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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> hello and welcome to "live from paris." here are the headlines. alain juppe and francois fillon vie to become the next french president. they squared off last night in a televised debate ahead of sunday's conservative primary. the foiled terrorist plot, the
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prosecutor says the five terror suspects had been guided from islamic state from iraq and syria via encrypted messages. and close to 100,000 people are forced from their homes as fire threatens-in israel. it is suggested that terrorists are behind the blame. coming up, we will take a look at business news, black friday in the united states. we will also see what happens in the "press review," with news from colombia about the renegotiated peace accord. nanticoke we begin in france
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with a final debate he held last night in the runoff french election. alain juppe and francois fillon squared off to become the conservative candidate and perhaps the president of france. delano desousa gives us a look at the intense point of the debate. >> a handshake to mark the start of a heated clash. alain juppe wasted no time in calling his rival too extreme, over a plan to pay public-sector for 37 hours for working 39 instead. workinge public sector, 39 hours for 37. it cannot be done. >> it is not fair. >> he accused alain juppe for being timid on reform. >> it shows alain juppe does not want real change. >> the two candidates are hoping to lead the parties to victory, and they agree on major issues.
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topics like abortion have appeared to set them apart. the lies that have been told are not justified. >> i have not told any lies. i just ask the question. there are questions which resemble lies. >> alain juppe also brought up attacks he has come under. >> for months i have been subjected to a campaign of attack that has been completely false. .hat i use public funds then, i was rebaptized. >> i have never attacked you personally, never. i am not condemning the campaign. let's not exaggerate. when i am called a homophobe each morning, i do not see you rushing to my defense. the twosunday, one of
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men on stage will need to reunite the conservative party ahead of presidential elections next year. are just two days of campaigning before the final conservative primary, and both candidates are fighting hard to get every vote. the candidates will use high-profile debates to strengthen their positions. delano desousa shows us what the from lastrom voters night past debate looks like. >> faces glued to screens at this bar. for those gathered here in support of the front runner, francois fillon, his performance in the final debate is enough to secure him a spot in the presidential election next year. always, he signifies excellence. he represents what it has always been. sharing the values of the right.
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he knows where he is going, and he knows where he wants to take the country and the people. is a man i have supported for many years with presidential character, a man who is not afraid to show that he has the courage for truth >>. suppress it -- for truth. juppeporters for alain gathered at a sports bar across the seine, saying that he is presidential and wants to unite the country. bringing people together without speaking of people of the right or the left, to unite reforms. >> alain juppe was a lot more convincing in terms of his arguments and his policies, both foreign and domestic. ideas of that, he has
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that are popular among women and young people. >> alain juppe entered the bar to thank his supporters. the man who surprisingly came in second place in the first round of the conservative primary now has a couple of hours to convince those on the fence that he has got what it takes to lead the party. even though surveys conducted after the debate found his opponent, francois fillon -- nancy: in france, a high-profile police site was among terror suspects' targets. this according to one of the suspects arrested in a foiled plot. the fivefrom one of people still in custody. the paris prosecutor said the five terror suspects have been guided by the islamic state from iraq and syria, via encrypted message. for more on the story, we are joined by our foreign affairs editor, armen georgian, who is at the prosecutor's press
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conference. what did the prosecutors say about the arrest? armen: the question that everyone in the room wanted to know was exactly what were the targets, and the prosecutor did not reveal that. he simply said that one of the suspects had various locations on his google map, so clearly investigators know what the potential targets were. but we were not told exactly what they were. clearly, we are looking at a multi-target commando raid with high caliber weapons, the kind of operation we saw in paris a year ago, or in brussels seven months ago, in terms of the weapons through handguns as well as submachine guns were mentioned. suspects,f the criminal proceedings have begun this friday between -- against five men, all of them in their
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early 30's -- sorry, mid-to-late 30's, except for one younger man who was born in 1990. they are mostly french nationals. ande is one dual citizen one moroccan man who was not a resident in france. they were communicating by a closed network with encrypted information, as you said. they have been friends for a long time, according to the prosecutor. three out of the five user went to syria or tried to go to syria. it is believed they were not in direct contact with the other man who was arrested in but investigators believe it both of these groups were separately in contact with who is guidinga
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them toward carrying out a spectacular attack of some sort on december 1. nancy: can we listen just a moment to what the prosecutor had to say? the antiterrorist prosecution begins today. an investigation on charges of involvement in a criminal terrorist cell with plans for attacks on civilians, of acquiring, storing, and transporting illegal arms and munitions, category a and all with ties to a terrorist organization. bethe five individuals will presented before a specialist magistrate before being investigated and placed in temporary custody. nancy: given all this new information, what is the terrorist threat to france at the moment? the prosecutor told us at the beginning of this press
