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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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watching france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. german police offer a 100,000 euro reward for information linked to the main suspect in the christmas market attack in berlin. a manhunt is on for 24-year-old tunisian anis amri. still leavings eastern aleppo as the evacuation in syria continues. with rare snowfall slowing the
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operation thousands or left waiting in the cold. to thepays tribute russian ambassador shot dead by an off-duty turkish police officer in ankara this week. bank isd's oldest closer to a bailout from the italian government. we will bring you all the details in our business update. look what came up on the panda cam at the toronto zoo. first, our top story live from paris. ♪ genie: let's get straight to germany and the manhunt that is on in that country and across europe for the main suspect in the berlin attack. 12 people were killed monday
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when a truck rammed into a christmas market in the heart of the german capital. the suspect has been identified as anis amri, a 24-year-old tunisian man who is thought to be armed and dangerous. officials are offering a reward of 100,000 euro's for information leading to his arrest. that european wide arrest warrant is in effect. they have a one hundred thousand euro reward in return for any information that could lead to his arrest. there has been no information on where he could be so far but it visaves all of europe's free travel areas. he may have been able to leave the country. a lot of questions for police over how exactly this was allowed to happen. he has used false identifications in the past and there could be questions for police over whether he is still
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using them. ofre were reports earlier arrests that had been made. that has been categorically denied by german authorities. at the market where this attack took place. what's the feeling like there today? the decision was made late yesterday to reopen the market. there is no longer any trace of what happened here on monday. the market did open last night. there are very few people. are people coming down here. after 9:00 this morning concrete harriers were being placed around the site. that is still happening. the feeling is really starting to pass from the shock of this attack into one of anger.
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the anger is starting to spread to the public. there are major questions being asked over whether the police fell down on the job. the suspect had been under surveillance for six months earlier this year. it was thought that he could have been attempting to procure weapons for use in an attack. that surveillance was stopped because there was no evidence. a lot of questions and a mounting sense of anger over how the situation could have been allowed to happen. the syrian girl who gave a human face to the crisis in aleppo has met with the turkish president. 350 thousand people around the world followed that 7-year-old on twitter as she described the near daily bombings. she enter family were evacuated from aleppo on monday. in the down with erdogan
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turkish presidential palace. thousands of civilians and fighters have yet to be transferred out. aleppo hasstorm in slowed final evacuations. catherine reports. after a bus arrives in eastern aleppo for the thousands still waiting to leave the devastated city. the evacuations overseen by the red cross and regime forces. than four years of fighting this appears to be the final phase and the end for the rebels in eastern aleppo. with the war-torn city nearly back in the regime's grasp. many say they are happy to have made it out. >> life is very hard. no food. nothing left. the important thing is we are
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alive. one day we will return to aleppo. the recapture of aleppo represents a victory not only for president bashar al-assad but for his allies russia and iran. the syrian army was struggling to make inroads against the rebels. now the rebels are on the ropes, pushed out from the country's urban areas as assad solidifies his hold on syria's major cities. lib province is one of the rebels last strongholds. the groups include others contusion -- considered terrorists by the u.s. rest with moscow and tehran. turkey says 14 soldiers
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were killed and 33 wounded in fighting in northern syria against the islamic state group. the turkish army says close to 10040i.s militants were killed in the operation as well. catherine clifford reports. >> inside these ambulances over 30 injured turkish soldiers return from syria. wednesday marked the highest single day death toll in turkey's four-month campaign inside the war-torn country that resulted in intense violence. the town lies 25 kilometers from the turkish border. it is now under total control of the free syrian army and our troop. of course the islamic state group is fighting for dear life
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and trying all means possible to hold onto it. they are carrying out suicide bombings and all kinds of attacks with handmade explosives. our soldiers have been martyred in these final stages. saide turkish military some of the fighting had been centered on a hospital area that had been used by the islamic state as a weapons and ammumunition store. lots --t ankara launched the euphrates operation to prevent the kurdish militia from linking its territory along the border. after quick gains early on in the turkish armies push has slowed as the extremists pull all the last stops to cling on to their territory. turkey has suffered increasing casualties. tributes are being paid
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to the late russian ambassador to turkey. an off-duty policeman fatally shot him on monday as he was giving a speech at an art exhibition. diplomats and family members rather to bid farewell to the 62-year-old ambassador. the turkish president has now publicly pointed the finger for the killing at the exiled turkish opposition cleric. for more on reaction to this story let's bring in thomas low lives. tell us about the ceremonies that were held today. >> one of them is still ongoing. the main orthodox church in moscow and the largest in russia. overseen by the head of the orthodox church. he said he knew him personally and admired him very much as an
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individual. his body was previously at the minister of foreign affairs where he spent a career spanning more than 30 years. some of it in very difficult places. atdimir putin laid flowers the base of his coffin. a number of senior politicians spoke saluting his professionalism and time on the job. putin was atir those ceremonies today. he made some very provocative statements about russia's missiles. tell me about that. he was at the ministry of defense. alongside the defense ministry in a televised meeting he called on the defense ministry to construct and design tactical
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nuclear missiles that could penetrate any future missile protection system. we can presume that he's talking putt the one that's being in place jointly by the americans and the europeans in europe which is officially to protect against iran. russia has said that it considers it a threat to itself. that it putin also said is stronger than any potential aggressor but warned against taking its foot off the pedal in the modernization program of its navy and army saying any moment of weakness could give a potential opening for enemies to take on russia militarily. genie: now to the democratic republic of congo where a rights group says at least 34 people were shot dead eye security forces in protest this week.
