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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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cancel -- in east jerusalem hours before u.s. secretary of state john kerry was to lay out the vision for a two state solution. shinzo abe visits of the u.s. naval base, pearl harbor, offering condolences to the victims of japan's attack on the bay 75 years. another blow for the entertainment industry. dies just days after suffering a massive heart attack.
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welcome to france 24. we begin in jerusalem, where the city council has canceled a vote on approving permits for the construction of nearly 500 homes. council officials saying it was the request of benjamin netanyahu. the move is seen as a desire to avoid straining relations further with the obama administration hours before a speech was to be made by john kerry. israel is still fuming over the decision by the un security council. >> the planning committee was meant to me this morning to discuss further settlement building in and around jerusalem. without explanation, the meeting was canceled.
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member ofheard from a the city council that it was on the instructions of the prime minister and it was the first the prime minister had --. there has been no comment. beneath -- if you hear the explanations, it could be that after days of antagonism, the atmosphere between washington and jerusalem has a come almost toxic. talk about the speech. what are we expected to hear? >> john kerry was planning to give this speech last week and in the backwards and forwards and drama at the united nations resolution on
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settlements, it was postponed. we are hearing it today and it is a review of where john kerry sees the middle east after 18 years of an obama administration. he will also talk about israel palestine and the importance and theinistration sees issue of settlements. it will be interesting to see if he makes reference to this toxic atmosphere and the bad note this administration is ending on with jerusalem. >> turkey and russia are hoping to have a cease-fire in place in syria i mididnight tonight. -- by midnight tonight. the two nations have reached a consenensus and are expanding te cease-fire established in aleppo
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earlier this month, allowing rebels and refugees to evacuate. doing know about this? >> very little. foreign ministry and the kremlin spokespersons say they cannot confirm the agreement. ithaps the person who leaked , the state agency in turkey, got ahead of the preparations for it. imagination,ch the a civil war as complicated as , all of-- as syria's those forces can suddenly be brought to a standstill within hours.
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for a complex conflict like that, it would take days to get all sides to agree to a cease-fire. there is a week point in the announcement. it says terror organizations will be kept out of the agreement. it does not define the terror groups. it does not say who they are. there is one group widely regarded as terrorists. linked to al qaeda. if they go on fighting, i don't think the others will cease-fire. retaliatenents will and the conflagration will continue. >> russia and turkey have had a problematic relationship in the last year or so. it does appear, despite conflicting responses to this
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report, it does appear that tone is changing somewhat. historic -- historians in the future might look back and see turkey's downing of a russian jet that flew into its airspace, that was the turning point in the relations between moscow and --.uer a -- and it taught turkey how much it needs russia. initially turkey said it would not apologize to russia, the russians should be apologizing, by june, turkey was apologizing to russia.
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it one of the trade and the russian tourist back -- it wanted the trade and the russian tourists back. turkey has been cold shouldered by the eu and by the united states for its authoritarian behavior. eu-turkey migrant deal has all but collapsed. they are being frozen out of the western world that helped bring them together. when, nine days ago, a turkish policeman shot the russian ambassador, the two sides made big strides to say this would
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not jeopardize their relationship and it has not. >> thank you. hitting --turkey and and heading to istanbul where a trial is underway for 29 former police officers accused of aiding the failed coup. this trial is to be the most significant to date. >> special forces form the streets outside the biggest courthouse and on the balconies of the nearby mosque, snipers watched over the proceedings. >> no organization, no group will interfere in our state by attempting a coup.
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>> 21 of the 29 officers on trial face life imprisonment. the rest, amax imprisonment of 15 years. over 40,000 people have been arrested since the uprising. the crackdown has sparked international concern, with critics accusing erdogan of using the state of emergency to get rid of political opponents. >> everyone involved must have a fair trial. those not guilty must be separated out. this is a betrayal of the country. >> over 1000 people were detained in the last week alone.
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the purge is set to continue in turkey. >> shinzo abe visits the naval base at pearl harbor in hawaii, offering condolences. he was accompanied by president obama. the japanese devastated much of the base, killing more than 2400 americans. >> part of this was intended for the domestic audience. -- shinzo abe belongs to hawkish, right wing, young japanese politicians who want to put an end to the postwar period. they want to move on.
