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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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olivia: thank you for joining us on "france 24." suspect in the is shot dead in malan. anis amri has been killed i police. he was suspected of carrying out the attack on a christmas market in berlin. vladimir putin talks t to the press. he invited a record number of
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journalist to attend his end of the year address. aleppo has followed. the syrian army has full control of the devastated city after the last rebels and civilians were evacuated. we are starting this in italy where the interior ministry says police of killed the man suspect did of karen at the attack on na christmas markrket in berlin. 12 people died when a truck herald into the credit market monday evening. arresthad issued a warrant for anis amri. let's hear from the italian interior minister. the person killed was found
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after a lengthy investigation, which is customary in these cases. without a shadow of a doubt, it the perpetrator of the berlin christmas market attack. we are going to germany now for the latest on the story there. what is the latest from the german authorities? the latest we have is we know from the german governments spoke person that anglo merkel is due to speak by phone to the president on the matter of rejected deportation. if anis amri had been rejected -- that will likely be high on the agenda.
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earlier we heard from the german interior ministry. they will be stepping up security procedures and they will be highly visible. they refused to say more than that. their response was tightlipped. stonewalled reporters in the room. they refused to go into detail. they said the investigation is underway and it's too soon to give more information. it's indicative of the way german authorities have been treating the situation through the week and they have been playing their cards close to their chest. it's been tense and they have been refusing to give out any information until it is 100% confirmed. the media has been taking things in releasing information they may be getting from elsewhere before it is confirmed by the german authorities. does it show that the german authorities have and it mentality? the government has been attacked
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all week. that, they really try to get things back to normal. reaction in the street is mixed. many people are glad that anis amri has been shot. a majority of people here are sorrier he wasn't detained. they wanted him to face legal justice. in a civilized country we put people on trial. killing them and gives them what they are looking for. it makes them a martyr. civilization needs to be defended. olivia: that was luke reporting from berlin. we now go to italy for more on this story. we have heard from the interior ministry. they seem to be very happy with how w the operation was carried out. >> the interior minister said
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italy shshould be proud of itt secuty system and the new said the checks they carry out are important and they have to be engaged with the more than ever because anis amri was stopped as part of a routine check. they saw that he wasas suspicio. there is aheck, heighteneded sense o of security here in italy as a result of the attack on the berlin christmas market area they stopped him at 3:00 a.m. in milan. they asked for his documents and he took out a pistol from his backpack and shot one of the officers in the shoulder. it was a a training police offir who was with that police officer who shot and killed anis amri. the authorities wewere able e to confirm it was him because of the fingerprints they had.
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he had entered in europe through italy. olivia: going beyond italy right now, given thehe fact that there is a high terror alert across europe, what does thisis say abt european cooperation among police forces? story thatess of the they managed to capture this gentleman that was wanted across europe, he did travel from a germrmany to france, taking a train into t turin and then traveling to milan and the giovanni neighborhood. the question is how hehe traveld so many thousands of kilometers across europe to arrive here in italy. he was knownwn by the authoriti. he sererved for y years in six italyly, prisons in convicted ofanandalisms s well andarrying out threats
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thefts. he was known to be quite violent in the prison system. he did make his way eventually to germany. olivia: and thefts. thank you very much for that update from rome. we have breaking news from malta where a plane witith 118 peoplen board has been hijacked and landed on the island. there are two hijackers onboard who threaeatened to blow up t te plane. it's not clear what their demands are. the plane e was on a flight from libya. we will have more when we get it. vladimir putin is addressing a crowd of 1400 journalists today. he switched the date of the conference from thursday in order to attend the funeral of the murdered ambassador. he is already addressed important issues. let's hear from the russian president.
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felt theesident-elect mood of the nation and he went with it. win, excepthe would for us. the democrats lost and now they are looking for someone to blame. i think they are just embarrassing themselves now. one has to know how to accept defeat gracefully. olivia: thomas lowe joins us now from moscow. he is already made some remarks regarding the situation in syria. ththomas: that's right. wewe three hours into thisis prs conference. wewe could havee always to go. he has made a lot of comments. syria was one of the key wins.
