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tv   DW News  LINKTV  December 16, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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♪ >> this is dw news live from berlin. what is going on inside eastern aleppo? the effectuation is -- evacuation is suspended, the rebels and the government blaming each other. today and earlieier tododay, sea thousand peoeople were e ken to safety, but many are still trapped in the syrian city. how many remains unknown. and also coming up, barack obama
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holds his final press conference of the year with a promise to reretaliate against russia for hack attacks. we will go to washington for more. and an attempted terror attack here in germany, a 12-year-old boy tries to set off a bomb at a christmas market. investigators believe he may have been radicalized by islamic propaganda. ♪ brent: i am brent goff. no one is leaving aleppo, at least not at this hour. the evacuation of people from rebel held areas has come to a halt, a day after it began. both sides, accusing each other of breaking the terms of a cease-fire and the attack on the convoys. an estimated 8000 to 10,000 people have been taken out of
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aleppo so far. >> explosions can be heard in the background. the syrian government says it is rebels attacking a convoy of evacuees with the intent of taking hostages, but the rebels accuse syrian government forces of firing at convoys. while these evacuees will now not treatment, the fate of thousands in east aleppoo still hanangs in the balance. >> they y are w wounded, on the street, burning the plastic, trying to get some kind o of, se sort off heat. it is really, really freezing. yes, d definitely i could see hundreds of people, i if not
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thousands, waiting to be evacuated. reporter: for those evacuated, these are emotional times. having witnessed the horrors of war in their backyard, they finally have a reason to chill, reunion with a loved one in a safe place. tears are getting b big, to a sense of defiance. >> i am a soldier, and i endanger myself, but i do not surrender to us on. -- to assad. god willing, we will return. we will return. reporter: large parts of aleppo are included in the months of apartment, many from the east -- months of bombardment. many to the east travel west. opposition figers and families will g g t to idlib with the bor with turkey.
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but they may have to brace themselves again. >> what will happen in idlib? we don't know. seeing what happened in aleppo, and there is no agreement on cease-fire or no political discussion, then idlib is the next aleppppo. rereporter: for those evacuees that go further, turkey has said it will provide shelter and humanitarian aid for residents leaving aleppo. brent: i am joined by a security analysis. -- analyst. it is hard to get the truth here. had eight agencies saying 6500, maybe 8000 have left east aleppo. russia is saying the evacuation is completed, it is over, no more. what is the truth? >> we don't know. even the number of those
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evacuated, it is differing. some 8000, some 9500. and 52 -- the wide range tells us that even in the nations, they are not sure. it is fair 50,000 of 100,000, only a minority is fighting rebels. but actually we don't know how many civilians are still trapped. brent: we have tried to to verify if any vetting is taking place, if people are being taxed . we have been told -- if people are being checked. so far we have been told they are not. russia and aleppo are planning these talks. the human will not be involved -- the u.n. will not be involved. >> we see a new coalition
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emerging, russia and turkey, which is really surprising. keep in mind 15 months ago, a few months earlier, a russian airplane was shut down ovever te turkish border. now they are allies. turkrkey being still a nato member. and it comeses as no surprprisee ununited nations is excluded because they have proposed a roadmap for the transition, at the end of whihich aims at peace for transition of the polititicl parties, inclusion n of the rebl grgroup participation, , excludd the rebel -- the government. this illustratates the roadmap s off the table. brent: last night on the show we had someone from human rights watch demanding the general assimilate bypass the security council and united nations,
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either to demand a stop to finding safe passage. even if the general assembly does that, the united nations remains impotent in this crisis. >> yes. it has been used a few cases ago, once this legal trick, to put it this way, but at the end of the day, what do you expect? to bring goods to the people, i think even those who and about the situation accuse russia, accuse the syrian government, will not be ready to employ troops or send airplanes to help the people in eastern aleppo. brent: we have talked a lot about how difficult it is to get information, reliable information, out of eastern aleppo. all we have a lot of times is social media. talk to me about what you think of the reliability of any
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information we are getting now? >> i am not in a position to judge. it occurs to me the media sometimes we get this information to easily. -- too easily. something posted five or minutes ago cannot be controlled or checked by the media. therefore, i have the suspicion there is foul play, but they should be more serious by the media. brent: we appreciate you coming in, thank you. u.s. president barack obama has used his final jury and press conference -- his final year and press conference -- end press conference to talk about syria. he blamed russia and iraq. they have broken international laws. he called for people to oversee
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humanitarian efforts, and the parties should find a political rather than a military solution to the civil war. a frustrated obama had strong words for the syrian government after it extended siege on aleppo. president obama: we have seen a delivery strategy of seizing and starting innocent civilians -- starving innocent civilians. we have seen attack of radical personnel, entire irritants reduced to rubble and dust. there are reports of civilians being executed. these are horrific violations of international law. responsibility for this brutality lies in one place alone, the assad regime and russia and i run. -- i run -- iran. brent: on their hands. let's get to a correspondent in washington, richard walker.
