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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 30, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> the un security council has held an emergency meeting on the humanitarian situation in the syrian sai city of aleppo. stephen o'brien saying they must protect civilians before the city becomes one giant graveyard. thousands have fled rebel held areas as government forces make gains. they seized more than one third of rebel held territory in the
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rebel city. thousands have fled to areas controlled by government forces and kurdish groups. outskirts of the eastern district hundreds of families are waiting to be evacuated. >> we have been to siege for three months in there. we only wanted to get out. we wanted to leave and come here. >> we wanted to get our belongings but we could not. shot underages were the supervision of the syrian government. the army has ambulances ready to .ake civilians the international community says 20,000 people have fled in the last 48 hours. many fear revenge or retaliation
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attacks as the syrian army advances into the east of aleppo. united nations called it an alarming and frightening situation. 200,000 people remain trapped which has been under siege since july of this year. food has run out and a bombing campaign has taken out all of its hospitals. joining me now, our correspondent. what came out of this emergency meeting? >> a lot of stark warnings. horrifying descriptions of the situation in aleppo which has been under heavy siege over the last two weeks. there are 250,000 civilians trapped in aleppo. 100,000 our children.
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fromard a representative unicef talking about how terrible things are for kids in aleppo. it is a living nightmare for them. you mentioned stephen o'brien. second-largest city risks becoming a graveyard if this continues. 25,000 peopleid have fled. we have details of the situation they are facing. the u.s. ambassador described how some civilians who were flying have been mowed down as they tried to escape. a horrifying detail coming out of this meeting. secretarye that the said it was quite clear and military track is being pursued. he said he would have more to council onsecurity
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december 8. it is not looking good. we have no product that came out of this meeting. >> more details on the situation. but not much the security council can do. stephenhing that o'brien said is the question he constantly gets, why can't the security council do anything about syria? we have had resolutions in five years of conflict. russia has the toad five resolutions. many have not even been put to a vote. this security council has been divided all the way along. that was clear again today, russia's saying this was pure propaganda. , to save terrorist
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from death. that is how he described the meeting. he had stark words today and finger-pointing. there is a resolution in the pipeline. we are not sure if and when it will go to a vote. it called for a humanitarian pause so a can be bought -- brought into those who are desperately in need. >> thank you for that update from new york. legal documents are being crafted which take me out of business operations. presidency is a more important task. trumpds a tweet by donald . he provided few details, promising a major news conference in mid-december. some say he may not do enough to avoid conflicts of interest. the president-elect has nominated a former golem -- goldman sachs executive as
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treasury secretary. >> distancing himself from this sprawling marshall interests, donald trump announced the important was more than the running of his business empire. wi-fi will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in total to fully focus on running the country to make america great again. no direct there being legal requirement to access business dealings, past presidents have done just that. for donald trump it will be no easy task. the real estate mogul owns 500 different enterprises worth $3.7 billion. donald trump had said he would leave his court-martial operations to his children. still posest out it
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a conflict of interest. it comes as the president-elect filled 2 economic posts with wall street insiders. steven mnuchin will be treasury secretary. the hedge fund boss has vowed to follow through on his sweeping tax reform. >> the tax plan has the so we makespects, u.s. companies the most competitive in the world, and the personal income tax is we have the most significant tax cut since reagan. >> wilbur ross will be commerce secretary, dubbed the king of bankruptcy, he has under reputation for turning around troubled banks. ross helped resurrects donald trump's casino and was a donor to his campaign. by heath brown, an assistant professor of public policy.
