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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 13, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> welcome back, you're watching ."ve from paris on "france 24 our top stories. the country's ambassador to the u.n. says all military action has ended so the syrian regime is back in control. it comes after urgent calls to leave the besieged city. donald trump appoints an oil executive to be secretary of state. >> tillotson has close links to the russian president. gambia's electoral commission is on lockdown as the country's president refuses to accept his election defeat.
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leaders tried to get jammeh to give up his grip on power. welcome back. russia says the operation to take aleppo is over. the country's ambassador to the u.n. said all military action has ended and the syrian regime is back in control. comes after the united nations made an urgent plea for solutions to be allowed to leave aleppo. thousands were fleeing the front lines as syrian forces closed in on the final pockets of revolution. ban ki-moon called for he fighting to stop. 82 civilians, including women and children, were reportedly shot as regime forces moved into rebel held areas.
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jonathan joins us from paris. the russian state is all over in it'sel -- in aleppo, but unlikely to be that simple. still be there may some pockets, not a lot of land controlled by the rebels, but there may be some areas that are not completely under control. but my condolences go to that 82 civilians who were massacred, plus the hundreds of others who were massacred elsewhere. russia is complicit in this as is iran and hezbollah. i hope the story doesn't end here. emma: how optimistic are you, given we've seen many red lines crossed, whether it be chemical weapons, the bombing of hospitals, or now summary executions, are you hopeful and they could face war crimes for what has happened here in syria?
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jonathan: i'm not particularly optimistic. the time for award tribes -- war crimes tribunal was 20 years ago in the bosnian war. it is a different situation now. it's russia, china, united states, other countries, it's been frankly a mess that the trump administration is going to be facing. emma: you mentioned the trump administration, and were talking constantly about besieged russian links with that trump administration. is this going to change the way that the u.s. deals with syria going forward? will it change how russia deals with the syrian conflict? jonathan: that's a great question. i'm struggling with it, too. you have to forces with the
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trump team. you mix -- you mentioned >> tillotson -- you mentioned >> tillotson -- rex tillerson. he spent more time in doha than he has in moscow, i believe. it doesn't completely mean that rex tillerson is going to take his side. the ukraine and crimea may be a different issue. on syria, the gulf states made it clear that they will not accept a sentiment that allows iran to have some kind of privileged role in syria. that would be unacceptable to the gulf states, and i believe unacceptable to the trump team. with the immediate concern aleppo is the safety of the civilians who are still inside, and that could be many houses. are you optimistic that they will be allowed to leave the city -- there could be many
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thousands. jonathan: i'm never optimistic .ith the syrians in power i just came back from a dialogue and are rain -- a dialogue in .ahrain this is not the end of the story militarily. the syrian regime can take land or a city like aleppo or paul palmyra, but they cannot hold onto it. they don't have the support of the local people or the soldiers. that'll have the ability to hold and retain. that means we are going to see this conflict ebbing and flowing. right now it is in favor of the syrian regime, but three months from now, who knows? jonathan, thank you very much for joining us this evening. three islamic state leaders involved in plotting for -- four
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in terror attacks have said to be killed and an airstrike in syria. the pentagon said they were planning another insult -- another assault at the time of their death earlier this month. they help facilitate last year's attacks on november 13 here in paris. all three were part of a network led by a tunisian killed in an airstrike last month. ,owing to protect the french france's new prime minister has given his first speech to parliament. theard cazeneuve called on national is silly to extend the year-long state of emergency to cover the presidential elections here next year. he pledged to make battling terrorism a priority during the fry -- the five months that remain of france law holland -- françois hollande's term. >> they were able to do so due to a state of emergency.
