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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 19, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: welcome your welcome back, you're watching live with paris they -- welcome back your watching live in paris. andrey karlov was speaking at an art gallery when a man opened fire. to un security council votes send observers to eastern aleppo. people -- usands of and struggling to breathe in china. china issues red alerts on 23 cities. forecasts one the problem will get worse.
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-- forecasts warned the problem will get worse. first though, at least one person has been killed after a driver plowed a truck into crowds of people at a christmas market in berlin. it happened in the west of the city. local l media says according to police it was most likely and attack. we can go to our correspondent there. what can you tell us? reporter: one person killed and several injured according to a recent police report. a crowd that was gathered in , in ahristmas market large open square. quite a popular shopping district in the western district
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. at about 8:15 local time, so about 45 minutes ago, witnesses bang heard this large and the truck plowed into the crowd. truck stopped when he crashed into a christmas tree in the middle of the market. truckene is ongoing, the ran over a lot of christmas huts and was said to have hit quite a few people. the christmas market has been evacuated by police who stepped up in the area for any victims or families of victims. this is still very much a breaking story with police report still coming out. is it a terrorist attack at this stage?
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reporter: they do believe this was a terrorist attack, but this is not officially confirmed. this is certainly what police believe. the truck wes said to have come down from quite a busy shopping and headed straight into the christmas markets. germany has been on a high alert for these kinds of attacks as have many countries over the last few years. a similar attack happened in strasburg not so long ago. reporter: germany certainly on high alert, in fact both this year and last christmas police warning -- they are popular attractions and attract a lot of popular people throughout the year.
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people gathering in these open spaces and crowds. police have warned people to be vigilant if these are situations that can be prone to terrorist attacks. certainly this is what police seem to be at this time. anchor: another report has several people have been killed, at least 50 people injured in that attack. we can see this is a fast-changing situation. jessica in berlin. thank you very much. on we will keep you updated what is like a terrorist attackk in germany. according to reports several people killed and 50 injured after a truck plowed into crowds.
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we will get more details when we get them. right now the russian ambassador to turkey has been shot and killed in ankara. he was speaking in an art gallery when he was shot by a barwho shouted "hello back -- who shouted "a lot of luck "allahuhouted ackbar". since we last spoke, a few more details have emerged. reporter: he is a 22-year-old riot policeman. town in from a little western turkey.
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so far that is all they have to say about him, photographs are appearing in his police uniform. , mother, and sister were detained this evening. and the foreign ministry has said what he did was the work of a terror organization, but it hasn't given the name of that organization. reactione had a more from the turkish government as well, with erdogan saying this was a provocation aimed at damaging ties between the two countries. reporter: that is ququite corre. o on sending aisted team of detectives to take part in the investigation of the which took place
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in that building behind me there. and russia would also be sending a plane to carry home the body of ambassador karlov. i think the most important thing that has been decided was that the meeting tomorrow between the turkish foreign minister, the russian foreign minister and the iranian foreign minister to discuss syria and the evacuation of the civilians in eastern aleppo, that meeting will go ahead. the turkish foreign minister, who heard of tonight's assassination while he was on , but the to moscow russian and turkish president have decided that this incident will not upset that meeting. anchor: think you very much indeed. more than 7000 people have been
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moved out of a lap of in the biggest evacuation of the syrian city so far. thousands of children are among the refugees. and many are in a terrible state, having spent up to 16 hours waiting in freezing temperature without access to food or water. simon has this report. reporter: thousands of evacuees pouring into western aleppo. for these people to fighting is over. some will move onto to the province, others will remain in government held areas. civilians have been without food and vital supplies for months. >> today our brothers were evacuated and arrived at the first meeting point. there are hundreds, as you can see. coordination much and there were a lot of complicated issues. we have succeeded in limiting the damage and transporting civilians to centers.
