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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 9, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: good evening. according to a report carried out on behalf of the world, and type -- world anti-doping 20 games in sochi were implicated in a massive cover-up on the use of banned substances be at a canadian lawyer says that some samples were switched around and others were manipulated with the addition of salt and coffee. richard mclaren says the international sport has been hijacked the russians.
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that is a charge moscow has repeatedly denied. reporter: failing the second pass of the most damming report to hit the russian sporting world. >> over 1000 russian athletes competing in summer, winter, and paralympic sports can be identified as being involved or manipulation to conceal positive doping tests. reporter: the investigations toeged the cover-up the back 2011, meaning doping affected the 2012 london olympics, 2013 athletics world championships, and 2014 sochi winter games. won 24 gold, tidy six silver, and20 -- 26 bronze medals.
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corrupted the olympic games on an unprecedented scale. swapping of urine samples, as well as salt and coffee being used to manipulative results. russianl report says authorities were part of a systematic and centralized cover-up. members of parliament say doping is a thing of the past, which is being blamed on a whistleblower. the former director of the moscow-based anti-doping lab. >> even if there was some trading practices -- some dirty practices i believe they were of a private nature. i don't have any basis to talk about state policy. reporter: russian authorities say they are doing all they can to strengthen doping checks. they are clamping down on cheating. russianthis month president vladimir putin says he expects the country to implement
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a new doping system by early 2017. anchor: the syrian army says it is now in control of over 85% of the city of aleppo, having now recaptured 32 of 40 neighborhoods. analysts say they are retaking the city in syria's commercial capital to pave the way for -- demand --ly voted to and allow aid to reach civilians. at least 10,000 people have left eastern aleppo since thursday, according to the russian government. concern has expressed on what is happening to some once they cross over the lines between warring parties. >> we received worrying allegations that hundreds of men have gone missing after crossing into government controlled
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areas. terrible record of torture and disappearances by the syrian government, we are deeply concerned about the state of the individuals. >> the u.n. is also worried about people in rebel held districts. it has received reports that some rebel factions, including the front known as the nurser thet have engaged in abductions and killings of unknown number of civilians. wouldn'tsays rebels let his family leave. >> we stayed on the ground floor. the r rebels didn't allow us to get out. they said the syrian army will kill you. reporter: the syrian government launched airstrikes this friday. this comomes a day after the foreign minister declared suspension of all military operations. there has been no cause whatsoever in the fighting. >> i'd and not say the military
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operations had completely stopped. suspended toere allow those civilians wishing to leave to do so. have resumed and itl continue for as long as is in eastern aleppo. u.n. estimates 100,000 civilians are remaining in the rebel held areas of aleppo. no hospitals and scarcity any food or water. anchor: the u.n. syrian and voice has spoken to france 24 about the importance of the military and role on the ground in aleppo. here's what they told us. week the to assure they will not be harassed and they can be given to them. second, the fighters. if it looks like they are deciding to leave they need to be given that chance without
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actually incurring -- the menace or speaking to france 24. a30 two-year-old male has been obtained in the dutch city of amsterdam today. he was in possession of a ofashnikov and had a picture the flag used by the islamic state group. he is due to appear in court in two weeks time. several european cities are on alert. there are concerns that the current defensive against the islamic state group in iraq results in dozens of hardened fighters returning home. let's listen to what the prosecutor said about the who was arrested. >> we have a suspicion he was planning for a terrorist attack and that is what we are
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investigating up the moment. enough -- collection a kalashnikov. suspicion this is preparing -- we don't know yet. >> judges in the netherlands a lawmaker for inciting discrimination. he made disparaging remarks about moroccan people during a campaign two years ago. called totally insane and he plans to appeal that ruling. this report. he boycotted proceedings and wasn't in court to hear it. >> the court season the prevailing circumstances cause a decide that being
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politician made him guilty of consulting a group and inciting discrimination. the core belief that this is enough punishment for him, hence mr. builders is declared guilty without getting a punishment. >> the conviction that stems from a folollowing -- from the following exchange at a rally in 2015. reporter: the judges stopped short of convicting him of hate speech. however far right-wing mp double down in anti-immigrant rhetoric. t the netherlanands have becoma sick country. and i hahave a message for the judges who convicted me. no one trusts you anymore.
