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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. the european parliament votes to freeze membership talks with turkey. the turkish president says the nonbinding vote is of no value. iraqi troops say they have surrounded the islamic state group stronghold in mosul. the i.s. still holds a key town just west of the city.
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france gears up for the final debate tonight before the conservative presidential primary this weekend. two former french prime minister's are still in the running. business, we will be telling you how donald trump's election is already impacting mexico's economy even before he takes office. and happy thanksgiving america. barack obama pardons his last presidential turkey and gets in a few puns as well. first our top story live from paris. ♪ genie: the european parliament has just voted to stop e.u. membership talks with turkey.
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leading parliamentarians put forth the vote over the purges that followed the attempted coup there last summer. 120 5000 soldiers, academics, journalists and judges have been dismissed or detained since then. turkish president erdogan slammed the move saying turkey's struggle for its stability and future won't be interrupted by european legislators raising and lowering their hands. for more let's bring in france 24's eu correspondent. this motion is nonbinding but it is still highly symbolic. >> indeed. it means that meps and the majority in fact voted in favor of that resolution to freeze membership talks with turkey further eu membership. it means they are extremely worried about the past turkey
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has been -- path turkey has been taking. thiss why we saw earlier a debate in a very lively manner with meps who voiced how turkishn about authorities were not on the right path. they called on them to stop imprisoning members of the opposition party. head of the liberals say he's extremely concerned and that it would be the eu's stake ifty would be at it turned a blind eye to erdogan taking his country done a very authoritarian route. the turkish president says this has absolutely no value whatsoever. but he's also very
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frustrated with the way he feels his country has been treated by the european union. these talks have been very slow over the last decade. there has been very little progress. that is led by china and russia. genie: what impact might this resolution have on resolutions between the eu and turkey, which are already at a low point? >> they will continue to be flawed. those negotiation talks will continue. what was reflected today in the european parliament does not necessarily reflect what's represented of the other eu institutions feel about turkey. she was speaking in the parliament in stroudsburg earlier on tuesday and she said she did not think it was a good idea to freeze talks.
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that those talks were a good way to have leverage with turkey. thatu and turkey signed controversial deal back in march about the migration crisis. gamehing which would be a changer for eu turkey relations would be of turkey did reintroduce capital punishment. one of the main human rights policy of justice of the european union is to abolish the death penalty. if turkey did reinstate that they would in fact have to freeze those talks. we heard from the prime minister of turkey a few weeks ago that the only one who should be drawing redlines are the turkish people and that he was not going to listen to anything that was said in brussels or strasberg by members of the european parliament. here in france tonight
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the final candidates to be the conservative residential nominee are going head-to-head. both of them are former french prime and they even served together in the same administration in the past. this campaign has brought their differences to light. centristmoderate the otherfar left of candidates more traditional take on social issues. the final round of voting is held this weekend. they appear to have similar economic policies. differences are starting to emerge on their policy toward russia. one is advocating closer ties. francois is seen as a friend of moscow in russia. haspresidential candidate said during his campaign that europe and the u.s. are at fault for provoking moscow.
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he's against the sanctions imposed on russia as well as the west and military buildup in eastern europe and vladimir putin has signaled his support. >> we welcome the statements he has made. such a tough negotiator and he's no doubt a professional highest degree and a very decent man. >> the other contender in the race is also in favor of closer ties with moscow. he cautions russia needs to respect international law. >> we need to have good relations with her neighbor. the --exation of crimea violates all international laws. >> they have vastly different use on area -- syria.
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one wants to work with russia and bashar al-assad to defeat islamic totalitarianism. vision isone's broadly similar to current french policy calling for assad to step down and accusing russia of committing war crimes in syria. millions are expected to vote in sunday's primary which may well decide the country's future president. genie: in iraq the islamic state groups main stronghold of mosul is now completely cut off and isolated. that's according to iraqi forces working with kurdish troops and shia militias to retake the city. the town 50 kilometers west of mosul is the latest to be targeted. mark thompson explains. militias rolled through a key road in the battle for control of mosul.