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>> the turkish foreign ministry says that seven -- several thousand civilians have been moved out since the operation resumed late on sunday. aleppo is not the only area where vital in evacuation's are taking place. sees by have been under rebels for two years and are also being pulled out. those evacuations include injured or sick individuals, as well as elderly people from elsewhere. we are waiting for the remaining six to arrive. the assad regime under pressure from iran and have insisted the evacuation in government held areas are a key condition for the protocols in east aleppo to proceed. on sunday islamist fighters said to be a part of a group or in several buses that was brandeded
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by the free syrian army as reckless. the events of the past week show that any sort of disagreement could lead to resumed fighting. remain inds of people eastern aleppo and there is deep concern about what will happen to them. members of the un security council voted to send international observers to monitor the situation. before they can be deployed the u.n. must get them -- must get permission from damascus. a unanimous decision on syria, the first time that has happened. >> it has been a very long time since we saw all 15 of the security council ambassadors raise their hand in unison in support of a resolution on syria. that is what happened today. step, butmportant
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really it is just a piece of paper, she says, until it is implemented. and therein lies the problem that various parties there, including the syrian regime and militias from iran and also the russians, they had to agree to the u.n. says it has more than 100 humanitarian staff in western aleppo that could easily be transferred across to eastern aleppo in order to monitor the situation on the ground. but they need to be given the greenlight first. also a spokesperson said earlier that the syrian arab crescent and the national committee of the red cross would also be participating in these efforts to monitor the situation. caps -- also all calls for civilians to live
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medical care to the civilians in eastern aleppo. the question is is this going to happen at all. or will it come to late. these evacuations are underway at the moment and despite the fact there are tens of thousands of civilians trapped, this could and upcoming too late for them. france stressed the importance in orderappening, also to prevent mass atrocities and to document exactly what is going on in the ground there. >> the u.n. is very clear why it was these independent of servers a aleppo right now. it is be concerned about attacks on civilians and atrocities carried out as he saw in bosnia in the 1990's. >> absolutely. costs itid at all wants to avoid another -- scenario, and that's why it pushed so hard for this resolution, negotiating all weekend.
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consultations on sunday with russia, making amendments to get it passed. now itit needs to be implemente, and let's hope it doesn't come too late. anchor: thank you very much, jessica reporting from the u.n. in new york. lastt is being seen as a ditch attempt to stop donald trump from reaching the white house, under the u.s. political system the 538 members of the electoral college, formally elect the next president tonight. some are under pressure to withhold their vote by phone -- by phone, email, and protests happening around the various state capitals. some argue the system is antiquated and unfair, and gives disproportionate power to less populous states. more from washington. thereis very unlikely for to be any faithless electors. these are the elected members of the electoral college to decide not to vote with the voters --
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with what the voters told him to do. this may be a republican collector and there is just the one who will not vote for donald trump, where is the voters elected him to do precisely that. a larger amount of democratics, infect democratic electors who have decidided to votete for somebody other than hillary clinton. sounds a little bit strange, but it is to show their protest at this electoral college system. what is going on right now in the 50 state capitals is actually pretty straightforward in the end. all the votes we have seen coming in so far, more or less halfway through, are exactly the way one would have expected. there is a lot more attention paid to the vote of the electoral college this year. this was such a controversial election in the first place, but also because harry clinton won the popular vote. between 2.9er million and 3 million more votes than donald trump did in the end.
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of voters,is why a lot particularly democrats, are saying this electoral college system no longer works for them and should no longer work for the whole of the country. you would be surprised to hear that republicans currently don't share that point of view. >> there is a lot of complaint about the system. it does give weight to the less populous state. is there some genuine truth to that? currently it is those who don't like the results as much. look at people protesting outside the state capitals, not necessarily across the country but some in pennsylvania and wisconsin, they are largely democrats, but a lot of people in this country, including president obama, would say that this is a bit of an antiquated system that isn't necessary anymore in the united states. very unlikely it will be
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changed anytime soon. we have heard from president-elect donald trump on the electoral system, but it was a few years ago when he was not yet the man who was elected through the system. he opposed it at the time and didn't like it much, now of course he is one of those republicans who do like it. it is a very full system. there are 538 members of this electoral college. one member of the house in congress and senator. the reason why it exists in the first place was it was basically a halfway point between the popular vote and a vote not by their representativeves. that is where we end up with the electoral college system, a system unlike any other in the whole world. anchor: a french court has found international monetary fund guilty of serious negligence, but it also recommended christine the guard not be penalized over her conviction. there is no reaction from the imf the cell -- imf itself.
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she was convicted over a pay all asa payout during her time french finance minister nearly a decade ago. to talk more about the case and -- ict i'm joined by lagarde found guilty, but she was allowed to leave the country for the verdict had been reached. is that unusual. it can happen that some but he facing criminal charges may be allowed to leave the country, especially if she has an important role suggest the president of the imf. no risk this person will try to avoid the sentence that will be issued by the tribunal. >> theoretically she could have been sentenced to a year in jail. she could have been sentenced to a year of imprisonment.