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demonstrations broke out against the president and his refusal to step down at the end of his mandate. the capital and other cities were hit by violent demonstrations on tuesday. in president who has been power for 15 years reach the end of his second term without an election in place. the city is slowly getting back to normal that there is still unrest elsewhere in the country. in the northwest the group of a cold declared himself president on the 20th of december and his men attacked the security forces on the 21st. these clashes led to the deaths of 17 people. thehe south of the country district was entirely blocked by and securityes
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forces arrested many young men. the clashes these last couple of days led to the death of a people. according to the government all over the congo there were 22 victims. according to human rights watch 34 people died all over the country. the talks led by the catholic church continue between the government and the opposition. it might help ease the tensions in the congo. next to the united states. and lgbt activist has suffered a loss in the state of north carolina. legislators failed to repeal a contentious that forced transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate. that bill has caused public out cry and for cots -- boycotts of the state.
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opponents of a controversial statute known as the bathroom bill walked out of the north carolina legislature in disgust after politicians failed to come together to repeal the measure. a agreement to do away with controversial law fell through after a series of amendments were included at the last minute by republican lawmakers. the governor elect said he was deeply disappointed. today the legislature had a chance to do the right thing for north carolina. and they failed. disappointed that republican legislative leaders failed to live up to their promise to fully repeal house bill two. the lord requires transgender
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people to use bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificate. provedl has controversial. opponents say it's a violation of civil liberties while supporters they'd is necessary for public safety. since the law was passed the outcry has grown and the fallout has been indoor miss costing the state millions of dollars. bruce springsteen and other entertainers have canceled concerts there. paypal dropped plans to expand its operation and at 400 new jobs. the nba moved its all-star game to another state. the unpopular law is also widely's been as having caused the outgoing republican governor his job. genie: time for something completely different out of the toronto zoo. a giant hand at cam came up with some very cute images. that panda is discovering a
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snowman. zoo staff built a snowman for the bear. just after he stood on top of the panda's head he went on to decapitate it. at least he was having a good time. here is our business editor stephen carroll. the world's oldest bank is now heading for a bailout. raise 5 paschi needs to billion euro rose before the end of the year. the bank is expected to request help from the italian state. the government has already secured parliamentary approval euro's into billion the banking sector. the bailout will mean losses for some 40,000 small investors. brian quinn has more. fiveter more than
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centuries of operation, monte paschi is limping toward a government bailout. it began with the poorly timed acquisition of a local rival on the eve of the financial crisis. it has burned through 8 billion euro's in new capital. the european central bank listed it as the weakest among 51 banks who underwent stress test. it needs to inject 5 billion euro's by year end or risk being wound down by eu regulators. been trying without success to raise private funds. a rescue plan fell apart wednesday. that will almost certainly bring in the italian government who on wednesday approved 20 billion euro's in government borrowing to shore up the country's troubled banks.
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monte paschi is only the latest example in a sector bending under 360 billion euro's in bad economicr years of underperformance. shares have fallen 86%. italian banks have halved in value. bailout by thea italian government means thousands of private investors in the bank could take losses on its debt. paschi started by falling sharply and bounced back a short time ago trading around where they started the day. italian bankshares in general are doing quite well. the ftse in milan up slightly. those traders are getting ready for their holidays. genie: donald trump has met the boss of boeing.