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he said the evacuations of civilians from aleppo wasas a success. it will be remiss not to point out that over this 1.5 years of someof syria, by october 4000 civilians had been killed by those bombing raids. said that an agreement between iran, and russia made e foundatition to get those people out of aleppo. he named turkey and said the relations are on solid foundation and they will continue to develop the site -- despite the assassination of the russian ambassador. olivia: what did he have to say
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about the u.s.? thomas: he's had some fairly tough words for the u.s., as we heard from it clip you played. he was talking about the hacking situation. said theama intelligence services said vladimir putin had knowledge of the hack of the democratic national committee before the election. many people say it had an impact on the outcome of that election. what donald trump tweeteted by saying we don't knw who could've done it. it could have been anybody setting around in their home on a bed. this is sour grapes and you should learn how to lose.
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olivia: thank you very much. we are moving to syria now where regime forces have regained aleppo, calling it a victory for damascus. it's the first time aleppo has been in their hands in four years. it had been split between a stronghold in the west and the rebel held east. this comes after a monthlong offensive that saw tens of thousand people living in a state of siege. between 30000 and 40,000 civilians have been evacuated in recent days. forces are now in control of the country's urban centers. let's hear from an army spokesman. sacrifices andr those of our courageous armed the general leadership
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of the army and the armed forces announces the return of safety and security to aleppo after liberated from terrorism and terrorist. olivia: the city has become a symbol of bloodshed. this once busy city has been reduced to rubble. we have ththis report. v vlentcecene of one most battles of modernn times, aleppo has been completely disfigured by years of war. anyone walking on the street took their lives in their hands. the ruined buildings on either side were filled with snipers. there is no more fighting in the streets and life is returning at first in the form of supporters
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keeneno see whatat remained of e city and whahat's beenen left ar yes s of fightining. >> no more rockets. aleppo is now safe. >> is, high price. the city is nothing more than a bombed out wreck great the great mosque is famous across the middle east. now the stone has collapsed and its walls caved in from shell fire. those that remain standing. war, aleppo was a magnificent city. now, nothing. >> these houses across the city have no running water and no electricity. despite the hardships, some families have decided to return home.. >> we arare happy. we will be all right in our house.
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>> this family lived in the rebel held part of the city before fleeing in the face of the syrian army advance. they were still in with relatives at first. >> don't touch this wall. it's unstable. >> a bomb left the building in rebels. he says they stole from them and threatened his daughter. > i am going to show you. that is all i've got left. little more than 20 euros. >> i have no confidence in my country on either side. i hahave lost everything. >> this man only has one aim left, to take his daughters away. here, bute victory
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there is little left of the former city, torn apart by years of remorseless battle. has they received a phone call from the u.s. president-elect. the security council would ask israel to halt settlements under international law. the israeli administration has lobbied against such a move. from the back of the back of a series of phone calls behind the scenes, a vote on a draft resolution demanding israel demand -- stop settlements is delayed. it was postponed by egypt. two officials have been planning to abstain, which could allow the bill to pass. israel asked donald trump to intervene.
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benjamin netanyahu made a statement raising the record of the towing anti-israel resolutions. >> i hope the u.s. won't abandon this policy. peace will come not through you and resolutions but only through direct negotiations with the parties. the office said they called egyptian officials to key conversations for cairo as they decided to put the brakes on the resolution. egypt was the first natiti to puput peace with israel in 1979 and relilies o on israeli secury cooperation. as egypt met with its arab league partners, the white house did not disclose any details. >> this was an egyptian decision to postpone and i refer you to
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egyptian authorities to speak to that. countries warned ifif egypt did not go ahead, other major states would take over. the resolution could be presented this friday. scientists have announced that an experimental ebola vaccine may be the first to actually work. it killed 11,000 people after an in break in sierra leone 2013. the world health organization stepped up its efforts to prevent ebola frfrom spreading again. julia kim explains. julia: final test results confirm that a vaccine for the of bolo virus gives 100% protection. people, we hadd zero cases of ebola.
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you have a vaccine that haha shown good. outbreak sweptst across severeral west african countries. .bout 11,000 people died under fire for slow reactions, the world health organization accelerated a vaccine. the final trial showed that after 10 days, subjects who had been vaccinated did not develop the virus. the vaccine has proved so effective that the study was stopped midway so everyone exposed in guinea could be immunized. the u.s. pharmaceutical company is expecting to seek regulatory approval in the u.s. and europe next year. other vaccines are in the works to target a second strain of ebola.
