assigned in paris last december. 100 countries have ratified the .greement this in a record time for such large international treaty. stewardship of -- >> i am calling was again for climate justice. particularly for africa. this is the greatest challenge we face. this is an african summit and a top priority where hope lies. climate change is the most uncool and unjust. death is the most cruel and unjust. -- is the most cruel and unjust.
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anchor: france's planning to bring in more police units and surveillance cameras to put off robberies and militant attacks and to avoid -- this is a reaction to the fact that tourism is down. and among certain groups of fears aboutere are what happens in paris after some crimes committed against them. france is still the most popular country of the world. business for france, big business for their in economy. the numbers are expected to fall more and more as we have seen past the attacks of the year. this trend is expected to continue. has been badly hit with both attacks and robberies. in some of these robberies, asian tourists in particular have been targeted.
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a bit more about the knock on effects. great to see you. this clearly is a crisis for you and the people you represent. >> it is a crisis. it's a big problem because especially north america and asian tourists, there comes not that much. they are ace -- -- the state of emergency is a state of war. cancellation insurance.
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her -- you see there had there have been terror attacks -- the other angle are these criminal gangs. it is a very cynical and nasty way to be. problem -- the robert knows they have cash on them. anchor: it is a culture of role -- of walking around with cash. guest: we have some brigade of these people. exampleese people, for -- it actually goes quite well. ishor: are you worried this going to change the nature of holidays in france, of paris, of the places, the wonderful
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places, lovely places people come and see? think if we get rid of talking about the problem in france, we have less problem all those people killed on the streets. anchor: there is a lot of crime in countries, that is true. paris being such a high profile place, people are clearly looking at this and decided to stay away. guest: the problem exists in much rid, in berlin. across europe. if you go to london or paris, exactly the same risk.
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it's a big problem for american people and chinese people. >> i hope business gets better and i hope people come to enjoy everything you have here in paris. it is a lovely city. thank you for joining us. the 70-year-old former guerrilla fighter who ramped power with cut 72.1 percent of the votes. 66.3% have been counted. revolutionary seize power in the late 1970's. it is nicaraguans who decide because we no longer have a single yankee general here, referring to years of u.s. influence. washington said it is deeply concerned by what it called a flawed electoral process.
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>> supporters celebrate as their leaders secure a third term as nicaraguan president. celebrating, happy for the win. >> ortega faced little opposition in sunday's election. the 70-year-old cap his vote just before the polls closed. >> this is for the security of nicaraguan families. sniffeader of the left's -- leftist liberation front, he has also-- formed partnerships in the business sector as a result of , even the economy world bank acknowledges poverty has fallen under his rule.
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critics accuse him of forging a family dictatorship. ortega's wife is his device presidential pick. she could even take over as president in the future, especially amid rumors about ortega's health. he has been accused of appointing friends, family and supporters. 1979a came to power in after helping to topple the dictatorship. he state president for 11 years. when he came back to the presidential palace, ortega was intended in not pushing power. constitution. anchor: it sets the scene for further confrontation and
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protests in hong kong's streets. reporter: two hong kong lawmakers have been banned from parliament after they deliberately misread their oats when they were sworn in last month. as a term it china considered to -- considered derogatory. decision -- they have condemned his interpretation of the hong kong constitution known as the basic law. what they are doing is interpreting and interfering with domestic hong kong legislation. the damage that would be done by this interpretation to the rule of law and the system is unprecedented. >> hong kong's chief executive says he and his government supported the decision.
