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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 14, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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you're watching live from paris. the top stories this hour. u.s. president-elect donald trump gets to work near his team with the appointment of the right-wing music executive stephen bannon being slammed by democrats and civil rights activists. is it time for a european defense force? donald trump questioning nato and britain planning to leave the eu. foreign ministers are discussing their own plans for security. and gazing skyward to see the biggest, brightest moon in nearly 70 years. it is called a super moon and a site like this won't come around for another 18 years. ♪
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first up, some clues as to what a donald trump presidency might look like. the u.s. president elect named the top two members of his team. prebus will be his chief of staff -- it has turned into a battle at the white house between the populace outsiders that got trump elected versus the washington party establishment. reporter: team trump is taking shape as two key positions are filled. priebus has been
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named chief of staff was steve bannon has been named chief counselor. >> now i will have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. reporter: the seemingly contradictory report -- contradictory appointments are vintage trump. a washington insider to serve in the influential white house chief of staff position, trump is signaling a willingness to work with the republican establishment. ebus has close ties to paul ryan, who has a strange relationship with the president elect. that ban and is anything but a traditional choice. it was push for a more populist and nationalist agenda.
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they have continuously attacked a republican establishment. in making the announcement, two men will be equal partners. potentially setting up a power struggle in the white house over the best way forward. >> there have been more protests against donald trump's election. some pictures coming to us from los angeles and tell on you. -- los angeles, california. not my president," that is the rallying cry of protesters. we have seen in chicago, philadelphia and california. lots of people marching and carrying placards.
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donald trump spoke to some of the protesters via twitter, telling them on one hand they should not be worried about his presidency and saying he will be a president for all americans. here in europe there has been some concern after donald trump question the relative of nato. today eu foreign ministers met in brussels to discuss roosting europe's military power. britain has long opposed any such move. take a listen. >> we are in an uncertain world but europe must not wait for other decisions. that is to say the interest of europeans refer to a strategic role on a global level. european agreed on the
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union plan for security. providing the european union with the capabilities, the structure, the tools, and the financial resources that are to fuel the level of ambition that are being die -- being identified. anchor: how worried are eu states about trump's commitment to nato? >> they are not worried, they are not surprised. that stance of europeans spending has been long in the coming for the united states. nato to spend 2% of their gdp on defense. very few europeans do this.
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it is obviously not a surprise. some of the europeans lie in the east. those that have a border with russia fear the approach between the kremlin and the white house. there has been promised reinforcement from nato, reinforcement from the united states. fear that the new attitude of the future president may lead to a weaker position in the wood eastern part of the audience. >> will the french and germans get something they have long wished for? >> it is certain that he wants all the countries to spend --
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and france came together with strong propositions to beef up the european defense. gone a long way. diplomacy and it is going to probably be less than what they expected. they are pursuing the objective of a higher level of ambition. for instance being able to do ploy a military operation outside of the european limit. ready tore the u.n. is have more military tools, more equipment. this needs to be confirmed by the heads of state. >> thank you very much, reporting from brussels. one of donald trump's staunchest
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critics is leaving office. the german foreign minister called trump a preacher of hate during his election campaign. he now gets to take over as germany's next president after he one thing the support of uncle merkel. merkel.gela presidential candidates have won elections in both bulgaria and moldova. the results will add to concerns about western unity following tom -- following donald trump selection last week. >> bulgaria has a new president. on the fronttory pages of monday's national newspapers. state has no executive powers in the former nations. the pollcomments -- gives the post more authority. commanderair force now secured the majority vote.
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serving as a boost to moscow. like donald trump, his policies -- sure is a newcomer to politics. >> during his election campaign, the new american president elect says he is openly ready to develop an in-depth relationship with russia. this brings big hope for finding a peaceful resolution to the conflicts of syria and ukraine and avoiding further confrontation and escalation. reporter: elsewhere, voters have elected a pro-moscow candidate for the presidential election. president ofthe leftists and rightists.