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conference that the threat level remains extremely high. this attack was slated for the first of december. we are approaching the christmas holiday period, with a lot of christmas markets happening around france. let's also remember that earlier this week the french interior minister said that 17 terrorist plots have been foiled since the start of this year, and he said a dozen had been foiled since july. that would mean logically that most of the plots foiled this year were foiled after july. that suggests there is a quickening of the pace of these plots since the summer. to one antiterrorism expert earlier this week who said there is a big concern now in the intelligence community in europe about returning jihadists, european nationals who now find isis territory is
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shrinking in iraq and syria and are therefore looking at coming back here and plotting attacks in their countries of origin. nancy: armen georgian, our foreign affairs editor. iraq, a deadly bombing claimed about 100 lives a truck loaded with nitrate-based explosives ran into the rest area of a gas station, where a congregation of buses had stopped. many iranians were among the victims. simon harding reports. simon: another deadly bombing, this time targeting pilgrims. the truck bomb targeting shia muslims traveling back from the , loadedy of kabbalah with nitrate-based explosives, ramming into the rest area of this petrol station. among the victims, many iranians. >> i was here when a car bomb
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exploded near a bus carrying pilgrims. there was thick, black smoke, and several cars were burned. people lost their lives for a crime they had nothing to do with. >> millions of shia from around kabbalah,traveleled to one of the largest pilgrim is -- one of the largest pilgrimages in the world. shia followers are regularly targeted by sunni extremists. in july, another truck bombing killed 400 shia in a district of baghdad. despite being on the defensive in northern iraq and syria, the i.s. group have shown yet again that they can strike at any given time. prime minister has promised severe punishment for those responsible for fires threatening haifa.
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israel's third largest city has caused tens of thousands of people to evacuate. palestinian firefighters are also on the scene. france, which is supplying airplanes, is among several countries sending help. we spoke with our regional correspondent earlier. that about 50% of the fires have been deliberately lit. that is the allegation. that is true of fires all around the world. the question is, who has been lighting them? are they pyromaniacs, or are they palestinians looking for a nationalist agenda. yesterday the israeli prime minister indicated that was the case, calling it terrorism by fire. israeli arab politicians are
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horrified, saying now is not the time for finger-pointing but a time for unity. they say that now we have to look to the people of haifa, we are children of haifa, we love this area, and it is most up to us that anyone who starts a fire is caught. noeed for allegations until we have that. nancy: in bulgaria, around 1500 migrants rioted in a refugee camp, prompting the arrest of hundreds of protesters. newspapers accused migrants of carrying contagious diseases, leading authorities to keep them from leaving the cap. camp.m leaving the note, america's favorite mom has died at the age of 82. florence henderson, known as the mother carol brady in the 1970's sitcom "the brady bunch."
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henderson said she portrayed carol brady as the mom she never had. a reminder of the headlines we are following this hour. plot, aoiled terrorist prosecutor says the five terror suspect had been guided by islamic state in iraq in syria via encrypted messages. alain juppe and francois fillon squared off last night in a televised debate ahead of sunday's primaries. and people are forced from their homes in israel as fires threatening haifa. time to get some business news with charles. thank you is over in the u.s., and now it is time for black friday. >> people are barely recovering from their turkey-induced, and they are getting in stores
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around the united states. some bargain hunters have been camping outside shops for several days to get their hands on their favorite products. as brian quinn explains, it looks like this you will be a good one for retailers. >> black friday, the annual post thanks giving retail fre nzy, is officially underway in america. some have waited outdoors for days to get a jump on the competition. >> we have been here since tuesday night. >> while there is still a crush events, it ise not as frantic or violent as in years past. the u.s. national retail federation estimates the number of thanksgiving weekend shoppers fell by almost one third between 2012 and 2015. part of the reason may be that promotions are spread out over a --ger pluto, all -- auto over a longer pluto. a longer pe
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there was a 6% drop in in-store sales last year. this year looks to be a good one for retailers. online sales on thanks giving day were up almost 14% over last year, on track to hit $2 billion. the nrs is expecting 59% of americans to take part in the shopping weekend coming either in person or via the web. this year's receipts are expected to rise over 2015 two north of $65 billion. year-end shopping is critical for retailers, who bring in 20% to 40% of their annual revenue during the season. nancy: this is happening in the u.s., but it is also happening on our side of the atlantic or . theles: retailers around world are having sales. bigger,iday is getting
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except some retailers are choosing a different name for it, afraid that it would be terror attackh that happened last year, also on a friday. they went for "crazy weekend." sounds like a crazy idea. tell us how the european markets are doing. charles: at the moment it is pretty flat. all the indices in europe are hovering just below the 0% mark. down the dax down 0.1%. we are seeing trading bonds after markets closed on thursday, set for a shortened session on friday. nancy: there is also fresh data coming in from the british economy. charles: the third quarter for the u.k. economy grew by a half a percent, which is at a slower the than the 0.7% seen in second quarter.