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ththe virus appeared in 1976. the nature of the outbreak had tendered attempts to find a successful vaccine. it champagne all around and spain were some families will be looking forward to a lavish christmas spread this week in. they got lucky and the national lottery. it has become an end of the year tradition. the tickets corresponding to the top prize draw. >> it comes with a fat check. the christmas lottery has the richest overall pot and a top prize of 4 million euros. for the residents of a working-class neighborhood in , it's who put their money
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better than anything they were expecting from santa claus. >> we were just realized we hadn't bought a ticket. we bought one and here we are. term to start. my girlfriend will start a new life. big,side the chance to win it is a social tradition for the 75% of spaniards who protested pay. numbers are sold in a series of 10 tickets because buying a whole series cost 200 euros. many go in together to split the costs of a number and the potential payout. it has been held every year since 1812. this year it will distribute 2.3 billion euros around the country.
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italian authorities have announced the tunisian man expected of carrying out the glory atattack in berlin has ben shot dead. he was intercepted in n malan by italian police.. vladimir putin talks to the press. he invited a record number of journalists to attend his and of the year address. russia's role in international affairs. aleppo has fallen. has full control of the devastated city. coming up now, we take a look at what's making headlines in our international press review. joined to take a look at what's grabbing headlines around the world. we are starting in germany where
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there is new video from the night of the christmas market attack in -- attack. >> it captures the moment of the attack. it was taken from the dashboard camera of a taxi. it shows the truck speeding toward the market. there is video evidence of the suspect as well. these are still pictures from a surveillance video taken outside a mosque in west berlin. we can see a time code that shows these were taken just before 4:00 a.m., just hours after the attack. the pictures were released by brandenburg broadcasting. the suspect was seen visiting the mosque on the 14th and 15th of december. that was one of the places the police raided yesterday.
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there has been some criticism authorities being a bit lax. >> a lot of papers are asking today if the attack could've then prevented. the authorities could have captured anis amri. that is their headline. they wonder why police did not search the truck more thoroughly in quickly on the night of the attack, which could have led to avoidedtity and arresting the wrong person. olivia: what might this mean for anglo merkel. >> she is being criticized on all sides. the paper notes that she has been accused of failure on two fronts, not only her open-door policy but the possible failures in the system that made the attack possible. paper is defending
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her in an editorial. by boosting police surveillance and resisting given into the discourse of those who call into question germany welcoming rescues, she is showing good sense and realism. syria, aleppo has been recaptured by regime forces. >> the syrian army is calling it a victory. the new york times called it a turning point. the regime can -- controls the city for the first time since 2012. it was a bitter evacuation. a rebel fighter evacuated to the inland province said they just went from one hell to another. olivia: the arab press has more analysis. meetingtalk about a that was held on tuesday about aleppo. it was a meeting between iran,
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turkey, and russia. the united states was excluded from that meeting. it was a preparation for the top era. by excluding the obama administration, vladimir putin was setting himself up as comes greatest ally. -- donald trump's favorite ally. olivia: donald trump is upset china once again. >> his new trade advisor peter navarro has called china the most efficient assassin. to thena daily response announcement. alarm bells are ringing due to the new pic on trade. they one country -- companies in the u.s. for a more difficult business climate. olivia: this isn't exactly seasonal. this might be more appropriate for halloween. there is some insight into the life of that.
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>> they have translated the squeaks. they spent 75 days recording at sounds to figure out what they argue about. conversations can be split up into four categories. purging,e about food, sleep, and unwanted mating attempts. olivia: christmas is just two days away. many of you are doing some last-minute shopping. >> it turns out that men are the hardest people to shop for. that's according to slate. it cites the distance from google that show that the majority of searches for gifts are gift ideas for men and more specifically for boyfriends and husbands another romantic partners. men are not very good at expressing what they want.
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those trying to get them gifts are left guessing. olivia: we wish people shopping the best of luck. thank you so much for joining us. you can check at the international press review on ó
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