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i will be president for those who want to be part of the eu and those who want a closer approach to russia. >> the poll was partly won on a promise to -- to join the union. prosecutors have been questioning julian assange. questioning took place at the embassy of ecuador and london. the whistleblower refuses to travel to sweden for fear of being extradited to the u.s., where he is wanted for publishing hundreds of thousands of classified military documents. reporter: four years after julian assange took refuge in the embassy, swedish authorities have caught up with him. over rape allegations that stretched back to 2010.
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embassy, they say he his -- he is hounded as being the whistleblower. claimed and been given political asylum. he is willing to answer the question. prosecutors will also take dna samples. two have been convicted of sexual rape and assault. the sexual assault charges were dropped last year after the statute of limitations expired. sweetened issued the european arrest warrant in 2012 but assange has refused to go there. he fears being asked or that into the u.s., where he expects retaliation for those --
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he believes the goal to stop wikileaks from releasing new secret documents area to escape extradition assange has been held up in the ecuadorian adequacy -- ecuadorian embassy. in recent weeks he made headlines when he released tens of thousands of e-mails from the account of hillery clinton's campaign box. of killing the british member of parliament was tried in london today. was alleged to have shot it with them first. he denies murder. >> it was the 16th of june, just a few days before the u.k. voted to leave the eu. on her way to constituency meeting. several hours later she died from her wounds. the man suspected of her murder is thomas mayor.
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when he was charged for her asder he gave his main freedom for britain paid his brother says he has a history of mental illness. tributes spread across the country. in little more than a year in parliament, he made a name for himself as the campaign mp. including the white helmets in syria. work, tory on joe's guard against hatred and injustice, to serve with love. and that is best way we can reach that we can remember joe. they will elect a new mp but no one -- the 41-year-old left behind has been an two young children. her husband encourages everyone
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to remember joe and what she stood for, not for the manner of her death. >> turn your eyes skyward. you may classify on the largest brightest moon in 70 years. you won't see a super moon like this. -- like this for another 18 years. the brightestf skies and almost 16 years. a moon that is 30% brighter than usual and 14% larger. , itthe closest approach came within 356,000 kilometers, with stargazers across the world. treated to a spectacular view. >> we came here to visit the art museum. it looks so big.
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>> the celeste event known as the super moon occurs when a full moon elapses to the 28 day orbit. this one is extra super, coming closer to the earth than at any other times in january 1948. it is expected to bring strong high tides to the delight, followed by plunging tied the next day. after that, the next opportunity to see an earth satellite this close-up will be in 2024. by ar: i'm joined professor and astrophysicist at the nottingham university. isl us a bit more about what happening tonight and what it means. happens an event that fairly regularly. elliptical in an
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orbit so occasionally it comes close to the earth once every month. it is not much of an event, really. it will weigh slightly less, about the weight of one paperclip. said inody else has other places, it is like ordering a pizza that is 15 inches wide and 16 inches long. >> why do you think people are getting so excited about it? i think it is one of those things that comes around now and again. i have to say it is cloudy here so i have not seen much of it myself. >> you are now behind. is this the best time to see this phenomenon?
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>> that would be about an hour or so. it looks like an optical illusion but it looks bigger when it is near to the horizon. having the horizon relevant, you can see it is next to something. and it tends to be back to its normal size. >> there was a time when people romanticized the moon and had written songs about it. of course it doesn't have that same romance because we have been there. >> we could be looking down from the moon to the earth and sea as super earth, except it would be dark at the moment. it would be like a new moon.