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thank you for joining us. donald trump announced he will leave his business in total. what do you make of these tweets? we should find out in a couple of weeks. if he puts his children in charge like he said he would is in that still an issue no matter how much he says he will distance himself? >> the questions are going to remain until we get the details. whether those details come in mid-december as suggested, it will determine whether the promises made in his tweet are fulfilled. this is going to be a difficult thing. we have never had a president in the size ofn with business interests as donald trump. distancing himself is going to be more difficult to do legally. it is going to be a pretty big deal. we may have to wait until december. people may not be satisfied with
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the steps that have been taken. >> what was the safest option? to sell his business? >> that is one option, to completely distance himself. but this is a company with his name on it. it is not like selling shares in stock. be seen how you convince -- can distance yourself from a company that carries your name. the most aggressive recommendations suggests a quick divestiture. anything less than that would not be taking this as series c -- as seriously as some may worry. >> his latest cabinet picks, what do you make of them? do you think they respond to what the electorate or the people who voted for him would have wanted? >> there are two different versions of donald trump we got in the campaign.
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the very well-known antiestablishment donald trump and the pragmatic business dealmaker donald trump. , fairlyo picks established individuals from the world of business, they provide for a form of anti-establishment. they have not served in government previously. they have not served in the white house. to suggest they are bringing a brand-new set of views that reflect some of the deep concerns his supporters have about trade deals, i think that is a row question at this point. they don't reflect the man on the street that we might have expected given the a lot of those people were his backers. we may have some of his supporters look sideways at these appointments that came out today. they are very wealthy individuals. the worldey can see are the eyes of the common man is a question.
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>> but they didn't elect a billionaire. isstill don't know who he going to choose as his secretary of state. this is one of the most important jobs. is it taking longer because it is so important? because he has that mitt romney and we have had a couple of other names? why is it taking a wild? >> this is a very important decision. the four most important positions in the cabinet. state department is one of those. one of the other reasons this is taking a while, a lot of this work is during -- done the campaign. much of that work has not been followed because the person who is running those operations is no longer directly involved. i suspect some of these delays restart, the
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transition team did after the election. a lot of the hard work that went into the rising a relatively short list, they may have started again. soon. likely to see this some of this decision comes from the importance of final decision and how this is going to reflect the varied views donald trump has on foreign policy. we are going to see how those .iews play out in practice >> all right. we should find out soon enough. heath brown joining us from new york. rippingrn to the shirt case in france. as you may remember last year and are france workers, angry about a restructuring plan that the shirts oforok
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two executives. three former employees have been given suspended sentences of 3-4 months of organized violence. 10 more people were find for a damaging airline property. >> the incident had come to symbolize the 10th state of labor relations in france. -- the 10th state of labor relations in france. executives to escape the scene. over a year later the verdict is out. of the 15 who stood trial three have been found guilty of organized violence. others were find for damaging company property. it angered the union and satisfied air france.
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>> this verdict is scandalous. won for violence they were not the victim out. >> air france is being a knowledge as a victim of these assaults. so have the two individuals who were assaulted. accused were acquitted. he says he would like to be able to turn a new leaf but he is unemployed. >> i am satisfied because justice has been served. it was a long struggle. it took over a year. the nightmare is over. now i'm going to go after air france and labor court for wrongful dismissal. relations are still fraught. air france has returned to profit last year after seven years of losses.
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they still face tension with flight crews who went on strike in july. >> it is a move that many fear will further strained relations between paris and rwanda. marion has the details. 1994 800,000ys in people were killed. most of the dead were -- triggered ar diplomatic firestorm the burning bridges between paris leading two years of back and forth accusations. rwanda has opened a former -- formal investigation. is focusediry so far
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-- it requires some explanation. disgraceful lie. that is what he said at any suggest in the french army took part in the genocide. france says its soldiers were deployed after the damage had been done and their presence help save thousands of lives adding any guilt for failing to prevent the genocide should be shouldered by the entire international community. the slaughter was marked by the death of the rwandan president. his plane was shot down over the capital in 2011. a french judge blamed the rwanda president, the leader of the rebel group and some of his close associates for carrying out the attack.