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good afternoon. in the final press conference, we have got the u.s. president coming hard down on russia and the syrian government. was this to draw attention away -- i am playing devils advocate here -- was this to draw it from his own absence of action in syria? richard: there certainly will be people, brent, who are watching what we just heard from barack obama and the other language he used, describing what is going on in aleppo as a savage assault. really strong language. there will be some people watching and saying, what have you done to prevent it. this will be one of the things that certainly haunts barack obama in his years as he reflects on the presidency, the fact he was unable to put a stop to the civil war in syria, that he was unable to find a way of both preventing russia from
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taking part in what appears to be such a terrible onslaught in aleppo. on the other hand, this is a press conference by the president of the united states. do not be surprised he will put his cast of events on the story. he will be litigating and relitigating many times, what it could have been that he could have done. there wasn't very much that he could do. brent: let's listen in now. the u.s. president speaking at a press conference. let's listen what he has to say. >> giving the indication that the investigation of the russian hack retaliation might not be such a priority, once he is in office. what do you think the risk is, and are you going to talk to him directly about some of those problems? president obama: on the latter
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point, as i said before, the transition from election system -- season two government season is not always smooth. it is bumpy. they are still humans. they are people who are still thinking about how things unfolded, and i get all that. but with donald trump takes the oath of office and is sworn in as the 45th president of the you united states, he has different possibilities and considerations. -- responsibilities and considerations. there is a sobering process when you walk into the oval office. i haven't even shared previously private conversations i have had with the president-elect. they have been cordial and in
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some cases, they have involved me making specific suggestions about how to ensure that, regardless of obvious disagreements about policy, maybe i can transmit some thoughts about maintaining the effectiveness, integrity, cohesion of the office, our various democratic institutions, and he has listened. i can't say he will end up implementing, but the conversations themselves have been cordial as opposed to defensive anyway. and i will always take myself available to him just as previous presidents have made themselves available to me, as issues,. with respect to the fbi, i have
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had a chance to know a lot of maybe i agents -- of fbi agents. i know director comey. they take their job seriously. they work really hard. they help keep us safe and save a lot of lives. and it is always a challenge for law enforcement when there is an intersection between the work they are doing and the political system. it is one of the difficulties of democracy generally. we have a system where we want our law enforcement investigators and prosecutors to be free from politics, to be independent, to play it straight , but sometimes that involves investigations that touch on
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politics and particularly in the environment we have been in, everything is suspect. everything you do one way or the other. one thing that i have done is to be pretty scrupulous about not wading into investigation dedecisions for prosecution, or decisions not to prosecute. i have tried to be strictct in y ownn behavior about preserving the independence of law enforcement, free from my own judgments and pololitical assessments. and i don't know why i would stop now.
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mike dorney of bloomberg. >> on aleppo, your views of what happppens there, t the respononsibility, the russian government, , the iranian governmentnt -- brbrent: that live p press conference at the white house. it is the final yet and of your press conference being held by u.s. president barack obama. richard walker has been following that for us. i just want to pick up on something. he was asked about the announcement that he blames the russian president, putin, for hack attacks that were designed to influence the election and to help donald trump win. obama said, just a few minutes ago, that he warned putin back in september 2 "cut it out." he said there would be serious consequences if he didn't. this is new information, isn't
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it? richard: barack obama first of all said this in an interview with npr earlier in the day, saying that there would be some unspecified consequences, some kind of retaliation in the sort of cyber area to the russians for this alleged participation in these hack attacks on the democratic national committee but also members of the clinton campaign stuff. thiss the furthest barack obama has gone so far on this issue, but you can hear a little bit of what we heard there as well, a lot of this message, as much as it is going to russia and the american people, it is also going to his successor, donald trump. he is try to put the onus on donald trump to say, if this is really the case, what has happened here, russia has
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meddled in on iraq -- in an american election, what are you trying to do about it? donald trump has played it down, has questioned the credibility of the cia on this issue, but it will be interesting to see as the pressure mounts, perhaps the intelligence community coming out with more intelligence on russia's involvement, what donald trump will start saying about it. brent: this is a bizarre duration. in a month, we will have a president trump, and we have got the fbi agreeing with the cia that the russians used cyberspace. the attack in some way the united states' electoral system to help trump win. you have people saying the russians helped trump win, and trump is expected to deal in some way with the russians.