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truth h and liberty are strongnr than you. and so alive. will never be silenced. you will never be able to stop me. reporter: it is not the first time builders has been ill -- has been brought up on charges of hate speech. he plans to appeal a fresh convnviction ahead of dutch elections next year. he's consistently risen in popularity throughout the trial. anchor: the president of ghana is calling for supporters -- awaiting the outcome of the final election. the country's electoral commissioner says on to a technical glitch, the final result won't be known until saturday. there with the details. reporter: and standing a aside e
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election commission in ghanana whwhere the work is pretty much .onstop khamenei staff are sorting out all the bits left behind on voting day. work, the important work is behind closed doors. that iss where the lengthy veverification prorocess is stil ongoing. thee have bebeen delays, election commission says they are waiting for party officials theign off on voteses from 275 voter areas across ghana before those results can be released. what we knows far as if you add b but unvnverified provisioional results rereleasey ththe election c commission itis that t the main challenenger toe hasas a lead in t the race. we a are waiting for the officil
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results to b be released. we expect that in the next few days. on saturday, we are looking to be pushing that timeline to its very limits. anchor: reporting there from ghana. havekers in south korea voted overwhelmingly to impeach the country's president, park guen-hye. fory's vote paves the way her to become the country's first elected leader ever to be expelled from office in discrete. -- in disgrace. vote thata historic comes after weeks of nationwide protests in south korea, calling for the mp shin -- for the impeachment of president park guen-hye. against, two
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abstained, and seven were invalid. i announced that president park guen-hye's impeachment has been passed. >> the boat means president park her position.rom however the votes needs final approval from south korea's constitutional court, which has six months to decide if her president she -- her presidency should end. park guen-hye has been embroiled in political scandal involving her friend and former aide. leaderghter of a call to has been accused of using her friendship with park for getting financial gain, access to confidential documents and soliciting business donations for two nonprofit foundations she controls. in november ond charges of attempted fraud and
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abuse of power. president t park has apopologizd three times, saying she was and tooken and told -- sole response ability for the scandal pit however she denied any involvement and criminal activity -- involvement in criminal activities. a good thing i'm joined by an expert on career and with the foundation first tee degree search. -- for strategic research. d you think she can survive until then? guest: politically she is dead. she is the future anymore. the question is when will she be forced to resign. when the impeachment process will come to an end. half of the conservative mps voting against park guen-hye.
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have -- tong to validate the impeachment process. if they validate the impeachment, what is likely as they have 60 days to organize a presidential election. anchor: we are looking at six months before she is ejected from office properly. when it comes to replacing her, is there any obvious candidate in the wings? guest: there are several candidates. a position party candidate, he was actually a position candidate in 2012 against president park guen-hye's election. he is very popular in south korea and has been actually very critical. then on the other side we have coming back he is
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to south korea in january, when he is going to leave new york. he is a diplomat. he is not a politician, a career politician. .o in a way he has clean hands it is going to be very difficult theban ki-on to reverse process and be elected. anchor: isn't it dangerous for south korea to be in the situation right now when you consider its situation with its neighbor, when you consider who its neighbor is in the north. do you think this vacuum of power pututthe koreanan peninsua in any danger? nothing hasr happened. there are three main threats to north korea. first the nuclear threat from north korea, both create could benefit from the power vacuum.
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it would be very severe against any provocation against north koreans paid then there is a sluggish economy. this is the biggest problem internally. difficult to be very for the south koreans, who are used to very high rights. china has deteriorated the last few months after south korea announced deployment of a missile system. it is going to be difficult for the south korean government to handle china, north korea, the economy, and president-elect trump. very bad batch of threats.