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war back in put the the past. that is easiest to do for somebody like shinzo abe, where he is generally well-received then if he were to go to china or south korea where there are still bitter memories. the other reason is directed into the future. the visit comes three weeks before donald trump is inaugurated. both leaders want to underline the strength the japan security alliance. abody knows what intentions president trump would have for the alliance. he said things that have disturbed people, such as they
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withdrawal of u.s. troops from the region. the message shinzo abe and president obama were sending alliance isat the strong. the u.s. is in the asia-pacific, reticular early with chinese activity in the seas. ,hat japan wants most of all that the u.s. is here and here to stay. cristina kirchner has been indicted and corruption charges. former leader embroiled in a another scandal. cristina kirchner has been indicted for the second time in eight months, a year after her second term as president of argentina came to an end. the charges are over alleged corruption. she is accused of giving over 50
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to the company. another whocharged is already in jail for embezzlement. earlier, cristina kirchner was indicted on the financial charges or she was accused of manipulating the central bank. she reacted to the charge by and statingitter conspiracy was the crime created baidu fact of government and used by dictatorships to persecute opposition leaders. she has denied the allegations, stating the current president was plotting against her and that the cases were politically motivated. >> more sad news from hollywood.
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forie fisher, best known her role as princess leia in "star wars" has died. she suffered a massive heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles four days ago. >> her name would be associated with her role as princess leia. friends and loved ones took to social media to share reactions, including mark hamill. he wrote he had no words. her other costar, harrison ford, said carrie fisher was one of a kind. on the streets of new york, fans struggled to hide their emotions. >> i am messed up. it comes on the heels of george michael. all of the idols and icons of my youth are passing away.
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>> she was a big part of my childhood. she was a great icon. she will be missed. she was only 20 years old when she was cast in the first episode of star wars, quickly becoming a household name. the 1980's, she suffered drug and alcohol abuse and depression. she turned to writing to express her struggles, becoming known as a best selling author. last year, she reprised her role as princess leia. up filmingo wrap eight, set to be released last year. -- next year. london, shefrom
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suffered a heart attack and was immediately transferred to the hospital. she died on tuesday morning, aged 60. >> stay with us on france 24. >> there are no more than 420, reaching them means call murders
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across their reserves. after walking for several days, we make contact. for 35,000 years, they had no contact with the outside world. >> let's see who can shoot the furthest. studies that show they were the first to migrate from africa to the rest of the world. >> i am going to try again.
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>> the reserve is protected by the army. 2012, tourists and poachers are threatening their life. toe than once, they traveled meet with the authorities, but their complaints have been ignored. >> we lead a peaceful existence. we have everything we need. fruitees bear a lot of and the flowers are magnificent. >> everything is a beautiful and peaceful. we like sharing everything. we are all together.
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>> before, there were no strangers here. today, they are getting closer and closer to us. >> they are paid mees and hunter gatherers. their way of life has hardly changed since the stone age. the change has come quickly and and have tools, torches, kitchenware. they have started wearing clothes. most of their possessions were park rangers who were created by the indian government to protect them from the outside world.
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their way of life has been changed forever. >> there were no metal pots. there were no metal dishes. sometimes, you have to walk at night, but it is too dark. today, we have torches. they provide more light and save us from darkness. >> things have changed. today, we can walk at night. in the early hours of the
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morning, the men go hunting. there is a constant fear of running into outsiders. in spite of the patrols, dozens of poachers hunt with impunity on their land. armed poachers who shoot at us. they steal from us, try to scare us. >> they want to buy pigs from us. they set traps to catch them. they kill our pigs. sometimes they give us money or clothes. that is how they steal our game. >> we were forced to hunt for food.
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>> we don't know what to do anymore. >> we sit down and think about that all the time. >> after the wild pigs, it is dear. -- deer. their numbers have decreased dramatically. while the game is being sold illegally. they have worst things to tell us. >> they are offering us tobacco and they want to show us how to chew it. it is not good for us. they give us alcohol. we don't want that, either. still try and make us drink
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it. we don't want any. it is bad. they try to influence us. it is like that in your world. >> they have been given a tiny glimimpse of our w world. the increasing number of tourists are starting to make them f feel like exhibits in a zoo. an indian policeman is filmining for a tourist to a road that crosses the river. none of the tourists want to talk about these photo safaris. except for one guide who wishes to remain anonymous.
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>> it is always there, just to have a look. that became a business for all of these travel agents. people are taking photographs i feely are selling cds like it is and exploitation. >> at the beginning of the road are the same signs you see in game reserves. escorted by the indian army, , insidef vehicles cross our tourists who have paid to take pictures of the tribe.
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nobody ever asked what they thought, but we did. one of the hunters is the clans spokesman. tourism, money came into their lives. >> they give us money to go shopping. we buy cakes for the kids, we buy food, sugar. if we don't have money, it is not a problem. if we don't have money, we cannot buy cake. don't have money, you
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cannot get anything. we don't like going on the road. it is very bad. >> the plight seems to, aid distant second to other concerns. have become the most popular destination for india's new middle class. the ruling nationalist party is denying them the right for self-determination. outsiden't like the world. we don't want to have any contact or be close to your world. want to stay the way we are.
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your world is bad for us. we don't like it. many people, too much noise, no peace.
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