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>> he had targeted boeing on twitter over the cost of replacing air force one. he said $4 billion was too much to play -- pay for the plane. the final cost is expected to run into billions. donald trump met with the ceo of boeing and lockheed martin to talk about the cost of military jets. after the meeting the boeing ceo said the cost would not run out of control. >> we are to get it done for less than that and we are committed to working together to make sure that happens. give the president elect personal commitment on behalf of the boeing company. we work on air force one because it's important to our country and we are going to make sure he gets the best capability. stopped testing self
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driving cars in san francisco after regulators revoked its registrations. users in the city have been offered the option in recent weeks. the company argued since there was a backup driver in all the cars it did not need a special permit. the permits were withdrawn. u.s. authorities have put the chinese e-commerce giant alibaba back on a blacklist of markets known for selling counterfeit goods. it was taken off the list for years ago -- four years ago. the decision doesn't carry a penalty but says it is appointed by the move. air france says a pilot strike won't affect flight schedules. around 20 pilots plan to walk off the job tomorrow because of a dispute over pay. genie: it is the holiday season.
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a time when families gather under one roof. you have figures that show in the united states that many young people don't have that far to go. >> that's because 40% of young americans are living with their parents. the highest level in 75 years. this is bucking the usual trend. the trend of rising rent in cities as well as tougher mortgage rules means the rate of homeownership in the u.s. may fall to historic lows. genie: you live with your mom and dad. >> of course. genie: thank you for that look at the business news. time for the press review. ♪ we are a look at the papers today. much of the focus on the manhunt for anis amri. right.'s
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the german papers in particular are focusing on this debate around stricter security and may be the need for greater intelligence. europe is hunting for anis amri, the 24-year-old suspected attacker. to paper says germany needs have a discussion about improving security and police personnel but reminds readers that if the police, not the army that needs to deal with this. we are not at war. which is a clear contradiction to the rhetoric we saw in france after the attacks here. genie: the american press is focusing on security issues. germany's security failures that allowed this suspect to slip under the radar. morermany may need a general attitude adjustment. that's what the washington post says. they remind us that due to strict privacy rules germany has been slower to react when it
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comes to security and intelligence issues. the wall street journal reports that germany voted for greater video surveillance on monday still the attack, but it needs to work on better sharing information with law enforcement and intelligence. legal limitations in germany mean they are lagging behind. they can't monitor or detain suspects who have not yet committed a crime. they also don't have the equivalent of the fbi. interesting is an story about the leader of the national front. she could be facing an inquiry over a 30 million euro loan from russia to her party for the presidential election next year. >> this is being reported following revelations from the french satirical paper yesterday that marine le pen had asked a russian bank to essentially bankrolled her presidential campaign.
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it's important to note that the paper is financially independent. they don't have political motives. prompted mike turner, a republican on the house of representatives committee on intelligence, to investigate the matter. he has suggested sending spies to russia to look into this. he wants details on this vast campaign designed -- destined to information war against the u.s. she was not able to get any loans from french banks. she may have even agreed to recognize crimea as russian territory in exchange for the loan. for the moment these are all allegations. the party has denied them and called them completely far-fetched. genie: there is a story making big headlines in the u.s. north carolina and its so-called bathroom bill.
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it turns out it will not be repealed. >> that's right. it limits the protections of the lgbt community, requiring them to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender at birth. the charlotte observer reports that on wednesday the state assembly gathered in hopes of repealing the bill but that was not the case. is a battle between city officials in charlotte and state republicans in the state of north carolina. city officials voted to give the lgbt community more protection in direct contrast with republicans. for the chicago tribune the decision to repeal -- the decision not to repeal will only ensure the likelihood of further economic sanctions on the state. it's definitely going to impact them in the future. found a story about
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the swedish furniture giant ikea that is taking teenagers -- begging teenagers to stop posting slumber parties in the store. been insideo has ikea knows it's a bit of an adventure. even ikea has its limits. the british tabloid the mirror reports that a handful of swedish teens keep sneaking in and spending the night. 10y have logged around nonsponsored sleepovers this year. teenagers were caught jumping on the beds. ikea hasn't ruled out prearranged sleepovers in their store. genie: thank you for that look at the papers today. extra watching france 24. you can always get a closer look at the press review on our website. christmas is coming.
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it is now just a few days away. you can find out all about how noel is celebrated here in france in the next french connection coming up. ♪ awúwoóóóó
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