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not for a while yet. >> it is all about mars now. are you excited about that? >> there is a possibility we could actually live there. there's not as many useful results. and not as habitable. >> we will have to leave it there but thank you indeed. at nottingham university. there is still some time to see the brightest moon in nearly 70 years. france, the country has given a green light to a controversial airport project. they hailed the ruling after years of legal battles and sometimes violent protests. >> it is a slap in the face for those against the project,
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construction in the airport. the presidential candidate expressed his fury in hearing the decisions. certainantasies of politicians and the interests of one company. and not about respecting diversity. >> environmental activists can still appeal to the highest court. to watch --ermined saying it is in danger. the french prime minister welcomed the court ruling, saying the government was determined to push on with building the airport. he says the choice made in a local referendum in favor of the project should be respected. >> let's get some business news right now.
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we are going to go back to theington dc and talk about rocky relationship between president elect donald trump and china. >> the president elect tradeedly slammed chinese practices. he imposed a tariff on all chinese goods. now that he has been elected a state backed chinese newspaper claims -- at the same time chinese officials have already reached out to cooperate with a future trump administration. >> cautious reactions from china in the wake of donald trump's election for president. china's foreign minister said that the country was ready to improve relations with the u.s.. >> getting in touch with the trump administration. the chinese communist party
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newspaper was less conciliator re-than theiator government. often invoked by trump in the run-up to the election. the president-elect repeatedly promised a 45% trade terror of on chinese goods and call the communist power a currency manipulator. >> we have a $500 billion deficit. don't forget we have the piggy bank that is being robbed. can't continue to allow china to rape our country. it is the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> passed a 15 year growth spurt but also increasing imports from countries like south korea and brazil. if trump raises trade tariffs,
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the impact will be felt across the world in u.s. allies like japan and south korea. guest: the trump election has sparked a way of selling on the bond markets. a bond is basically an iou issued by the government. lawns quickly lost 1.3 trillion dollars in value last week and the trend is continuing this week. this is generally a sign that investors are losing confidence in the idea of governance as their safe haven for money. let's look at how the markets are faring on wall street. after trading higher, the u.s. stocks gave back some of their gains as investors were evaluating the prospect of a trump presidency. dow jones was slightly offensive 500 just above the flat line. the main european indices closed in positive territory. freshthe result of a
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round of losses on the bond market. the new zealand government is saying the cost to rebuild after the earthquake will run to the to raid anddollars rail. not to mention hundreds of building and the ongoing structure. government officials and economists agree that new zealand's strong balance sheet means it will have little trouble footing the bill. reporter: widespread destruction following new zealand, where it is cranked in homes turning to rumble. the cost could head into the billions. >> [indiscernible] is relatively it simple. believe --
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reporter: despite the devastation economists and analysts agree a healthy new zealand economy -- while interest rates may be cut as business confidence is impacted. two years of budget surface made a government may not have -- may mean the government may not have to issue bonds. the earthquake commission, which said it had access to the equivalence of 3.3 billion in reinsurance. the scale of the damage is small imperative the destruction by the 2011 earthquake. 185 people were killed and the city was destroyed, requiring 128 billion u.s. dollars to rebuild. there were also economic consequences linked to people moving out of the area, impact on local spending and demand. india the prime ministers
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getting a backlash for his decision to remove notes from circulation. hardship orr led to indians that rely heavily on cash for their daily transactions. the opposition says it hurts india's poor and was implemented without any preparation. the government has announced it was increasing its weekly cash withdrawal limits and taking steps to help people in remote areas access money. the prime minister still had to defend his decision. border, ourss the enemies are flooding fake notes into our country. enemies move and be allowed to continue? should this be stopped? leaders, ask those shouldn't we bring an end to counterfeit? look at thee a
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other business stories making headlines this monday. according to a french paper, francis finance ministers starting a process of reclaiming a tax to reduction 200 billion euros. losses caused by an infamous road trader. close to 5 billion euros. french and chinese officials confirmed our objective to have a chinese company elect a shareholder in the french state nuclear group. the shareholder will give a better access to the chinese market. facing a new round of strikes and salary negotiations. -- theycockpit has been will give 24 hours notice.
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you have to look out for announcements from the union. >>qéae?
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