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the fighters known as the popular mobilization still face pocket of islamic state group resistance. control they have taken of the root to the jihadis de facto iraqi capital. our goal is to cut off the roads surrounding most to the west of the city so they can't get any supplies. the peshmerga are barricading the north and the east is also blocked. mobilizationr dominated by iranian backed shia militias is a temp thing to isolate tal afar. to the east and south of the city iraqi force was are continuing their advance. some 5000 to 6000 islamic state fighters are thought to still be in mosul. isis is going to the rear and
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we will defeat them. >> us-led airstrikes have eliminated all but one bridge crossing the river tigris which flows into mosul, limiting the islamic state groups movements. that could also restrict civilians looking to flee the fighting. 1.5 million people are still thought to be living in mosul. tens of thousands are being displaced every week as the battle to retake the city intensifies. in colombia the government and farc rebels are to either controversial revised peace accord today. the last peace deal to end the 50 year conflict was signed but rejected in a referendum. the deal is said to be ratified by congress despite bitter complaints from opponents who say it is too soft on the left is yours blamed for thousands of killings and kidnappings. this time around the
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expectations are that the peace deal will be ratified. the original one was branded as historic by the president, but he was embarrassed a week later when the deal was rejected in a referendum. now colombians are hoping for peace after 52 years of conflict. >> piece is something that all colombians long for. that we are really close to getting. i think it shouldn't be delayed anymore and we should try to achieve it right now through the congress. which is much easier than a referendum. >> initially considered too thatnt, the main points have been changed include the farc having to pay compensation to victims of the conflict. guaranteedot have seats in parliament and a special prosecution tribunal will have to deal with all cases. think it still goes against
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the wish of the people. >> it's an outrage that after the colombian people rejected these agreements the president seeks to impose them anyway. we are barely 15% of congress. >> the new deal will not be submitted to a second referendum, but will be voted on the colombian parliament. another no vote could be callister -- catastrophic for colombia's future. genie: donald trump has picked two outspoken critics for his latest nomination, both of them women. the new u.s. ambassador to the u.n. will be south carolina governor nikki haley and billionaire republican donor betsy voss will be the head of -- >> i won't pretend to have always in his biggest cheerleader. i did vote for him. >> she has previously said she had reservations about president-elect trump's character.
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that didn't stop him from picking south carolina governor nikki haley as the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. haley was thrust into the spotlight last year after a racially motivated massacre and a charleston church left nine people dead. she later successfully argued that the can lag -- confederate flag be removed from the front the statehouse. the daughter of indian immigrants, she has been critical of trumps rhetoric concerning undocumented migrants and his refusal to denounce white supremacists during his campaign. provenr haley has a track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move policies forward for the betterment of her state and country. the second high-profile appointment to the incoming administration, betsy devos as education secretary. she funded campaigns of trumps rivals during the primaries and
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said donald trump didn't represent the republican party. she is a strong advocate of publicly funded charter schools, which are set up outside the state school system. teachers unions have accused her for failed she is the most anti-public education nominee since the department of education was created. the holiday of thanksgiving in the united states and president barack obama got the holiday mood started at the white house wednesday with the traditional pardoning of the national thanksgiving turkeys. this time it was with his nephews standing by instead of his daughters. it is a lighthearted ceremony and it the rose garden did feature real live turkeys this year named tater and tot. the latter one got the formal reprieve. >> on this thanksgiving i want to express my sincere gratitude to the american people for the
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trust you have placed in me over the last eight years and the incredible kindness that you've shown my family. on behalf of michelle and my mother-in-law and our girls, we want to thank you very much. let's get on with the pardoning because it's wednesday afternoon and everybody knows thanksgiving traffic can put people in a foul mood. [laughter] genie: this is france 24. let's take a quick look at today's top stories. the european parliament votes to freeze membership talks with turkey. the turkish president says that nonbinding vote is of no value. say they have surrounded the islamic state group stronghold in mosul. the i.s. still holds a key town just west of the city. for the finalp debate tonight before the conservative presidential primary this weekend. two former prime minister's are in the running.
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one is more centrist and the other is more socially conservative. time for business news with stephen carroll. in mexico the economy is already starting to feel the effect of donald trump's election. >> the mexican peso became somewhat of a proxy for donald trump's prospect. now the country's central bank seems to think the upheaval in relations will also hurt the country's growth. brian quinn reports. >> as a donald trump presidency looms in its neighbor to the with mexico is grappling the possible consequences for its economy. on wednesday the country's central bank cut its forecast for economic growth in 2017 by half a point. it's safe to say that the events of recent weeks have prevented a significant -- presented a significant external shock.