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the state of emergency allows police to serve -- search houses and cars and arrest their suspect without getting warrants from a judge. authorities used it to carry out 4193 searches and arrest 517 terror suspects, according to the interior ministry. the prime minister said there is no other option. >> everybody must keep in mind the reality of the contest we're going through. i terror threat persists at a particularly high level. >> the interior ministry says 2000 french citizens are linked to jihadist networks. authorities believe the terror threat will remain high in coming months as france prepares for presidential and legislative elections. parliament extends the state of emergency, it will remain in effect until july 15. by then, france's new president
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and parliament will have to decide whether to extend it a sixth time. emma: a human trafficker has been found guilty of multiple manslaughter charges. he has been sentenced to 18 years and find 9 million euros in a court in italy. it was one of only 28 who survived when a small fishing boat capsized last april with hundreds trapped in the hold. he tried to convince rescuers he wasn't a captain, saying he paid for passage from libya. the second man sentenced to five years for people smuggling. both men plan to appeal. and fivers in prison for the syrian. the two men who prosecutors believed were the captain and second-in-command have been found guilty of causing the deaths of at least 700 migrants in a shipwreck in april 2015. both have been find 900 million
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euros by the court. 900oth have been fined million euros. the victims were from countries including gambia, senegal, and ethiopia. only 28 survived, including two bangladeshis who took part in the case as civil plaintiffs. they said they were simple migrants and had to be made to steer the boat by the real traffickers. people have been known to lose their lives in the mediterranean since the current migrant crisis erupted in 2013. eight agencies say many more disappeared without trace after being abandoned on the high seas -- aid agencies say many more help --red without without trace. emma: the former foreign minister has addressed the country's banking crisis saying
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he's ready to step in to guarantee the stability of banks . he replaced his coast that is close ally after losing referendum on reform. he won the first of two confidence votes to become fully empowered. the senate vote will happen tomorrow. has finally confirmed his pick for u.s. secretary of state, rex tillerson, this -- the ceo of exxon mobil. his appointment has raised tillerson'sot least those relationship with the russian president, vladimir putin. >> the next head of american diplomacy could be this man. tillerson is the current ceo of exxon mobil, one of the world's most viable oil companies. the 64-year-old texan has made his name as a dealmaker, building refineries across the
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world. in a statement, donald trump described him as being among the most accomplished international dealmakers in the world, one who knows how to manage a global organization and successfully navigate the complex architecture world affairs and diverse foreign leaders. >> what donald trump seems to emphasize in making this election is choosing a secretary of state who can make deals. that is something that person could do for the united states. i think it reflects his dealmaking outlook on world politics generally. >> tillerson has no diplomatic experience, however, he is a close ally of vladimir putin and was awarded russia's highest civilian honor in 2013. the main reason why democrats and republicans are wary of his appointment as secretary of state, including senior republican senator john mccain. i'll tell you, it's a matter of concern to me. , adimir putin is a thug
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bully, and a murderer, and anybody who describes him as anything else is lying. russian representatives, not just the president, have good, businesslike relationships with tillerson. he is a very solid figure. >> the announcement comes amid claims by u.s. intelligence agencies that russia interfered in last month's presidential election to help donald trump win. tillerson's nomination still needs to be confirmed by the senate. tillerson is not donald trump's only controversial cabinet selection of the day. former texas governor rick perry has been chosen to head up the u.s. department of energy, a department he had proposed eliminating when he was in the running for the republican presidential nomination in 2012. perry is skeptical about climate change and advocate of oil
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drilling. he is also a fierce critic of anald trump, calling him cancer on conservatism just last year. protested a bombing campaign in yemen. a senior official said the u.s. is not acooperation blank check. the white house has become increasingly concerned about the high civilian casualties suffered in yemen after an strike in october killed more than 100 people attending a funeral. the saudi led military coalition first intervened in yemen civil war in march 2015, and has since launch thousands of airstrikes against the movement. african leaders have traveled to gambia in a bid to persuade the president to leave office. jamme hash called the election results no and void and is calling or a fresh vote. ignored far
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international calls to respect the will of the people. he declared his opposition rival the winter. he says the pressure -- declared his opposition rival the winner. he said the pressure is growing. >> he hasn't been overly -- this is new territory even for him. you got the symbolism of president bihari who is now leading the delegation, who lost three elections and then won last year. on each occasion when he thought there was fraud he has gone through a constitutional process .
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[indiscernible] there is huge pressure from within the region on resident .ammeh to stand down it is a crisis that could have been avoided had some of the people around the winning tabled their rhetoric until after the election. emma: to indonesia, and jakarta's christian governor has delivered emotional testimony in court to deny charges of blasphemy. he is the first christian to capitalist majority nation in 50 years. he's accused of insulting the carranza -- insulting me koran. >> it has cost him dearly. in september, the christian
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governor cited a verse from the koran that suggested muslims should not lead muslims. he lightheartedly suggested his opponent could exploit the verse against him. in an emotional testimony, he denied committing blasphemy. >> i am very sad. if i was accused of insulting islam, because the accusation is like saying i despise my adoptive parents and adoptive brothers, whom i love. >> his comments ignited violent protests in the world's most populous muslim country. outside the courtroom, hundreds forrotesters yelled -- yelled for him to be jailed. >> are demands have not changed from our first, second, and third protests, we demand his arrest. -- >>arby protesters
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nearby protesters defended the leader saying he did not koran.onally insult the >> we don't believe that is right. >> the case has exposed the deep racial and religious faultlines in the country and challenged indonesia's reputation for advocating islam. if found guilty, the first christian governor in half a century faces up to five years in prison. emma: russia says the operation to take aleppo is over. the country's ambassador to the u.n. says all military action has ended and the syrian regime is back in control. it comes after an urgent call to let civilians leave the besieged city. donald trump an oil executive to be secretary of state. tillerson, the ceo of exxon
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mobil, has close links to the russian president. time for a look at the days business news. i'm joined by kate moody. restarting with a look at the latest on the beleaguered banking sector. one of announcing a radical restructuring plan. kate: this is italy's largest lender. it has set its slashing up to 14,000 jobs in trying to raise $13 billion -- 13 billion euros in new capital as it tries to clean up bad debt and restore profitability. oldest bank is inching closer to needing a government ballot -- bailout. italy's largest bank has announced a radical restructuring plan. 17.5want to shed over billion euros in bad loans.