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how are you going to, how are we going to see a squaring of that circle? richard: this is one of the many huge questions we will face, what will be an extraordinary presidency. nobody doubts that. it will deeply problem of ties donald trump -- problematize donald trump's relationship with the business community. he has these problems before taking office, and also he has appointed michael flynn as a national security officer, seen as a renegade by the intelligence agencies. he will have a difficult relationship on his hands with these organizations, and vis-a-vis, russia is looking at a major change in american relations with china. -- russia. the slightly more conspiratorially minded people
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are looking at this and thinking, has vladimir putin got his patsy elected to the white house, and is donald trump going to be doing vladimir putin spitting? -- putin's bidding? if he appears to be somehow, with prudent behind him pulling the strings, it will be fascinating and troubling to watch. brent: bizarre. washington correspondent which are walker on the story. -- richard walker on the story, thank you. you are watching dw news live from berlin. let's get you caught up on what top stories are. evacuations from e eastern alepo have been suspended amid reports of a convoy under fire. russia says the evacuation of rebel figers and theirir famili is not suspended but completed. tonight, a 12-year-old boy is
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the suspect into attempted bomb attacks here in germany, one at a christian is -- christmas market, another at eight town hall. a german born child of iraqi parents that needed to times in ludwigshafen. they failed to explode. he is in police custody. they say islamist propaganda may have radicalized him. reporter: this is where it was supposed to have been, a young german of iraqi dissent was planning to a tax -- two attacks in a germantown, one of them on a christmas market. >> is not the first case a minor was used, tried to commit such an incident, but a successful attack with a knife by a 15-year-old in hanover some time ago, a 12-year-old is a new low. reporter: this latest case
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highlights challenges facing germany's security authorities. >> we have seen that people that radicalized and turn to solipsism are getting younger and younger, and this becomes faster and faster. it is because young people between 10 and 15 are susceptible to such ideologies. on the one hand, they want to distance themselves from their parents, but also because they like to provoke. both of these, solipsism. it is unclear how he radicalized. reporter: at the end of november, he left a backpack with a nail bomb at the market, but it never went off. >> is this a new way to carry out catastrophes like this, with minors? it is a disgrace. >> it can happen anywhere, so the risk is the same all over. just keep on drinking. that is all i can say.
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seriously, it can happen anywhere. people should not worry. reporter: so far, authorities have declined to confirm any link to the islamic state. brent: time to talk business news. i will give you one if you give me one, i am talking about the u.s. dollar-euro exchange rate. that is a parody. -- parity. >> after the reserve interest rates, cash is changed. oparity is on the horizon, 10 buys one u.s. dollar. -- one euro buys one u.s. dollar. reporter: in 2002, the euro was introduced. back then, it was $.90 u.s.
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it has never gone such low against the dollar. as of july, it was $1.11. the decisive impulse probably came from this year's u.s. election. >> the expectation that donald trump will engage in expansionary fiscal policies, will spend more, cut taxes, and this will create a boom in the united states. this will be to higher interest rates in the united states, and the six planes why the dollar is on the rise. -- this explains why the dollar is on the rise. reporter: this cuts the price of zero's -- euro's exports to the u.s. >> we asked this man if the euro weakness is only due to the stronger dollar, or if other homemade reasons make the kermit -- common currency weaker. >> heaps of them. we look at brusselels yesterday,
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the discussions going on there about brexit, greece, the problems in italy with the banks . we are probably going to see the first bail in of the european taking union, with bondholders. many ordinary people will be held accountable for the problems of the bank.k. it will not be easy. reporter: now we are talking about 12,000% price hike. britain's competition authority has slammed of pharmaceutical firm activist for rising the price of a life-saving drug, hydrocortisone is sold to the state owned health service, and is under financial strain. britons have taken to facebook to express anger. charles condemns them as immoral and unacceptable. i believe we should have legislation to prevent this blatant profiteering. bridget says, the annual costs
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of the nhs rose from 522,000 pounds to 70 million pounds. and it is shameful, greedy capitalism at the expense of the public purse. but that is not all. the drug owner is accused of price gouging, -- price gouging generic drugs in the united states. this is not new, but have sparked outrage. in september 2015, this entrepreneurial was the most hated man in america after buying the rights to a drug used in hiv treatment. he changed the factor by 56. epipen put up a price to $600. they were accused of unethical practices, denying the poorest people access to life-saving
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first aid treatment. it only costs one dollar to make. and pfizer was fined a record 100 million euros. that was for raising the price of anti-epilepsy drug by more than two point 5000%. -- 2.5o thousand pepercent. brent: we will talk up with the detective about the white house and the kremlin. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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anchor: welcome to the france 24 newsroom. 9:00 p.m. here in the french capital. thousands of people remain trapped in the battered city as appeals come in from around the world for the evacuation to resume. moscow denies any wrongdoing. and the israeli prime minister joined west bank settlers.


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