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the latest on south korea's political crisis. parliament will discuss whether they should face impeachment over a corruption and influence peddling scandal. it is not clear if there will be a vote as previously thought. the opposition needs the support of several lawmakers for the motion to pass. she said she was willing to resign and called on lawmakers to arrange her exit. protesters have been demanding her resignation for weeks. >> the president is head of our country apologize three times in front of the public. i feel sorry for her. she is also a woman but i barely felt sincerity from her decision to step down. i came in because she doesn't
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seem to know the public sentiment at all. >> the president actions are irresponsible. i think she has resigned herself to what the people are hoping for. a reminder of our top stories. aleppo risks becoming a giant graveyard says the u.n. head of relief operations. takingtrump says he'sation steps to separate from his business empire. the presidency is an important task, he tweeted. three former air france workers found guilty of tearing off the shirts of two executives during a violent protest in october 2016. -- october 2015. a look at the business news. topting with the world's
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oil producers. >> it is being welcomed by the market's decision. opec has finally agreed to reduce their overall output of oil by 1.2 million barrels per day. that is reduction of 4.5 percent. it's the first cut since 2008. they have been trying to boost oil prices which have plummeted because there is too much oil available on the market. they think this step will go some way towards regulating prices. agreement that opec reduces approximately 1.2 million barrels a day, to bring its ceiling to 32.5 million barrels per day, effective first of january.
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>> iraq has agreed to scale back its output while iran has agreed to cap it's pump -- cap it's pump. cap its pump. see, oil prices have been rising in response to that deal. hasinternational benchmark passed over the $50 mark. behind ating not far $49.26. they lead with gains of over half a percent dragging behind a little bit, and a mixed picture on wall street where the nasdaq has been trading firmly in the red. dow jones is still rising.
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ofecord-breaking month november. markets not getting much of a boost from new data showing added moreloyers jobs than expected earlier this month. shares dropped as much as 5% but recovered slightly by the close of trading after they failed the toughest ever stress test. they have announced plans to raise 2 billion pounds of extra capital. barclays and standard chartered failed to meet requirements but they had plans to deal with the issue. other business headlines. an end affer to pilot series of damaging strikes. 900 more flights were canceled in germany. they continue their 15th
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walkout. india is the fastest-growing major economy in the world. gdp expanded at 7.3% between july and september. the previous quarter, it's also higher than china 6.7%. these can go downhill. they are now raising to exchange old notes by a december 30 deadline. and philip morris says they cannot envision a future without cigarettes. analysts have been met with skepticism. british court has rejected an
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appeal on plain packaging for cigarettes. in the united states dozens of people have been arrested and protest to increase the minimum wage. rallies took place in chicago, los angeles, new york, calling for the rate to be increased to $15. federal minimum wage is $7.25 per albert. some have already set it higher. frome first major action fight for 15 protesters since donald trump won the presidential election. demonstrateders for a national minimum wage of $15 per hour. >> what i need is a union and a decent paycheck. >> the minimum wage across the u.s. is $7.25 an hour. that has not changed since 2009. states and regional authorities
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have the power to pass laws to raise the minimum wage locally. california and massachusetts have the highest minimum state wage at $10 per hour. >> i make told dollars $.50 an hour. -- i make $12.50. i work 40 hours a week and they can't afford the rent. that is not ok. donald trump repeatedly claimed wages in the u.s. were too high for the country to compete globally, he said the minimum federal wage should rise at least $210 per hour and state should continue to augment it as they see fit. this appears to go get the traditional republican platform in congress. republicans in the senate voted a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
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>> some brexit supporters are hoping to change more than just u.k. status in the eu. they are trying to get rid of the metric system. they are going street to street things to miles and yards. the public opposition from activists like tony and derek we see here means pines and stones remain common across the country. the group has been working for 15 years to keep what they say is a crucial part of british identity. finally, the music streaming service spotify has gotten personal. it uses data from what users have been listening to under the slogan thanks 2016, it's been weird.
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withe have been dealing the major events of the past year. that addressing the people who streamed it's the end of the world as we know it on the day of the brexit vote. spotify as asking what did you do? the company says the data gives an insight into the emotions people are expressing and streaming. there is someone looking for a panda themed playlist. an invasion -- invasion of privacy. and i sometimes forget to go into private mode. know i haveb been listening to so and so. once we have our embarrassing music habits. >> exactly. thank you very much indeed.
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thank you for watching. time for a quick break. i will be right back.
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