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it is going to be difficult for the defective president. anchor: you mentioned that relation to the united states, which is the most obvious ally, somewhat dependent on how things pan out with the trump administration, what about japan? and ally? guest: for years they did not meet. and the south koreans are very critical of the japanese. made a diplomatic u-turn, signining with j japan d -- and signingth a few weeks ago and intelligence sharing agreement. what is likely as the next president, if he is in position, he will try to realign south korerea to be more neutral while
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moderating the region. getting closer to china and not that close to the japanese. now the japanese are kind of worried of the election console. anchor: thank you very much indeed. our guess from the set -- from the foundation research. to forecasts the spike in pollution in paris is over theto diminish weekend. hospitals are on alerert becausa large number of children have been admitted after serious asthma attacks. french public transport system in paris has been free of charge and a system is in place allowing cars on the roads if they have -- on their license plates. police say this arrangement is going to come to an end at midnight tonight.. reportrter: to enfnforce new r s aimed atat reducing congestion d
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pollution. place have an even number ---- number plate you can't dri. >> i wasn't aware. >> i'm telling you now so i will consider it a warning. reporter: the authority is already producing results. >> the impression we have is there is less traffic, which means the majority of right jeff -- majority of drivers are abiding by the rule. >> it feels like we can breathe more easily. that just may be my pressure it is rather good. >> pollution has been rising for enteringek with limits the city here too. even though a number of drivers have thwarted the rules, many regions have resorted to our turn it of modes of travel. taxis and car sharing networks
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have reported a surge of business activities. >> a big spike in business, 80% higher than normal. with the ultimate license plate measures, the rise continues to be 50% higher than usual. alternative seen brisk business is paris is electro car service. it is excepted from the research -- exempted from the restrictions. environmentalists say relaxing the rules will mean any benefits already gained from the temporary limits. now to turn to our business. week foroller coaster italy, especially after that referendum. and not the least for italy's bank. guest: we're talking about multi-passkey -- about monte monte pasche.ut
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they argue that the political instability following matteo renzi's resignation made it difficult to attract -- they need to stick to their deadline to meet regulations. reutersres fell 7% as rooks the news earlier on friday, ending the session down about 10%. just what is wrong with monte paschi? monte needs dei paschi a 5 billion injection to continue operating. ownership ofo its bad loans.
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money is unlikely to be paid back. roughly seeing signs that tax revenue has been able to service the governments that. italian businesses are facing increasing difficulties with many unable to repay their loans. loans now account for a fifth of the italian economy. banks are being held back by the country's bankrupting legislation. the banks like monte paschi holding onto their debts. the ecb has ordered the bank to get rid of its burden and raise new capital after one of the worst performers in the stress test in july. the banks strategy to rake in new credit, hoping some of their creditors will turn their outstanding debts into shares.
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>> stock markets have continued to rise this friday. major european indices continue their gains after the ecb said on thursday it would extend its bond buying program through next year to support the eurozone and economy. ending the day up .6%. another day of record highs on wall street. nasdaq, all the outperforming. prices have risen just 1% on hopes that non-opec producers like russia will sign on to the cartels deal to limit production in order to boost local prices. that takes place in vienna over the weekend. ast century fox's taken pulmonary deal to take control of the television giant sky. is -- --er being in the gulf
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eating and gulped in a phone hacking scandal. the deal would value sky a $23 billion. don't be one of the largest acquisitions of a u.k. company since the referendum in june. renewed interest was driven by the weakness of the pound sterling, which has dropped 16% against the dollar since the u.k. voted to leave the european union. moving on to today's other business headldlines, largrg disturb readers in europe and asia merge. feist is being bought for over 750 million euros. the two companies have very little geographic overlap come a meeting regulars are likely to let the deal pass. the south african miner -- is expanding beyond its traditional markets. smaller acquisitions over the last year.
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and pilots unions will resume negotiations with utah next week following sixnsa days of strikes last month. walkouts over the past 2.5 years pilots are resisting changes to their wages and pensions, as well as plans to expand a low-cost unit. japan's parliament has ratified the transpacific partnership, despite donald trump's plants -- plans to withdraw from the deal. the president-elect has criticized the 12 nation free trade pact. the event in tokyo was largely symbolic because it cannot go forward without u.s. participation. intermune calls for other other -- others to go ahead. >> we will ask for the approval
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of tpp and other respective countries by appealing to the strategic advantage of the tp piece of the agreement can take affect as soon as possible. >> businesses and south korea have been celebrating parliament's decision to impeach the battle -- the embattled president by offering discounts. stores were among those slashing prices. store owners say they hope to share good vibes with their customers. perhaps an indication of just has becomeis scandal and how deeply the korea people felt about it. anchor: think you very much. kate moody with a round up of our top business stories. that is it for me. back. don't go away. ♪8úxúa?ó?]
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12/09/16 12/09/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> if your object to is to bolslster and support the unions and you're not concerned about whetether young people will have entry level jobs, , then youou should be e protesting for $15 minimum wage. i think your people are concerned about big labor. amy: president-elect donald trump has picked a fast food ceo to become the next secretary of labor. andrew


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