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this comes two days after a speech by philip hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer, saying brexit would spark an economic slowdown and ravage public finances. let's look at some of the other business stories making headlines. the dispute over wages at left lufthansaat continues. passengers grounded. this is the 14th strike since april of 2014. it affected more than 315,000 passengers and 2618 fights have been canceled. president-elect donald trump's pick for commerce secretary seems to be edging in favor of wilbur ross, who made his name by restructuring and selling off wavering companies. china's biggest fast food operator, yum! brands, is in
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talks to buy and online food service. yum! brands is aiming to boost sales at home while triplicates number. that while tripling its number. discussions are at an early stage. an appeal is not imminent. nancy: thank you for all of that information. stay tuned for our "press review," coming right up. time to browse through the international papers with dicicco the rent -- >> we're seeing a lot of criticism in the colombian press after the peace accord was rushed through. government filed the deal six weeks after he was rejected by the colombian people . a colombian newspaper says they are hoping to skip the ballot
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box and go straight to getting it approved by the senate and the house of representatives, whether a majority is in favor of it or not. there is the feeling that this deal has been shoved down the throats of people, forced through, where you see in this cartoon the signing of the peace deal in the same hall where they sign the previous deals. he sees and after conflict. that it is a charade of democracy or a theater of democracy. nancy co another -- and another colombian leader said that this could divide the country? >> >> the previous deal was put to a vote and was rejected. even though memo santos did not want the deal to go to an original vote.
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the paper says the opposition has urged to stop objecting to point it does not agree with. that means division is only going to increase. there is no reason to demand noon in a midi -- to demand unanimity. except for serious crimes against colombians. nancy: there is a lot of rumble in the republican party about who could become donald trump's secretary of state. >> trump is carefully crafting his future cabinet. one that political set -- one that politico says could have a combined worth of $35 billion -- this is with a handful of concerned picks and possible picks, starting with bessie devos. but also picks that could bring to 230 $5 billion, accusing trump of campaigning as an everyman, the antiestablishment candidate, yet, "now he appears to be
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surrounding himself, at least in part, who are very much part of that system." nancy: it is hard to understand that. "the wall street journal" warns against amalgam's, especially ahead of the election next spring. opinion pieces penned, both francoise feeling that both --nce are feeling and helen both francois fillon and alain juppe says they -- by marine le pen says that donald trump is not the man that he has been portrayed at in the press. for this writer, her appeal derives mostly in the promise to shake up the system really,
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rather than her nationalist ideologies. unlike american republicans, the french conservatives are trying harder to offer a plausible candidate. outright rejection of nicolas sarkozy in the first round of voting last week. shifting now to the british press, which is focusing on that harrowing sex abuse scandal. >> it is an escalating story. it is one that is threatening to engulf the new capital united now. a player alleged that he may have been a victim of what is possibly a pedophile ring in british football. the story came to light last week after andy woodward, a former footballer, gave his account of being sexually abused as a footballer to the media. the alleged perpetrator is a convicted pedophile, named barry but now. he is a high-profile -- and barry bunnell. story has snowballed.
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in some cases, they do not allege they were abused by him, but people close to him to just it may be far wider than we think. a hotline was set up. they received 50 calls in two hours yesterday. that is a lot. finally, it is the end of an era for americans who loved "the mom, florence henderson died. tell us more. >> she was known as the sunny mother of "brady bunch." florence henderson served as the de facto honorary mom for a generation on television. yet in her own life, she had a rough upbringing. alcoholic, heran mother left her when she was 12 in rural indiana. acting became her ticket out of that life. she once said she played carol brady as a mother that she never had and always wanted.
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a very sweet statement. she is also the first woman to guest host the tonight show. hard worker,y working right up to her death, hosting two shows and being in four movies, including the "50 movie.of grey" nancy: if you want to see more about the press review, go to our website at stay tuned. more news coming up in just a few minutes. >> these days there are many places to stay, but how can you avoid nasty surprises? you will always make the right choice.
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