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she did not get this sentence. she was found guilty but there was no sentence against her and she does not get any mention in her criminal record. >> is that because of her position as head of the imf? >> it's a consideration that the court of the justice of the republic, they took into account the work that was being carried out at the ministry at that time and they considered that while she was found negligent with the second decision, not commencing award,,ngs against the the workload would justify that she would not get this sentence. >> explain about this court. it is not a usual court.
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court, whichecial to proceedingsed against ministers. judgesomposed by three and 12 mps, six senators and six mps. it only rules on alleged crimes or offenses committed by ministers in the exercise of their functions or duties as ministers and members of the government. >> different from last week, of course. he was a minister but he was acting -- he was trialed as a will she wasn being trialed by her decisions not as a of finance,
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private investors. >> some would say that means there is a two tier justice system in france. >> some people think it is a privilege to be judged by this court. i believe it is actually not. lawn -- not launch an appeal to these decisions. the merits of the case cannot be reviewed. only if she d decides to go to e court, which is s not obvious. her lawyer has not said they were going to do this for at least the moment. only the legal and formal willtions of the decision be reviewed. >> thank you very much indeed. china, where at least 23 cities have issued a red alert. that is the country's most severe warning, dangerous levels
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of pollution, and forecasters are warning the worst is yet to come. visibility in the worst hit areas are less than 10 meters. squarare has covered kilometers of the total land area. beijing's air quality was better than feared, but still around eight times the world health organization's maximum recommended daily exposure level. found pollution killed 4000 people every day in china, many are wary of leaving their homes. >> it is very inconvenient to go out. the supermarkets or take my child outside to play. >> beijing is one of at least 23 chinese cities to have issued red alerts on air pollution through friday. the government's color graded warning system was adopted in 2013 as part of a crackdown on
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smog. some restricted traffic and increased hospital staff to cope with an expected surge in pollution related illness. temporarily shutting down overdue production. evidence reporting the major source in china, especially in the northern china region. is moving slowly from the south to the urban area in beijing and to the north. you can usually find the larger deployments in the south region. anchor: we are going to start with the latest between the island and european commission.
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>> dublin is appealing a clawback that is considered to be $30 million in state aid. the irish government believes by doing so brussels is interfering with national sovereignty. apple benefited from that normally low tax rate. back,ermined to fight apple and ireland are gearing up to appeal an eu commissision ruling requiring the company to pay 30 billion euros in back taxes. china says it has been singled out because it is a convenenient target. apple's european headquarters are located in ireland where the standard rate is 12.5%. in august commission set ireland had enabled the company to pay substantially less taxes than other businesses, in effect paying less than 1%. our investigation is not in the apple corporation as such.
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that is where the figures are accurate. >> dublin claims eu regulators are interfering with national sovereignty. in a strongly worded message the finance minister did the findings. >> ireland did not give favorable tax treatment to apple. no state aid was provided. ireland does not do deals with taxpayers. even if apple loses, the record tax bill should not be a problem for the maker, which side net profit of 50 billion euros in the last financial year. only multinational that has been targeted for securing favorable tax deals in the european union. last year the commission told the netherlands to recover as much as 30 million euros while luxembourg was ordered to call back a similar amount.
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>> independent drivers and online platforms are attempting to resolve a dispute. representatives met at the french transport ministry but then suspended this meeting. the discussion started around 7 p.m. talks will resume on tuesday. a highere asking for cut, as well as car feeling services to contribute to their social security. what her has dubbed the contract of the century, france and australia will sign a multibillion euro submarine deal this tuesday. french shipbuilders beat out competition from germany and japan to win the contract to design and build 12 state-of-the-art summaries for the australian navy. >> a bill for france as it secured one of the most lucrative defense contracts.
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the french shipbuilders thought off tough competition from germany and japan that amounted to a 35 billion euros deal. around three to 4000 jobs should be created in each come tree with 12 submarines expected to be ready by 2030. is ourdecision international partner for the submarine program and has sent our countries on a path to industry cooperation. >> yes chilean government had answered about the contract. they beefed up security in the end of pacific region of prime importance.
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france is the only european country to sale every year in this part of the world. r
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