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the bank is more than doubling the number of job cuts to 14,000. it will also close 900 branches, mainly in italy. creditouncement rum uni comes as the announcement of trying to raise aliens of euros to avoid a government bailout. clearly, to say very as you know and as is necessary, the government's ratings to intervene in order to guarantee the stability of banks and the savings of our citizens. italy's banking sector has come under renewed pressure to get his finances in order after the political instability caused by matteo renzi's referendum and subsequent resignation. is confident they
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will put the bank on the right course. he will be taking on 1.2 million euros and have his annual bonus scrapped, saying it is the ethical thing to do. the announcement gave italy's banking sector a much-needed boost on the market. milan up nearly 2.5%. dax finished with slightly more modest gains. wall street is having another bumper session. the dow jones has passed 19,900 points for the first time ever and is slowly approaching the 20,000 mark. the nasdaq has surged to new record highs. investors are expecting the u.s. federal reserve to raise interest rates for the first time in a year when the central bank meeting comes to a close on
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wednesday. moving on to some other business headlines, shares in the italian media giant media set soared as much as 36% and was then its rivalafter attempted a hostile takeover. targeting is much as 20% of media set shares. vivendi, theof broadcaster control by the former prime minister berlusconi. for a takeovered voted for amonsanto takeover of bayer and hosts close a deal but independent year. and a japanese brewer is buying five eastern european beer brands from anheuser busch. two polishcludes
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brews. this will help anheuser get next takeover chinese businesses are increasingly looking at the united states as the best place to build their products and sell them to american consumers. it's a reversal of the story we are used to, which is u.s. companies moving their production to china. down. world turned upside chinese factory owners -- this chinese factory owner has just moved his operations to north carolina. the product is cotton thread. for his country, -- for his company, made in china just won't do. this is 100 percent american cotton. you won't find this anywhere else. labelat made in the usa means quality. it sells very well. >> during the 1990's, the textile industry in the american south disappeared almost
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entirely. now there is hope for a rebirth. >> the plant is open here and brought all these jobs. >> the gap between u.s. and chinese wages has narrowed over the years. he's paying 11 euros here versus the five euros he would pay in china. when savings on transport costs are factored in, u.s. production is suddenly the attractive option. even america's carmen you factoring sector is feeling the effects. they have 34 auto parts factories in the u.s., and chinese media runs stories of his success. a chinese car made in the usa. >> you can react much quicker. your customer will feel more confident.
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>> last year chinese investments in the united states doubled to 18 billion euros, a new record and a new page in the saga of globalization. america's first offshore wind farm is up and running. the $300 million block island wind form located off the -- wind farm off the coast of rhode island will send energy across new england. when forms have not yet taken coal -- taken hold in the u.s. itself willd farm power 17,000 homes. the block island wind farm is only the beginning of a much larger development plans. we have won the rights to 256 , 15-20miles of area miles from the mainland. out of sight from anyone on shore, to develop projects.
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kate: incoming president donald trump has campaigned against a wind farm project near his golf course in scotland, saying it ruined the few. the administration could hamper that emerging wind industry. kate moody, thank you very much indeed. time for a quick look at one more story before we go into a break. a new exhibit in paris is celebrating the previous majesty of the ancient syrian city of palmyra. many of its treasures sites were destroyed. opening just days after jihadists reclaim the city, they hope it will be an emotional experience for visitors. heading toisitors the grand palais in paris can now experience the majesty of eternal sites, a virtual 3-d voyage across syria, iraq,
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afghanistan, and into the heart of some of the world's most historic and at risk heritage sites. 3-d projections like you're seeing behind me allow you to witness up close the pillars of palmyra. the exhibition is running in they workion and together with archaeologists on the ground in syria and beyond to preserve the knowledge and integrity of the heritage sites caught in the crosshairs of war. they use advanced imaging technologies like drone-based technologies, followed by reconstruction and visualization to achieve the effects we are seeing here today. for those interested in more information about the survey techniques, there's an image laboratory on hand here at the exhibition. it will be open to the public free of charge until january 9. emma: time for a short break,
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but do stay tuned. plenty more to come hered
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12/13/16 12/13/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! mr. trump: i think it is ridiculous. i think it is another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why -- i think it is just, you know, they talked about all sorts of things. every week it is another excuse. amy: as donald trump dismisses a cia report on russian meddling in u.s. elections, a bipartisan group of members of the electoral college have requested an unusual intelligence briefing


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