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>> hong kong is in a no alien all -- is an inalienable part of the country. uphold integrity and security, as well as the interest of chinese people. has delivered a blow to the pro-democracy movement calling for autonomy in the chinese mainland. protesters took over the streets of hong kong. authorities are hoping to avoid a repeat of 2014's student led pro-democracy movement, which built the city and 79 days. anchor: world news headlines here. says she was to be the president for everybody. as a right-wing tv poll gives her a lead over the right-wing candidate donald trump. both candidates making their final rallying call to their
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supporters. coalition forces close in on both islamic state strongholds taken around moz oh -- around mosul. france announces better protection for tourists in the face of a growing crime wave. it is time for business, kate moody is back. >> we have been following every twist and turn on the campaign trail in recent weeks. one of several factors that are weighing around trading on the world -- weighing on trading around the world, -- donald trump is seen as a wildcard and markets don't like that kind of uncertainty he
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represents. after more than a week of losses we see markets around the world rebounding since the fbi cleared clinton of any wrongdoing. caution the global shares are impacted by more than just politics. >> now that we have more , it was basically -- our going to get a raise in december? are we not? we will have to wait and see. that is weighing on the market much more than the election. dax with gains in nearly 2% each. sector rose upg 2% hit german investors were not put off by new data that reporter -- we are seeing a strong rally on wall street, the dow has added
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about 300 points, the nasdaq trading up 2%. the s&p 500 just under. one of the key bellwether has been the mexican peso. trading up 2% against the dollar. be watching the currency market as the results come in overnight on tuesday. british prime minister theresa may is in india in her first trip out of europe since taking office. though the uk's path to leavingg the european union remains unclear. reporter: trade deals worth one billion pounds. u.k. prime minister theresa may is in india seeking to boost trade and investment despite anyg unable to sign bilateral trade deal before the brexit decision finalizes, the
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british government is moving ahead with plans to develop trade hides -- trade ties outside the eu. want to be great exporting nations. so we shouldld work together for the long haul to break down the barriers in trade investment. >> the british might -- british prime mister has her work cut out for her in a country that has been negotiating a free trade agreement with the eu for the better part of a decade. one of the biggest sticking point between the two leaders is visa restriction. india prime minister is particularly unhappy over restrictions on students wanting to stay in britain after finishing their education. it has led to a 50% drop in enrollment by indian students.
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>> we must -- greater moped -- greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities. >> bilateral trade is smaller than that of india and germany. just over 11 billion pounds. if both sides can agree, there is room for more investment by british companies in india and indian firms the u.k.. asked european union has the british government for any details and may have made with nissan. they have received support and assurances it would not suffer when the u.k. leaves the eu. confirmed it will build two new models at the land in sunderland. separately nissan said on monday
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is third-quarter profits dropped 18% because of the strong yen. tesla has announced plans to charge customers for use of its fast charging network. the customers who buy cars beginning next year will have 1000 miles for free charging. tesla offered its customers free charging for life in an effort to make their product more competitive. and the french oil giant has signed a $6 billion deal with iran. most international sanctions were lifted earlier this year. women across france walked out
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of their offices at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. protesting the gender pay gap, about 15% here in france, which activists say from now until the end of the year, women are effectively working for free compared to their male counterparts. brown -- pondent luke >> that is when the organizers ,ay they should stop working women are paid 15% or less than their male colleagues. is a situation of discrimination that the organizers say has to end. >> until 1945 it was called women's pay. since then we have talked about equal work for equal pay.
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they haven't been applied. businesses are meant to be punished and they aren't. very little has been done. we don't even know which firms are at fault. i think it is time to bring the scandal in women's pay to light. >> there is a huge number of people who don't know about the figures because they haven't been subjected to it, and they think they were made up by angry feminists. it is the reality for many women who are not represented. they are either at work or picking up children at school. the objective will be dozens of male and female demonstrators to make sure they are heard by his many people as possible. said france on an international level has to be considered a very good example. the problem is the current rate of progress closing the economic cap is likely to take 170 years.
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>> it quite -- quite right. equal pay for equal jobs. a very good slogan they shoqéab
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11/07/16 11/07/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! mr. trumump: it is being r repod that certain key democratic: locations --: locations were kept opepen for hours and hours beyond closing time to bus and bring democratic voterers in. system.t is a rigged it is a rigged system and we are going to beat it. amy: as donald trump accuses democratss of rigging


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