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candidate trump was a harsh critic of the nafta free trade agreement between the u.s., canada and mexico. he threatened not only high import tariffs but also to block mexican immigrants remittances to their home country if it refuses to finance a wall along the us-mexico border. during the campaign the value of the peso was pegged to trump's fortunes, falling every time his chances seemed to improve. his victory sent a tumbling to a new low against the dollar. three large mexican firms have delayed their planned ipos as the prospect of a trump presidency shakes of mexican market. headwinds, the mexican government is staying more optimistic than the central bank on growth, predicting a rate of 2% to 3% in 2017. as none of trump's policies have been formally announced, they
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see no evidence for a major hit on the mexican economy. genie: the mexican peso isn't the only currency that has been affected by donald trump. >> india's rupee hit a record low as investors expect donald trump's economic policies to push up inflation and interest rates. that has led to a huge selloff in indian assets which has sent the currency tumbling. gold is the classic safe haven asset will buy in times of uncertainty. between brexit and the u.s. elections gold prices have been rising much of this year. following an initial spike, the price has dropped by almost 10%. it's at its lowest level since february of this year. genie: how are the stock markets doing today? >> we saw a record highs on wednesday on the dow and the s&p 500. donald trump having a positive effect on share markets here in europe. europe, a bit more of
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a flat picture. red tos ftse 100 in the about .3%. lufthansa have extended their error -- strike into friday. flights have been canceled over the walkout which began on tuesday evening. expected onlyn is to affect short-haul flights. the chinese travel company has bought sky scanner. it's the biggest player in the chinese market while sky scanner is the leader in europe. it's the latest in a string of global acquisitions by chinese companies seeking to break into foreign markets. the european commission has delayed its investigation into until's treatment of over after next may's presidential election.
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uber has complained to russia and broke eu law and the policies concerning the industry. genie: you have a new study showing young work as early stop the mystic about their future. japan is home to the world's gloomiest millennials according to a study. 40% of young people surveyed in japan hoped for a bright future. .hat's even less than in greece compare that to the average across 18 countries of them of who are up to listen about their careers. japan's younger workers are facing the prospect of caring for a rapidly aging population. 37% of them said they expect to work until they die. stephen carroll, thank you for that was that today's islamist news. time for the press review.
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we are taking a look at what's making headlines today. with the wall street journal and a report that donald trump jr. met with russian allies in paris last month. >> a meeting at the ritz no less organized by fabian. she's the leader of a pro-kremlin group. they run i think tack -- think moreand they advocate the needs to be solved with the help of russia in accordance with syrian president bashar al-assad. donald trump jr.'s presence at the meeting was confirmed. it's raising a lot of eyebrows because it once again shows just how great a role trump's children are playing and could possibly continue to play in his president the. it is likely to heightened focus
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on the relationship with russia once trump takes office. genie: there has been quite a bit of reaction to his latest cabinet picks. >> let's start with politico. will nikki haley the u.s. in russia's corner? she will be is ambassador to the u.n.. she has a reputation for civility and being levelheaded but she has little foreign policy experience and this says she will be tested as she's never been tested before on urgent matters of life and death. many see her appointment as an attempt to reinforce trumps desire for closure desires -- closer desires with russia. another controversial pick betty devos is a top-tier republican donor and her husband is error to a 5 billion-dollar fortune. trump could gut public education
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with her appointment mainly because she is an advocate of charter schools. the idea that private schools should be partially funded with public funds which of course would widen the gap between public and private education. genie: donald trump speeding ahead with his cabinet picks. there are many supporters of hillary clinton still very dissatisfied who are now calling for a recount from the election. >> this is not coming from clinton or her team. it's really supporters of clinton. it's a group of computer scientists and election lawyers who are calling for a recount in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, alleging that there were hacks during the election. there is no evidence of this so far. it comes as clinton's lead in the popular vote surpassed 2 million recently. it really serves more to reflect the sense among clinton supporters that trumps victory is just unfair and doesn't really reflect what the people wanted. genie: let's move on to a
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harrowing story of sex abuse in british foot all. -- football. a fourth footballer has come forward. is davidootballer white. he has gone public about eating sexually abused by a man named barry pennell. a coach who worked in the ranks for three decades. white is the fourth to come forward to the press. police say at least 11 people have come forward. these have actually waived their right to privacy. coaches serving time in president -- prison for sexual offenses. coach in the 70's and 80's, hero worshiped by young men hoping he would give them a golden ticket to football fame. the scandal was first revealed by andy woodward. andad a snowball effect there are suspicions that may be
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a wider pedophile ring. is facing criticism for failing to comment and also failing to investigate. genie: a word on the vatican. it's getting very tech savvy. >> it has been called the tender for sinners. r for sinners. it's called the catholic app. the idea is to allow users needing a bit of confession time to scroll through parishes in their area and the app will direct them to their nearest mass and confession service. -- wasa wasn't apparently inspired by the pope himself who asked leaders to get imaginative about what to do in the holy europe -- year of mercy. genie: thank you for that look at the headlines. for a closer look at the press review be sure to check out france stay tuned. we have a lot more coming up
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just after this.
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